DIARY of the DUO2

DIARY of the DUO2
Wonders will never cease it seems it is found,
A place to call our home on brand new ground.
Who would have thought it in a short space of time,
Selling goes ahead with normal grip and grime.

Feels like a painful extraction, preparing
To leave our personal space, after pulling
Away from this much loved and cared for heaven,
Another love pulls us, long way from Devon.

The other loved is our beloved daughter
Who does all the running in the window.
Window of opportunity with laughter,
The laughter of joy enough to make her crow.

But here’s a rub the house we loved is sold now,
Starting over again is the only way.
Luckily we have the Internet to plough
Saving the shoe leather but sweating the brow.

So we start again and really hope to find
The dream home with lights, that once again will shine.
The chance is there resting in ether to find,
The faith is placed in estate agents to mine.

To dig into the possibles to unearth
Allowing us to bring about a rebirth.
The discordance lies in our love of the song
Playing and singing along, what could be wrong?

It is the instrument that causes distress,
Creating discordant, unwelcome unrest.
The instrument that I love is a baby,
But a grand nevertheless and just maybe …

Maybe I will have to let my baby go
She is proving too grand for a bungalow
Even a house needs elastic sides it seems
And she cannot take a tuck in her old seams.
With love to all movers, Hanukah & the Angel

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There is a hidden law which many of us subscribe to, and adhere to come what may. Which manifests in the minds of many, in that we are scared of making a wrong decision, and often make no decision at all, or hide from a decision made, twitching the curtains of the mind and hoping that all will still be well.

I see the opposite in some of my grandchildren in their doing what they want to do, going where they want to go, regardless of any obstacles or hazards and certainly unmindful of the consequences of their thoughts or their actions, without the encumbrance of age and experience, which tends to put the brakes on many of our adult thoughts, plans and actions.

When we look with care at the reason for our being in this dimension we have to understand that there is only one reason, and that is for the benefit of the soul, the prime mover of our existence.

In that individual moment in time when a growing embryo, in the womb of every mother to be, is capable of sustaining life after birth the soul enters the growing child, having chosen this new life knowing how that young mind and body could develop for its best experience of a new life.

The soul brings with it a precious gift only available to human beings and that is the gift of consciousness. With consciousness comes mind and spirit the latter is given the power of direction, so that the soul can take a back seat and become the silent witness leaving the spirit to take the reins from birth onwards.

Consciousness gives us the power to think, to reason and to calculate through the mind using the hardware of the brain. The spirit aspect of consciousness enables it to crossover from waking mind to the subconscious enabling dreams to be brought forward to the awakened state, and within the sleep state essential inner healing can take place. There is no dead end in these states of mind which are important for the general Well-being of the mind and body.

The soul does not interfere directly with the direction the pathway and journey that the spirit, via the mind, decides to pursue in any lifetime. In consequence, apart from the restrictions imposed by time and tide the spirit provides the fertile garden of experience through which the soul can sit back and enjoy the journey whichever route it takes.

You will see that any and every decision taken is good. There is no right or wrong only difference adding to the joy of experience for the soul.

When it comes to any individual decision or action taken, then that decision is right, even if that decision is reversed at a later date or in the next moment because that decision too is right.

It is when we do take a wrong turn and end up in a cul de sac, having to do a three point turn and retrace our steps that we upset ourselves sending blame to the signpost, map, Sat-Nav, maybe the navigator, or our own inability to follow directions. Why do we have to blame or to take the blame when any journey, however convoluted is all part of life’s rich pattern and we should take a lesson from the soul and learn to enjoy the trip and, as they say: go with the flow when there is no blame to take or to apportion.

Whichever route any life takes, no matter what, the soul is in joy of the experience and we should take a lesson from that spiritual attitude that the bonus or in fact the wealth is ultimately in our happiness.

Wealth is considered by most as the amount that we accumulate and success is in the amount we have stashed under the mattress or in the bank when in fact it must surely be in the level of happiness that we achieve.

