The Divine Gardener
One Sunday in March an hour was lost as the clocks went forward,
Though nothing outward changed, we started British Summer time.
Although still cold what could we do, but positively look onward?
To the bursting, blooming, scents of Summer in our chosen clime.

A house which was made into a home, chosen for a mission
Was surrounded with favourites, bringing all the varied scents
And colours to delight the senses and entice all with permission.
Then of course there are feathered friends who sing their descants.

High boundaries to the Monastery Garden have excluded
The outside world, in quiet contemplation all are secluded.
Apart that is from one red breasted songster who serenades us
Sitting in topmost branches of flowering trees he brings a plus.

He is of course not alone in his pleasant if high flown intrusion
Others are welcome in our own race, as creators in profusion.
The invitation is individual there is no doubt, but only mindful
Following introduction, questioning and answering acceptable.

Unique energies of this special place, kept for mother and child
And all who venture into this sacred space and therefore undefiled.
Care taken to preserve a place to relax, contemplate and meditate.
Meet us in this Secret Garden adding on the energies, to radiate.

Spreading to the world the healing energies of harmony and love,
As in far off places where this community was instigated,
The Monastery Garden is physically preserved and gated,
More importantly connected to other centres by the peace dove.

The dove exists in the meditating mind connecting to all,
All of like minded spirituality and love for all the kingdoms.
Generated over millennia by this beloved planet at random,
Such diversity is truly marvellous if you’re open to hear the call.

Responding to the blueprint of the Divine architect,
All we mortals can do for this amazing place is to protect
All that comes within our remit as caretakers of this Earth,
To quell the wanton killing and prevent famine and dearth.

Respect for every kingdom and every species is paramount
There is no problem, disaster or want that we cannot surmount
We have the gifts if only we could accept our status and believe
For every mistake we make there is an immediate reprieve.

Co-creators, believe who you really are, join the Divine Gardener
Who created the blueprint for everything, including you!
With Free-will you are free to choose. You are not a select few,
But one of many who have the courage to choose to be a creator.
© David Tenneson – 2017

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The Island that has no Name

The Island That Has no Name.
It was thought to be dead, just awash with the tides of the Pacific Ocean, a hazard to those who had forgotten the past. One misty morning a second cloud of fog like steam came from the depths of the sea, bubbling and hissing like a huge water snake as it was birthed afresh in the rolling morning tide.

From a distance sailors thought it was just another foggy morning as the cloud hung to the surface of its birth mother rolling away to the edges of the horizon like a warm cloak against the chill of the deep.

Beneath the surface a current, not seen for many a moon, showed itself as a disturbed and frothing circulation warning those who ventured on the seven seas to keep their distance.

The disturbance magnified into a whirlpool with a dark column ascending from its centre like a black hole of the ocean, not consuming, but in the mode of giving birth to what seemed like a huge conical headed monster from the depths of the ocean floor, breathing noxious fumes and vapours and leaving bright yellow incrustations .

The column increased in volume until it appeared from a distance like the gigantic mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion, this was no man-made atomic detonation, but the result of a living planet, letting off steam and sending a message to all who would misuse the gifts of power in the manner of war, which in a very short time the cloud grew so large as to block out the sun.

We became aware that far from our thoughts of another foggy day there was a new, far more serious energy afoot which in time could bring about the confusion of animal life, through poisoning of the atmosphere and eventual starvation of all life on the planet as plants died without the benefit of the life giving sun.

We were powerless to combat what was unfolding before our eyes and frantic attempts to call others to find out what the best course of action was to protect ourselves and to preserve what stores of food we had, as thoughts of rationing pressured our panicking minds and supermarket shelves were soon emptied.

In a short time it became more and more difficult to connect with others as the sun seemed to echo the violent aggression of the planet by causing disruption of the magnetic fields and radio waves so that calls achieved were interrupted with crossed lines of communication and confused conversations were cut short.

It is one of the traits of our race that we always fear the worst  in situations such as this, where the true causes are misunderstood and we only concentrate on the symptoms as we see them. Some had even started the rumour that it was the end of the world while others cited that the aliens had landed and were systematically causing mayhem and destruction around the world, named by others as fake news!

