The Town Crier would bring us the news and the Night Watchman would sit by his brazier of glowing coals all night to guard the entrance and keep the place secure. Then there was the guy who went around lighting the Gas Lit Street Lamps in the major cities and as he went calling the hour ” … and all’s well.”

As Crime increased a judge inaugurated the Bow Street Runners, the first of our street Bobbies to try and stop the robberies and damage to property with just a truncheon as their only defence, much as today, but they did not last long and were soon disbanded. When our policemen on the beat arrive their only alarm is a distinctive whistle and for the general public aware of a robbery would shout, “Stop thief!” in the hopes that another member of the public would have the courage to stop anyone seen running away from the scene.

A dwindling set of us will remember the sirens from the days when we were at war, but nowadays our world is peppered by alarms from police cars, ambulances, fire engines, highway patrols and the like which we tend to ignore being so used to them, apart from the dreaded two tone siren accompanied by flashing blue lights coming up behind you on the motorway! Is it me or do they just want to get through??

There are other alarms of a far more personal kind which sadly many are either unaware of or just choose to ignore. There are the ones that come to us in the dream time whether during the day or at night, the latter being those that are given the dubious importance of just a nonsense from the subconscious or maybe because not a lot give any thought to the subconscious believing that what was seen and felt was just a dream and therefore of itself nonsense, or because the waking consciousness is allowed to take control of the mind from the first waking breath and the warning is therefore lost.

Remember that dreams come in a variety of kinds and the ones that should be taken as alarms are the ones that give you a look, often in allegorical form of somewhere you plan to visit, but have never been before. So get used to your own signs and symbols so that you can instantly interpret them, and then there are those that come as obvious warnings of what not to do or to avoid! They are all too real so don’t reject them out of hand, write them down and treat them with respect!

I’m sure you know those who have a habit of talking over you, not really interested in what you have to say and therefore tend to blanket your words with their own thus drowning out anything you might have which could be helpful to them. It’s a pity and can be put down to a host of reasons but the most usual would be the fear of hearing something that they do not wish to hear being so used to others putting them down all the time, or maybe liking the sound of their own voice better than yours or anyone else’s! It is a warning in itself for you to act accordingly and one of the ways of taking the bark out of their blanket is to ask them why they do it!

Alarms come not always in strident ear splitting sounds but in softer tones and voices of concerned folks seeing a need and only wanting to help. The pressures that we face in this multiple connected world on so many levels can be life threatening to the point of self harming or suicide and applies to all ages, but mainly to the young and the one of the most difficult things to get across is for those who suffer to report it and to ask for help and to sound their own alarm bell!!

It is about time that mental health issues are given their just importance, from the stresses that the young are faced with in the race to achieve, to those who fight for their country and suffer the hidden traumas of post traumatic stress on top of physical damage and all in between.

It is a sad consequence of modern technology that on line and social media bullying is not made illegal. The young have enough pressures to contend with in their lives and part of the battles to achieve and to win against the others is to denigrate and bully as much of the competition into unworthiness as possible. Bullying is here to stay but we need to know how to deal with it and its presence must be reportable with assurance of understanding and kind reception at all levels.

It is also a sad fact that it is possible for anyone to post anything on line and at the same time to remain anonymous. Success of the companies that permit their sites to be used for social interaction having grown and still growing into the billions of users making it almost impossible to police!

My solution: I post but do not interact, except to those I know! Maybe vulnerable others should do the same and never post your picture or say where you are!

If alarm bells ring, one solution may be to close your account and open an anonymous box, never revealing your true self or identity. In other words, take a leaf out of the groomers and bullies books and beat them at their own game. Ask yourself: Do I really need to show myself to the world?

You know what they say … You can please some of them some of the time, but you will never please all of them all of the time and sure as eggs is eggs someone will not like what you are what you say or what you do!

Stick to the friends you know and trust. Who else needs to know who you are or what you get up to? It’s nobody’s business but yours and maybe it is time for you to become selfish and concentrate on yourself and what you want , for make no mistake you are the most important person in your world!

It is said that the first step towards healing is to cultivate the art of listening and our advice is to learn to listen for yourself before you can listen to others. Take note of those alarm bells that may come in different tones and in different ways and react in the way that suits you best! For you are the best, after all you are a child of God who Loves you as much as He Loved his beloved son Jesus. It matters not what others my say or judge about you for you are the most worthy among all peoples and are Loved beyond all Earthly love.
© David Tenneson –2018

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The time is fast approaching when we will look with awe on the images which will be presented again to us in the fields of crops as they grow and ripen ready for the eventual harvest.

