HPT Benefit No 1


You will find the Benefits of HPT expressed in many ways in essays on Meditation.

Let´s look at the Value of Visualisation.
Some of us are visual people and some are audio. I am visual as colour is important to me and also since music is important, not continuously, but in its place also, but being a creative sort of chap I need to have a picture in my mind, which I usually transfer to paper in the form of a technical drawing or sketch, using colour for emphasis, before I start a particular project. And certainly, as I may have said before, it’s 95% thought and 5% doing that seems to work for me. That is apart from my occasional dabble into watercolour painting.

Another visual aid: There are ways of overcoming negative emotion by splashing paint onto paper and you don’t have to be an artist to achieve success!

Now, most of us end up working long hours to make a buck and provide for ourselves and family and we could work 8, 10 or 15 hours a day whether we are a doctor, a coal miner or self employed, and some work a lot more than that for very little. But the thing is that we will be far more productive if we could spend 10 to 15 minutes a day in visualisation.

You see, work can become a drudge, and drag us down especially for little cash or reward. So we tend to relax with a drink and drown our sorrows and frustrations in front of the telly or down at the pub. But if we could spend just 10 or 15 minutes visualising the happiest circumstance that comes to mind, when we were truly fulfilled and happy, we would see a remarkable change in our perception of work and life in general, becoming far more productive in the process.

This is a process that goes hand in glove with HPT which involves visualisation from the start in our concentration exercise followed by contemplation.

It is in those few moments of remembrance, of great times and feelings, that attract the same vibrations to us in huge quantities that energises us and alters our conscious mind to a feeling of worthiness, of healthiness and happiness.

So no matter what kind of meditation you engineer or follow if you only spent those few minutes of HPT in remembrance of good feelings you would accrue great benefit.

You know when we talk of Visualisation many will say immediately they have no imagination and therefore cannot visualise. But you see this process is not about conjuring something out of nothing it’s about remembering. We should all be able to remember good times, or if that is not possible think of something we like or would like to do. When we do that, instead of dwelling on the drudgery of life, we will begin to benefit. Try it. You’ll see!

Let’s face it, we all visualise or imagine. When you want to get up out of your seat and cross the room you have to visualise/imagine it first. So visualisation is not something new or magical it’s just natural and HPT will allow you to bring it into your awakened conscious mind.
Hanukah & the Angel

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HPT Adoration

The Final Stage of HPT is ADORATION
When you become at one with all there is, at one with the Universe, with the Divine.
Literally you move into a state of atonement (at-one-ment) with the Divine consciousness. You become at one with the Divine Creator, who is the source of all there is.

So although you began your meditation by concentrating on say a live plant; you are now in communion with Divinity, the first cause of all there is. You have arrived at the moment of mergence, mergence with the Divine.

You become aware of the true meaning, through your HPT, Highly Precious Time, of the phrase “I and the Father are one” and you are at one in the state of Adoration of the Divine.

Mergence is the Holy Grail of meditation.

From concentration, through contemplation and revelation to adoration of
the Divine you are at one, in harmony, and you realise:
“that peace which only God can give”.
When you achieve this state of inner peace, it will change your life.

So much of what you thought was necessary becomes unnecessary, and you begin to focus on the important things in your life.

To achieve this you must commit to doing it. As explained before to achieve it requires practice, but then nothing worth achieving in this life is easy. It is recommended that once started you repeat the exercise every day for the rest of your life.
What would you learn if it were all easy?

In one of his many discourses, with a different take on true meditation,
Sri Sathya Sai Baba said:

Meditation does not mean sitting in a cross-legged posture with eyes closed in contemplation of God. This is a physical worldly activity. No doubt, this is also needed, but true meditation lies in unifying the mind with God. Just as milk and water cannot be separated, likewise, the mind, once merged with God, cannot be separated.

An iron ball cast into a fire will become one with it. Likewise, your love should become one with Divine Love. This truth is contained in the Vedic Dictum: The knower of Brahman becomes Brahman Himself. Some people contemplate on God for a limited period in the morning and evening. This cannot be called meditation.

