Some of us have assumed the role of carer from an early age, maybe by an inner desire to help others, but on the other hand the role may be thrust upon us as a child when our single parent is struck down with a debilitating condition or a sibling is born early with consequent physical and mental disabilities.

For the most part it is not something which we ask, plan or are prepared for. It is just there and through an inner store of love and compassion we find the will and the strength to cope with and do all in our power to accommodate with no thought to ourselves, but for the sake of our beloved partner, parent or sibling.

The one thing that comes out of such selfless devotion and caring, which we see time and again, is an appreciation of the suffering which others have to bear and from the wellspring of compassion touched they will have no difficulty in expressing the same degree of compassion for others. Perhaps it is an experience which the Soul has yearned for in the physical which is the epitome of itself?

This is an example of the need to appreciate not just the challenge that a particular person is facing, but what other experiences their condition brings to those around them who become involved in the many consequences that not only appear on the surface, but also have a distinct resonance with the spiritual aspect of our lives to which we are constantly connected, other people and their Souls thus benefitting by their experience of the situation.

Human nature is often blamed for many of the unfortunate traits which go against the kind of kindness which we would like to see in us all, but in extremes of deprivation such as that experienced under the devastation caused by recent hurricane Irma we have, not for the first time sad to say, seen the worst side of humanity in the looting of food and appliance shops by those who are possibly losing everything or at the worst looking for a fast buck.

It leads one to speculate that those who are best off in this world are the ones who accept their situation in life which is the opposite to the natural desire to better themselves, the driver of the Universe. Well, let’s face it, that surely is to desire, yes, but not to go against the welfare of others, wouldn’t you say?

Where is the caring when in the process of looting and stealing from others? Could it be in the caring for themselves and their families? Of course we do have laws about these things and so many things, but as we continue to make more and more laws, incorporating EU Laws into UK Laws pre/post Brexit for instance, are we not in danger of making criminals of us all and handing more and more power to those we have elected with uncertain compassionate credentials?

In the process of upholding the laws created on our behalf, are we losing sight of the needs of those driven to commit crimes whom we so often find guilty and send into incarceration where they learn how to commit more crime, when they should be cared for and helped how to become useful and responsible members of society? You will no doubt ask: where is the budget for that, but is it not an imperative which should be incorporated into our penal system, in order to better us all in the long run and thus reduce the number we send there?

Is their situation not worthy of investigation and showing the necessary compassion of a truly democratic and caring society to which we profess to belong? Are we so driven by greed that we cannot provide education and the means to make a reasonable living for all, thus caring for our society as a whole? Or is that too much to ask?

I do care for those who try their best to protect us in the Police, Prisons and Security Services who may not be adequately recompensed for the taxing work they do and I care for those in the Health Service, who have our Well-being in the highest sense in their hands, amongst other Public Service Workers who should be paid an adequate living wage and I wonder sometimes if the face of a caring country which we want to show to the world is at the expense of those in our own back yard who so need to be cared for first – those in need of care and those who care for them as best they can.

We’ve just had notification from the Local Council as to which Voting Registers we appear on, but for me, who I vote for has never been more difficult than right now! As it is said all is not well in the State of Denmark, but for Denmark read United Kingdom! Roll on Brexit and lets have a semblance of order and to know how our bread will be buttered in the future. Whether the bread is stale and the butter, ‘I don’t believe it’s not …’, well however it turns out we will have to get used to it and accept a new status quo. Wouldn’t you say?

You see, like so many of us we care, but in the micro Universe which we, like many of us, have created for ourselves there is only so much we can achieve in our small way and for the rest we must rely on those elected to do the best for us and I wonder apart from the vested and conflicts of interest, can we ever hope that our local and/or national representatives will ever achieve the caring society we so dearly wish for?

