DIARY of the DUO9

DIARY of the DUO9
We are told that if we hear nothing,
Not to worry, as all is working.
It all comes down to our having trust,
Which in conveyancing is a must.

In another mood, no news is good news
Our new home looks like the end of a mews,
But in truth is an end of cul-de-sac
As we look ever forward, never back.

However optimistic we may be
We need to abide by the access key
A cute arrangement that gets changes done
Before the effects and furniture come.

This has spiritual as well as physical
Meanings to me just now the spiritual
Mechanism of the moving access
To bring to us the ultimate success.

Trust is at the heart of such endeavour
With the expected grace of the vendor
As said in the past we must plan each move
All in order and agencies approved.

Getting used to this long moving process
Hope not to repeat and give it a miss.
Hoping this must be the last move we make
Not for anyone else but for our sake.

The masters teach, look forward and desire
In so doing we stoke the eternal fire.
Such wisdom percolates ether and air
If we could only hear it, here and there.

There were compromises to make for us
Like anything, to avoid later fuss
We set out the list of all those minus
When taking minus from all of the plus.

The plus won out and happiness was king.
We knew that it would, as joy is our thing
Not there yet, but we know that this journey
Leads to the last stop on the line called glee.
Happiness to all, Hanukah & the Angel

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In the dim reaches of the distant past of my first year this time round so, not then one, and now approaching my eightieth year and before a seventy-ninth anniversary, there has been a growing awareness throughout the intervening spins and spans, well, for at least the last forty years, the importance of the other meaning of that singular beginning, that One.

The whole of mankind has been relentlessly approaching the One, each in his or her conscious or unconscious way, many or perhaps it should be more and more of us, I sincerely trust, and not a function of the growing human population of the planet, achieving this essential connection in waking consciousness rather than as most do through the medium of sleep.

The waking conscious mode has been taught through religious tutelage and practice for many thousands of years, enabling followers and novices through meditation and mindfullness to step over the threshold onto the first level of what many now refer to as Ascension and others will in anticipation think of as Enlightenment.

Others not so confident will none the less find a certain courage to consult one who has taken their gift to the point of being able to heal, to teach, advise and even to channel the words of those whose mission it is to guide us all from the realm of souls.

Some are prompted to seek guidance through a close encounter of a certain kind of one sort or another, and it is a sad fact that many are guided to look for help through the trauma of the loss of a loved one. It is even more sad to understand that death can be so misunderstood as to bring feelings of guilt to those left behind who in blaming themselves cannot bring their minds to seek help thinking themselves unworthy to get aid of any kind.

My realisation began with the acceptance of my own gift, the gift of healing that came forty years ago. Then after a huge move in the peace of the Spanish campo, outback or countryside where for twelve years in that peaceful place the other occult gift of writing began to flow from mind to fingertips onto the page and then the computer screen. The words began to fill the manuscript telling the story of a young lad born into the wilds of similar but English countryside where unsurprisingly the hero follows a similar path to my own.

It is said that we should all follow the flow and just go where it takes us and that is what the story does, going beyond my path to an exploration of the possibilities of where meditation and healing might take us on the fantastic path of Ascension, which begins as a journey within, that naturally takes the searcher back out into the physical world.

When I speak of occult or hidden mysteries within myself, they may seem as nothing compared to the mysteries that are unfolding with the advent of technological advances in all areas of scientific research, but the truth is that science is just a bit slow in catching up with what can only be described as spiritual science.

This is the reason why enlightenment or ascension can never be a one step journey since there are so many steps up the ladder of light that will unfold before us as we find our way to the first and subsequent steps on that pathway to the One. It is true that the higher we climb the more there is to find on our spiritual journey, and as it is different for each of us no one can tell you what to expect on your own pathway to enlightenment.

Even so-called identical twins are not identical and so it is with our journeys into, or should that be back to the light where we all began? We are unique in the recognisable physical and our spiritual parts, which are composed of the two elements, the soul or silent witness and the spirit our guiding element which strangely enough does not communicate verbally with our conscious mind or with anyone else.

In exceptional circumstances the soul may connect with the spirit but its twin or soul-mate known as the counsellor would warn of things to be aware of on the future pathway, which the helmsman or guide should be cognisant of.