Contemplate on God at all times, in all places and under all circumstances. Perform all tasks with your mind fixed on God. That is true meditation. Thinking of God for a limited period cannot be termed meditation. This is only part-time devotion. Part-time devotion confers only part-time grace. You should have full-time devotion in order to attain full-time grace.

I disagree with the notion of part time grace, because I believe that the grace is with us 24/7. However there is a big but. It is only of use so long as we accept it and do not doubt or deny it.

The initial HPT guided meditation, using your own voice, or listening to a guide is a good start and is the pathway beginning, that most start from, and one which we recommend where there is no competition, and no pressure.
As always, it is your choice.

We often need a little help in all that we attempt to do and we call upon many spiritual names to help us.

My own trick, which goes a little way to meet Sai Baba, is to remember to bring the thought of my connection to the Divine into my mind, before I start anything.
In my personal mantra of “95% thought and 5% doing” many pitfalls, obstacles, barriers and consequences can be ironed out in the mind before I even start, and I recommend this practice to all.

May your HPT bring you all of the benefits and blessings, to support your whole life.

The many Benefits of your HPT, for you to look forward to, will follow these posts.
Hanukah & the Angel

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HPT Revelation

HPT – Third Stage – REVELATION
By concentration you have achieved your vision and you can hold your vision in your mind.
In contemplation the vision is held and you become one with the vision. In revelation you become at one with the aspect of what you have created you become aware of everything about the vision, things you were not aware of before are revealed to you now.

In effect you have achieved a new level of consciousness. The whole world is made up of levels of consciousness. An ice block melts to become water that vaporises to become water vapour or steam that condenses to become water again. All are at different levels. And the levels are determined by the rate of vibration of the molecules, that go to make up the substance.

Every thought that you think has its own vibration which has a distinct pattern, recognised by those who watch over us, and the thought itself is out there on the ether waves of the Universe. You don’t have to send a text, pick up the phone and call someone, its already out there. It has its own level easily identifiable by those who can see and perceive.

Each level of consciousness has its own world, and by meditating in one of those worlds you bring yourself into that world. This is why it is best for you to meditate on something that is alive. Of course if you were to meditate on the china figure for instance then you have a number of options available to you. According to your own mental state and affinity, you could begin to experience the world of the figurine itself – not very exciting. Or the world of the potter who made it, or the artist who painted it. Which is why it is best to concentrate on something that is alive, and to hold that image in your mind. Unless of course you are a budding potter.

So that is the third stage and, again, you don’t do anything, if you have reached this point then it’s like receiving a beautiful inner peace. You have the feeling that nothing matters and you could achieve anything. Difficult to put into words, and of course you could explain it in different terms, but it is something you become aware of, not with any of the five senses, not with your ears or eyes. You use them to set the scene in the preparation of your ceremony of meditation, but after that they are not needed. You become aware of an energy that is experienced totally within you.

When you reach this level your awareness changes and you are conscious only of what is going on within, you are in a light trance although still in control. But the difference is that in this state of revelation you are detached from your surroundings and nothing will disturb you unless there is a loud noise or you are physically touched.

I am convinced that it is in this state following a period of intense concentration that flashes of inspiration can come to us as we connect with universal consciousness and things are revealed to us. Take for instance the unexplained event when two scientists received the answer to the same problem at exactly the same moment in real time one in South America and the other in the UK. When their results were published they were each accused of plagiarism and it was some time before the scientific community could accept the possibility of them receiving the same answer at the same moment in real time.

It will take a while for the establishment to catch up with what we know. In my experience many things can be revealed in this state of awareness. For me it sounds like my own voice speaking to me. I get poems, teachings and solutions to problems.