It is the only real aim despite our society’s insistence on pieces of paper and letters after our name that show our achievement even though it may have been painful to get there, just to pass the finals.
It is we humans who put restrictions on each other, and more importantly on ourselves.

Maybe my grandchildren are right, although the consequences of their actions may upset their siblings, parents or other members of the family or community, they remain unconcerned by their own actions and therefore happy in their own way.

The error culture to which we belong tends to put the mockers on happiness when I believe that the true measure of success is the happiness that we find in every thought we make and every action that we take. If we could teach this philosophy I also believe that there would be far fewer mental health issues in the young and hence the new generations as they appear in the future.
Hanukah & the Angel

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Something to keep in mind, as months of this new year stretch before us:
There is a time and a space
In which we may be able briefly,
To leave the human race.
Not the race we join from birth, clearly.

But the race to succeed,
Impressed on us from that fateful day.
All withdrawn that may impede,
The race to win in the very best way.

The passport to success,
Where success is measured in money
We must of course impress
This is not the true milk and honey.

Which lies within the mind,
Before any action is taken.
True measure is in kind,
The kind of joy that is unbroken.

Where can you find such joy,
This feeling of joy and happiness?
It is a simple ploy.
To find what pleases, is your success.

The value of success,
Is not the winning of any race
In bliss or in duress,
The feeling of joy behind the face.

Which so many discount,
Due to something outside of their self.
Due to their inner fount,
Certainly not from off a shop shelf.

In truth there is no race
This year will prove beyond any doubt.
The way that serves an ace
For you alone, wins every bout.
Hanukah & the Angel

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You know, they say no pain, no gain,
I knew I had no pain, but needed a gain.
I didn’t expect the needles jab, jab, jab,
The end result was sent off to the lab.

The long wait is more painful than before,
Before my ask opened the theatre door.
Waiting with bated breath for good result,
No worries said the doctor, no tumult.

He could not look inside my seesaw head,
Mixing the feelings of relief and dread.
There was no need for my just concern,
Telling myself, will I ever learn?

His confidence based on experience,
Gives me the same, and eases my conscience.
These things are so ordinary these days,
That wipe away my fears in kindly says.

Nothing to fear except our fears they say,
We have to believe, it’s the only way.
What is the point of always worrying,
Concentrating on those things not wanting?

That’s what worrying is all about,
Thinking about things you could do without.
So think only of the things that you wish,
And serve yourself a much more pleasant dish.

Whichever visit you propose to make,
Make sure that it is for your own sake.
Not imposed by others, but your own choice.
Listening to your own small inner voice.

If like me it’s what you really required,
Any consequence must invoke no ire.
Since all wants fuel the universal fire,
Which comes from our never ending desire.
Hanukah & the Angel

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Space would seem to be a void of nothing, but spiritual knowledge tells us that it is in fact full of, if nothing else, potential. Similarly, to say that a room recently emptied of people has nothing in it is a misnomer, since many of us will be able to feel as we enter into that space, the energies left by the departing others; especially if there was a disagreement between those leaving the space. Many also feel if not physically as in my case, at least in the mind the uncomfortable energies in old properties left behind by others, in many cases from years ago in what otherwise seems like a vacant space.

On moving into our home in Spain, apart from the feeling from previous owners someone had stayed behind, unwilling to leave, and we became used to his telltale energies. However the land was a jungle, so I cut avenues to create pathway spaces through the tall grasses and wild flowers, that revealed the many fruit and nut trees, and also the undulating contours of the ground for which we thanked our long term resident.

The new spaces I had created enabled us to irrigate the trees with Agricultural water and to fill a natural depression to create a wildlife pond, which soon attracted a family of frogs to take up residence, and the varieties of beautifully coloured iridescent dragon flies, even a praying mantis or two, and the many birds that flew down for a drink, even a family of Little Owls who left their messages on our doorstep every morning.