Crop Circles are intriguing images to inspire the consciousness, but despite my previous attempts to encourage a more practical approach to their interpretation it all seems to fall on deaf ears, or at least ears closed with ear plugs or covered with ear phones even those over the most intelligent of human audio sensors.

Of course the obverse could be true in that they are exercising their right of Free-will to ignore or to deny the possibility of their originators or the possibility that there could be a message enclosed in their simplicity, intricacy or complexity, which would be a shame of huge proportion excluding the possibility of the true extraterrestrial nature of the originators not of physical nature. Oh dear I hope I haven’t let the cat out of the bag!

However I still believe that their nature is still beyond most of our imagination and it is also true to say that there are times when the gift of Free-will has its place of denial, but for the sake of the whole of humanity this is not one of them which in acceptance takes us beyond Startreck, Star Wars and the rest into a real equivalent with the choice of acceptance.

Admittedly it does take a leap in understanding, a leap perhaps to a different dimension or at least out of one’s comfort zone to the world of dream, prayer and the supernatural, though I have to say that I wish there were another term for the unseen world that surrounds us 24/7, which to me is the natural other world, within our reach if we so desire, which some call the Angelic Realm.

It is my firm belief that the so called miracles, crop circles and inspirations come from that world of consciousness unhindered by the baggage which we humans insist on carrying from lifetime to lifetime. The seers, mystics and prophets have all learnt how to shed that unwieldy encumbrance, allowing themselves to become the natural and open channels for the wisdom which is ours for the accepting, absorbing and using for the benefit of the whole race and something which we all need to learn how to do, if only for Ascension, or perhaps for our own spiritual growth and understanding.

So clues:
The 1st : are they saying, we are here?
2nd : the message in every crop is to witness the changing and evolving intricacy and complexity of each season of crops, as a reaction to our attempts to duplicate the patterns.
What does that tell us?
3rd : the crops which can be turned through 1800 to give a different image!
What does that say? Maybe all is not what it seems?
4th : image that gives the impression of a little green man as we perceive them.
Does that ask if they are Aliens or something else? Bearing in mind that our understanding is limited to something in anthropomorphic form.
5th : image that we could only reproduce on our sophisticated computers.
Does that tell us anything?
6th : what we see as an amazing picture is not a picture to be admired.
So what is it?
7th : some believe that all can be resolved into numbers.
Mathematicians should have a field day with this little quiz, eh?
8th : We are treating them like comic books only looking at the pictures and missing the text.
Aren’t we?
I’m sure you have a host of other queries in the confused consciousness concerning crop circles right now, but look upon that state of mind as showing the need for a deeper meditation followed by mindfulness, an exercise which we could all use for our benefit in order to bring some order and hopefully some answers to the phenomenon which has in fact been with us for centuries in one place or another across the globe, but due to our improved reporting seems it’s as if it is of the recent past and current moment.

It is important to remember that the crop circles are there for our benefit and should be accepted as such and not dismissed out of hand. The Universe is benign and those whose task it is to bring us to a new level of awareness are certainly benign and are doing their best to open our minds to this new level or awareness, acceptance and love.

The love at the last may seem out of place or difficult to equate to the phenomenon but those who construct the patters have only our best interests (I would like to say ‘at heart’) but I have to say, at their highest level of consciousness which is for our primary good, born out of unconditional love.

In order to appreciate this story you may have to consult another book of stories where these constructors, messengers and other ones nearest to Divinity are in evidence throughout as they appear with regularity in story after story. I’m sure you will know to which book I refer as it is the widest publicised book in every language throughout the world.
Seek and ye shall find!
Bringing Light to All, Hanukah & the Angel

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Not counting the paces round the green she walked ’till she was ninety plus buying the daily on her return from around the cricket ground.
My beloved aunt, certainly the best of the bunch of all the aunts known and unknown on both sides of the family divide, we walked to lunch at the local.
She always insisted on cramming a twenty into my pocket to pay following the same regime, come what may.