We can’t all be pleased, but in the process of downsizing we had to make choices like: ‘small is beautiful’ and it’s better for us to eat less when ‘less becomes more’ and of course the overriding principle is that of acceptance of our new position in this aging life. Again I wonder if similar choices would be made by most of our citizens or as a race are we so inured to the old status quo that they would refuse to give anything up and demand that the government provides, as if all in Westminster were representatives of a benevolent fairy godmother? Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that!

As for caring: Is it all about the Country and our Community or is it all about Us? No wonder the markets get jittery, it is the uncertainty which upsets us all.
So we have to care for each other and stick together, to form a bulwark of care at our own micro level in our community. You know, there is a lot to be said for partnership and let’s face it a man-hug or a cuddle goes a long way!
Feeling & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel

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“I speak, you listen, you speak I listen
We always look in the same direction
Whatever we concoct is a delicious brew
No recipe, this life is unique, it’s all new!”

I smell the coffee on the brew!
From the dreamtime, what’s new?
Come on dear-one don’t be shy
What gives from the inner eye.

So, you’ve been on the same journey
Same as last night, Wounded Knee?
What’s it telling you sweet angel?
I was there too. We both know that hell!

No need to go there again dear-one
We know the message, hear the drum?
The crystal sparks on sacred ground,
Vision comes, our truth is found.

So many journeys lost and found
Together, been there, round and round
I’ve seen you, loved you, on sacred mound
We sang together, chanted sacred sound.

Directions often point the way
Red, white, black and golden, sway
The mind and Spirit, no delay
We’re on our way, is this our day?

Every day is our day, it is the present
The past is gone, to the future hell bent?
No way sweet-one, time’s the child of space
We take our time moving at our own pace.

If we can bring just one on this fantastic trip
Learning what we know, not joined at the hip,
Teaching as we teach, but free to join or roam.
‘Where to now’ I ask my Angel, where’s home?

Wherever you are in this world is home
Be at peace where you are with me or alone
It’s the experience that counts the most
Nothing else matters, just acting as a host?

Host you may be, but silent witness is he
Going with your Spirit is the only way to be
Wherever it takes you, both near or far
There’s no open or closed it’s only ajar.

Up to you to glimpse and go through
To mix what you want to make your own brew
Invite all to share, multitude or a few
With or without palm fronds to strew.

Decisions, decisions its part of the plot
Whatever we decide it’s OK with us,
Just proves that we love and don’t mind a jot
Making sure we drink a lot – it’s a must!

So, it’s your journey, to go where the wind takes you
Loving life, playing your tune, singing your own song
You’ll make your own brew with a special find or two,
So, go your own way there is no right or wrong!

There’s only difference in the grand scheme of things
It’s sameness that kills the urge to be creative beings
Sameness invites slavery to only the one thought
Evolution is the champion of difference sought.

The Divine proclamation is for happiness
Yours first, then all the others in their way
No two are the same, loving respectfulness
Brings true freedom, brotherhood and equality.

In this fine mix is the opportunity for a fine brew,
A melting pot of humanity, not of uniform crew,
But an acceptance of difference, this you knew
In your heart: Soul, Spirit and Body is the Brew.
© David Tenneson –2017

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Did you ever think beyond your comfortable box, or stumble and grumble within the confines of your own-made prison walls?

In my younger days I was so intimidated that I was simple scared even to think of going beyond the prescribed prison for fear of recrimination and wrath of those who were supposed to be my loving family, but enough of that, as the story is well told and now echoes old in my head and no doubt in your following sight.

However, to continue the vibe of family – those in control have long since departed this life, leaving a void into which I have populated a new family, well, since the early 80’s and recently joined them in celebration of a younger generation marriage.

OK it’s only a half bro/sis connection but nevertheless joyful on both sides of our relationship and the half was long since dropped in all communication and the heart has won the day and by heart of course I mean the heart centres connecting no matter the distance between us, but beautiful to be in the position to touch and hug and kiss now loved ones as I enjoyed last month.

Did you ever imagine that you would be in the position of your children dying before you?

