Now the hurly-burly’s done and the campaign is won!
Where are we now and what do we have to show?
Nothing has changed so far, except for the deranged,
The back-biting starts as the heads rule, but not the hearts.
Instead of persistent ask, let the one in power complete the task
Continuous, they make the most important job more arduous
By their insistent sniping and the heels they are a-biting.
Respect and support is all it would take to aid the effort,
To be aware, get the best event, a fair and just settlement
For our solo isle in the midst of a lonely ocean of bile.

After the hurly-burly you have cause, time to breathe, to pause.
To breathe deeply is the best way to live healthily.
So say the medics in the know, but do they really know?
Did they embrace that by doing so you admit the Grace?
As the Grace of God goes, the energy of Well-being flows
Into you every time you breathe and take that time.
Instead of imagining the worst from every pain and curse!
A deep breath beautifully energises the organs physically
Also bringing the spiritual gift into the aching physical.
Accept as you breathe and allow your body to be freed!

This is true freedom, admitting the Grace becomes wisdom
In the transmission there is no possible omission
Well-being is complete, it heals the body and feels replete.
It encompasses all, consciousness and mindfulness
Bringing inner peace, to spirit, mind and body, each piece
Of your complete entity will benefit totally, in every way.
Every minute of every day, it is there for you in your own way,
But only in the manner of the breath there is no clamour,
So, deeper and more often is the recipe for the winner
Hurly-Burly in a race has no ace against God’s Grace.
© David Tenneson – August 2017

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I guess most folks idea of frequency is to harp back to the physics class in school when learning about vibration and the different frequencies of radiation and electrical supplies in different countries, or contrastingly the number of times you go to the cinema, gym or the pub each week!

In this phenomenal age we have to face the fact that although we take every precaution to keep little fingers out of electrical sockets for fear of electrocution, we are in fact electrical beings! Admittedly and thankfully at a much lower voltage than the sockets in your home, but we can nevertheless conduct electricity through just the slightest touch of our own fingers whatever age we are.

Without the amazing research of Apple into touch screens on our phones using transparent metals we would not have the same social media that we enjoy today, where children as young as four can negotiate the programmes of their touch screen laptops. This is achieved through the conductivity of human skin.

Of course the range of frequencies on the physical level extends to the vibration and attractive qualities of our organs as well. As stated before a Human Heart is 5000 times more magnetic than the Brain. What that does I am not sure, but it is a scientific fact as a result of research into the magnetic qualities of the human body.

We cannot forget the individual frequency patterns which we send out to the Universe which can be recognised by those who watch over us, seen, if you like as our specific blueprints of recognition. The recognisable vibrations which we emit are not confined to the body, but are also emitted from the mind.

Whether we like it or not every thought we think has a particular frequency which is coloured according to the measure of desire which we put into it. As we have stated before, there is an unwritten Spiritual Law that there can be no interference with our Free-will. However, every thought vibration can be read and responded to, shall we euphemistically say, by the Universe.

So, the Universe can only respond to match the vibration of our thought, since it can only see that we want more of the same. Can you imagine that there is a lot to be said for the Pollyanna mentality, seeing only the good, positive and desirable thoughts, to see life as good and getting better all the time?

It all has to start with us! So many of us are told, you’re no good at that, you’ll never be able to do that etc., I know from my own experience that as men were in short supply during and after the war years as a young boy growing in to adulthood the women of the family wanted me to stay with them and that was their ploy- to prove that I could not be anywhere else and survive – better to stay at home and be loved by them all!

In my case it did not work as I found the courage to go my own way, but to this day I find it difficult to ask for or accept help preferring to prove I can do anything and everything myself even if I have never done it before!

I understand that others may not be as fortunate or as aware of the possibilities, however, if we could all understand how our thoughts are transmitted in this way, even from the very beginning of and actually before our existence in this lifetime, how that would change our outlook on life.

In that respect it is important to note that our love, influence and education of our children begins when still in the womb. Those same frequencies coming from the consciousness of the mother-to-be are picked up by the consciousness of the unborn child.

It is therefore highly important for the Mother to be relaxed and at peace within, with as little stress as possible in order for the child to be similarly relaxed and at peace!