Things happen that get in the way and stop the walk, but to walk with a friend and share the talk, that’s the way.
Now it’s a lonely circuit round the block admiring the local gardens with their plants, stones, gravels with an occasional rock.
Wondering if they meditate there or if it’s just ease of maintenance not having to weed or prepare.

Gardening is an exercise of body and mind, ideas led, just what you need when the weather’s unkind in the shelter of the potting shed.
Now trying to emulate the beloved aunt walking to and fro in the miniscule plot walking round that block at a fair old trot.
Yomping they called it in the Falklands, it’s how they won the war, not just walking it’s what our soldiers do, they are the best in all lands.

Some go to a gym, walking on a machine does not appeal to me, we humans need the energies of nature invoking the daydream.
The rhythm of the walk with or without talk, humming or singing to oneself in the cool or the heat, the boy passes the gate exercising the dog and singing along to his chosen song, pace to match the beat.

We need to find and match our own rhythm, synchronise that beat with our own inner session removing any schism.
Bringing all inside to an inner peace and harmony, what better way than a walk? Matching beat for beat, pulse and pace, breath for breath in and out, in and out, sheer tranquillity of body, mind and spirit! Happiness!
© David Tenneson –2018

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Where is your happy place?
There are places that have taken the name of a place of happiness, the happiest town or city in their country or like the Scandinavian countries, which appear from surveys to be the happiest places to live on Earth. Bhutan started it all by setting out to measure its own Gross National Happiness level of the country.

We do like to put things in boxes with labels of our choice from ugliest to prettiest, strangest to most mundane most dangerous to happiest, but all of this is surely down to beauty being in the eye of the beholder which sounds all very well, but even that must employ judgement and that is coloured by our birth our family values and environment.

Which goes along, side by side with the way we develop as people due to those same formative energies, which impinge on our consciousness from our time in the womb to wherever we are in this present moment.

So would our choice of Happy Place be coloured by those same energies or would our chosen pathway have taken us to other levels of engagement with say the other nature kingdoms, or levels of peace and happiness due to our own habits, rituals or ceremonies giving us another view of the world and its inhabitants across the many kingdoms that share this planet with us?

It is difficult for me to pin point one specific Happy Place because for me there are so many. There were the places from Childhood, the favourite beach, Granddad’s cottage in the Welsh mountains where I spent every summer holiday until about fourteen years of age, then there are the many trees that I love to hug and sit beside to meditate, not forgetting the several Greek Islands I momentarily fell in love with. So you see some fleeting and others for a brief spell of holiday when other worldly cares were forgotten.

In retrospect and in true mindfulness I now understand that happiness is not something that I own or am with for brief moments of joy in their company, be they animate or inanimate, but a level of consciousness that pervades the mind like a constant perfume. It comes down to seeing the plus points in any situation, whether I am in the dentist’s chair, the local coffee shop enjoying elevenses with a black coffee and a delicious cream cake or falling and nearly breaking my neck.

Being the first to smile and say ‘Hello!’

Have you noticed how faces change when they smile? If you smile to a face that may seem upset, angry or just plain tired or even intimidating, that expression completely changes when they smile back at your smile! And they will smile back! It takes less muscular action to smile than to frown, which is why frowning makes you feel even more tired than you really are!

Choose a one word greeting like ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ or ‘Morning’ said with a smile and a cheerful note in your voice is all it takes to make someone feel better. Going through their mind things like, ‘that was nice’, ‘someone noticed me’, ‘someone said hello to me and I’m not the same colour as them’. It all comes down to sharing: with a simple greeting sharing your happy place and making it their happy place too.

Most cashiers in supermarkets these days wear name badges. You know it makes such a difference to your interaction with them if you use their name, better still if you remember their name the next time you go there. Like most folks we try and choose the checkout with the most space on the conveyor, but often we will divert to the one manned by a cashier we recognise and can use their name. It’s only a little bit of love share, but it sure makes a boring morning shop a happy place to be!

In fact we ask for names wherever we go with no badge displayed or when we speak on the phone so we know who we are talking with, which to us is only common sense if you want to repeat or refer to your conversation in the future. When I say common sense what I also mean is that we are employing the natural aspect of connection which is one of the primary needs of us all.

What does that mean? Well, the Heart Chakra is the centre of air, touch, love and connection. When we reach out to another, utilising our natural empathy and compassion we are allowing our heart centre to connect to the heart of the other one. The energy of that centre is one of the most powerful energies in the Universe since it is the human equivalent of the one aspect of the Creator which we humans have the hardest time understanding.

