Many are afraid of failure, blaming themselves for not foreseeing the possibility of something, not going as they would wish or as others expect.
Failure is a constant reminder to reassess, to rethink a method or process to produce a different outcome which you or some others may possibly view as better.

The tendency is to categorise any act as right or wrong, but what if there were no right or wrong, but only difference? Then there is no failure, only a change in action, perception and appreciation.

Failure if it is seen as such, is also of course a teaching aid; because it can show us the way that is best avoided, and therefore we can be better informed as to the best or better route to follow to suit us.

From this it follows that no decision is wrong, because even if the route taken turns out to be not as foreseen the change necessary to remedy the situation is merely a further act of mental creation.

Better in all circumstances to make as many decisions in the mind and to look at the possible consequences, choose a different route if desired, and pursue the same quest of questioning the results, before actually making the decision in reality.

Trying to achieve something which others have failed to do, whether it is to climb an unclimbed mountain or to invent a completely new product, process, or God forbid, plastic! Unless of course it is truly recyclable, and avoiding the colour black at all cost, may be laudable, with due care and attention to the possibilities on the way.

Many of us try to become self sufficient and to look after our health without reliance on the long suffering Health Service, with right diet to suit our own selves along with exercise of mind and body, but try as we might, and it is no failure, that when all else fails we have to consult a pharmacist, a doctor, or even a specialist in or outside the medical profession. Beware of so called or self proclaimed experts; who lets face it, are really just old drips under pressure!

Extremes experienced in terms of temperature were soon realised as not being the best climate for elderly, frail and failing bodies. So the move was made to a cooler and a less extreme country; only to find that holes in the ozone and general climate changes within a short space of 24 months had caught up with us, and brought those same extremes to plague us.

Through no fault or failure of our own, now tiredness reigns and only gentle exercise moves into the sphere of possibility, making work also less likely as pain comes through the lack of movement through the lack of that all important physical exercise.

It is strange that in retirement we have less time than when we were at work, and we often wonder how we ever had time to work. Of course the only failure was that we had no time while working to do the things which we really wanted to do.

In there lies a common failing; that we have a habit of concentrating on the things we don’t want, which let’s face it, is what worry truly is. We all need to remove those thoughts from our minds, and only to think about the things which we really want. In that remedy lies happiness.
Hanukah & the Angel

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In the mists of the long ago, when time seemed not to matter so, we were blessed with a more relaxed life, and it was so.
No matter our station, our own accepted caste, we were as we were and nought would alter or allow us to rise, to a higher situation.
Much the same in present times, although we are promised the opportunity to become a king, sometime.
A king of industry, finance or science perhaps, through our own endeavour, fair means or foul, so long as no one perceives our conscience.
Any comedian , musician or chef will tell you that success is all down to timing the presentation.
It is important to define success, since the only true measure of success is the level of happiness achieved.
The level of consciousness achieved is down to timing, timing of the spiritual happiness.
The two are intertwined, the one begets the other and although seen as selfish it is a solo endeavour divined.
The real advancement is kept a secret, unless wished to share with another of the same intent.
But that could smack of competition which in any sense is outside of true meditation.
Be honest, all is transcendental, but stepped outside when assessed how far one has come on the quest.
Some call this Ascension, with thoughts aligned with no thought of aim or goal in conception.
Timing of the spiritual practice in essence, is not the weekly gathering, nor daily practice, but the constant connection in solitude of sense.
Bringing into the consciousness, the continuous recognition and connection to the Divine presence.
Better to become a king of our own consciousness, knowing and being the creator of every thought, and all timing and thinking.
Knowing the purpose of all mental actioning so that every thought becomes a sacred thing, of our own choosing.
Timing disappears into the void of unknowing when its importance is lost, fading into the void of forgetting.
The act of becoming is all there is, happening through soul experience, no matter the starting station in any life.
Prince or pauper, the experience of soul consciousness, with mind attuned constantly, and timed, brings becoming … enlightened.
Hanukah & the Angel

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This was originally posted in brief in 2016
As one of the benefits following meditation, in our own form known as HPT
(Highly Precious Time)
You will find the Benefits of HPT expressed in many ways in essays on Meditation.
The Value of Healing.
How can HPT help you in your own Well-being and the Well-being of others?
As humans we are taught, in this day and age, from an early age, to notice symptoms and report them so as to consult a doctor as early as possible in order that treatment can be administered.

We are not saying you should not do this, but read on and understand how to approach your own and others symptoms.

It is a common misunderstanding about the workings of the body to concentrate solely on the simple aches and discomforts and imagining the worst, which are there for the purpose of giving us the signal to change to a better way and a better view of ourselves or to seek help.