Hearing of another family in which a young girl filled with compassion who passed unexpectedly leaving her parents with the difficult task of complying with her wishes to allow her body to be used if possible to help and save the lives of others, I felt the painful pull of the heart strings which they must have felt and makes me wonder how long it would take me to get used to such a hole in my life!

The girl’s organs were found to have not one but many matches and her remains were thus able to help eight young people who would otherwise have died!

As I say the parents found her request difficult to deal with, especially when it came to the heart which they said, to them was essentially their daughter.

Being first and foremost an engineer I have the habit of seeing things from a mechanical point of view and in that view recognise the physical heart as being essential yes, but in fact a multi-chambered pump, without which the rest of the body including the brain would cease to function and therefore we would cease to exist.

So I hope you can understand my view of the heart being the essential essence of anyone as a superstition based on religious and simple folk lore from way back and the practice in the ancient Mayan Lore of eating the heart of an enemy to increase their own dominance, strength and virility as being pure fallacy! Although perhaps dominance had its place in convincing the rest of the tribe as to the rightful position of their virile, powerful leader!

Did you ever get the feeling that despite the laws passed in all manner of respects this world is a very unbalanced place.

I try to balance my life by putting into practice the many talents that I have been blest with which take me from the time, perhaps too long these days, in front of the computer writing, which I have to say gives me great pleasure, to far too long relaxing in front of the TV in the evening, but a joyful time in my manageable garden which encircles our home and included in that space is my workshop where the engineer in me is let loose. My small study has to have a duplicate role as studio for me to allow the artist to play with all manner of media.

We are told that in order to delay or prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s we need to exercise the body and also the mind in as many different aspect as possible in hobbies, games and pastimes and hopefully I fulfil that request together with morning and evening exercises and occasional 10 to 30 minute brisk walks – weather permitting. I really must invest in a waterproof!

Did you ever imagine that life would come to this pretty pass of the rhetoric between North Korea and the United States in great danger of lurching us all to nuclear war? It’s like watching children playing war games, but they are not children and perhaps they do indeed hold the fate of mankind in their totally teenage tantrums. God help us!

I know we complain about the way in which politicians behave, but did you ever imagine that a regime such as North Korea could exist in this day and age.
I do believe that our strength is in our difference but surely we have to draw the line somewhere, especially when the fate of the rest of the world is at stake?
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel

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Just as my Love cares for me
I care for my Love, with my Love in return
We share a gift, given and received
Given through the ages
Received in this age of man
Where is Love?

The gift of touch that heals
For each other and for others
Both near or far in this timing
This time of compassion
This time of knowing
This age of man
Giving Love.

We have been this way before
Trodden this path on other stages
Other lands and in other times
Seen through best and worst times
Through other ages
Loving through the ages
In the ages of man.

We have lived experience
Experienced lives of creation
Lives of the simple phage
Placed upon us by circumstance
In many a changing age
Through another age of man
An age of Love.

This is our final of Human Love
We have learnt all we need
In all the ages of Earth
Since time began
This last and lasting time
Lasts beyond memory of man.
Making Love lasting.

Another world beckons
Its place still unknown
In this other place we will be
The forerunners of mankind
Making way for others of our kind
Turning to a new age for man.
Not Return, but Turner
Maintaining Love for all.
© David Tenneson –2017

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There are so many elements to the Kiss.
There is the so called Kiss that condemned Jeshua by Judas for the supposed thirty pieces of silver which could also be seen as the Kiss of fulfilment to what was inevitable and foreseen as the essential action to propel the one on those last fateful steps of his journey.

But, realising what he had done Judas was filled with remorse to have condemned the one he loved, and we all know the reported story of how both of their lives ended. In later years that fateful Kiss was emulated by the Mafia as also a Kiss of marking for murder as seen in the ‘Godfather’.

On a higher note we have the Kiss by Auguste Rodin, a beautiful sculpture in white marble. The artistic skill and form of the two figures cannot help but evoke the feeling of love expressed by the lovers in their naked, passionate embrace.

