Once on a high and windy hill, our pyramid of adventure called Codden.
When at the age of ten we wanted to get away from boredom of the street and the danger of the ragamuffin gang from the adjacent slum, we would silently find our way to our own secret mountain of adventure. More of a simple hill really with its own quarry, sheer cliff face, wooded surround like a collar of greenery, stinging nettles included at no extra charge.

It later life I remember a family who rented our flat, a part of the grand house my mum ran as a guest house. Their 5 year old son was told off by his mother for running riot in our garden, “If you don’t behave I’ll smack your leg until it stings!” the boy replied wisely with a tear in his eye, “Put a dock leaf on it!”.

Of course the remedy to the nettle grows close to the nettle itself as is so often the case if we care to look closely to the gifts that nature has to offer us. If we have the courage to climb hills and mountains, explore valleys and canyons we will find the dangers, but also the blessings waiting for us.

We seem to be besotted with finding habitable planets, with their own hills and valleys and I guess we can only thank those with the imagination, or should that be inspiration, to give us Star Trek and the like, but we have not even begun to explore the hills and vales of this amazing planet we call home, which Stephen Hawking says we must leave within one hundred years!

Thankfully we now have the technology to enable us to plunge the depths of oceans to scale the mountains literally from apex to base that lie throughout the seas of the world and we are finding another world with many more species than we ever thought possible in the darkness at the base of those hills and mountains which contribute to the rifts and trenches, canyons and hidden cities which have been hiding in the oceans depths since before time began.

What amazes me is that we seem to have forgotten that our home is a living, breathing ever evolving planet and with the gradual, not to say almost imperceptible movement of the immense tectonic plates, the loss of coastlines to powerful tides instigated by our silver moon, to the replacement of fertile lands by both land and undersea volcanoes. The carving of valleys from hills by glaciers and then the destruction of hills by persistent rains causing landslides and the consuming of whole villages under metres of mud.

Pictured one day it has changed the next into, as Shakespeare wrote, in Ariel’s song from The Tempest … ‘a land rich and strange’! Trusting that the chance of a watery grave to join others … ‘full fathom five thy father lies’ … is a fate I would not wish on anyone.

So Codden was our getaway where we could lose ourselves in the greenery of nature, constructing dens with that element of danger which we humans seem to enjoy, or is that need? The chance in coming too close to the edge and falling into the quarry!

I wonder if you too have getaway hills?

We seem to generate virtual hills which are insurmountable in the mind, the hurdles, walls and barriers we put up to limit our creative consciousness which, if we could only accept it, is the only true freedom we have and are able completely to enjoy, without bothering another soul.

We often speak of the co-creative nature of our link to the Divine, but the truth is that just as our true nature is one of Well-being, we were presented at birth with the Divine gift of Free-will and, hard as it is for us to accept, is our true ability to live this gifted life on our own, creating as we go.

Having been given these attributes the Logos steps back, the Soul becomes the Silent Witness and leaves as Gray said, ‘the world to darkness and to me’! Admittedly not in the same context.

Though I see it not as darkness but as light which we are able to enjoy . Sadly we tend to carry so much baggage, not necessarily our own, that our lives end up as varying through all the shades of grey to colour our state of mind on any one day.

We generate those mountains of the mind which are really only walk-able hills and it is quite within our mental capability to reduce them all to mole hills. So where do these mental hills come from?

For me it was an unshakable certainty in my own inadequacy to achieve anything, which stemmed from a childhood so loved by the family that they wanted me to stay with them and the only way they could achieve my remaining with them was to convince me that all that I wanted to do was beyond me, clipping my wings so completely that it left me deformed!

Retrospect is great isn’t it? Looking back with a new perspective we can see how silly we were to imagine that we were unworthy and that life was so difficult, so lonely …

Having been through years of reactive depression, even with a loving family of my own and expert psychiatric help, I can still understand the feelings of helplessness which many of us have to live through in order to come through to realise that what we generated in our mind is not the true reality of our actual self.

May peace, tranquillity and the certainty, that you are indeed worthy and able to achieve anything you desire, be yours.
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel

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We are woken by the cooing of the collared dove
Shocked alive by the scream of the gulls above,
Padding up and down the neighbour’s ridge tiles,
Serenaded by the robin, making morning smiles.

By the caw-caw of a pair of black crows
Riding the swaying silver birch boughs
The weeping birches share their memories
As if they’ve all been here for centuries.

