In the cool of the morning, before the heat of midday, when most of the world still sleeps …
Two or three rush off, to their early shift, and leave me to my peaceful wakening from visions and the state of dreams …
We escape in many ways, into the lives of others, by contact, on the large or small screen …
I have a different way, where no other being is involved, and no other is present, except on occasion, in the mind …
This is my escape into the first twilight of my days, the first of the few as I slip beneath the threshold of the buzz of the world around me …
Felt in days gone by, that I would be better off in some remote location, far from the madding masses …
But then, on reflection, being in the world involves recognising and accepting the grace of the Logos, bringing that awareness to all beings …
All things in my quest to be in the world, but not of the earth, yet is in my garden, which becomes …
And is in the becoming of my planting, tending and nurturing – a moving meditation, if you will …
Bringing of itself in every aspect – happiness, through the inner becoming of raising the level of consciousness …
The cultivated spaces on three sides of the house, I and you, may think odd that I may, then maybe not, have named these spaces so:
You pull-in off the road, into the Base Court, after Shakespeare, then the covered side, the Kings Court, after the place where we live …
Passing through a gothic garden gate, along a painted faux cloister, to the part covered Monastery Garden …
(I share this guided meditation)
(Begin Recording)

Join me if you will, as you knock on the garden gate: A small peep-hole opens and a voice asks you to state your business …
No need for sound, which will be provided: just, say in your mind, that you have answered the call … The bolt is drawn, and the gate opens …
As you walk along the cloister, framed at its end, with an arch covered in lilac-pink clematis …
Coming into the Monastery Garden, there is the gentle tinkling of a lion’s head fountain symbolising strength, softness and eternal power …
The breeze rustles the bamboo, on either side, and in the centre a spinning rainbow, with a rising column of incense …
Colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, white, silver and gold, rotated by the wind with the scent of frankincense …
Choose your colour from the rainbow and follow its rotation as you tread the golden way that the fairy ring of daffodils creates in the spring …
This is your walking meditation, surrounded by the scents of a mass of fragrant flowers with the sounds of wind and water …
Complete the circle, round and round, following your colour as it turns, driven, faster or slower by the wind …
As you turn yourself you become aware of the higher colours that border this place, changing with the seasons, from pink, purple, to white and gold …
You notice that in a secluded corner there is a quiet cave, created by an unusual climber, that has red, yellow and green foliage …
Blessed with pink and white blossoms of a delicious scent and form, like miniature angel trumpets, its offer is universal to all …
This plant has no name, but the space it has presented is a cave of solitude, seclusion and sanctuary with room for just you …
Here is where you can sit, in the manner of your choosing, relax and survey all that the Monastery Garden has to offer …
You have earned the right to remain in this sacred space, for as long as you wish, surrounded by the scent of lemon balm, mint and sage …
Breathe in the fragrant air for a count of four, hold for seven and expel slowly for eight, and repeat …
Tension disappears from your body and mind, bringing a state of tranquillity and inner joy …
The only ones sharing your joy are a pair of Gold Finches, with their red caps and gold flashes on the wings, come to feed on the sunflower seeds …
Abilities are enhanced bringing better concentration, more acute focus and true awareness of all aspects of life …
The level of happiness will be elevated on each visit you make to the garden, such that the consciousness itself, manifests as a new mental ability …
When you need to leave, the way is unlocked for you on approach, and please remember to close the Gothic Gate after you …
As you close the gate behind you the cooing of the collared doves roosting in the cherry tree wishes you well, and looks forward to your return …
(End Recording)

Your inner journey is in the form of a returning, and a revisiting this place of peace, for which you need no transport other than your mind …
A way of making your journey more personal is to read and record the first visit in your own voice so that it becomes intensely private and personal …
You can return to escape at any time, by pressing replay, now that you have been accepted into the Secret Monastery Garden …
In this way you set yourself on the way to enlightenment, known also as the pathway of Ascension …
The journey which all of mankind needs to follow in this age of momentous cosmic change …
Hanukah & the Angel