It is of course Unconditional Love!

We also seem to have the hardest time in showing, apart from the growing number of souls who work tirelessly for others in their unstinting voluntary service, healing and caring, whether it is in providing and arranging the flowers in a church or using their gift of healing for all and intensely happy in the rewarding process which requires no reward since the act is sufficient reward in itself.

We seem in general to be happiest in our home, but having just seen a program where rich and poor exchange domicile and budget for a week, all it did was to make the rich grateful for their home and means, and the poor totally unhappy with theirs and determined to move to the country, impossible though it proved to be! Not rich by any means, but I have always felt that home is where I am in whatever country, whether in a flat, house or bungalow and being a home maker, within my means, it’s always been my Happy Place.

Largely below the surface of common sight and understanding, there is a growing band of carers of all ages working, often unseen and unknown at home for the benefit of an ailing parent or sibling, and others to enhance the lot of all humanity and the other nature kingdoms that beautify our surroundings. With a National Health Service struggling to cope with the extra load of an aging and ailing population there is a call for a better home care service to ease their load and free up hospitals who need that intensive care space.

Those who have chosen the route of care have done so due to an inner calling and find under normal service that this is their happy place to be and since we all may rely on their amazing sense of care, duty and service to the community in the future, my heart goes out to them, as it does to others working in the churches as I did many moons ago.

My heart also goes out to those who would steal a computer from a child with no voice who like Stephen Hawking found these modern electronics their only means of communication with others. What drives someone to that kind of extreme I cannot imagine, but feel that they perhaps have no Happy Place of love and comfort and whose only means of support is to steal from others. If only people could understand that being happy is an attitude of mind or put another way a level of consciousness and does not depend on anything outside of the self!

If only we could shine a light into the lives of others for them to find inner peace and to find a place where they can be happy and fulfilled. If only!
Bringing Light to All, Hanukah & the Angel

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I am not my father or my grandfather but still I can get myself into a right lather.
Over what things can bug me and so they do, when I get the same bug as they did or do.
Or so it seems and in return my children suffer the same streams of colds and breathing things as I would wish phlegm to fleme and not return.
Where’s the sense in all of this that pervades the wondering consciousness it surely does not lead to happiness?
So, what’s to do? Are we all prisoners in our own bodies confined to suffer ’till and through the lives of pensioners?
There is only so much that we can achieve in terms of health our bodies to relieve.
Even our beloved medics can only do so much, treating the effects and symptoms rather than the causes as such.
It’s the way it is and we can only do what we can to encourage health of body and mind, returning the consciousness with courage to the joy of happiness, the only true measure of success.
I am conscious of the return to my thoughts of the retreat in Spain which I had not realised has now obviously left such an impression in my mind, returning as it does so often when the pen comes near to paper without pain.
The time is fast approaching for us … as we are advised … to get out more!
And certainly it is intended to visit my beloved moor with such fond memories from childhood and more.
The mere mention of place names produces images in the mind and neighbours heading for their nineties invoke fresh thoughts of things I have not seen, or so it seems for ages.
The return calls are stronger now that the bulbs are showing as if saying, we are waiting don’t delay any longer your returning!
© David Tenneson –2018

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Who or what is the prime mover in your life?
Is it a boss who pushes you where you are unskilled or unhappy to venture?
Is it the Patriarch or for me the Matriarch who ruled the family roost like the proverbial despot?
Is it someone with your best interest at heart who gives you the will and the courage to go where you really want to go giving help and encouragement every step of the way?

We would all hope that it is the latter, but so often it is one of the others of the infinite self interested variety, or maybe under the misguided idea that their actions are for the benefit of the whole family. This is of course in this three dimensional world where little attention is given to the Divine Gift of Free-will.

It is a free gift with no coercion one way or the other we can accept it or deny it and the trick is to accept it without upsetting those who presume to have taken control over us and still act as self appointed Prime Movers.

Some who are firmly attached to the Sun, Moon and Stars believe that the planets actually set our personalities and rule our lives and think that there is little we can do to go beyond those set patterns. Yet others believe that we are in fact able to go where others have not gone before and to change the planetary dynamic and take some control over our lives.

