Are they distant but strange chimes that I hear?
Or is it the result of wine or beer?
Not so much a beer in this renewed house
Too early for celebration-wine to rouse.

Rouse a cheer of hip, hip hooray, well done
No longer disparate, house again one!
Oh, what joy, we are complete thank goodness
Normal to cook, drink and eat, Lord bless us.

What a blessing to hear the dinner bell cling,
Depending whose turn, it’s to cook and ring.
That’s what it was that strange sounding clanging
Not heard for so long, as I was not cooking.

Every fruit and veg not only well washed
But covered with a minor baptism and blest
And when chimed, served and blessed again with thanks
A heartfelt gratitude to all the ranks.

Ranks of trades that came to renew this place
Making it again our little palace.
Now the deep clean starts, the labour of love
To the cooing of our resident dove.

We are full of gratitude for the works
Which have gone into floating these our corks
Wishing that others would share their thankyous
As if it were the most wonderful news.

Recognising that the grace of well-being
Is always with us, the only blessing
There is, to help us all on our journeys
Recognition and awareness be pleased.

Pleased as we are my friends in all we do,
It is the only way for me and you.
For all mankind, gratitude without complaint,
Even through chaos, hardship and through pain.

Planning was fun, but the camping not done
With relish in our own home, t’ was just the once
Not to be repeated, it was no fun
Back to normal now trusting all are one.

The journey continues as we emerge
From the clouds of dust that billowed and surged.
All settles and begins to shine without
To match the light within we’re in no doubt.

Connection maintained with the source of all,
Thanks for bathroom, kitchen and cloak in hall.
Proved the adage that all things come in threes
With all three done Path is easy, a breeze.

Not that it was not always so for me,
But mind is catching up with one, two, three.
Worriers now return to warriors,
Warriors of love and two couriers.

The ringers of love, joy and happiness
To all we meet we recognise and bless.
Recognise as children of the Divine,
And therefore, much blessed in and out of time.
Blessings on your journeys, Hanukah & the Angel

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Who’d have thought that change could be so complex?
As if that Hecate woman had cast her hex.
We were forced into turning this way and that
Often seeing the black shadow of a cat.

But maybe that was more a shade of the mind
As this was not what we expected to find.
The brainbox does play little tricks to confuse
To the point where there could be a blown fuse!

With bath taken away, so no ablution,
Sink or basin the only solution.
No joy but future realisation,
Ending in a peaceful meditation?

Constantly being moved from room to room,
Not allowed to clean with a mop or broom,
To create more dust would just spoil the glue.
Next turn only to use the upstairs loo.

The chance of having no loo was a danger
With both rooms without doors there was exposure.
A small price to concede with all men present,
The slow progression of the works was well meant.

The big one came as we knew that it would.
The kitchen closed, metal, plastic and wood,
All ripped out, we had to remove the contents
Of every cupboard and drawer’s constituents.

Living with the dust, noise, and abnormal life,
Coping with decision-making and the strife.
Careful as any plan, it’s work-in-progress,
Needing adjustment as part of the process.

The last plan at the first build was for pigmies,
To all intents a cost cutting expertise.
Far too small for our 20th Century frames,
Having to learn so many contractors’ names.

Game of Thrones has nothing on a play like this,
In the saddle not wanting a trick to miss.
We keep an eye on every tiny detail,
Trying to avoid any sting in the tail.

Snag lists from one sheet now become legion
As one phase begins, and one nears conclusion.
Anticipation could become frustration,
Staring at a rock? Time for meditation.

Better the maze of the mind than this playground
But then who started this odd merry-go-round.
When all said n’done better stick to mind games,
The sort that always stay in our homemade frames.
Until the next time: Peace to all, Hanukah & the Angel

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So, we have landed at our appointed spot
And can now enjoy our fought for, chosen lot.
The Landing is the least of our concerns,
But with all old places, need for change burns.