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From thought comes idea, and when reinforced comes belief, and it is a sad fact that therein lies worthiness.
The race of man has been constantly put down over the centuries, for a few to gain power over us and to keep us down.
Whether they be overlords, those representing the Lord, plain lords of the realm or just landlords.
We are led to believe, by elders words that we are virtual slaves and must adhere to the whims and wishes of those lords who lord it over us.
It is in our history, and in our current consciousness, that we are less than those who have power over us.
In this inbred situation, worthiness does not come into our mental equation, or vocabulary, and doubtful even if in our calculation.
At all levels of our fractured society there is a struggle for power, for prestige and we know our place in sobriety.
If we should kick over the traces, trying to better ourselves, at our own pace, we can be seen as heretic, renegade or trouble maker whatever our race is.
Should we make it out of the imposed harness with no hint of guerdon we are still seen as no more than a beast of burden.
Unless of course we can change the belief of others, and that we are in fact as worthy as any other.
Underneath this struggle lies the attitude, which we hold in our mind as to our ability enmeshed with fortitude.
Overall our worthiness and aim to succeed is the underlying attribute lain within the software of our brain.
If the brain is the hardware then consciousness unfurled is the software that governs all that we attempt in this complex world.
The beauty of the gift of consciousness is that ideas and beliefs are able to be reprogrammed and to shift.
This is the forerunner of the self learning software which appears in humans on this Earth, synonymous with mind and spirit and is entirely new at birth.
The realisation that we are at the centre of our universe, and Earth enables us to appreciate and believe that we have worth.
In order to be of service to others we cannot give what we do not have; we can heal and help only when we can give some of what we have.
Belief is the beginning of everything, since every action begins with thought, we must believe that we are all of the things we wish for ourselves.
No other human can take away what we believe; forced to work like a slave on pain of death maybe, but our belief is secure.
There is a danger in the mind controls that others practice, but beneath it all a strong mind can still hold on to its belief with practice.
The mind is the workshop of all that we are, it is the hub of creation where belief can be transferred into action.
Hanukah & the Angel

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Here’s a thought, that leads to an idea which when repeated leads on to a belief, with no fear.
We tend not to make a decision in case, that it could or might be wrong, just in case.
Worry is thinking about what we do not want, or the consequence of a possible wrong decision.
Let’s be clear, many cannot make a decision, and live their lives in a state of indecision which is in truth, a life of fear
The mind is phenomenal; since we can, without moving a finger, go through the consequence of every possible decision, no need to linger
But do we need hurry to do that, for has that gone one step beyond, verging on the consequence of worry?
Those who become used to others making decisions and are content to follow orders, find it impossible to decide when released from impositions.
Just as we can let go of carrying the mental baggage of others we can also let go of the fear of inviting such bothers.
When a decision is made in the mind, through thought with logic and heart combined, however simple the process, we cannot be wrong.
Any decision can be enhanced, changed or reversed and that is the beauty of deciding. We are the masters in every respect, despite what others think.
From the prospect or perception of the soul that chose this life, this family, faith, and environment this time round, we can do no wrong.
For whatever we choose is experience, that was foreseen as a sacred probability, and even if reversed is an enhancement of that ruse.
Every thought that you think is known on many levels, and for the soul there is no right or wrong, in all it revels.
In soul consciousness, all decisions are permissible since they contribute to its experience that’s unmissable.
The Universe, with no decision, in any dimension, begins to slow down, a life stops and goes into suspension.
The soul sees further into the probability of life, further than any psychic could ever foresee.
There must be no fear in decisions, the more the merrier for they are the stuff that powers life, and the universe itself.
If you thought you made a wrong one, think again for there is no such thing in the grand plan of the One.
Who is there to presume to judge you with pen or voice, on the mundane level of earth, when so much more hangs on your every choice.
You are not just the light of the world, but the light, through your thoughts with every other conscious being, of the Universe itself.
Hanukah & the Angel