As we said, the planet was not in the mode of destruction, but in the throes of violent creation as an old volcano under the sea began to awaken once again and in a very short space of time forged from the sea bed a new atoll of lava, a new island in the middle of an ocean, firmly anchored to the crust of the earth.

Naturally, time would tell whether the new island would be stable enough to last and in the meantime would have to exist in solitary state with the tides of the ocean lapping its pristine shores until it could be named.

Why is it that we think like this, could it be that we are taught to concentrate on the symptoms rather than the causes, just like the allopathic teaching of our new gods, the doctors whom as the population ages we come to rely on so much to their breaking point? Please God, our new gods are not defeated!

In every day walks of life, sometimes symptoms are all we have to go on instead of looking deeper to find those elusive causes. In so many fields of our existence if we could only delve that little bit deeper maybe wars could be prevented?

So, before you jump to conclusions find out why people react the way they do and then find avenues of commonality in which shared values will find agreement thus avoiding argument, dissention and hatred, leading to our own aggression, violence and war!

We are all creators: after all we have created the world as it is and for that we must take responsibility. To take it to its ultimate conclusion we are all capable of ceasing to create clouds of smoke and shadows, when with a little ingenuity and good-will we can create our own atolls of peace and tranquillity in the midst of the oceans of fury that often surround us and consistently cloud our troubled minds.

We do not need to name the atolls we create, knowing that they are safe within a cleared mind, enabling  us to invite others to share our havens of safety, peace  and love when their need arises.
With Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel

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If only the walls could say
What has passed this way.
What passion and love,
What messages taken.
By a snow white dove?

Unspoken, but on the wing
Echoing on the walls so thin.
Such whispered intrigues
Reflected down the corridors,
Anger behind slamming doors.

Only heard through clapping wings
As the dove rises to its deliverings.
Secret messengers charged with missives
Along silent passages, secrecy lives.

Hidden doors in panelled walls
Silent locks, secret entrances to halls
Unbeknown to those deceived,
Out of sight, softly received.

Deafened in their ignorance
Those cuckolded live in oblivion,
Serving self imposed penance,
Surrounded by the shadows of opinion.

Portraits hung in long galleries,
Eyes following as we walk by, silently.
Is it the sitter or the artist who watches us,
Inspiring nervousness so quietly?

Held in place so long as they last,
Hung in space like a 3D plaster cast,
But just in the two dimensions
We are entranced in our unctions.

(As we walk we listen)
We listen to the sound of silence!
Sound that emanates from inside,
(White noise from outside!)
No answers from our science,
Knowing that all heard resides.

Touch the wall, feel the energy
Where are they all in synergy
Lost in the mystery of time
No longer cursed by writ or rhyme.

Nothing here to disturb us,
Only our silent imaginings.
We are the victim of our musings
Noting every nuance of our inspirings.

Can you bare the silence,
Can you suffer quiescence?
For, at the end of time
There will be much beholden
To prove that: Silence is golden!
© David Tenneson – 2017

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How many Globes are there in a game of Quiddich?
I bet just about everyone out there will know the answer to that one!
Of course the elusive Snitch is the intriguing one that has a mind of its own, or is that the mind of the Wizard who programmed the game? A bit like the programmes which intrigue us when we play games on the Internet!

There are many Globes in this world some are obvious, but at the same time take a lot of skill to play them to win, including in the games of cricket, tennis, ping pong, football, snooker and billiards down to the humble marble. There speaks the one who found regular balls another science except perhaps the odd ball, rugby ball or two, suiting my own personality of odd ball and slightly off the wall artistic temperament!

We are surrounded as we know now by all of our local planets in the Solar System, which are added to as more of the family are found with extended elliptical orbits of some Globes that might only come close say every 3000 years or more, and who knows there could be more to find and to intrigue us as time flies and they fly through space.

I have always loved the desk Globes from the first to the most recent which chart the understanding of continents and changes in claimants to empires which we can see as the colours change from Globe to Globe in subsequent issues.

