We so often speak of belief.
As if our lives depended on our adherence to a code, the creed of a cult or a  Caste system. These days with the kind of pressures that a modern society imposes on us we can become so stressed that we tend to lose our sense of worth and well-being. Consequently we are encouraged by personal trainers and therapists of all shades to believe in ourselves.

We belief in so many things due to the forces exerted on us by peer pressure and social media, which as we have mentioned in the past, can have the effect of reducing our feelings of worthiness to virtually nothing, leading to depression and eventual suicide in extreme cases.

For some of us the strength of religion in our families is so strong that a belief in a divinity becomes a second nature and regular prayer and attendance at our local temple, synagogue or church is as natural as breathing.

For others without that strong connection, going to church on a Sunday becomes an intrusion in the break from school or work on a family weekend and to try to encourage a belief in a divinity without an otherwise strong foundation becomes an Herculean task.

There are, however, certain aspects of our being which are common to us all where belief is not required: we are not asked to believe that we can breathe and from that first gasp, often with a smart slap from the midwife, we breathe!
Daring to mention the obvious, we are not asked to believe that our heart will continue to pump blood around our bodies, that we will continue to breathe and our nervous system will run whether we are awake or asleep.

In fact of course, by asking someone to believe we immediately set up a barrier! Asking to believe infers that they can also not believe.
So to believe or not to believe? That is the question!

We accept that we can breathe, we accept that our central nervous system works, we accept that the sun will rise and set and rise and set, because we know that all this and much more besides will happen.

We are an intelligent race, but so often we will not accept without proof in some form or another, that we will not be considered stupid, that this or that is true.
We were gifted with Free-will which means that we have the power to choose and to change, but what I find difficult to accept is that our brightest brains still cannot accept that we are not alone in the Universe and best of all that there is a Devine architect whose plan we enjoy every second of every day that we exist on Spaceship Earth flying through space at a phenomenal speed.

We therefore need not to believe, but to accept and to know that we are permanently connected through the divine element within us, the Soul, to the Devine whom we call by any name we choose, which matters not!

Commiserations to all who have chosen not to believe in the Devine, but at some time in the future I have no doubt that you will accept and know the Devine when the obvious in plain sight, where sight along with hearing, touch and taste are senses that do not exist, will leave you with no other choice, either in this existence or the next, through the unbridled sensitivity of your consciousness.

At least you will have exercised your Free-will and given the Soul the experience of a life of dis-belief.

A thought to bear in mind:

“Absence of proof is no proof of absence!”

With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel

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There was a time in the remembered past
When all was so new, yet all would last.
The magic of childhood wherever we are
Each day a new level to raise up the bar.

A new level set and more to achieve
The coach recommends to self believe.
It’s all in the mind, all about winning
Just so long as you keep the top spinning.

Where on earth does the elusive top live
Did you forget and become reclusive?
The top is the urge never seen or heard
That pushes you forward beyond the herd.

Today memory fades, we’re easily mistaken
From deep, deep sleep to suddenly awakened.
Remembering the magic of halcyon days
The growing and forging our particular ways.

It’s easy to say, steps back in amazement
To hear, mishear, back in the basement!
Confusion reigns as it’s all so cellular,
In this house we don’t even have a cellar!

This age has its own telling of stories
Fragile cells where memory is stored.
Remembering near and far brings shock
Where is the key kept, the mind to unlock?

You thought you’d forgotten, amazement!
Where did that come from, was the mind bent?
Association is the name of the mind game
A great game when one leads on to fame.

Level to level, no way is mind funicular,
But no doubting that my mind is particular.
No two are the same, each is individual,
Each Spirit is Consciousness never dual.

Doubting is the opposite to amazing
It only serves to put the mind into fazing
Negating all thoughts that are creative
Cancelling all ideas that may be positive.

It is the one thought that holds us back
It can only give rise to feelings of lack.
We risk all in the modes of doubting,
Saying it’s all over bar the shouting?

Nothing is over, nothing’s ever finished
Think of what you want, whatever you relished!
Worry is thinking what you don’t want,
Don’t worry, just concentrate on what you want!

Amazement lies in thoughts of desire
It is the fuel that feeds the brain with fire.
Leave out all thoughts of regret and ire,
The Universe thrives on how you aspire.

Nothing is really magical, although we call it so
All is amazingly physical and natural to go.
Nothing wrong with sitting and creating also,
But better to be creating and daring on the go!

Origin comes from the mystical mind,
Inspirational ideas of the amazing kind.
Involve yourself in everything of interest
Avoid all reference to doubt and Pinteresque!

