Boris said: ‘stay alert’ and we say: ‘by all means and try to become aware’.
PM Boris was talking about us all recognising our responsibilities to live within the government guidelines applied to our own individual situation; whether in a family household, living with one partner or alone now that Lockdown is beginning to be eased. We encourage all to become aware of the energies that surround us 24/7.

The difficulty throughout all of this Covd-19 Pandemic has been learning to live apart, especially as most of us have needed to be close whether in the family where we were used to being close together, whether caring for each other or in a work environment. Worse I guess in places like France where the norm of kissing on both cheeks in greeting has been banned for the time being.

At the other extreme, those in the East are used to wearing face masks, which we had to get used to and find a supply of, and it is amazing how many still refuse to wear face covering, flouting Government Guidelines.
Many of us remember the times when we were forced apart like leaving home for the purpose of education, following the educational Call and parting from family for the first time in our lives or setting up our first flat; Parents often help all they can, but the final isolation can be daunting. Perhaps this period is giving us a taste of what will become the norm and therefore any isolation in the future will be more normal that a shock to the emotional, mental, and physical system.

A Call, when it comes may be not what was expected or maybe something we have always wanted to do. My initial recognition of a gift that led me in a direction I felt unworthy or incapable of doing but which was impressed upon me by questions from a stranger who saw the gift in me. She asked me if I had ever tried to help my children, well being a loving Dad I had placed my hands on the painful place to find that they were soon better, which I put down to Daddy’s love; a bit like a Mickey Mouse plaster!

With training I rose through the ranks so to speak and became an assessor to new trainee healers from several healing centres. I no longer work with the public but to the family and to those whom we live close to, we both have been able to help.
The present challenge has meant that hands on is ‘on-hold’ for the time being and so remote or distant healing has taken over.

There are many instances where a calling requires just our presence to be of help which can be difficult for others to understand, other than those in receipt of what we have to offer and others who may not even be aware of what is happening, just feeling better.

When the call comes it may be time for a move and in the past for us; it has meant a change of country or a change of place within the country, which again has been a difficulty with the family trying to put sense and reason to our many moves. There are many challenges on the journey not the least being the present pandemic.

Twelve months before it hit, we moved across a county boundary to be close to my eldest daughter who was in need. Five minutes apart by car now and although Lockdown kept us apart and is now easing; we are all sceptical that we can be together in our homes which would prevent us from social distancing inside purely through lack of space, so for now we stick to the garden.

There are many who give their time and energies to the care and education of others spending many hours of their own time in training, planning, and preparation in order to cope with the many challenges that present themselves on the difficult journeys to fulfil their Calling, which many refer to as a Vocation and therefore extra work is to be expected! When you are close to those challenged in this way you understand that they did not sign up for such exhausting, dangerous and all-consuming a vocation.

However, there comes a time when we have to admit that the call takes precedence over all else. To ignore, or to doubt it is the same as to doubt that the energies of Well-being are ours 24/7. This is a prime example of becoming aware of what is happening around us with regard to the pandemic which is affecting us all at the moment and will do so for the future when we need to be conscious of how it is affecting us in our own circumstances.

It is a time of forced isolation and self-reflection for many on their own and also in the precious moments that care workers, in all occupations who are working through the pandemic dressed in all manner of protective equipment, in any respite have to themselves.

They have and are involved in all consuming tasks to care for the rest of us in so many ways, which promotes huge thanks in us. We have a book of gratitude which continually changes, and every page could be filled in this time of Covid-19. The world is changing around us, and certainly Covid-19 will be with us for years to come until all are vaccinated and it can safely be eradicated.

Those isolated and alone may find time to feel the changing energies around us all and as this time unravels hopefully, and in time including those who so far have shown little regard for social distancing and the rest, will also be able to sense the energies that are promoting change within us all.

The energies are set for change, change in the way we think and the way we act, since they will affect us mentally and physically; Spiritually it is for the individual to either accept their new Calling or to reject as they feel. This is one of the indications as our physical feelings change and reflect what is going on within.