Quantum physics is beginning to bridge the gap between the Newtonian view and the un-seen and un-measureable view of the Mystic and the Healer. As potential Healers we should be well prepared for what I am about to say, but sadly most of us still notice our symptoms, as we say, imagining the worst and setting up a vibrational resistance to the potential of natural healing to take place. It is in fact an opposite vibration to what we need.

But help is at hand: If you only spend 15 minutes a day in your HPT, in those few moments of complete relaxation when you are away from any consideration of your symptoms, you will see how to avoid concentrating on what you do not want. Under CONCENTRATION, you will begin to allow the natural vibrations of the Law of Attraction to do their work of Well-being.

In your HPT meditation the cells of your body are given the opportunity to return to their natural state of Well-being, but this process does not stop there for the consciousness, or volition of your cells communicates this welcome return to Well-being throughout the whole of your body. You will notice your new feeling of Wellness.

Of course the catch here is that the cell’s volition depends on the state of your own consciousness to which they all respond.

Also, in order to heal others you must be in a state of Well-being yourself. It is no good hoping to help others when you yourself feel like death. You can perhaps see how that contra vibration would have the opposite to the desired effect on a client expecting to be healed no matter how strong their faith?
In short you cannot give what you do not have.

You will also begin to notice the overlap between the various benefits of HPT, benefits not only for yourself, but for others. As you become aware of these aspects of Wellness you will naturally begin to concentrate on what you do want and not on what you don’t want with consequent positive results for your own healing.

It is a known fact that the happiest people are often the healthiest people.
This is simply the effect of the vibration set up by the level of consciousness that happiness brings to the whole body.

Conversely, if every little thing that can go wrong upsets you to the point of anger or frustration, the cursing of every dropped stitch, nail or screw where there is a small step from frustration to all out hate, you can imagine the vibration that is set up, not just in the mind, but in the whole body.

Thoughts are the real creators, and since most minds are one tiny thought away from mental aberration, it is the best way to Well-being to remove all such negative thoughts from the pattern of thoughts which we enjoy, bringing healthiness through the happiness which we all deserve.
Hanukah & the Angel

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Now a grandfather myself, I well remember my grandfather who was so kind, saying: not so much of the old, if you don’t mind,
Elder, senior or perhaps wise would better fit the bill, with so much of a life lived, with never a thought of ill for another.
There is much experience and knowledge to share, including many tricks of the trade which you might call wisdom, if you care.
It is true that many of the tricks, involve ways of overcoming mistakes without anyone knowing, they were there in the mix.
Then there are the shortcuts, not I hasten to add, the bodges made by some, but genuine ways to outwit time, with no loss of condition.
Always a plus when someone else is paying the bill for that valuable commodity – your hours on the job to fill.
As items get old they gather notes of age called patina and with it value, albeit in the current vogue it accrues.
Though old is not necessarily costly and may be picked up for a song
if old takes your fancy all along.
Most of what I have was inherited, not bought in haste, always known
and come to love, so what I enjoy may not be to common taste.
Whatever you hold dear might not be liked by others, which is of no consequence to you, so have no fear, just your joy is of concern.
Old is of no concern, for in one thousand years it may be no more,
as the world itself will have changed to its core
So much can be changed and lost in earthquake or tsunami, as
many a thing of beauty bringing eternal joy is dust.
We are at the mercy of nature and it’s elements, making things
of beauty and value worthless.
So much of what we have is of itself of no value except perhaps
in the eye of the beholder.
In the wider aspect or perception of life, that is all that matters,
whether lived in pristine condition or in tatters.
It is your happiness that counts whatever you call wealth
true value is in joyful health.
True success, for young or old, is the level of consciousness achieved,
only measured in happiness.
Hanukah & the Angel