As mentioned elsewhere when viewing the reactions and facial expressions of the unborn child, it is now easy to see that gentle frequency music is preferred above loud martial or heavy metal music, despite the taste of the parents-to-be!

This must surely invite a reappraisal of motherhood and an understanding of the practice in the past of sending the royal ladies away with their ladies in waiting for the confinement to take place in a place of peace away from the pressures of everyday life.

Sadly this is beyond us in this day and age, where the young mothers, proud of their condition, take great pleasure in showing their naked pregnancy to the world at large. I wonder what this kind of frequent exposure does to the about-to-be-born child?
With Love, Blessings and Faith in the Young from Hanukah & the Angel

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Where is the broken piece that makes it whole again,
Was it cast aside and lost in the mists of time,
Was it forgotten in the intervening moments?
How could such an important piece be lost?
Broken or not it surely deserved retention!
Did you think it was something you did not need
Until it was too late and the loss itself was lost?
Was it a sudden change of direction or spin
What was the defining moment of removal?
Is there a way to use a different piece to effect
A change, or be able to make of use once again?
What do you really think? Have you really lost it?
Where is it now and can you find it?
What is it?
© David Tenneson – July 2017

Answers on a comment please!

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My idea of change is always for a specific reason, as I’m not one of those beings who indulge in change for the sake of change. As a creature of habit I like everything in its place until I am convinced of the good reason to change the status quo.

Having said that, there are very good reasons to change the layout in rooms according to the seasons and changes in temperature, or as we have done in our new environment to change the function of cupboards and drawers when usage demands as we become used to the changed layout in the reconfigured Kitchen of our new home. They say it takes a while to get things in the right place after moving home, but one such as ours over 1000 miles and to change countries, well, I guess it is to be expected!

We see changes in our local environment and the redistribution of funds and consequent emphasis on the amenities and services in our towns and villages, according to the changes in the political landscape, from both the local and national government. So, are we responsible for the way we voted or did it go the way of the majority and not the way we put the cross on the voting slip?

In our democratic society it is the majority that wins and so often we feel that the spin that turns the minds of the masses is so often to blame and not our right minded, so we think, view that wins in which case we cannot be blamed. It makes you wonder if those who feel that there is no point in voting, leaving that unnecessary encumbrance on their time, may be right and maybe the rest of us are pushing against an indomitable tide. Whether we vote or not we have to take responsibility!

Actually I do feel that a vote should not be wasted and that it is our duty as responsible citizens to use our democratic right since in the final result swings are unpredictable and in time we could be proved part of the party most likely to bring sanity and prosperity to our country, contrary to the goals of the many wanting to know what’s in it just for them!

Having said that there is a great need for the unsung volunteer workforce of all shades who help to maintain the net that so many in our society have a habit of slipping through. From the simple act of helping to keep our locality clean and litter free, tidy and free from vermin and disease.

I remember in the past there being outcry at those dropping litter, but an equal outcry that those volunteers picking up litter who it was said were taking the jobs away from paid Council street sweepers! Now of course we have the scourge of Fly Tippers polluting the countryside when for an equal journey to the Council Tip all could be dealt with in a safe and clean manner.

My constant cry: There is no respect! So, how do we change that mentality?

Surely this is yet another reason to change the curricula in schools at all levels of our education system to teach youngster on the need for respect and the right way to maintain a safe, clean and free society for us all in which to live and play and play our part? In short what can each of us do to help our country?

Whatever we do should bring us a measure of happiness, knowing that we have played our part in helping others to live in a clean and safe environment. There are programmes on the box lauding the efforts of the few to help others in their locality to the flying ambulances and the RNLI and other organisations that mainly live and exist on charity whose existence and raison d’etre is to save life and keep us all safe.

You know I am sure that we can all play our part to help others starting with our neighbours. Maybe there is someone you know who needs your help, if only helping with the shopping or the garden, putting out their bins on collection day. For sure we may all get to that stage in life when we will appreciate a little help. So how can you help others? It could make you happy too!