It has been heartening to see the way the young are becoming involved in many different ways, taking up a Calling particularly in the care of the outdoors, which I suspect has come about in the way that many at a young age have had to care for a parent or grandparent through lack of outside help and their recreation, regulations permitting, has been to the outdoors.

It is important for us all always to look for a positive manifestation of the feelings we may hold and if in doubt do take advantage of the NHS, your Doctors, and the A&E facilities at Hospitals if urgent. Many have been reluctant to go there for help, but it is the only sensible action to take; the NHS is there to help.

Every experience we have is for the sake of the Soul taking in all that happens in our life, both while awake and when asleep where so much more happens for our Well-being on many levels.

One of the things that has been coming through strongly for both of us in the recent past has been the feeling of extreme tiredness. We have both gone with the flow and often slept late in the morning and when necessary during the day as well, which was not what we expected and contrary to our norm. We often say: ‘We didn’t sign up for this!’

Luckily, we are retired for 15 years and initially put these feelings down to age and now confined to the home realising that it must be difficult for those who have had to work, especially those in the Care Sector to whom we owe so much.

There is a feeling that this could be a reaction to the current challenge we are all having to cope with world-wide; sleep being a healing mode for us all. So, if you are Called in this way go with it when you can. Easy for us you may think when we are retired … catnaps being the order of the day …. Yes, we have to, that is for sure.
“Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Follow your calling in gratitude and Peace, with Love, Hanukah & the Angel

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It is said that travel broadens the mind.
However, although some have been lucky enough to be able to travel to many Places, time was when most did not leave the confines of their own village. Others, even in their own space with the help of wise women and men, then and now were and are still able to travel through time to when they were here before, often revealing why they are the way they are today, bringing forward talents and gifts in the here and now.

It is strange that although you could say I am not adventurous I have been to many Places in this life that have certainly not given me the kind of advantage that is expected from the Grand Tour of old, around Europe, for the wealthy and privileged not only to Europe but to many other Places around the UK, I have gone a bit further to America and Canada to the West, to Africa to the South and to India and Nepal in the East.

What travels I have enjoyed to many Places through business and holidays have given me an appreciation of the commonality of all spiritual traditions apart from the continuous adherence to the difference between religions, and the dissection of the human race into warring factions by most preachers in the religions and cults; claiming that their way is the only ‘one-and-only’ path to the Divine, to the point of issuing a Fatwah against one not even of their own faith for writings they did not agree with.

Whatever Place I have been to when speaking to the people in the street, in general there is nothing to argue about but much to celebrate in our difference. There were of course strange disappointments, such as a visit to Toronto and Orillia I found it odd that the only Totem Pole I could find was in a museum and so big it could only be accommodated in the stair well with the stairs winding around it.

In my house in Sussex one of the bedrooms was given over to the walls I painted as if looking out through the arches of a temple and through each arch was a picture of the different spiritual traditions, from the Tepee, Totem Pole and Messaging Fire in one, to the Golden Temple of Amritsar in another and so on round the room. An ideal place for meditation, enjoyed by visiting mediums; revelling in the all-encompassing spiritual traditions represented.

Reflection is good when you have time on your hands in your isolation, especially if on your own and not able to visit loved ones and Places both near and far that you love. Even if it takes a photo to open the memory cells to times of happiness in the past, remembering the good times even as far back as childhood. There is no limit especially if alone when looking back, rest assured you will not be interrupted.

This emerges from my Serene Reflection Meditation of Buddhist tradition which I can wholeheartedly recommend. Remembering as each thought comes into the mind to recognise but not to dwell on any one theme, just to let it drift away like the floating cork on a pond allowed to move away simply by the wind, leaving space for the next thought to come and go.

We are thankful that we are safe in our own home in the West Country of the UK but in this diverse world a new community spirit has emerged through this challenging time to bring hope to those left to fend for themselves locked in their own Places; with help on hand if they have the courage to ask of strangers in the past who could become great friends in the future.