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We so enjoy putting each other into boxes, you know, he or she is a this or that, wearing that beret, cap or hat, just to show what they’re at.
No mistaking their tribe, religion, regiment, job or rank, that puts us in our place, by the place in which we work, as in factory or bank.
So, do we bring it on ourselves? Nothing wrong but we tend to follow our peer group uniform, and trend, in case we stand out in a throng.
Of course that is exactly what we do, we become part of the norm, in saying we want to be different, we actually conform.
Certain jobs demand a uniform that’s meant, with company logo as a personalised statement and advertisement.
So yes, we do bring it on our selves, we don’t have to use our voice, but in this strange age we even tattoo ourselves to show our choice.
Maybe to one person like mum, sweetheart, group or gang, we want to show to the world with whom we hang.
There are, of course, similar choices made inside where we put things in boxes without voices.
But therein lies a problem, that few without help can sort, because we tend to leave all our boxes open and that leads to mental discord.
Knowing how we think and use our minds, is the greatest attribute in clearing the clutter from thought, and avoiding the monkey chatter.
On the contrary wavelength, we can hide stuff in our mental hives and forget that those repositories ever survived.
Is your mind a hive of activity, full of honeyed sweetness, or subject to constant invasion by unwanted business?
It is easy to blame a failing memory or shame, but we may find that we hid that box, knowing the contents too painful, even to give a name.
If seen as Pandora’s box, that if opened would unleash a host of troubles not only onto the one, but like a plague of falling rocks
In this case it would be prudent not to open the box, but to make sure it smothers, as we let go of baggage and beliefs that belong to others.
After the family had received their presents, and hunted for foxes, on the next day the servants in grand houses, were given their Christmas boxes.
Would that we could provide the mind with a bin box, to clear of all unwanted thoughts, ready for a brand New Year.
Whether that be a sign, after our day of birth, after the day of His birth or after the singing of Auld Lang Syne.
Perhaps the old acquaintance should be forgot and never brought to mind again, let clearance continue as we review our lot.
When the most powerfully creative tool is freed of all obstruction, each box closed until required, leaves the mind free to be creative.
Free to witness for which we truly have a yen, bringing happiness into the consciousness, leaving that box always open.
Hanukah & the Angel

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The raven calls and claims attention, as tired and easy guard beyond the gate is called to atten … shun, ready for exchange.
In a sleepy dawn it is the first command of the day, as the sun rises and casts his first weak ray.
Most are still abed, and as alarm bells ring, ask for five minutes more, before they have to rise to daily chores.
His raucous call is enough to wake the dead, as seagull’s repeated shriek also re-sounds inside the head.
As first light allows his reflection in the moat, we see the many colours showing in his glossy coat.
He is black and remains so as the world comes out of the midnight dark showing true colours of the uniformed guard.
His call again, for those climbing out of sleep, seems to reflect from the stones of this well protected keep.
Whoever heard of a dry moat? What is meant? Unless to show to the world, confidence in our secure appointment.
Who would be bold enough and fell to chance a meeting with one or more of the ghosts in cells and even royal apartments?
No need to address them in any room or dungeon, since they walk the corridors and battlements of this fated fortress.
Many a murder from chance or deliberate act, left to rot through long and painful death, with no water or sustenance.
In this imposed dearth, yearning for just one drop of the moat that laps their cold, damp and rat infested, last address on earth.
Accounts for the many left to wander for eternity, the once corridors of royal prestige and power.
Still the queues in their length, come in their thousands day by day, to say they have been and seen this symbol of strength.
Within its depths, worthy or worship are all the sovereigns crowns, swords of state, orb and sceptre, emblems of kingship.
All with reach, but unable to touch, guarded night and day in a secure cabinet and chamber with human guards in a clutch.
The raven speaks and for those able to interpret his croak, needs must be wary and take good care, keeping him in his own cloak of security.
Who knows it all? The myth may in fact be true that when the day comes and ravens desert the tower, England will fall.
It is true the moat is now dry, and one has to ask why? is this the first step to fulfil the prophesy.
Out of step! We are leaving one family of friends, and so, alone and in our solitude will that be the second step?
Happiness comes from within, regardless of what happens to the raven, wet or dry moat. Will we be happy in our island fortress?
Hanukah & the Angel

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Just like happiness it is assumed by most, that fortune lies without, and depends entirely on what is accumulated; in a lifetime of seemingly never ending endeavour.

However there is nothing to suggest that those who have amassed great fortunes, living in grand houses with servants to perform all that they wish for and desire, do not suffer the same as others less fortunate than themselves have to put up with.

On the contrary, there are those whose lot in life has been to the greatest extent obscure, and to many others insignificant, but to those who in their simplicity have found a gentleness and tranquillity, through an acceptance of their lot in life, with an inherent urge to do what they can for others, lies a lesson for us all.