If all this sounds a bit like Greek, it should be recognised that we are complex entities which all began with the one but in order to facilitate our physical manifestation on this planet there had to be these other participants to make life physically possible.

Of course, without the soul and its determination to come here in this place and at this time, the others would not be here either, and all with the blessing of the One.
Wishing all a fruitful journey, Hanukah & the Angel

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DIARY of the DUO8

DIARY of the DUO8
One can wait, way past their allotted time
In wind or rain or other expected clime
Until many come at once, as they do
Such is the way of busses, one or two.

Much the same with viewings, so it would seem
Dearth of buyers enough to make you scream.
But then as is the way of unknown things
They all come to the door with knocks and rings.

Not literally, all done from their fort,
By the agent and many a cohort.
Lady luck has woken up from her dream,
Or was she waiting for the rising cream?

Care taken to separate cream from dross,
Which also rises, says the agent boss.
Well he should, making sure the buyer’s good,
Booking a buyer for a second look!

Spirits rise just like the delicious cream
And as the spring heralds the melting stream.
We are told, all is well, so it appears,
As the stream flows and the mind, just now clears.

To concentrate on a desire, it comes
Into fruition, like solving some sums,
As Einstein solved a great mystery
In his theory of relativity.

Such clarity coming it seems from nowheres
Happening in the way of twins and pairs
An offer made on ours and within days
We found somewhere and offered on a new place.

No doubt and no resistance with no chains.
We had thought, with wind and following rains,
That all was lost, and we would never move,
But we are watched over and blessed from above.

Nothing stranger than the truth so it is said.
It is proved, not while dreaming in our bed,
But happening as we speak, sold and bought.
We are off as soon as maybe long or short.
Happiness to all, Hanukah & the Angel

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The violent wind from the west
Brought chaos as a trying test,
Nature giving her very best.
Were you up to this mindful jest?
Keeping your usual calm, lest
You lose your shirt, also your vest?
But batten the hatches and rest.
Face it! T’was really no contest,
No way could you hope to protest
The might of nature’s windiest,
North, South, East and also the West.
Not to trifle with on your quest,
Pitting against the mightiest
Must not be at your own behest.
Recall you are here as a guest
Your energy you must invest
Not seen by the gods as a pest
What’s made is no eternal nest
Just enter it into your digest
Look forward to the final fest.
Connection is holy caressed.
Happiness to all, Hanukah & the Angel

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DIARY of the DUO7

DIARY of the DUO7
Once upon a time … it seems we have been moved,
Maybe not physically, but certainly removed
From this world into an unreal fairyland,
Where nothing and everything’s like a silent band.

Full of potential but static in extreme,
As much movement as a winter’s frozen stream.
Temptation to take action or make some noise,
But futility sticks in the throat and cloys.

We teach the test of patience and to relax
But, to learn our own lesson we must call ‘Pax’.
It’s hard waiting for a buyer to appear,
Who could emerge out the void from far or near?

Who knows? Not for us to wonder or surmise,
When it happened, it was a nice surprise.
Like most things in this strange world, out of the blue!
If it were a whim, we’d say we always knew.

But as usual for us, it’s in response
To a silent call for help, heard just the once,
From one loving and beloved, that overrides
Other thoughts of resting or staying behind.

Among the many pathways open to choice,
We understand what others miss, without voice.
Many are afraid of choice and do not choose,
Whatever choice is made is right, without ruse.

Happiness for self, the only choice to make!
Be assured that it’s also for the soul’s sake,
If others are made happy too, joy is shared,
As relationships never end, all are paired.

We may never meet the one who buys this house
All done through the third parties of this old mouse
We leave behind the energies of kindness
Invoking here the prospect of happiness.

Leaving behind that same peaceful vibration
For those following in this habitation.
Love is never ending so we take it too
Filling our new home with the same for us two.

These unwritten laws are difficult to find
Many feel that through labour they must be mined
They are easy to find in plain sight and sound
Connection to the source is where all is found.
Joy to all, Hanukah & the Angel

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Another thing to keep in mind, as months of this new year surge ahead:
(Called at the end of every session in the pub where I grew up, with the bang of the barrel-tapping mallet on the bar counter.)