Of course there are other aspects that we cannot change such as the effect the Moon has over the tides according to the rotation of the Earth and Moon and the closer distance between us during the yearly cycles creating the neap tides, as no doubt King Canute would attest. He was certainly not the Prime Mover that his Barons and courtiers would have him believe. I’ve often wondered if the moon has a similar effect on the fluids within us. How about you?

When we witness the actions of some of the world’s leaders it is no wonder that there are those who believe that they are merely a puppet with great speculation as to who the Prime Mover could be, pulling the strings!

We are aware of the powers that exist in the twilight zones of societies where law and order is soft and gangs of all sorts using all manner of extortion coercion and addiction to set themselves up as the Prime Movers in cities all over the world find means to exist outside of the norms that most would adhere to and wish to enjoy.

Once under the power and influence of such Prime Movers it is difficult if not impossible to extricate oneself from their grip and the same of course can be said of the religions, cults and governments that manage to brainwash their fellow human beings that they must follow their dogma or risk punishment to the point of death.

So often the spiritual aspect of the life prescribed by such as Jesus that we should live has been forgotten or successfully removed from the minds by brainwashing techniques of those wishing to control their followers while feathering their own nests.

Understanding that you can incarcerate and kill people, but it is another matter to kill an idea however clever the brainwashing techniques employed may be. I wonder if under a strict and abhorrent regime such as that of North Korea, the citizens may secretly hold on to the idea of a freedom unknown in that benighted land? I guess that could be true by the number of those willing to risk their lives trying to escape over the border to the South.

It is no wonder that so many migrants try to come to the UK when what they have come from, whether economic exclusion or persecution due to race, gender or sexual persuasion, putting them under constant threat or imminent death to the point of self imposed exile from country, family and loved ones impelling them to take such dangerous risks in trying to travel thousands of miles over hostile lands and turbulent seas in order to reach what they imagine as their idea of the place of freedom and opportunity, the green and pleasant land of England, where as the whole world knows everyone is wealthy. Yeah, Right!!

How to change the status quo in all of the countries so affected, so that folks will feel at peace in their own land, is the biggest problem facing the major players in the world today. Force has been tried by many of those players, but to no avail if anything making the problem worse.

If the human race is to survive it is imperative that we return to the respect of all people as our brothers and sisters, remembering the Divine principle of Free-will for all and the only mark of success must be the highest level of consciousness that manifests as joy and happiness not just for the self but for all.

Can we realistically return to that, some would say, impossible dream?
There is only one way and that is the way that offers the only solution: if we want to change the world we have first to change ourselves, and that includes all of us!
Bringing Light to All, Hanukah & the Angel

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Is this the last journey we will have to make?
Apart from occasional spur of the moment jaunts
Or longer term commitments to visit friends or family
For special events or perhaps to help to heal a heart ache?

Looking back on the flight from unbearable heat
To the cool of this, our peaceful haven in Devon
Away from the hurly burly and frantic pace
With the prospect of others of like mind to meet.

If there is one word to describe our ambience
It is one of peaceful contemplation and gentleness
Listening to and passing on the words of wisdom
Given and received freely with friendliness.

We are certain that this journey to and from Earth
Is the last of so many to this quarter of the Universe
Which we have made over so many incarnations
Will they mourn our passing with carnations?

Or as Mrs Cropley said with an added pineapple?
Journeys or travel in general broaden the mind
But that’s not all it does for it provides a kind
Of experience valued without measure as ample.

By the one whose presence inspires this journey
Without whom this jaunt could be flaunted
We would certainly be elsewhere and vaunted?
Or maybe hovering in the ether, a waiting attorney?

Soliciting a union to complete a request as a guest
You understand within a suitable human host
This is all that can be asked by the Soul at most
For such a union to provide and know what’s best.

To set out on the journey of choice, maybe the last
Needed to and on this planet to act as an iconoclast
Imploring all to recognise the unseen, uncast
Requiring a degree of faith so unbelievably vast.

To allow and be a part of such a journey into physique
The One that is at the same time aware of every norm
That is human, of every colour, sound and uniform
Or not. Different or the same, at the same time unique.

Are you aware, do you accept this journey as your all
At the same time carrying a Soul of no weight at all
But so weighty in its sacred self, child of the Divine
A part of the Divine which you will realise in time!
© David Tenneson –2018

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