Notably in the kitchen and bathroom
To do with the coming and going of food.
A bit like the need to change outside locks
Not as frequent as the need to change socks.

Leaving others to deal with the planning
We are left with choosing and deciding.
Getting a quart into a small pint pot
Seems to be the task of our current lot.

We’ve had to downsize in the last two moves.
It happens again and again and proves
We have too much stuff for sure and by far.
Our peace and tranquillity we would not mar.

We are resolved to keep this place of peace
Through changes to make managing a breeze.
There is joy in this current re-planning
To make this small space the softest landing.

A landing which is now clad in bookshelves
So small, may have been planted by the elves.
No doubt living in our magical garden
Plying their magic even though un-bidden.

Living through the changes is so like camping
In our own home, as services are changing.
We are promised a result as quick as poss.
Trusting they are right and not moving like moss.

We are so in their debt and in their hands
Peering over the board to see their plans
We are blessed with good people with us
Waiting with bated breath for their bonus.

The bonus of a good result is our wish,
Like being served up a sumptuous dish.
Such simple stuff, our dreams are in the raw.
We await results, the return of the Law.
Peaceful anticipation to all, Hanukah & the Angel

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Today is the day that chains are loosed, and I am free from the past of Devon.
This strangely beautiful county where I was born and where so many memories coloured my consciousness and made journeying back there, over the past sixty years so painful.

With realisation of the way people acted, the things people said, with true meaning, all slotting into place during our twelve year retreat in Spain and again back here in England, when the true meaning of acts and words came to me, at least allowing the return over the past three years to face those fears and come to terms with the ways of others all now dead, gone and passed over to higher understanding.

The freedom I feel right now, I have never felt quite this way before:
Our final downsizing has been stretched across the boundaries of the physical, material, mental and most importantly the banks of memory that have now left the consciousness itself free, across two continents, and now two counties.

Moving on … on this journey one more time from Devon to Somerset to begin the final chapter of our life this time round, which we have on good authority could be our last to this small globe in space.

Carrying on with editing the Book chapter by chapter, currently on chapter twenty of thirty-six, so plenty to keep us occupied; as if packing, moving and unpacking and getting the place straight was not enough, with a little help from our family and friends.

No surprise that our new home, where this final chapter will play out, has naturally taken the name of, Chapter House. So, we move from Chalice Cottage to Chapter House, a touch medieval about this move it seems, quite fitting for these two old codgers, harking back to both our pasts in this and other lifetimes.

No more feelings of the self-imposed exiles, but back with and closer to a loving family and certainly looking forward to being closer to all members of the family in the equally beautiful county and I must say, more beautiful town where some of the family already reside.

Wish us luck in our new scriptorium, from which no doubt you will hear more of the journey of Hanukah, in poetry and prose.
Wishing all, safe and fruitful journeys, Hanukah & the Angel

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DIARY of the DUO12

DIARY of the DUO12
So, friend, was it granted or was it not?
Is the flow in the proverbial clot?
Is the stomach still in its painful knot?
And did it become a Gordian Knot?

Questions, questions for an Alexander
One we have tried hard never to ponder
Lest frustration creep into the spirit
We are at pains to remain calm through it.

To keep you in slung suspense no longer
The answer came on this old computer.
Changes proposed by our own movers
Could not be met by other chain members.

Just time to squeeze in this one new message
This moving’s like preparing for dressage.
So particular, with blind instructions,
We’ve gone back to original actions.

Bitten the bullet and taken the gamble
Knowing all’s well, but far from an amble.
It’s a marathon, we’ll never repeat,
We are far too old for this kind of feat.

Pondering, is it on, or is it off?
No wonder I started a nervous cough.
Living so long in the land of limbo,
Not knowing if or when we could go.