Speaking of which I believe that a Kiss is an expression of love of different sorts and that Cheeks are for children and chums, but Lips should be reserved solely for lovers! How about you?

Sad that not so long ago in that country famed for its Kissing on both cheeks for all and sundry, which we have adopted here in the UK, to a certain extent, the citizens of France should have been advised by the French President to desist from that ancient pastime of a loving embrace to try to avoid the spread of the epidemic known as the Ebola viral disease when at its height.

Our Dutch friends even extend it to not just two but three or four times and others often more?

In church services we are encouraged at certain moments of the service to exchange a gesture of peace to the person next to you, known or unknown, which according to your preference can be anything from a handshake to a hug or a Kiss.

Kissing between women in public whether on the cheeks or the lips is tolerated whatever their sexuality, but between men Kissing on the lips or just holding hands is still viewed with disdain to the point of abuse or violence since there is no general acceptance of the Noble Love, better known as homosexuality between men and homophobia is still rife in some quarters of the populace, even in the arms of government which are supposed to keep us safe, in all countries of the world.

The latter is a subject of grave concern since sexuality is not in my view a matter of choice which many feel, but cannot express in public, are often at odds with themselves and find it difficult to admit even to close family for fear of displeasure to the point of exile from the family home.

Many men like me are so often confined in prisons of their own making, living lives of denial and not having the courage to come out until after the death of parents or loved ones even after having fathered a family of their own. It was the most difficult task for me to admit to my children that I was Gay.

I need not have worried since one daughter said she was not surprised and the other simply said, ‘but you are still my Daddy!’ Both sealing their love and affection with a hug and a Kiss. Not overtly so, coming out to families and friends will often admit that they knew all along!

It now transpires that there are several in my new family of half blood princes and princesses who have found partners of the same sex and cemented their relationships with either a Civil Partnership or Marriage which is now possible for us all, in this more tolerant world? Unfortunately although the law may have changed there are those who still cannot get their heads around a same sex partnership and will descend into violence to try to prevent it.

The unwritten religious law that at all costs men must father children and a barren woman should be banned even if forced by circumstance into lonely spinsterhood. What a world we live in! We are supposedly blest with Free-will but the minority do not subscribe to that view and the ruling powers try to make us all the same!

I believe that sameness is our damnation and strength is in difference!

We often extend our love with a Kiss to others in the other kingdoms on this planet Earth of variety. As I’m sure you, who are maybe cat, dog or horse lovers give our loved ones in the animal kingdom a Kiss, a stroke, pat or cuddle and is it not wondrous that they return our love with their own special love with loyalty which is the nearest thing to unconditional love usually with a purr, a bark, a neigh or a lick.

And when our long term lovers have served their purpose and decide to leave us there is nothing better than one of those from the animal kingdom to provide the company we need in our solitude and those who suffer in all manner of ways benefit from guide dogs for the blind, dogs who show the deaf that there is a phone or doorbell ringing and many more.

We benefit greatly from the amazing sensitivity of dogs trained to sniff out money, drugs, people trapped under fallen buildings etc., etc., the company of our furry friends including rabbits especially when life is on the ebb for those spending their last days in a hospice, can be of the greatest comfort and where a Kiss is certainly tolerated.
With Love and Blessings to all from Hanukah & the Angel

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My love is like a light that shines
That makes a dull day bright
When life weighs heavy on my head
And heavier inside …
It’s the light that shines away the dullness
Wipes away the tears that come so easily
Melts my darkness with its warmth
And makes my life beautiful.

My love cares for me
Asks if I’m alright many times a day
Knows where the pains surface
Warms me with the caressing hand of love
Warns me of possible dangers
Follows me and compliments me
In all that I say and do
I wish I could do more
To help that beautiful life
Which makes my life beautiful.