It is strange because it does not necessarily happen at the time, but often afterwards when I come back to full waking consciousness, then it is like an instant replay. It may happen to you as things are revealed about the subject of your concentration which you were unaware of before.
Hanukah & the Angel

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HPT Contemplation

Concentration was the process, of you creating and holding an image in your mind. In this phase, you are actually sustaining that image that you have created in your mind. In contemplation the image holds itself. You are then free, free to enjoy the vision you have created. Turning the image through three hundred and sixty degrees in your mind to see every facet of say that beautiful rose which is now maintained in your mind.
That is contemplation.

If you lose the image it will mean returning to the process of Concentration to hold your image without deviation or loss and then continue again in Contemplation.

For all that work in preparation, practice and concentration once you are in contemplation there is nothing for you to do, but just to be there and to contemplate the vision you have created. For it puts you in direct communication with what you have created, all things are one, and you begin to tune in to the vision that you have formed in your mind.

In holding the image you may begin to see and to understand things about the object which you concentrated on and more will be revealed in the next stage of HPT.

It is as well then to vary the object and learn to tune in to each aspect of creation through your concentration and contemplation of every item.
There is nothing more to contemplation than that.

It may seem simple but it is of great importance because it allows you to understand the level that you have achieved in your own personal process.
Hanukah & the Angel

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HPT Concentration

Following the preparation of yourself and your space, it is time to consider the first stage of True Meditation, not to be confused with Transcendental Meditation (TM), since all meditation is transcendental. Highly Precious Time (HPT) can be divided into five steps. Including this step, when you decided to do it – which brings you to read this today, or maybe you have already begun with your preparation, and listened to a guided meditation, but need a little more direction.
HPT needs practice, and it becomes easier the more you practice. It is not desirable to let your mind go blank, as that can lead to difficulties, calm and quietened yes, but not blank. Meditation cannot be taught and it can’t be learnt from a book. It is as old as humanity itself, and must be the very first example of inductive learning, because you cannot learn it, until you do it.
As Galileo said:
“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself.”
And that is what these posts on HPT are all about.
And since meditation has to come from within, this fits very well with HPT.
And here is how it happens:
The first stage of HPT is CONCENTRATION
Bring your mind to the tranquil state of a flat calm pond to begin.
What does concentration mean? It means being able to hold your mind steady on one thought, on one image, without deviation. Many people cannot do this, without a little practice, because as soon as they concentrate on one thing, other thoughts creep into the mind.

If you allow yourself to concentrate on these erroneous thoughts then you are losing your concentration. Most people try to solve this dilemma by saying ‘go away’ but that is not the best way. You can recognise a thought, but if you attack it, you give it power, and so it remains in the mind. It’s a bit like trying to get rid of a cork floating in a pond, by hitting it. The more you hit it the more it bobs back up. You are concentrating on resistance, and the thought that you are resisting gains more power within itself; whereas if you ignore intrusive thoughts, they will go away, just as an ignored cork will float away on the water. Allow your mind to return to the image of a flat calm pond, when you started this process, and try to expand the spaces between thoughts.

Any difficulty, can be overcome with practice. Playing the piano is difficult, but if you practice for long enough and hard enough, you can play the piano, and the same applies to all the stages of HPT, you can practise until it happens for you. As we now know, will-power does not come in to it, use your imagination and it will win over will-power, every time.

Imagination is a tool we all use. In fact we use it every day for without it we could do nothing. Before we do anything, we have to imagine doing it. In order to imagine, you have to want to do something or to be interested in it. In order to practice concentration, you need to choose something to concentrate on, and that you are interested in.

The best thing to do is to choose something that is dear to you, a favourite flower or china figure, something that you see every day that brings you joy – preferably something three dimensional and better still if it is alive like a flower. Sit and look at the object and then close your eyes and see if you can reproduce the image in the space behind your eyes in the middle of your forehead. If you lose it, open your eyes take another look and then try again. See if you can reproduce the image in every tiny detail of shape and shade of colour.

If you cannot see things in this way then you need to practice, and practice will make perfect. Plants have a very restricted consciousness. Animals can see things in their minds, but they cannot create images, they can only see reflected images from outside of themselves. You are human, at the top of the tree of Earthly consciousness, fully aware of yourself, and able to create images within yourself. So by using your imagination, you can master the art of concentration. When you have mastered concentration, you will be ready to move on to the next stage.

