(This year above any other year is all about Total Beingness)
To be
There is no question
If like me
A hesitation?
But no, we be.
Whether we like the notion,
We be!

Our being
From the beginning
Is all about breathing.
Without it we are not living,
But more than living
There’s more than airing
More than breathing …

There is accepting,
There is allowing,
There is connecting
Through good breathing.
There is, in good, believing
In the One and only living,
Divine Being.

Are you in or out?
Without it
You are without.
You exist,
But if it is missed
In your being,
You are but nowt!

It is essential
To scratch the itch
In the world, living
Without which
You are nothing
So what can ail you
Perhaps the owlet’s scritch?

There is nowt without
You, only believing.
For you be truly living
Only when accepting
Only when allowing
Linking through breathing
With The Inner Being.
We be in Devon being!
© David Tenneson – 2017

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Mirror, mirror on the wall!
Well, how else did you expect it to start? Elated or disappointed on the reply?
Of course there are many reflections which are there for us to accept or to deny. So many of us are concerned about our appearance, as I used to be in my youth, but now in older, wiser years with priorities changing to suit the window of wisdom which we have been privileged to see through, there is a natural reduction from the peacock of old to a more parochial plumage.

Before the advent of the glass we were able, as now to see our reflections in still water. Beyond that, as the Lady Galadriel would attest other images may appear to inspire or to confuse us! Some gaze into a crystal ball and others into a deep chalice of water to gain inspiration and imagination, for themselves or the benefit of others.

When young or not so young we bring ourselves to the brink of the breadth of mind through lack, exertion or extremes. In this respect the depths and heights of oceans, mountains and deserts often become our glasses into which we decide or are forced to gaze darkly. Or simply the extreme of malnutrition acting as the physical fountain of inspiration, garnered in the many garrets of artistic licence.

Some of us find our reflected images in those whom we meet, who it is said act as mirrors to ourselves. One of my tutors remarked that he could not abide one of the friends of his twelve year old son, I replied that perhaps he saw in the boy something which he needed to change within himself, to the gasps of astonishment and ‘that’s a bit deep’ from the other students and he being understandably taken aback to begin with, agreed to me later it was possible that I was right!

It is true that the greatest tellers of stories have been the ones who have mirrored the purpose of their own souls by becoming the silent witness of those around them beyond our everyday two dimensional images and becoming true fourth dimensional observers of the human race until the pen hits the paper, when we can only enjoy their descriptive narrative using our own imagination to conjure what they have seen and portrayed on the page.

I have found remote places to be some of the most inspiring venues such as sparsely populated small islands or when I was alone in oceans of the crowds of people where I did not speak their language. But then, wildness is a great inspirer where nature shows us her great variety and true beauty, such a shame that there are so many misconceived myths which spur some to deplete, destroy and kill for their own greed and satisfaction, refusing to see any of the actual reflected images or to recognise the consequences of their actions, before they act!

It is true that many old wives tales have been put to the scientific test in recent years and found lacking, but how do you change superstition especially where health is concerned and the placebo effect is so obvious, especially where whole species are forced to the brink of extinction. It will take a generational shift for each of us to understand and hopefully through education the general public will begin to see the wisdom in the proclamations of the elders of old, leaving the old wives to weave their own wisdom.

All is not gold that sparkles, but the youth of today, much as they love gold, have given up the task of polishing the silver and brass – being all that they can afford – and rely on the minimalist approach to living with an occasional mirrored glass to suffice.

Gone are the days when we used to find cleaning the silver twice a year prior to some family banquet, an excuse to congregate with family members and close friends to exchange stories, catching up together and sharing a drink or two, one applying and the rest polishing.

We’ve given away the silver and succumbed to the pre-polished stainless steel to grace our table, but I have to say that I still have a passion to clean the brass and copper and there is a lot, so it is a labour of love taking me a few days to complete every six months or so, in line with National Trust recommendations!

It’s the finished job that goes to enhance the sought for lack of clutter and general cleanliness of our home, acting like mini mirrors to reflect the low level lighting and general ambiance of peace and tranquillity.

We all love the reflection of nature when her natural mirror, in the still body of water reflecting the surrounding hills and natural formations of the English Lake District and the Scottish Lochs, brings that sudden intake of breath of amazement and delight. Look with that same amazement at those around you, because you will undoubtedly see yourself reflected. So, now do you like what you see?
Reflecting your thoughts with Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel

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As Narcissus oh so loved himself
So I love the narcissus myself.
His own reflection inspired his love
But his love contained as hand in a glove.