Caring covers more than me
Extends to our life, our home, our world
I try to provide a home of beauty
Surrounded by colours plenty
Seeing that light itself as beauty
That enriches our life together
‘I love you’ echoes around us
And makes us both beautiful.

Our difference compliments
Our difference balances
Our difference is our strength
And in that strength lies happiness
We gaze in the same direction
To the same destiny
Of a joint quest to enhance
The level of consciousness
Within, called happiness
In which together we are beautiful.
© David Tenneson –2017

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Where are they now?
We like to think that they are up there somewhere looking down on us and we try to make them proud of what we do and say and achieve in this life.
It’s hard to find reasons for the ones who leave us before their time, or so we think.

Children should not go before their parents or grandparents, it just doesn’t seem right or fair that they should leave before us. Does it?
But, here’s the thing that many may find hard to accept:
The Divine Plan in every case is set forth by every Soul for its own experience however long or short that may be and as with the coloured threads that go to make up something as complex as the Bayeux Tapestry, like it or not, all of our lives are interwoven and all relationships are eternal.

The passing of a young person is not only for the experience of their Soul but also of every other Soul affected by that departure in the way that their host body and mind is affected and how they cope with that heart wrenching experience. So all of their Souls will benefit from such an experience.

Bearing in mind that the Soul sets forth a possible life knowing in general all of the probabilities that the life in its family and environment has to offer, then having entered the body at the moment it can sustain life in the womb, it releases all control and hands over the life and its direction to the Consciousness/Mind/Spirit, which then manages the young life within the restrictions of family and environment.

Within those two, family including DNA and environment, which could be anywhere on Earth, you can no doubt see that there are a legion of possibilities for the experience of the Soul, now becoming just a Silent Witness.

Everything which the young mother and her ancestry together with that of the father are transmitted to the young one before birth, everything which the mother experienced while the child was in her womb is also given as enhancement to the child’s Consciousness. So that when the child is born it already has a mass of the mother’s feelings, beliefs and phobias, together with the vibrations associated with any hysteria, trauma or violence felt while in the womb. As if the aggression associated with a natural birth itself was not enough, what a responsibility that puts on a mother to be!

With the early death from whatever cause is not enough to cause untold grief it is closely followed by the guilt of unknown cause that is felt by firstly the mother and those close to the child and of course in turn by the whole family. Could we have done more to prevent this passing?

With our inbuilt software that makes us want to procreate and then to value life, the passing of anyone especially the young is a shock and then the grief which can take many a moon to overcome is felt by us all. What we then try to do is to hang on to them, despite their disappearance, to wonder where they are and we will visit their grave or plaque in a garden of remembrance, with flowers on a regular basis.

So where are they?

A single flower by their photo at home would be the same to show our love, remembering the good times and all they brought to us and how their presence enhanced our own lives, for however short a time that was. Rest assured that their purpose was served even in that short span.

The mechanics of passing is a simple process.
There are several aspect of us as humans that come into play at that moment.
There are two elements that are no longer needed and we are all familiar with the one of our body which becomes a lifeless husk and is either buried or cremated and the other, less well known, which ceases to have any purpose is the Spirit otherwise known as the Mind or Consciousness which ceases to exist without the body.

The Spirit distinct from the Soul which, despite our possible failing memory or lack of intellect, holds every aspect of our life from birth to death which is, in modern parlance, downloaded into the Akashic Record. This is where all of how we remember them, how we loved them and how they appeared to us is held, but it also includes everything about them which we may not have known about.

Finally, at the moment of passing, the Soul, the only eternal element of our being and something which we only have faith in its existence and cannot see, hear or feel, leaves the body and returns to the Logos from which it came.

So in short the place where we as the closest to a personality, go when any of us passes is in that Record which holds more than we remember, more that we ever thought of, but nevertheless is us in our entirety, without personality of any kind just unconditional love in every possible respect.

The beauty of the Akashic Record or Akasha for short is that it is accessible to us all. Now there’s a thought worthy of contemplation!
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel

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