Emotion rises as memory recalls and reminds me
Of similar youthful sounds and experiences
All remembrance of nature’s natural nuances.
Emotion is the key, remembered rightly, lets it be.

The repeat is often essential for the message to take root
Maybe it was unlearnt first time round, needed a reboot?
In one lifetime, but also a changed view, a different place
A different persona and a different face the world to face.

We need to return and return to repeat experience
Once is good, for a first timer, but rote is better
Especially for fast moving and changing science.
Did we say this before? It is better / Es ist besser!
(How close is that?)

Nothing better than experience out of the armchair
Hands on is the answer to get tangles out of hair!
Seeing life as it really is, going beyond comfort
Caring to go where angels dare to tread with import.

Just think back to the one trip that gave inspiration
To dare to go again, but much further than before
It’s the urge that propels us forward from our core
Others lag behind smelling roses in perambulation.

Just think back to the one thought that brought joy
Hold that thought, no need to voice it, don’t be coy.
It’s the thought that counts, once thought … it exists
It brings in energy, the life force, so it is, it never rests.
This recognition is the ultimate experience!
© David Tenneson – 2017

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Further to the Divine Gardener:
We love to ring the changes, from our brush with campanology and love of cathedral bells, moving stuff around in the home as the seasons direct. Even to the point of a complete change of space from one use to another sometimes in a complete ex-change.

This is good for the circulation of energies within the home with less chance of it becoming stuck in unused corners. Speaking of which in true Feng Shui style, we try to have corners filled to encourage energy to circulate and not stagnate.

Our current dining space has no window and leads from entrance hall to the drawing room which foreseeably will never change in use, therefore dining has to take place in the Dining Hall, at least when the family and or friends arrive.
But you never know there is always a surprise around the corner! Movement?

For us two the kitchen will do, as a small working space or galley kitchen it is more than adequate. But when we meet, each from our own working study for meals, or for coffee at about 10.00 each day it becomes the Café a Deux (sadly my PC does not put the accent over the ‘a’).

You might think it daft, but to us it adds a bit of fun, especially knowing that whatever is served up in the Café a Deux far exceeds the quality of any restaurant in the area, at least to our taste and, at a fraction of the cost!

Similarly the front parking space which now has an everlasting smooth surface surrounded by narrow flower beds and pots and used by all trades is named the Base Court. (See Shakespeare’s Richard II, Act III, Scene III) K. Rich: ” … to come at traitors’ calls and do them grace. In the base court?”

When we arrived taking a step up from the Base, there is a small iron gate, courtesy of the last owners, in the shape of a gothic window leading into the small courtyard at the side of the house, which we had covered, gives access to the front door which then had to become the King’s Court.
(Well, we are in Kingsteignton!)
In the summer the King’s Court, being covered and surrounded with plants, offers the chance to move the Café a Deux outside, so, it too changes use with the seasons, from giving shelter in the winter for callers.

Across the court from there is a solid timber high gothic gate; which, not being able to find anything on line, I made to our own design repeating the gothic shape of the iron gate but with a peep window to see any person wishing to gain entry to the high boundaried garden beyond, with the right password of course!

The garden beyond has become the Monastery Garden in memory of the past and the remote past for us both. (The peep window is for the grandchildren, you understand, but was that the child in us or in them?)

This Monastery Garden is our place of peace and contemplation and on other occasions a place of entertainment which exemplifies the versatility of our spaces in and around our home, or just the mobile Café a Deux. Where two or more gathered together of like mind and purposeful prayer, expect miracles to happen!

So, on the three sides of the house are planted a variety of perfumed herbs from wild sweet Violets to Roses, Lavenders, Mints, Lovage, Marjoram, Lemon Balm, Tarragon, Chives, Thymes and Sage of course for wisdom. In true Rainbow and Chakra tradition colours from the Base of red, orange, and yellow predominate in the Base Court with a hint of blue for balance.

The King’s Court continues the scheme with green, blue and indigo verging on lilac with a hint of pale yellow and through the solid Gothic gate, opening with that correct password and along a short virtual cloister, leading to the Monastery Garden itself.

This area takes on the royal purple through to the higher octaves of pink and white completing all of the rainbow colours of which there is a revolving double rainbow powered by the wind in the centre of the lawn surrounded in the spring by a Fairy Ring of daffodils and topped at all times by the sign of the Divine Ohm carrying an incense burner.