If you think about it, your mind is so fertile that it is impossible for you to sit there and think about nothing for three minutes. You just can’t do it. Most of us have got more thoughts than we need, and it is a job to stop our minds going off at a tangent – as I am sure you have found out. By realising this you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that the art of concentration will be of incalculable value to you in your daily lives. Every facet of your life will be enhanced by the effort that you put in to practice your concentration.

This is not something, that someone else can do for you, as I am sure you now understand, this is inductive learning, and only you can do it. Practice does make perfect, and you will be able to do it on your own, in your own time. When you can reproduce the image of a rose in all its beauty, texture, colour and perfume in your minds eye and hold it there, then you will be ready to move on to the next stage.
Hanukah & the Angel

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Serious Preparation for HPT

Many are concerned about where they should meditate, and perhaps the time has come to take another look, at HPT Meditation:
Meditation can take place anywhere, so long as the conditions are right.
In this respect it should be understood that HPT is non-denominational.

It can be done every morning, say on the way to work in a bus, train or plane, so long as you are not the one driving, and have a trigger to get off at the right stop.

At home, it is good for one to wear soft comfortable clothes like a jogger suit.
It is important that the space is also comfortable and familiar, so that there is nothing new to take away the concentration, just like the same old journey to work.

In this respect, it will be seen that your own room, at a time when there will be the least chance of disruption is most desirable. Which is why most will find the early morning the best time for them, before the brain gets going on the everyday things of life, and the rest of the house begins to wake up and cause distraction.

In your own space it will be relatively easy for you to have a picture of your favourite spiritual figure, if you wish, which if it is likely to upset anyone else coming in to your room, having the picture on the reverse of an acceptable photograph or print, which can easily be turned round, is useful.

Of course if you have constructed a shrine to your god, prophet or saint this can also be hidden in the interior of a cupboard or wardrobe, only viewable during your HPT.

Soft music with the pleasant scent of incense should upset no one, again if you wish.

Imagination in preparation is invaluable for most activities, including HPT meditation.

Many an Ashram or college of meditation will encourage students or visitors to wear their house robes and to rise at 05.30 hrs to partake in the first session of the day, brining to the event a similarity, a familiarity.

We recommend that meditation is followed in a familiar, comfortable place as early as suits you , which is why we refer to it as your:
Highly Precious Time (HPT).

Having had a taste of what meditation is about, through say following a guided meditation, as in previous posts, it is important to understand that the word meditate comes from the Greek meaning, from within, and therefore, meditation should eventually come from within your own mind.

As we say preferably in a place where you will not be disturbed, and at a time when there will be the least interruption from outside or in a situation where the concentration can slip below the threshold of constant noise, such as the engine noise in most forms of transport, or the buzz from the world outside, so that it becomes your meditation, your HPT.

You get the picture? But eyes and ears can both be distractions to your concentration, unless you subscribe to the form that involves constant sound that goes nowhere, or involves a recognised chant. However, rather than just closing the eyes it may also be recommended that the eyes are lowered, to focus on say the skirting board or on the feet of the Buddha, as in some Buddhist traditions, like the Serene Reflection Meditation – I have to admit that I love that title.

It is important for any spiritual practice to ground yourself before and also at the completion of your practice. It has many recommended methods, but the following will suffice if you have not done this before:

A simple method is to imagine your consciousness descending from your mind down through your body to the extremities of your hands and feet.

Or, something perhaps a little easier to imagine could be: with a calm mind imagine a white light entering the top of your head and descending through the torso down through the limbs to the extremities thus filling the body with light and flowing our through the soles of the feet into the earth, to the earth the whole body.
The other essential aid is to settle yourself, by breathing in through the nose to a count of 4, hold the breath for 7 and to breath out through pursed lips for a count of 8 – this may extend over time to suit you.