But not long now before we take our seats,
When all’s gone before, is seen as just treats.
Hindsight is good thinking what was the fuss
When this journey for others was a must.
Healing & Happiness to all, Hanukah & the Angel

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DIARY of the DUO11

DIARY of the DUO11
Stasis is a state the Universe detests.
Nothing evolves that sits, persists and rests
It’s not just walking in the woods that counts
But every thought, every desire that mounts.

We are the vehicles of change, and action
Not just human but through every dimension.
The change we are within is traumatic
From here to there and cellar to attic.

Changes before and after we arrive
All add to the strain of our current drive
To be with a loved one who lives with pain
The kind of companion that energy drains.

As healers we can do much from afar
But hold in our arms brings portals ajar,
For energies and the magic of touch
To our loved one in pain can mean so much.

We are wealthy beyond King Croesus’ dreams
Not that we can afford much, so it seems
Rich in our growing family of souls
Rich in the joy which our love enfolds.

The move we make will bring us all closer
As with most moves, it brings people nearer.
Those who perhaps we would never have met
Became friends if only on Internet.

The time has come to arrange some meetings,
Old folks to see with many fond greetings
While, new in the orbit of friendship calls
To cement at the feasts in dining halls.

Questions to which there are hidden answers
Asked by our lawyers in legal measures
Pouring over documents tires the eyes
Never was the case in previous buys.

We have to do, what we have to, must do,
To secure the sale and the purchase too.
But paperwork is cut with most on line,
Bonus for the mind made peaceful and fine.

We do what we can, in all these factions
Conveyance is the shield for our actions.
We bless those who work for our benefit
However painful the results may hit.

Change is often difficult, but we know
The end result is the bright goal to show
We see it in the plan and the forging
In the vision and the manifesting.

All is well as the puzzle pieces form
Our chosen little house becomes the norm.
Anticipation to make changes done,
At the new place before the deeds happen.

Gaining access before all is complete
Is a task that we both must try to meet.
Getting stuff done, OK by the vendor
Another matter for their own lawyer.

Often involves a dip in the wallet,
If it gets a job done, must we worth it.
There may be more hiccups on the way there,
If we could not hack it we’d not be here.
Happiness to all, Hanukah & the Angel

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Usually referred to one who dreams for the impossible.
If we did not want for something different, something better than our present condition, we would soon find ourselves in a physical not to say conscious and hence mental and psychological and therefore spiritually stagnant state in all those respects.

Similarly, the old saying of, “talking to oneself is the beginning of madness” and I say, “talking to oneself is the beginning of wisdom.” For it is only through a close and constant connection with our bodies and health that we can advance ourselves to a better and healthier place.

So, wishful thinking is in fact “the life blood of the growth of the Universe.”
Without all the amazing technological advances of recent years we could still be in the dark ages of science, medicine and archaeology plus so many more fields of endeavour that mankind has surged ahead in only because we were living on the cusp of evolution.

Our current wishful thoughts were that our proposed moving house would be as simple as in the past and certainly simpler than from Spain to England three years ago, but no it seems that the law, which most would agree is an ass, has got the bit between the teeth and will not let go, determined to sign, seal and deliver at huge cost. So be it and we must stomach it like all the rest in this similar armada of movers and shakers across the country.

There is no doubt a maybe conscious but I believe mainly unconscious sharing of the same energies which we are passing through and acknowledging in others as we take this wished for simple, but turning out to have its opportunities for us to show our strengths and cope with the challenges thrown up for us to manage.

Wishful thinking begins with the mind naturally, but perhaps not as consciously as we would benefit from except for those of us who have begun to realise the positive all-round treasures of mindfulness, which all begins with talking to yourself.

When you think about it, it’s not that new or strange for I can remember my granny saying to me, “you need to give yourself a good talking to my boy”.
The practice of mindfulness seeing exactly how you think and how that transpires into your body and daily life, has immeasurable benefits to you as a happy and healthily functioning human being on all levels. Try it, you could be amazed. Think wishfully all you wish.
Wishing all a fruitful journey, Hanukah & the Angel

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