Our calling has prompted us to follow the need wherever it may be from Sussex in the UK to Ayora followed by Monovar, both in Spain, then back to Devon in England because the grandchildren were missed. After only 3 years in the County of my birth the call came again as my daughter was diagnosed with a cruel condition.

So, we moved to Somerset to be nearer to help and she became vulnerable when Covid-19 arrived, which as I may have said meant that we could not interact even being as close as 5 minutes in the car rather than nearly 2 hours away from Devon.

In the future, since Covid-19 will be lurking in the background just like Flu or the Common Cold but with possibly still more dire consequences if contracted especially by the vulnerable and elderly, our lives are going to change whether we like it or not. Please God let a confirmedVaccine be found here in the UK very soon!

We love our new little home and although confined, following the guidance, staying alert, and using our common sense to live our new way of being as safely as possible in our own particularly placed circumstances, we wish the same for everyone.

Our faith leads us to pray, coming together from both sides of the Christian tradition, but we also understand that prayer only goes so far, as there are challenges we must face in this human state knowing that all possible help in the form of the healing energies of Well-Being are ours to accept 24/7. In fact, of course this applies to all faiths as they are all attuned to the same Divine Source of All There Is; so long as they accept that possibility.

We may be different in many ways including our understanding of the spiritual aspect of our faith as interpreted by our leaders but for us our own way, but I truly believe that there is strength in our difference, no matter in which Place we have chosen or was chosen for us to live and to practice our belief.

My fervent wish is that the current world challenge will bring all Nations together, just like the coming together at Community level, rather than to split us all apart which seems to be the current vogue. I voted to stay but the slim majority voted to split and what we got was isolation! As Michel Barnier said the option is still there to cancel article 50 and to resume our membership of the EU, which for me would seem to be the sensible option in view of the likelihood of reaching a less than favourable Trade Deal for the UK or no deal at all.

Perhaps we did not look carefully enough at the consequences of our choice before we voted. Still, from the religious intolerance in India which forced the coming into being of Pakistan and Bangladesh, when millions were murdered on both sides, to the insistence of Scotland wanting to become a separate country. It has been said many times, “The one lesson of history we never learn is the lesson of history”.

I also hope that the idea of sharing as the lockdown is released will continue in the minds and hearts of all of our communities, with a greater understanding of the values of our interactions and offers of help to all the members of our groups however large or small.

Wishing you Peace in your Place, with Love, Hanukah & the Angel

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I first published this some time ago but it seemed to hit the spot when looking at the way Covid has affected us all:


With arm raised and hand held high
Grasping nothing save greeting.
I stand alone.

Words tumble down the waterfall of mind
Soundless in silent tribute, moisture runs.
I stand still.

Mixed emotions choke the breath
Suspend the heart momentarily, shaking.
I stand by.

Elements have their say with instant light and black
Retinas and drums respond in shock.
I stand in awe.

Unwashed, showered naturally
Unable to move hemmed in by the multitude.
I stand together.

Distance is small but seems so vast
Seeing after not seeing, unable to touch after touching.
I stand anticipating.

Controllers of time and space take their time
I yearn for time to collapse, distance to disappear.
I stand impatient.

The moment arrives, movement at last
Sound so loud pains the eyes, the prize is taken.
I still stand but die inside.

With Love to persevere, Hanukah & the Angel



The direction of New Beginnings.
In my last post I gave away the secret that I am not tech savvy and to prove it I took the following photo of Buddha highlighted in the early morning sunlight streaming into our conservatory, but try as I might I could not get it to sit upright!
Hope it turns up the right way this time.
(Whoops … sorry it did not work!)

The image of Buddha was given to me by my students as a large concrete statue which I painted to match the Buddha which I photographed in the Tibetan Temple at the birthplace of the Buddha at Lumbini in Nepal.
I hope you still got the message.

Our journey through India was guided by an Indian friend, with the proviso that we wanted to see India as it is, with no multi star hotels which was fine until we came to order a meal and instead of following our host with fried dhal we chose something which was closest to an English version.