Having completed the preparation to your liking and comfort, the first stage of your HPT proper will be given in the next HPT post.
Hanukah & the Angel

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In the cool of the morning, before the heat of midday, when most of the world still sleeps …
Two or three rush off, to their early shift, and leave me to my peaceful wakening from visions and the state of dreams …
We escape in many ways, into the lives of others, by contact, on the large or small screen …
I have a different way, where no other being is involved, and no other is present, except on occasion, in the mind …
This is my escape into the first twilight of my days, the first of the few as I slip beneath the threshold of the buzz of the world around me …
Felt in days gone by, that I would be better off in some remote location, far from the madding masses …
But then, on reflection, being in the world involves recognising and accepting the grace of the Logos, bringing that awareness to all beings …
All things in my quest to be in the world, but not of the earth, yet is in my garden, which becomes …
And is in the becoming of my planting, tending and nurturing – a moving meditation, if you will …
Bringing of itself in every aspect – happiness, through the inner becoming of raising the level of consciousness …
The cultivated spaces on three sides of the house, I and you, may think odd that I may, then maybe not, have named these spaces so:
You pull-in off the road, into the Base Court, after Shakespeare, then the covered side, the Kings Court, after the place where we live …
Passing through a gothic garden gate, along a painted faux cloister, to the part covered Monastery Garden …
(I share this guided meditation)
(Begin Recording)

Join me if you will, as you knock on the garden gate: A small peep-hole opens and a voice asks you to state your business …
No need for sound, which will be provided: just, say in your mind, that you have answered the call … The bolt is drawn, and the gate opens …
As you walk along the cloister, framed at its end, with an arch covered in lilac-pink clematis …
Coming into the Monastery Garden, there is the gentle tinkling of a lion’s head fountain symbolising strength, softness and eternal power …
The breeze rustles the bamboo, on either side, and in the centre a spinning rainbow, with a rising column of incense …
Colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, white, silver and gold, rotated by the wind with the scent of frankincense …
Choose your colour from the rainbow and follow its rotation as you tread the golden way that the fairy ring of daffodils creates in the spring …
This is your walking meditation, surrounded by the scents of a mass of fragrant flowers with the sounds of wind and water …
Complete the circle, round and round, following your colour as it turns, driven, faster or slower by the wind …
As you turn yourself you become aware of the higher colours that border this place, changing with the seasons, from pink, purple, to white and gold …
You notice that in a secluded corner there is a quiet cave, created by an unusual climber, that has red, yellow and green foliage …
Blessed with pink and white blossoms of a delicious scent and form, like miniature angel trumpets, its offer is universal to all …
This plant has no name, but the space it has presented is a cave of solitude, seclusion and sanctuary with room for just you …
Here is where you can sit, in the manner of your choosing, relax and survey all that the Monastery Garden has to offer …
You have earned the right to remain in this sacred space, for as long as you wish, surrounded by the scent of lemon balm, mint and sage …
Breathe in the fragrant air for a count of four, hold for seven and expel slowly for eight, and repeat …
Tension disappears from your body and mind, bringing a state of tranquillity and inner joy …
The only ones sharing your joy are a pair of Gold Finches, with their red caps and gold flashes on the wings, come to feed on the sunflower seeds …
Abilities are enhanced bringing better concentration, more acute focus and true awareness of all aspects of life …
The level of happiness will be elevated on each visit you make to the garden, such that the consciousness itself, manifests as a new mental ability …
When you need to leave, the way is unlocked for you on approach, and please remember to close the Gothic Gate after you …
As you close the gate behind you the cooing of the collared doves roosting in the cherry tree wishes you well, and looks forward to your return …
(End Recording)

Your inner journey is in the form of a returning, and a revisiting this place of peace, for which you need no transport other than your mind …
A way of making your journey more personal is to read and record the first visit in your own voice so that it becomes intensely private and personal …
You can return to escape at any time, by pressing replay, now that you have been accepted into the Secret Monastery Garden …
In this way you set yourself on the way to enlightenment, known also as the pathway of Ascension …
The journey which all of mankind needs to follow in this age of momentous cosmic change …
Hanukah & the Angel

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