There are Globes of semi-precious stones from pure, clear quartz to black and white snowflake obsidian and all the rest in between of which I admit to having a small collection, used as a trigger like the Tarot cards by some mediums to bring their gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience to the fore.

Slightly more accurate and believable than the likes of Gypsy Rose Lee at the end of the pier, “Cross my palm with silver my dear” in days of old! Of course there are some still plying such trade today! Just for a bit of seaside fun you understand, though often seen as serious by Rose herself and her more ardent patrons! Though fortune telling is not the remit of a serious medium!

Then we go one step further to the Globes carved into the shape of Crystal Skulls of which there are many, all having their own names, one of which carved from Malachite called Kaa to which in correspondence with his keeper it was proved that I had a distinct affinity. Not surprising since I know of at least one past life where I was a programmer of genuine clear quartz Crystal Skulls for the benefit of individual families, their health and extended life expectancy.

I say genuine because there are modern day reproductions providing a lucrative trade for Eastern crystal carvers making replicas in different sizes and stones, some lifelike and life size, but the majority not so lifelike and more like beads than full size skulls. In the genuine article no tool or creation marks can be seen under a microscope! How did that happen?

The Globe on which we live, this Earth, this Eden which we think we know so well, but still holds many mysteries both above and below the surface of the seas and there is no doubt that it is a wondrous place and full of miraculous marvels to surprise and intrigue us. How could any Soul miss the opportunity to journey here and experience as much as possible in every one of a thousand or more lifetimes?

Such as: A different type of Globe has been found across the world carved from granite or other hard rocks in various sizes often found in groups together in haphazard arrangement. Many have been lost for hundreds if not thousands of years, overgrown in the jungles of the world until present day explorers and archaeologists have unearthed them.

To date they are a mystery and that haphazard arrangement could have been caused by earth movements from the days of Pangaea or from the ignorant interference of local tribes. There have been guesses made as to their origin and purpose, but I have yet to find anything that rings true with me.

However, my own view is that they were originally intended as a teaching aid, and as the sizes mirror the relative sizes of the solar system planets to our sun, they were to prove their existence at a time when there were no telescopes and their original positioning would have shown their relationships one to another in their orbits round the largest Globe, the Sun!

What concerns the archaeologists is their obvious great age and therefore the apparent impossibility of being made by man. So who made them?

We have spoken about the sudden leap in the consciousness of mankind and our ability to make possible tools etc., but I believe more importantly in the change of diet to achieve a bigger brain size admitting consciousness itself, overtaking instinct and the consequent spiritual advancement which could only have been achieved through a change in our DNA. How did that happen?

It would seem as if there was a sudden conscious acceptance of a Divinity.
So, time to put thinking caps on: What do you think about the Globes?
Answers to any or all questions on email please!
Have fun, with Love and Blessings Hanukah & the Angel

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Mirror, mirror on the floor
Who is the purest rich or poor?
Mirror, mirror on the door
Let us pass this life so sore.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Should we respond to your call?
Mirror, mirror in the mind
Show us all our kith and kind.

Mirror, mirror show us we’re one
With all there is beneath the sun.
Mirror, mirror show us more
Than we can see deep in our core.

Mirror, mirror show what lurks behind
We only see in you, we’re blind!
Mirror, mirror in your face
Are you all I should embrace?

Mirror, mirror show me respect
The human race its face reflects
Mirror, mirror are you my fear?
What I most dread within, unclear!

Mirror, mirror are you for real
Distortion in the hall appeal?
Mirror, mirror twist and bend
Show us truth, what needs to mend?

Mirror, mirror we need your light
Not a constant fearful blight.
Mirror, mirror reflection bright
Cast the darkness from our sight.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
You are the fairest of them all
Mirror, mirror show the way
To take the happy path and play!
© David Tenneson – 2017

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Do you know your place?
Recalling the comedy sketch with John Cleese and the two Ronnies, nowhere more obviously seen in real life than in India still in this Y. O. O. L 2017 so long after my first intimate encounter in 1997!