I don’t recall who said that if you create a space it will soon be filled, whether a shelf or a drawer, and with two avid collectors in our present home in the UK, there is no chance of us hoping to leave at least one drawer as an empty space in a chest, the once desirable aim.

I find that spaces are important places for me, certainly in my music, but more especially in teaching meditation, when newcomers have problems with the monkey chatter that tends to flood the mind with unwanted thoughts; when they are trying to concentrate on one particular image. The first and most natural response is to fight the spurious thoughts which only gives them power to persist. The right approach is to allow them to drift away leaving a space behind and to allow the next unwanted thought also to drift and looking for the spaces in between to expand, until left with the one concentrated image surrounded by space.

Spaces in conversation are often seen and felt as embarrassing interludes, but I see these pauses as a few moments for thought, perhaps bringing a more positive and helpful contribution to a conversation. It also helps when in a mentoring mode, that both parties understand the importance of this kind of space and not to be embarrassed by it.

It often races by, but then can drag depending on our activity and our ability, which then becomes a commodity of value and hence those in manufacture of any kind, see time as money. We tend to the theory that we invented time due to a completed rotation of the planet being divided into 24 hours, and we even refer to the complete turn of other planets as a day even though it may take the equivalent in time of our year; whereas in fact spiritual philosophy tells us that time is the child of space. So we may have divided it but we certainly did not invent it.

We in the wealthy west favour space in our homes according to our wherewithal, but I do applaud the young who seem in the main to favour the minimalist approach to their living arrangements. Having had to downsize from a mansion in Spain to a bungalow in the UK, we know about space and the trials of the reduction process. It comes down to a realisation of what we really need in terms of room to move and live, and in truth we don’t need much space as individuals, and have satisfied our needs with a small workspace each, both being writers and messengers.

The space that nature offers is one of the great gifts that the planet has to offer us, but in the general migration towards cities in the search for work and fortune it has left the countryside relatively unpopulated. It is this abundance of natural space in all its variety that I find so relaxing with a restorative quality which recharges my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual selves; being so close to the energies of the natural world. In particular I love trees that seem to reflect my own aspiration, of having feet firmly on or in the ground and at the same time reaching as high as one can to bring all of the selves into alignment with the higher qualities that permeate this life on Earth.

The great disappointment for everyone must be the amount of wasted space, not that I propose to fill every corner, but with the need for affordable housing wanted by so many, it is painful to see the amount of empty houses costing millions for the government, both local and national, to keep empty, in the dwindling prospect of needing to house more military personnel, with reductions in all of the services. It is surely obvious that empty properties could all be so easily turned over to house those in desperate need, saving on all sides. It is said that the law is an ass, and it could also be said that government has no sense and certainly no compassion. What a wonderful Christmas present that would be for those reduced to living in a refuge, or cast onto the street in a cardboard box. What if we could bring a restored meaning to Boxing Day?
Hanukah & the Angel

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Divine Mission – Possible

(In response to Sue Dreamwalker & the challenge of Linda over at Litebeing Chronicles)
The question was posed:
Am I a Lightworker, Indigo, Starseed, Forerunner or any other title you care to conjure? I really don’t know.
I guess that each one of these deserves a definition to understand the nature of such a title, or the consequence of such an acceptance, if only for us to know where we are, and perhaps who we are in the grand scheme, and according to others are supposed to stand, or perhaps where others would like to put us? Though hopefully not on a pedestal!

We do delight in putting ourselves and others in boxes as others tend to regiment us, and we also love hierarchy as if we were in some divine army.
I say divine, since all our conjecture only goes to contribute to our left sided attempts through our human consciousness, commensurate with mind and spirit, which came into being as the gift of the soul to this life; whose desire it was through soul consciousness to experience this journey, to which our current consciousness had no say in the matter, so far as our present personality is concerned, but only the going with the flow thereafter.