Time, as we perceive it, gives and takes away, but then despite what we conclude, that having given time a value, we imagine therefore that we invented it? Like many of us who follow our parents’ example we are, after all doing exactly that when considering this elusive element.

Do not, however, imagine that it follows the example of human-kind, for in so doing we would mistake Time’s true parentage.
It could be argued that humankind was of the same stock as time, if we accept that we all came from the Universe, where unwritten laws which affect us all, are held in universal consciousness.

Some would argue that we are made of the stuff of Earth, but then where did Earth and the Solar System come from?

Einstein was part-way correct in his conclusions on relativity since time changes depending on where it is perceived and therefore must be a product of, and therefore a child of space. His inspiration and therefore conclusions came through his incredible ability to concentrate and link with Universal consciousness, which if more were to cultivate such a mind enhancing technique through meditation and mindfullness, many of mans’ problems would be overcome.

Despite our beliefs and the faiths which we follow, or not, when considering that we came from the same universal consciousness where the laws which govern us all, whether we like it, have accepted it, or not, reside in a state, as near to ‘chiselled in stone’ as can be found in our limited vocabulary and given and known by so many names.

From Mother, Father, Source, God, Jehovah, Allah … the list goes on and the Divine is not concerned with names which are only there for our benefit. There is no greater truth that if we were happy with our own faith and could stop pushing against the rest, the world would be at peace.

We are of one mind in the move which we know we must make and are therefore at peace knowing that all-is-well and we will find more peace at the end of our own protracted journey in moving to a new house. If only the same could be said for those whom we elected to serve us, could be of one mind and support the one who will lead the country according to the will of the people on the journey into isolation from Europe.

But I digress: Whatever the given name they are in universal terms all one, as indeed we are all one. The one that gave us our being in whatever form we take according to where we are placed in the universe at the express desire of the Soul, which of itself is and remains throughout eternity part of the Divine.

Wherever we find ourselves, with each of our souls connected to the Divine, we cannot escape being with and connected to the one and therefore we are all one and connected to one another. It may be a hard concept to swallow, especially when there is so much anti this and anti that and anti each other. It makes one wonder if there could ever come a time when we, the human race, could be at peace and live like the brothers and sisters who we really are.

Time to consider the future maybe, but since the future depends on the present, we should think about it today, eh? Time Please!
Hanukah & the Angel

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DIARY of the DUO6

DIARY of the DUO6
Many citizens around the world complain
That air they breath is no longer clean and plain.
Pollution is the product, or consequence
Of our reliance on fuels used in sequence.

Of the coal for our fires and power stations
To the liquids that can cause conflagrations.
And fuel our internal combustion engines
Which like many we need for transportations.

Right now, we must rely on what car we own
Not something about which we should or would moan
Nor complain about that lack of a sale or find
The place we have always dreamt of in the mind.

The flow we should go with can be turbulent
Never what I thought of or in my mind or meant.
It’s never a slow and gentle meander,
Was life ever so? We should never pander.

Life is to be lived through all its challenges,
Even through its rich and diverse melanges.
This journey is itself a helter-skelter
Its ups and downs we both here and now aver.

In the abyss between wanting us to buy
And others taking their time to sell, we die
The death of indecision. Been here before
In truth we could not ask for less, nor for more.

We know where we are going as seen on the map,
But to pinpoint the actual house perhaps,
Is not within the power of this old church mouse.
We are just looking for our own little house.

It’s an emotive business there is no doubt,
With all the twists and turns, wanting to shout
From the rooftop, ‘come buy, come buy this home’!
So that we no longer have to search and roam.

Inner happiness belies the outer angst,
For we are happy with our lot amongst
The trials that others daily lay upon us;
As if we giggle at the minus and plus.

In the past were ups and downs, laughter and tears,
But no more as consciousness drives away fears.
There are degrees of feeling up and down,
Smiling to avoid the occasional frown.

It’s the best way to be as we interact
With other kingdoms, feeling joy as they act
Their instinctive reaction to us in joy,
Best way to be, we should emulate their ploy!
Happiness to all, Hanukah & the Angel

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