Happiness begins within! It is not what comes to us from outside that makes us happy, but how we see ourselves in the world and if necessary how we need to change our ways of thinking in order to facilitate the vibration of happiness within. The greatest power within us is the power to change and best of all to change the way we think!
With Love, Blessings and Faith in Mankind from Hanukah & the Angel

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Grandma’s treat:
A table covered in one thousand bits
The pieces of a jig-saw puzzle,
The more difficult to match the better.
While making homemade bread,
Hot wild mushroom and pepper pickle,
Fruit jams and the best roast beef
You ever tasted with the greatest gravy.
Mum’s gift:
Mother taught me all I know to cook
Grandma’s legacy was in the DNA.
I would call myself a main cook, but
When pressed I can perform
A more than presentable pudding.
The greatest joy is in making from nothing!
No recipe, no set ingredients to hand. No puzzle.
My joy:
Just, hungry souls urging a forage
In the store, the fridge or freezer.
Or, loving leftovers made into a feast,
To delight the eye, tantalise taste buds
And satisfy the needy pangs of hunger.
Hidden flavours to instigate
A guessing game. It’s a puzzle!
The Guests:
What herbs did you put in this,
There’s a hint of the East, but what?
Invitation to the herb garden …
Does anything ring a bell?
Don’t forget it is a subtle blend
Of more than one and others
Not represented here. A delightful puzzle!
The Standbys:
Tins of all the soups, pulses and tomatoes,
Eggs, brown bread, cheeky cheese and of course
Homemade curries, chillies and pizzas frozen.
The leftovers are endless and always used up!
Waste is un-liked and compost is a bonus,
Feeding the plants after ourselves is no puzzle
And the bounty and the blessing: is Well-being!
© David Tenneson – July 2017

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What a difference a degree makes, especially when job seeking. Seems strange to me that no account seems to be taken of the person and who they really are. That is discounted until the degree on paper is realised. When in business and employing others my first appraisal was in the personality followed by the essential A Level in Common Sense!

An attribute that seems to be lacking together with a general education preferring to specialise at an early stage in most these days, with more emphasis on a prehensile thumb and the ability to hold certain facts and figures for a limited period, rather than to embrace a full spectrum of education in order to get the best of living in the world!

I admit to not having an affinity to hold certain facts and figures in the realms of history and geography and was made to drop those subjects, much to my chagrin now, in the third form at Grammar School and that was in 1954 so things have not changed much, just taken a degree change in direction, not for the better I believe! I was considered a late learner!

With many teachers in the family the education system is constantly under fire and the tests and examinations at such early years seem to be causing untold psychiatric harm to the student population not to mention their distraught parents who are helpless to create a change or have the slightest say in curricula.

As usual the government will say they want the best educated youth, but they could do with opinion from the grass roots to guide them on more of a less degree oriented path. Of all of the student population, lets face the fact that it is only the top 5% that will benefit from University. This again appears to be expecting the young as early as 7 to be able to answer questions on English grammar at degree level. Why?

As usual there are degrees and degrees and so often when judgement is needed difference is all put down to a matter of degree. A bit like the arguments that ensue in families that cannot agree on the degree to be set on the home thermometer!

The young preferring to go virtually naked and hence requiring a higher degree than the adults who have to pay the bills and have learnt that a jumper is all it takes to create the necessary personal eco climate in a healthier lower ambient temperature.

Finding our way in this connected, or should that be dis-connected, world is made easier and easier so long as we have a Wi-Fi or Satellite connection. I admit to relying on Sat Nav in the car in this strange land, still not used to all of the routes having been here for just 18 months.

However, there comes a time when out of range especially in the wildness of the health-giving wilderness that a few lessons in orienteering, for the youth and adult amateurs, will not go amiss when a degree of direction out of line can be the difference between getting lost with possible harm and finding safety.

So, why don’t life jackets, ski kit and climbing helmets carry the facility for beacons making finding faster and certain by rescue teams in areas where signals are lost or non existent?

Surely it is not beyond the wit of emergency teams across the world to agree on the right degree of frequency recognisable by all?

This is the age of connection which necessarily implies a degree of awareness so often ignored or scoffed at by the elite in the establishments around the world, especially those steeped in the traditions of the various religions whose main push makes us believe that an intermediary is required between us and the Divine Logos.

This is not so. From Princes to Paupers we all have that connection to the Logos, so it is not a matter of degree, except the degree of difference imposed on us by ourselves. Whether we are connected to our manmade satellites or land line telephones or cut off in the wilderness, our connection to the Logos is always secure.