That being so, it is only natural that we should wonder who and what we really are.
However, I believe that the only divine element in our makeup is the soul, the eternal link to the divine source of all there is, which I, following our angelic connection love to call the Lord Logos. Not that it was my choice, but to follow others who I believe are in the know.

It has been said by many a seer that throughout my many lives, there has been an inner urge to make the best of each and every incarnation, and this I commend to all, despite any title assumed or given. As my mum always said, ‘You can only do your best’.

Of this life, I can look back over the last three score and ten plus years, to say that the teaching gene has been strong, linked with consultation, as knowledge and wisdom were amassed. The teaching was not limited by faculty, but by need, the needs of others. Spreading from engineering through kitchens, to spiritual philosophy, to meditation, health and safety and most recently to mentoring to those disadvantaged, in need of help and support, but not necessarily sequentially, and often over the same time period. It is said that the best way to learn is to teach. A slight diversion from the theme one could say, but then, it is said that our strength is in our diversity, is it not?

Indeed the teaching gene must be strong because it has been passed on to my children, although I would not call myself a teacher, and even in one of my many day jobs, as a salesman I looked upon that role, as one of problem solving and finding solutions for the benefit of others. This went well with the other life as a spiritual healer, and the teaching which I received from St. John Ambulance.
We cannot avoid our titles, can we?

It is said in a certain cannon of Buddhist philosophy that the glue that holds us humans in relationship and the force that keeps the Universe in its constant revolution and orbit, is not gravity, but compassion – given by the Dalai Lama. Which I believe is the spark that exists within each of us, if only we would recognise it, see it for what it is, and with courage, bring it out into the open of our lives, in our undoubted quest to act on behalf of others, and for the benefit of the planet as a whole. Which triggers my love of the garden, whose visitors never cease to delight me. Perhaps this is the only external impetus for me that brings a higher level of consciousness, entitled: happiness, which I believe is within and in general does not rely on external matters, or accumulations of any kind.

So in our manifestation of compassion, are we therefore all Samaritans at heart? Perhaps we should assume that title, or would true Caretaker be more appropriate. It would make life a lot easier if we were given our life purpose from the beginning, then perhaps our title would just drop into place. But that would not be the will of the soul, whose only interest is to see the life chosen, develop under the care of spirit, from the moment of sustainability in the womb, which is the divine mystery, the journey unfolding through the interwoven consciousness, mind and spirit.

The Internet has added a new and fantastic dimension to all of us capable of negotiating its many mazes, but in terms of reaching larger audiences, it has proved a gift since we can all write to reach the many realms of interest to those of like mind for us to pass on our experience and messages of help and inspiration.

Some of us, no doubt have titles for ourselves, but I prefer to go incognito. Witnessing and experiencing all that this life has to offer for the benefit of the soul, the silent witness within, making the best of everything.

I have to ask the question: Do you agree with the crew who helped the penguins out of the crevasse, against the maxim of David Attenborough, that ‘thou shalt not interfere with nature’? Am I therefore wrong to help my feathered friends throughout the winter with multiple feeders? I believe that compassion being the common denominator of us all overrides even Mr A. But even this slight diversion from the theme allows me to conclude that I claim nothing and leave others to call me what they will.
Love & Blessings to all.
Hanukah & the Angel.

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It is said that artists of all persuasions often give of their best through deprivation, stress or homelessness, when the muse is strongest.

My muse comes and goes, and for a while now due to the need to go in to hospital and submit to the complete care of others, has allowed the muse to depart.

So that I can, for a change, concentrate on the business of healing myself, and just a little more at the hands of others before Christmas; then allowing me the freedom to enjoy the rest of my family. Nothing serious you understand.

This rather verbose lead in to my explanation, is to give some credence as to why my usual format of posts has gone astray.

Hoping that the muse will return soon, to follow on those posts already scheduled.

In the meantime I wish all of my dear readers, followers and friends the compliments of the coming season which will be with us very soon.
Wishing you much merriment; and may the Lord Logos Bless us all.
Love to all, David

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