But my love is naturally inspired
As they show from down below quite transpired
From below the warming of the spring soil
Nature’s reward for our Autumnal toil?

Poor Narcissus fell into the mere
Echo devastated, loved him clear,
Spent her days in a cave dejected
Listening to her own voice reflected.

My love is for all that nature issues
Emerging bouquets of floral tissues.
Now they are beginning to show themselves,
Brought to life, I muse, by the earthly Elves.

All so fragile and yet so strong we know,
Withstanding the wind, rain, hail and snow,
Such colours dancing in the frigid breeze
While the rest of us simply stand and freeze.

They bring a joy, and our hearts are entranced
Reflections clear and all are enhanced.
They say that happiness begins within
So love all your reflections and begin.

Begin a new life, your reflected glory
Realise who you are and live your story.
Listen not to the preachers of gloom
And believe not in your own dire doom.

An ending is the start of action
So look forward without contraction
A new life beckons for you to love
The answer, reflected from above.

Reflection, yes, to your vibration,
What’er you think is your motivation,
Bringing exactly your replication.
So think with care your desired reflection!
© David Tenneson – 2017

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The Living Code is the only way to live, if we intend to continue as the Race of Mankind. If we insist on proceeding as we are we will not only continue to kill off other species, but also annihilate the human race itself, before even we have had time to design a spaceship to take us into the far reaches of the Universe to find somewhere else to plunder and begin the same process all over again if we do not change.

We are besotted with Earth and are intent on finding just such another planet to continue our death spiral yet again. So why cannot those in power see the need to change? It may come to the point where we will all be consumed in a dying Earth and therefore the way would then be open for us to be reincarnated in another form enjoying another planet, another atmosphere, another sun or two!
Perhaps that is the only way forward for us to begin to adhere to the Living Code.

The one thing that seems to be missing in my view right now is respect!
Across the board there is no respect. We seem to have forgotten how to teach our children to respect their parents, to respect their teachers, to respect authority of all kinds, to respect those of other countries, colours and faiths.

With the migration of the young to the metropolis in search of money and a better life there is no contentment in the land, livestock or nature. With this trend there is a splitting of families and whereas in the past the Living Code allowed generations of families to remain close and support one another, the Code allowed grandparents and grandchildren to bond and respect one another, but this has disappeared.

Is it any wonder that the sin of greed or lust after wealth has led us down this steep and slippery path to envy, disrespect and hatefulness? Is it any wonder then that we still wage war to get what we think we want, but which, of course, only engenders more and more war as if it was this that we lusted for?

There is an answer, as there is an answer to the most pressing problems of the human race. Sadly it will take more than one generation for there to be any hope of an answer and we all know what that answer is for it is within us all, but who has the strength and the courage to admit to it and to allow it to change their attitude to the problems, which face us all?

Of course they are not problems at all, they are, all of them, opportunities!
Opportunities for us to prove who we are, to show that we are made of the right stuff, that we do have the strength to change and that the Living Code is alive and well within us all.

The human race is so diverse and I believe that our strength lies in our difference, if only we had the nous to respect it! Is it any wonder then that there are so many different pathways to that which I call the Lord Logos, but you may call Logos, God, Father, Allah, Jehovah or some other term for the Divine of which there is only the One whichever name we speak.

Whichever path we may choose, within every faith there are different petty rituals and ways to pray just to proclaim and sustain that difference, each proclaiming that theirs is the one and only way. Which in one simple way only serves to separate us! Difference was designed to respect and bring us together.

There is no need to change our faith or the way we see the Logos merely for us all to respect the way that others follow their own pathway to the Divine.

In that last act of respect lies the greatest challenge to the human race. If you ask any woman or man in the street they will probably tell you that they get on well with those of a different faith who live next door or in the community at large. It is only when you get to the level of the fanatics and often the intermediaries of all faiths that the problems surface with the leaders doing their best with interfaith group and shared prayer meetings to bring us back together.

Has it always been the same?
It is time now for a change in the mentality, the attitude and our respect to bring about a cosmic change back to the Living Code. After all this is the way forward if you are intent on following the Path of the Ascension Process, the Ascension of Mankind into a more spiritual way of Living, by the Living Code.
With Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel

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Never happier than with dirty hands
As spring approaches preparing the lands.
Pulling weeds making way for the flowers
No vegetables now just pretty bowers.

Food in the past, but all happiness now
Small is beautiful, enough not to plough.
It’s all about colour, form and good scent
Seems that for us this space was Heaven sent.