I fell in love with India, followed the Lotus Path, over three weeks and 2,500 miles to most of the important places in Buddha’s life including a visit to where he was born at Lumbini in Nepal, but excluding the place of his death at Kushinaga, due to the dreaded Delhi belly which knocked our itinerary for six.

You either love it or hate it mainly, as a friend explained, he could not take the poverty which is in your face all of the time and as soon as he landed in India he turned round and got the next flight home. Sadly the locals know their place and adhere religiously to their Caste Code despite the efforts of such revolutionaries as Ghandi! What chance an Untouchable?

I guess it’s the only way that India works, at least for now!

These days, all over the world it is money that talks and puts us all securely in our little boxes, luckily in the West there is more opportunity to rise through the ranks to greater things, but the final bastions of old money cash or poverty stricken aristocracy are the most difficult if not impossible to break through. Unless you are born in it or marry into it.

There was a time when the religious centres, monasteries and churches were places of safety where you could step over the threshold of such a place and claim sanctuary, but as the years passed by and the respect for the church dwindled the sanctity was breached and those hiding from persecution were dragged out to their inevitable fate by the power of arms with no recognition to the sanctity of sanctuary.

Now we have the embassies of foreign countries where safety may be found as the building is deemed to be sacrosanct foreign territory. I wonder how long Julian Assange will be able to remain in the Embassy of Ecuador in London England where he claims asylum? He may even be making moves of his own as time weighs heavily on him and conditions change in the outside world.

History is written by the winning side and truth, as shown by Assange, is seen as treason if it unmasks the deceit of despots!

The powers that be have a habit of showing us our place and enforce our keeping to that place. It sounds like the lawlessness of the Middle Ages, but this is today in 2017 and like it or not the hidden power of the security services will often decide, regardless of the law or the truth, where the interests of the country lie and how best to protect and preserve it.

Regardless of our place in the grand scheme of things, we are all at risk to a greater or lesser degree in the face of international terrorism and intelligence is now shared between many of the countries of the world to limit its activity, at the one level, as they all snoop on each other for their own interests at other hidden levels we will probably never know about, but just guess about!

An Englishman’s place is his castle and now extended to the English ladies who will most likely outlive us fragile males … witness the population balance in the care homes for the elderly where the girls win over the boys by a substantial margin! A word of warning: Do watch out for the number of ‘Smart’ appliances in your place which will enable others to track your every move, likes, dislikes and weak spots! They will be able to watch you, watching your TV through your TV.
O, lawks!

As we age we have tended to become confined to our place not by design, but it just takes longer to get stuff done, however, getting out and about is one of the best ways of warding off the evils of failing health and certainly a short or longer walk several times a week is good for the body and also the mind.

Try to make your place a haven of health, love and happiness for you and yours. Since downsizing we have made as many changes and additions to facilitate as easy a life as possible leaving time for us to do the things we most enjoy. Not quite there yet, but at least that’s the plan and we are getting there! It’s good to have a plan and since nothing is ever finished we know that whatever stage we are at, it’s all a work in progress. No pressure then!

That’s the ticket: reducing pressure and keeping ourselves fit and well enough to be of help and service to others is the aim right now, understanding that we must all make ourselves well in our own place first, otherwise how can we be of benefit to others? Remembering that the overriding consciousness of the Universe is that of Well-being what ever and wherever our Place.
With Love and Blessings Hanukah & the Angel

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One week and thirty years to the day
She was a replica in every way.
Mum would say ‘she looks like me!’
Astrologically she’s me to a tee.

At the age of thirteen our charts were done
A friend, without asking, proved we were one.
Lesson swiftly learnt was not to challenge
I soon knew we were too close to unhinge!

Disturb from our own equanimity
Was no way to challenge equality.
Better respect each other and agree
To beg, or if necessary, disagree!

Seeing ourselves reflected is easy
She will agree with me, not to please me
As I agree, hearing sagacity
And the student teaches mastery.

We love each other to bits and pieces
Loving each others differences,
Now twice a mother she is my fullness
Her children bring both of us happiness.

You know that love triumphs time after time
I will sing her praises in prose or rhyme.
Taken my music love to Degree,
Forever joined we are forever free!
© David Tenneson – 2017

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