The Bard is famed for his monologues. Um?
We derogatorily call it second childhood.
Talking to yourself is the beginning of wisdom!
Take no notice of comments, pull up your hood.

It’s time to concentrate on the one at the centre
The mid of your Universe, the amazing director.
You’ve guessed it, YOU are the amazing instrument
Realise and fill your self with Amazement.
© David Tenneson – 2017

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As far as Ascension is concerned, there is a part of you that cannot rise up any further than it is, apart from leaving its present confinement within your physical body, which it cannot do while you are still alive, because it is forever linked to the highest we can conceive in terms of consciousness, which humanity has called by a multitude of names under the general term of divinity and we call the Logos.

Some of us are already concerned with a rising or ascending, each with our own interpretation of what that actually means, with general assumptions that we will arise as others were supposed to have done in the past and move perhaps bodily into the state known as Heaven or Nirvana spoken of by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.

However, this is not what is permitted, expected or hoped for of mankind by the original source consciousness to which we are linked and which as the word implies was our origin, to which we are permanently linked at a level of consciousness which is beyond our immediate sensing or conscious understanding.

To reach Nirvana is the ultimate disappearing act to which that part of us yearns to become a part!

In the meantime, and we are finding that time can indeed be found to be mean, as it slips away from us in our obsession continually to find things to be doing, not really appreciating that nothing is ever finished and we complain that that precious resource has been taken away from us by something, state of affairs or fate outside of us and nothing to do with us so we cannot be held responsible!
Can that be true?

There is no doubt that in the final act of life our remaining elements of consciousness will firstly download every split second of experience of life into the Akashic Record and the second part, linked as it is, and as if joined by spiritual elastic and not a second thought will ascend and become transferred immediately into the all encompassing love of the Source.

But the quest and, dare I say, the trick for humanity is not to wait through or waste a second of the mean time, but to achieve the state of being linked to the Source, Logos or Ascension in waking consciousness!

There is a part of me that tries constantly to find in my mind the qualities that guided and motivated the two most prominent prophets that mean most to me in this lifetime. Firstly there is the Buddha whose life from the beginnings of high birth and opulence to one of deprivation and aestheticism in his journey to overcome suffering in others and if the writings of his followers are to go by, then to me it signifies a gospel of the mind or the head. However, I have to say that present day teachings of Buddhism I find dry and leave me rather cold.

Whereas the Gospel of Jesus or Jeshua as I prefer to know him speaks to me as a message for the heart, where love is the predominant force and which I can see would appeal more to the man in the street, can I say? In this respect I guess I am a man in the street, but as some would have it and explain that heart is merely a pump without which we would not exist, I feel the understanding has gone a little astray.

And here is where the two prophets come together:
We have to borrow from the teachings of Buddha in order more acutely to understand the true meaning of the teachings of Jeshua.

To look more closely, or perhaps that is the wrong sense to use since what we need to see cannot be seen and can only be sensed in other ways where ultimately faith, becoming knowing, takes over as we form an understanding of the importance of the energy centres in the body.

In the very centre of the human body (or thereabouts as it is able to move) lies a force of energy which when translated from the Sanskrit gives us the Heart Centre.

It is from this point that, when we talk about the heart in spiritual terms, lies the most important energy in the human body. Briefly, it is linked to the element of Air, of connection and linking with others and hence the sense of touch.

Can you understand that in this context it implies that we need to use this centre to reach out and to connect with the rest of the human race and to the other kingdoms that share this planet with us. It is this centre through which we connect and send love and healing energies to others. In short it almost demands that we respect others, that we understand the brotherhood that we enjoy with others, we must accept the responsibility for the planet and for all other life forms on it.

It is said that the healing professions are those of vocation which in my mind must also include teaching, caring and sharing. There is a need within us to use this centre of energy for the sake of others which leads us on the pathway to Ascension and our Rising in Spirituality.

If we do not use this centre, ignore it or do not know of its existence then we deplete ourselves and we deplete others whom we could otherwise care for, if only in thought. It is where the only future for mankind lies!
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel

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When we left I was asked to leave behind
My home made oak bird table and nesting box.
Our buyer was confined to a wheelchair
Not like our free friends soaring in the sky.

It was a pleasure to bring pleasure to another
Confined, but returning to the land of her birth
And as I left, a tear brought remembrance
And a lump as I looked toward the sky.

This, our second home there, gave ample chance
To see and hear the many who graced our garden
A whistle that could have been a man, but no
It was majesty on the wing, specs in the sky.