However, it does entail the need to cut ones suit according to the cloth, but unfortunately when families are poor within an affluent society, it is understandable that there is a natural urge to live up to the Joneses, maybe just down the street.

Or when the children bring home the effects of peer pressure in the playground asking for the same as others so as not to be ridiculed. And when the family budget is stretched to provide heating and food there is a tendency to do what parents can for their children and the only way out is to fall into debt.

Being born during the last war with a single mum living in rented rooms I know all about her not being able to provide all that I yearned for in the toy shop window, and I had to get used to the: “We can’t afford that.” call.

The women had to take over the men’s jobs as they were all off fighting the war. I was lucky because mum could turn her hand to most things, it was a case of having to, and luckily there were many in the same boat as us, so I was not the odd one out.

Not to say that I did not adhere to the norm and work all hours to proved for the family, wishing always, even now that I could and could have done more. But the daughters say they had a good childhood and all that they needed, through ballet for one, riding for the other with musical instruments and lessons for both. In short any parent can only do their best in what they can afford.

There is an inbuilt urge to try as hard as one can to provide for the family, to the extent that the breadwinner will often take on two jobs, as I did to try to make ends meet. In my case this led to a new career so not so bad after all.

In retirement my mum’s lessons stay with me, and I only buy when I have the money saved to do so. However in the process of downsizing, through force of circumstance, we gave much to charity and are still left with stuff that nobody wants, but which we are loath to throw out, but which we let go off as and when.

Ten years ago we had our last holiday and consider our present retreat in our home in Devon to be the best holiday destination. Nevertheless, like most in our age group we are busier now than when at work.

Our fortune now is not on anything other than the wealth of the new generation of family and friends whose company we enjoy whenever possible. Which brings us the greatest feeling of happiness within, in the level of consciousness that we have reached. For there is no doubt that success in this life is only measureable by the level of happiness achieved within.
From this comes all else for a beautiful life. Order, love, health and righteousness.
Hanukah & the Angel

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Many are afraid of failure, blaming themselves for not foreseeing the possibility of something, not going as they would wish or as others expect.
Failure is a constant reminder to reassess, to rethink a method or process to produce a different outcome which you or some others may possibly view as better.

The tendency is to categorise any act as right or wrong, but what if there were no right or wrong, but only difference? Then there is no failure, only a change in action, perception and appreciation.

Failure if it is seen as such, is also of course a teaching aid; because it can show us the way that is best avoided, and therefore we can be better informed as to the best or better route to follow to suit us.

From this it follows that no decision is wrong, because even if the route taken turns out to be not as foreseen the change necessary to remedy the situation is merely a further act of mental creation.

Better in all circumstances to make as many decisions in the mind and to look at the possible consequences, choose a different route if desired, and pursue the same quest of questioning the results, before actually making the decision in reality.

Trying to achieve something which others have failed to do, whether it is to climb an unclimbed mountain or to invent a completely new product, process, or God forbid, plastic! Unless of course it is truly recyclable, and avoiding the colour black at all cost, may be laudable, with due care and attention to the possibilities on the way.

Many of us try to become self sufficient and to look after our health without reliance on the long suffering Health Service, with right diet to suit our own selves along with exercise of mind and body, but try as we might, and it is no failure, that when all else fails we have to consult a pharmacist, a doctor, or even a specialist in or outside the medical profession. Beware of so called or self proclaimed experts; who lets face it, are really just old drips under pressure!

Extremes experienced in terms of temperature were soon realised as not being the best climate for elderly, frail and failing bodies. So the move was made to a cooler and a less extreme country; only to find that holes in the ozone and general climate changes within a short space of 24 months had caught up with us, and brought those same extremes to plague us.

Through no fault or failure of our own, now tiredness reigns and only gentle exercise moves into the sphere of possibility, making work also less likely as pain comes through the lack of movement through the lack of that all important physical exercise.

It is strange that in retirement we have less time than when we were at work, and we often wonder how we ever had time to work. Of course the only failure was that we had no time while working to do the things which we really wanted to do.

In there lies a common failing; that we have a habit of concentrating on the things we don’t want, which let’s face it, is what worry truly is. We all need to remove those thoughts from our minds, and only to think about the things which we really want. In that remedy lies happiness.
Hanukah & the Angel

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