Our patch of tiny heaven is prepared
As autumn plans were planted and well aired
We look forward to the coming of spring
As the garden will bloom for the first ring.

The chime of the bell to herald its birth
A new picture of colour and warmed earth
There is no clash, but a blend of sweet tones
With schemes changing as they circle the stones.

This sweet dirt that stains, supports and feeds all
The mice who live by the stones of the wall
The birds who come to feed, thank with a call
The cat from next door sleeps, no cares at all.

This could be Nirvana, but that’s beyond
Exists elsewhere than this side of the pond.
For now it’ll do as our Heaven on Earth,
Thank the Lord for our patch of Devon dirt.

© David Tenneson – 2017

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There’s a place for us, somewhere a place for us.
A measure of sadness, but of hope … a must.
Without hope, without desire things stagnate,
Without change all becomes a stagnant state.

The Universe depends on wanting a difference
It’s our difference and wanting that inference,
Creates the potential of an opposite pole.
Where you’re placed is at a peak or a hole!

Your desire creates the right attraction
Climbing from your hole to the peak action,
Or sliding down from the top to the base
It’s all action that keeps the move in place.

The place matters not, but you can change it,
Change within will start an outer gambit,
Start of a move to give another view,
Maybe opposite from your normal pew.

Where you sat or placed yourself, up to you,
But do not be fooled by the outer crew.
It’s really up to you to choose your place,
All it takes is the move for you to face.

To get up from your chair and cross the room
Does not take the action of a sweeping broom.
It’s all about your imagination,
Thinking what you want is the only action.

It’s the mind that does it, you’ll understand
Don’t follow the drain of the hourglass sand
Hold still for a time and give yourself space
Put your mind to it and find your true place!
© David Tenneson – 2017

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Why are you where you are right now?
Part of the quest for happiness is being happy where you are.
As with all things concentrate on what you want and not on what you don’t want. Concentrating, lamenting and feeling disappointed in your current placement is not the way to improve or change it to what you do want.

The Universe will only respond on the impressions, vibrations and desires which you truly want in your life and that applies to every aspect of your life including work and relationships.

However, the temptation is to look outside of yourself to seek fulfilment of your desires, whether it be in a new partner, a new property or a new or improved work position.

It is said that the lesson of history which is never learnt is the lesson of history.

It could also be said that this applies to us as well. We keep making the same mistake time after time in believing that we will find happiness outside of us in something or someone that will make us happy.

Of course, and if you are old hands at reading these posts, you will know by now that to change anything we must start with ourselves.

Not so easy you may say thinking of regretting the place where you live. But consider this: No doubt you were party to the decision to accept the placement of your current domicile. Or maybe in your circumstances it was a gift you could not refuse, like a Grace & Favour flat or a Council house at a rent you could afford or did you have to stay on with Mum and Dad for a bit longer than you wanted?

Perhaps you found a calling and decided to join a religious community with just a small cell to call your own apart from the communal spaces both inside and outside where you could enjoy the company of others in the same brother or sisterhood.

Whether you like where you are or not, you were gifted with many talents, some of which you are aware of, but I guess some may have slipped by your waking consciousness.

Lets scan just a few:
The greatest gift for me, who always wanted to help others, was the gift of healing which took me a while to recognise, but even if you have not considered it let me say that the beginning of healing is the simple act of being able to listen.

A problem shared is a problem halved!

If you are able to listen to another’s troubles you will help them enormously which may not be apparent to begin with, but over time you will become their true friend and enable them to begin their own self healing.

We have spoken in the past of the benefits of HPT or the Highly Precious Time of True Meditation (See recent reposts on Concentration, Focus, Visualisation, Solution, Relationships, Healing in Nov/ Dec 2016) If you can practice this and introduce it to others it will bring you and them untold rewards.

In this process you will be placed in the right place, but if you are still unhappy and movement as such is not immediately possible then you have the greatest tool at your disposal … yes, it is to change what is inside of you, how you view what is out there and how it affects you, how you feel about stuff and to realise how grateful you are for everything which is provided for you by your own efforts , the generosity of others or simply your lot in life.

There are so many things to be grateful for and if you ever consider writing a list of the pros and cons of your life, your feelings and beliefs I promise that when you become truly tuned in to your life and your placement the pros will soon outweigh the cons and over the years, if like us we could write a book on how, although going through the mill so to speak, we have been able to see the good from the bad, the positive from the negative and the light from the darkness. How else would we be able to tell the difference?

Remember that it is the difference that defines us and makes us One together.
With Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel

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