Such royal register, a calling to each other
Wheeling and diving, soaring and coming close
A pair of golden eagles gave such a display
Proving they truly are monarchs of the sky.

Being so fond of sky-born friends no doubt
We were in the right place, but if wondering …
My name in English carved on the garden giant
A poplar in our Spanish garden, close to the sky.

We were on top a hill overlooking the village,
High enough to give safe refuge to roost
For so many who came to share our Zen space,
To serenade us as we watched the sky.

Practice to paint under wings in bright colours
The fanciers made their charges even fancier
And as they flew home to their pigeon lofts
They brought colour to the modestly blue sky.

Finally a parade of fancy pigeons flew overhead,
Waving goodbye they flapped to gain height
And clapped their appreciation of our offerings,
Flying away for the last time into the dying sky.
© David Tenneson – 2017

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As part of the aging population we are no different than the rest when it comes to our reliant on a pill or two to keep us on an even keel, though I have to say that we have managed through care, attention and moderation in all things to reduce our reliance on the good doctor’s prescriptions and he is as pleased as we are that we have gone from several to one in the morning and two at night.

Of course we still believe that we can do the same as we did thirty or so years ago to our chagrin and the reaching for the muscle rub at the end of the day. I guess none of us likes to admit that we still need a script or two, feeling that we are still thirty five inside when in fact we are over double that desirable date.

We are grateful that we have passed the three score years and ten with flying colours realising that any consequent internal aggression is totally down to our own ability to age gracefully. Although our motto is still the resolution to age disgracefully! Ha, ha!

We are a gullible race and the demigods: the therapists, dieticians and the like only have to write a book to convince us that if it’s in print it must be true and we flock to buy and try the latest diet. I have to say that it is our firm belief that careful consideration and attention to the foods that agree or disagree with us are the things to watch and guide our moderation.

How can a writer presume to tell us that we will all lose weight if we follow their recipe when we are so diverse and individual to the point of being unique? It may be good for the writer, but our best prescription is to become your own detective and stick to your own gut felt reactions to foods and drinks. If you go against your feelings then you only fool yourself. Let’s face it the immune system begins in the gut!

We have so much power locked away within us that we are gifted with the answers to most if not all of the challenges that are thrown at us in the journey through life. Don’t forget that if you do get stuck you can phone a friend! But be careful who you message on the Internet since you can never be completely sure who you are corresponding with.

On that subject as we have mentioned in the past, trust with respect seems to have disappeared out of the window and we can only prescribe that you make absolutely sure that you can trust who you talk to and take all of the security measures recommended especially where children are concerned.
Many of us seem to sail through life, like our neighbour across the road who, well into her eighties wears no specs and staggers a bit with the use of a cane tends her garden, but otherwise as sharp as a button and our friend back in Brussels who, of similar age takes no pills and is still a regular at theatre and meeting friends as he lives his life to the full.

Is that the answer then? To live a life as diverse as possible, exercising both the body and the mind? If you ask a group of centenarians what they put their great age down to you will get a diverse set of answers too! One will say they eat when they have plenty and fast when they have little, their body turns out like a piece of streaky bacon – lean and fat, lean and fat! Another will say they have four eggs a day, two of them raw and yet another will tell of their affinity with nature and that a daily walk in the woods is their prescription for good health and a long life.

And I guess there you have it: if you feel good about it you believe it and it works for you. Now that is the secret! I don’t believe that long life is desirable for all, but in the grand scheme of things, considering the Divine Directive that we should pursue happiness for ourselves first and the rest will follow, seems a good maxim, don’t you think?

I believe that our life span depends on whether our purpose has been served in this life and also that our passing, at whatever age, can be a source of learning and essential experience for those left behind. In this respect our life can be complete at one week or one hundred years!

Feelings definitely lead to belief so if you feel bad about it don’t do it, but if you feel good about it then you are doing the right thing so carry on with your own prescription for happiness.

You see, I’m sure you would agree that it is beyond belief that anyone can tell you how to achieve happiness, because they cannot possibly know you sufficiently well to give you anything like the right prescription.

So, a few nuggets of wisdom:
For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.
Abraham Lincoln
To hold someone as your object of attention while you’re connected to Source Energy, is the greatest gift that anyone could give. When you’re not happy, you don’t have anything to give. And so, what it literally means is – be happy, because you cannot give anyone something that you do not feel.
Choose your prescription wisely, with Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel

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In my learning I was taught about opposing forces
To oppose the pull of the other team we needed purchase
Making a secure foothold to prevent a slide and to give …
Give the pullers in our team the stability to overcome
As in the rugby team, I was the lock holding all together
And in this pull of war I was the stable anchor man against
The force of the others tugging in the opposite direction.
But in the grander scheme we are all anchored by Big G,
Gravity by any other name and our task is to fly!
Fly by allowing the centrifugal force to match Big G.
Can you do this?