The following day that choice proved to be our downfall with the most virulent strain of Delhi Belly, hitting us on a coach trip which proved to be our greatest Eastern Challenge of the whole 3 weeks in that amazing country keeping us in our room for a week and ruining our itinerary.

Although missing the place where Buddha passed to spirit, we fell in love with that fantastic place which seems to be impossible but nevertheless it somehow seems to work.

Strange as it may seem the directions and their meanings were brought home to me not by any visit to the East but in the opposite direction to the Americas and my lust for knowledge of the North American Nations came after my grandfather’s visit to that country in the mid-20th Century.

I went to an exhibition in a Corn Exchange near to Victoria in London and heard a sound from the far end of the crowded hall which I could not ignore. I followed the sound to a stall where the stall holder and prospective buyers were trying out some North American Drums.

One in particular, a deep sounding call just resonated with me which I still have and went to drumming classes which naturally guided me into the N.A. philosophy and of course, being totally smitten I had to have the flute to go with it. Sadly, Arthritis has so distorted my fingers that they no longer line up with the stops, however, it is still a pretty instrument which any visitor is free to play.

But I digress, the direction of the East.
As we say, it is the direction of New Beginnings, which is best begun with the direction of the rising sun. Just think how many revered that point on the compass and prayed to and placated the gods with all manner of sacrifices, to ensure that the sun would rise again the following day.

Luckily, we have our faith, which requires no one else at any Earthly level to keep us on the path knowing what we must do, using our knowledge and common sense to guide us and interpret guidance from those we have elected to help us through the challenge of Covid-19.

It is a most difficult challenge for those whose faith normally relies on the group gathering for prayer meetings. Perhaps we should all get used to having virtual meetings as much as possible in the future. Our lives and habits will definitely change and as a habit person I know how this will affect many folks like me.

We send our love and blessings to all who are facing challenges at this time of world pandemic and pray that we will all cope well with the changes that lie ahead.
With Love, Hanukah and the Angel.

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There comes a time in the annals of our kind
When we appreciate, all begins in the mind.
It often takes a kick up the proverbial
To make us be a little anti-social.

Though the mass will stick to the media-social
I’ve never subscribed to sharing all from facial
To intimate details of family and self
I’d rather keep things on my mental shelf.

Time was when we knew all in our village
Which could be a refuge for those of my age
In this intimate world it’s not just neighbours
The whole world knows what secrets it harbours.

Something like the current virus challenge
Forcing us to stay away from our local Henge,
Keeping us confined to our own little hutch
Despite wanting to get out and about so much.

Some with a much more placid state of mind
Will manage this new way and know how to find
Peace in the new way and change with no fuss,
The rest see getting out and about as a must!

‘Who has the right to tell me how to behave?
I’ll do what I want, even if it leads to my grave.
Meeting my mates is down to us, no worries,
Pity we can’t get a few pints and some curries!’

Right now, the Timing couldn’t be worse,
So many are carted away in a hearse.
Many feel denied, their team must stay in,
Home is the gym to keep fit enough to win.

It’s difficult to tell some, this is no game
It’s a serious business whose only aim
Is, as many as possible to stay alive!
They’ll be fined when the cops arrive …

If found outside when they should be inside,
With all at home it should stem the tide
But it’s one time in the dark they can hide.
Take care at night and the Internet’s lies.

Of burglaries to all most vulnerable yet,
The most vile and evil are on the Internet,
Stealing your cash under the guise of legit
Convince you to hand over your safety net.

Any joker will say it’s all down to timing
Space has its place in music and rhyming
Use your space, small though it may be
To pause and reflect how to be happy.

You’ll get used to this new timing way
It’s a case of finding a new way to play.
You’ll do it I know, with your inventive mind,
It’s where all is created of the personal kind.

Health, Happiness and Safety to All, Hanukah & the Angelfety to All, Hanukah & the Angel

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