This connection was made at the moment when our ability to sustain life was reached in the womb, as the Soul entered the embryo the connection was made and consciousness was introduced into the body. To prove this: we are now able to see the reactions of a foetus to outside stimuli, at that stage of development, while still in the womb – a smile to Mozart and a grimace to Heavy Metal!

So, take care with the different degrees of vibrations given to babies yet unborn and remember that consciousness begins in the womb.

When in this world there seems to be a desire by the powers to create us all in the same image, which I have to say will not serve any of us at all. We know that putting children of different streams together encourages two things: Those struggling will try to emulate their peers and those on a higher level of achievement will be encouraged to help their comrades showing compassion, with other attributes beyond this page.

Not to say that we want them all eventually to come to the same level, but as usual, our strength is in our difference and we will all benefit from being different to anyone else. Stuff, tattoos and nose rings, after all they are just another uniform, difficult to change. So, lets go out into the world and be happily different!
With Love, Blessings and Faith in Mankind from Hanukah & the Angel

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I thought it appropriate to post this again with minor addenda.

The truth in any other blessed day would walk and weave and slip away,
Unless we are aware and quick to catch the thought that seems ethereal.
Begin by watching, waiting, wending the way through tortured brain
And slipping by the dross that binds, that fouls the passages of melting mind.
Be still in action, speech and thought, be still I say and think of nought
But that which comes of childlike things, that clears the ways of adulthood
And leaves the corridors of connection, the islands of introspection free.
Such clarity, such awesome change within the chambers of the chastened skull,
Needs must provide the avenue to purify and amplify inspection of the self.
When all clutter is cleared away and mind is able to inspect itself. Who am I?
Mirrors only let us feel ugly or unworthy, plain or ragged far too early.
True mirrors are our other selves, our brothers, sisters, friends and foes
Those, who like a true reflection, show us our own imperfection.
Who are you? Like the proverbial sage or oracle that answers in a riddle:
Be prepared to search those passages of perception, those mazes of the mind
To find in all truthfulness, in all honesty, in all sagacity who you really are.
And when you’ve found yourself what then?
O! you will want to know my sister, brother, you will need to know!

So you have found yourself. Do you think you know yourself?
It is time to think again to look and search for things within your self,
Beyond what you call reality, beyond that which will only prove to be illusory.
He who looks beyond himself is only dreaming, dreaming in this day of days
Dreaming in wakefulness, dreaming in full ignorance of truthfulness,
He who looks within awakes and he who looks without is in a dream.
If he who looks without is only dreaming then all he sees is an illusion.
All that is touched does not exist, not in this world or in the next.
The only touch that is real is the link we make with one another,
The link that serves to prove that we are one, that we exist as one mind,
One thought, one self, with each sister and with each brother.
Am I myself? Am I the one I call my name, the picture in the passport frame?
What other selves can I find when I inspect this methodical mind?
Method and reason are the blocks that serve to defend the ego’s locks.
What’er we see or hear or think we have to rationalise with logic,
We have to find the scientific formula the exact quadratic equation
To legitimise our every thought our every idea however bought.
Intuitive thought will provide the means by which we find the truth,
Truth about ourselves. The answer is to believe the first thought
The first idea that comes to mind with no qualification or logic applied.
And this, is only the beginning!

And when you look within what do you see?
Do you see dark or do you see light? And when you walk
Do you dance upon clouds or do your feet stick in the heavy mire?
Are you still convinced that this heaviness, this body, is you?
And when you look upon another being what do you see?
Is all that you can see bound up with the vagaries and vanities of personality,
The imperfection of earthly sight that only sees imperfections?
Then look again and this time not with physical eyes, but with vision
That looks beyond this dense and earth formed shape to what lies deep inside.
Such beauty, such light has never been imagined by a mortal mind,
Such lightness and such blinding thought that only can be holiness
That had its only cause in divinity and now through revelation
Is revealed in its own image. And what of your connection to First Cause?
It is here within and when you see the radiance of others you will witness,
As if looking out through your own eyes at a new world, you will see
And believe what you are. And in this way, believing must give way to Knowing!
Original – © David Tenneson – November 2005
Re-posted © David Tenneson – July 2017

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