When you approach this balance you can float,
Your steps will be as soft as slippers on white clouds.
Some in their wisdom, in far off days of old
Were blest with the gift of Earth spin, allowing them
To rise above the soil to the amazement of others!
Revelling in their unique achievement … look at me!
Wise words made their way and filed into the mind
Better to teach the ancient wisdom that to boast so.
And so, there was a letting go, for half a life
Of seclusion in a mountain cave.
Could you do that?

The one was proclaimed a saint and revered
His achievement not seen since, but not to say
That it could not happen again in the same way.
Just as there are those who can move objects
Without touching, shaking or blowing
Just by the power of the mind and this, in time,
Will happen when we are ready to receive.
The day will come when the gifts of the body,
And the transcendental gifts of the mind
Will prove that the impossible is possible.
Are you ready for that?
© David Tenneson – 2017

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We have always taught the greatest need for mankind right now is to have respect for one another. In the consciousness of the Logos we are all equal, but how often do we see the opposite in operation between each other and not only between races, but between neighbours of the same race in the same village and in the same family?

One thing the downsizing which we have experienced through force of circumstance, in the move back from Spain to the UK, has taught us is that in the consequent restriction of space we have found there is so much that we had accumulated that in fact we do not need.

More than that, those who are like us, born into families with a reasonable amount of space feel such a change as almost claustrophobic, whereas those who are born into a family whose worldly wealth includes a one room hut with a mud floor without furniture of any kind and yet withstand the ravages of time and the ever present threat of famine and yet manage to bring up a family.

You could say that we feel it more because we have known a different and more spacious environment and they have never known anything different than their one room hut! Nevertheless having been through our transition we have the greatest respect for those in restricted circumstances.

This sounds a trifle trite since we respect all our fellow humans and indeed those of all of the kingdoms who share this planet with us, but it was to illustrate a point and hope you can find some similarity in the above.

It is a fact that we are all gifted with Free-will and therefore not one of us has the right to criticise or try to restrict another. And yet, in the exercise of their Free-will certain countries can upset some if not all of the rest of the world, by their actions which threaten neighbouring states or any other country whose actions upset them, or actually kill their own citizens. No guesses as to who springs to mind!

Some countries don the hat of peacemakers, but others, taking the penal system of democratic nations to its extreme, put on their armour and award themselves the medal of vigilante rushing in where angels fear to tread, (since angels are well aware of the unwritten law not to infringe or deny another’s Free-will) and seek to remove by force the leaders of rogue nations. No respect you understand, just restriction of the highest order? And when the dust settles they expect to be congratulated and rewarded for removing a tyrant from power.

As we have seen, often years after such events, the vigilante efforts were so often based on false intelligence and countries so affected are left in limbo with infrastructure damaged and their own systems of government, law and order in tatters and with no means to defend themselves from aggression of any kind.

Closer to home, as we age and family circumstances change we will need more accommodation to bring up a family and when they are grown and have left the nest, downsizing is the order of the day with restriction a necessity.

With reduced family members there are fewer to please, with less hands to control the heating thermostat which can then be adjusted to reduce the fuel bills. One of the benefits of restriction! Those of our age will understand this benefit.

There is no doubt that with accumulation comes the chance of clutter and apart from the obvious visible anguish of seeing the untidiness there is the unseen element of stuck energy that brings feelings of tiredness and of wading through treacle in the home which does make living an arduous task and cleaning an impossible choice.

So restriction has a very positive side effect and I applaud the vogue of the young right now, as seen in my own family, of preferring a more minimalist approach rather than my parents and indeed our own way since most of our stuff was inherited! Difficult to get rid of what we, perhaps mistakenly see as heirlooms, although we do prefer solid wood and the beauty of classic styles, it has to be said.

Enough of our preferences, save to say that we do try to have as little waste as possible and our small compost bin has already provided us with about 100 litres of rich food fodder for plants in just a year. We also restrict our purchase of precooked meals preferring to cook from fresh, thus restricting the amount of unsortable waste according to local council guidelines and the amount going to landfill. So, can restriction go too far? Only you can answer that question since no one can deny your Free-will choice, though make sure you comply with council guidelines! 
Choose wisely, with Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel

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