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What is the muse but inspiration? So if it is inspiration, then from where and from whom does it come?
The three Muses in Greek Mythology were for literature, the arts and for science, kept alive in the common consciousness by oral tradition.
In popular mythology a muse can refer to anyone who inspires say a creator in the form of a sculptor, artist, musician or writer.
I feel that therein lies the true origin of the muse, as the muse is in the mind and anyone or anything can provide inspiration.
It helps to have an active imagination to be able to interpret what is seen or heard into some form of creativity.
I have no hesitation in proposing a forth muse in the persona of mother nature who never ceases to inspire me.
In following a guided meditation I am immediately given vibrant images to match the words of the guide.
Some folks profess to be visual and others more sound based in their imagery, I am blessed to have a good mix of the two,
Since I enjoy making simple sounds on the piano and enjoy classical music of the ancient kind.
There is an undisputed benefit from an occasional splash of water colour on the cartridge,
Which seems these days to be confined to a holiday activity with many hung and a drawer full of the unframed,
With a admission of the last holiday taken twenty five years ago, with colours cracked and tubes drying out,
Perhaps it is time to take that holiday, resurrect the long forgotten colours, clean the china palette,
Find that adventurous spirit, take to the road again and take that well earned rest, but in all seriousness, not in this heat.
Where is the muse of travel to overcome the parochial pastime of watching the roses grow in our own patch of Olympus.
The muses are all here, helping us to create pictures in words for others to interpret and enjoy.
To spend time interpreting, transforming and sending the healing energies given to all and sent to others in need.
Whether we wish to see our plot as Heaven or Olympus, we feel that we are gifted and much blessed to be here in glorious Devon.
The Grace of Well-being is not seen, felt or accepted by most and it is the sacred duty of those that do, to pass it on.
Sending it in a form that will be accepted giving relief to all who believe and ask for it, whether they accept the muse or not.
Hanukah and the Angel.

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Whenever I plan my next post and am not sure of the title or content I call it New,
Always in the knowledge that in my super computer it can be changed at any time under “rename”.
But in this case sitting in the muse of a garden filled with sunlight and new blooms, admiring a white rose with strong fragrance,
Planted only yesterday, as new took on a new significance, and if you are a gardener or just an admirer,
You will be familiar with the ever changing newness of a garden as new blooms appear and re-appear.
It made me wonder: when does a love of old and familiar in say, the family home take on the guise of old and boring?
Or is it just a question of the new generation wanting something different like a change from brown furniture to a more modern look?
A change from something rich and strange to simple and simplistic not to say minimalist which the young seem to enjoy.
Or perhaps it is because they, as yet, have no memories to employ or works of art to put on their walls and enjoy.
Our following generation appear to try to go this route which can prove difficult with young children creating their own grove,
And who need their walls to echo their passions and crushes, along with loud modern music.
They can let imagination soar as they listen to, and sing along, gazing at their young idols as they wish to be among.
While new young parents so in love with their new offspring festoon their adult walls with images at every age.
And the walls themselves take on new decoration of recorded heights at every birthday.
So it is for the birth and growth of new families while the new home takes on the label of “family home”.
As the family grows, the first space is outgrown, and when income permits the new family expands to a new place,
Which takes on the label too, and like a title is renamed, something to get used to.
Every new form has to be gotten used to, and then taken in to the consciousness when it becomes part of the norm.
As with anything sought after it is not the item, but the thought which allows the vibration to be reflected into reality,
Even then the new reality becomes the norm and allows the seeking, the desiring to look for another new.
It is this frequent desiring by all conscious thought which allows the constant expansion of ourselves and of the universe itself.
Hanukah & the Angel

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As followers of Bargain Hunt we witness the changing fashions of the buying public when it comes to antiques and the current trend of Up-cycling. Which I have to admit to us looks very like Tatt!

Gone are the days when all most could afford to add a little sparkle to their home was to own a piece of brass or copper and not mind the task of polishing, every now and then, depending on the atmosphere in their particular locality.

Since most furniture was inherited we love our brown oak and mahogany chests, tables and chairs, and since my one time hobby was the restoring of same, I enjoyed cutting missing lock plates from solid brass and while in Spain fabricated what we now call the Boot Locker, providing seating for three with under storage for shoes or in its present usage our collection of ancient and modern boxes, in solid pine stained to look like mahogany, of course! With an occasional loving polish, it can be mistaken for something from Iberia.

A wedding present from mother was a set of Mappin & Webb silver cutlery to the Canberra Liner design, she even took us to their showroom in London to choose the set. For years we invited close friends to come and share an evening, usually just before Christmas to sit round the table and share the task of putting on and taking off the silver polish to rub to a brilliant shine, while enjoying a pre Xmas tipple of a glass of a warming punch as we caught up on the latest family and friends circle news.

Sadly there are not many who are willing to spend time polishing or are able to put in that effort, preferring to leave that to the dishwasher and so in our dotage, I still polish the brass, but have exchanged the silver cutlery for stainless steel which strangely enough we still wash by hand as some have coloured handles and we do not wish to risk the machine, so they are all done together.

More importantly to us we tend to concentrate our efforts on the polishing of the mind in the simplest way of changing our beliefs to include all aspects of our life that we wish to come to fruition and to leave the rest out of our thought process. Tricky but rewarding.

Some call this Mindfulness, but to me it has become a natural progression from meditation which has taught me so many aspects of the mind, the many benefits of those few moments of quiet contemplation each day, and which I recommend to all.
Hanukah and the Angel.

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