The culinary herbs are used in cooking as there is nothing better than fresh herbs from the garden only supplemented by the dried ones we haven’t the room or the climate to grow. Winters though are kind to us here with parsley growing throughout the year.

The rear high fence above the walled flower bed had a number of knot holes and luckily our collection of cut glass decanter stoppers were put to good use to fill these otherwise peep holes in both directions and as the sun sets over the cemetery beyond it illuminates the stoppers, like light bulbs, at no cost to anyone, solar power par excellence!

Unlike the houses opposite the Base Court, whose gardens boarder the playing field of the school, we get no noise or interference from our neighbours in the cemetery! They are all as quiet as the … in which they lie.
Brings to mind Grays Elegy: (If I recall correctly).

“Beneath those rugged elms that yew trees shade
Where heaves the turf in many a mould’ring heap
Each in his narrow cell for every laid
The rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep.”

This is a peaceful place where we sleep soundly and enjoy a busy retirement.
Wishing the same for you now or when you consider your time has come.
The Café a Deux is open for visitors!
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel

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The Divine Gardener
One Sunday in March an hour was lost as the clocks went forward,
Though nothing outward changed, we started British Summer time.
Although still cold what could we do, but positively look onward?
To the bursting, blooming, scents of Summer in our chosen clime.

A house which was made into a home, chosen for a mission
Was surrounded with favourites, bringing all the varied scents
And colours to delight the senses and entice all with permission.
Then of course there are feathered friends who sing their descants.

High boundaries to the Monastery Garden have excluded
The outside world, in quiet contemplation all are secluded.
Apart that is from one red breasted songster who serenades us
Sitting in topmost branches of flowering trees he brings a plus.

He is of course not alone in his pleasant if high flown intrusion
Others are welcome in our own race, as creators in profusion.
The invitation is individual there is no doubt, but only mindful
Following introduction, questioning and answering acceptable.

Unique energies of this special place, kept for mother and child
And all who venture into this sacred space and therefore undefiled.
Care taken to preserve a place to relax, contemplate and meditate.
Meet us in this Secret Garden adding on the energies, to radiate.

Spreading to the world the healing energies of harmony and love,
As in far off places where this community was instigated,
The Monastery Garden is physically preserved and gated,
More importantly connected to other centres by the peace dove.

The dove exists in the meditating mind connecting to all,
All of like minded spirituality and love for all the kingdoms.
Generated over millennia by this beloved planet at random,
Such diversity is truly marvellous if you’re open to hear the call.

Responding to the blueprint of the Divine architect,
All we mortals can do for this amazing place is to protect
All that comes within our remit as caretakers of this Earth,
To quell the wanton killing and prevent famine and dearth.

Respect for every kingdom and every species is paramount
There is no problem, disaster or want that we cannot surmount
We have the gifts if only we could accept our status and believe
For every mistake we make there is an immediate reprieve.

Co-creators, believe who you really are, join the Divine Gardener
Who created the blueprint for everything, including you!
With Free-will you are free to choose. You are not a select few,
But one of many who have the courage to choose to be a creator.
© David Tenneson – 2017

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The Island that has no Name

The Island That Has no Name.
It was thought to be dead, just awash with the tides of the Pacific Ocean, a hazard to those who had forgotten the past. One misty morning a second cloud of fog like steam came from the depths of the sea, bubbling and hissing like a huge water snake as it was birthed afresh in the rolling morning tide.

From a distance sailors thought it was just another foggy morning as the cloud hung to the surface of its birth mother rolling away to the edges of the horizon like a warm cloak against the chill of the deep.

Beneath the surface a current, not seen for many a moon, showed itself as a disturbed and frothing circulation warning those who ventured on the seven seas to keep their distance.

The disturbance magnified into a whirlpool with a dark column ascending from its centre like a black hole of the ocean, not consuming, but in the mode of giving birth to what seemed like a huge conical headed monster from the depths of the ocean floor, breathing noxious fumes and vapours and leaving bright yellow incrustations .

The column increased in volume until it appeared from a distance like the gigantic mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion, this was no man-made atomic detonation, but the result of a living planet, letting off steam and sending a message to all who would misuse the gifts of power in the manner of war, which in a very short time the cloud grew so large as to block out the sun.

We became aware that far from our thoughts of another foggy day there was a new, far more serious energy afoot which in time could bring about the confusion of animal life, through poisoning of the atmosphere and eventual starvation of all life on the planet as plants died without the benefit of the life giving sun.

We were powerless to combat what was unfolding before our eyes and frantic attempts to call others to find out what the best course of action was to protect ourselves and to preserve what stores of food we had, as thoughts of rationing pressured our panicking minds and supermarket shelves were soon emptied.

In a short time it became more and more difficult to connect with others as the sun seemed to echo the violent aggression of the planet by causing disruption of the magnetic fields and radio waves so that calls achieved were interrupted with crossed lines of communication and confused conversations were cut short.

It is one of the traits of our race that we always fear the worst  in situations such as this, where the true causes are misunderstood and we only concentrate on the symptoms as we see them. Some had even started the rumour that it was the end of the world while others cited that the aliens had landed and were systematically causing mayhem and destruction around the world, named by others as fake news!

As we said, the planet was not in the mode of destruction, but in the throes of violent creation as an old volcano under the sea began to awaken once again and in a very short space of time forged from the sea bed a new atoll of lava, a new island in the middle of an ocean, firmly anchored to the crust of the earth.

Naturally, time would tell whether the new island would be stable enough to last and in the meantime would have to exist in solitary state with the tides of the ocean lapping its pristine shores until it could be named.

Why is it that we think like this, could it be that we are taught to concentrate on the symptoms rather than the causes, just like the allopathic teaching of our new gods, the doctors whom as the population ages we come to rely on so much to their breaking point? Please God, our new gods are not defeated!

In every day walks of life, sometimes symptoms are all we have to go on instead of looking deeper to find those elusive causes. In so many fields of our existence if we could only delve that little bit deeper maybe wars could be prevented?

So, before you jump to conclusions find out why people react the way they do and then find avenues of commonality in which shared values will find agreement thus avoiding argument, dissention and hatred, leading to our own aggression, violence and war!

We are all creators: after all we have created the world as it is and for that we must take responsibility. To take it to its ultimate conclusion we are all capable of ceasing to create clouds of smoke and shadows, when with a little ingenuity and good-will we can create our own atolls of peace and tranquillity in the midst of the oceans of fury that often surround us and consistently cloud our troubled minds.

We do not need to name the atolls we create, knowing that they are safe within a cleared mind, enabling  us to invite others to share our havens of safety, peace  and love when their need arises.
With Love and Blessings, Hanukah & the Angel

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If only the walls could say
What has passed this way.
What passion and love,
What messages taken.
By a snow white dove?

Unspoken, but on the wing
Echoing on the walls so thin.
Such whispered intrigues
Reflected down the corridors,
Anger behind slamming doors.

Only heard through clapping wings
As the dove rises to its deliverings.
Secret messengers charged with missives
Along silent passages, secrecy lives.

Hidden doors in panelled walls
Silent locks, secret entrances to halls
Unbeknown to those deceived,
Out of sight, softly received.

Deafened in their ignorance
Those cuckolded live in oblivion,
Serving self imposed penance,
Surrounded by the shadows of opinion.

Portraits hung in long galleries,
Eyes following as we walk by, silently.
Is it the sitter or the artist who watches us,
Inspiring nervousness so quietly?

Held in place so long as they last,
Hung in space like a 3D plaster cast,
But just in the two dimensions
We are entranced in our unctions.

(As we walk we listen)
We listen to the sound of silence!
Sound that emanates from inside,
(White noise from outside!)
No answers from our science,
Knowing that all heard resides.

Touch the wall, feel the energy
Where are they all in synergy
Lost in the mystery of time
No longer cursed by writ or rhyme.

Nothing here to disturb us,
Only our silent imaginings.
We are the victim of our musings
Noting every nuance of our inspirings.

Can you bare the silence,
Can you suffer quiescence?
For, at the end of time
There will be much beholden
To prove that: Silence is golden!
© David Tenneson – 2017

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How many Globes are there in a game of Quiddich?
I bet just about everyone out there will know the answer to that one!
Of course the elusive Snitch is the intriguing one that has a mind of its own, or is that the mind of the Wizard who programmed the game? A bit like the programmes which intrigue us when we play games on the Internet!

There are many Globes in this world some are obvious, but at the same time take a lot of skill to play them to win, including in the games of cricket, tennis, ping pong, football, snooker and billiards down to the humble marble. There speaks the one who found regular balls another science except perhaps the odd ball, rugby ball or two, suiting my own personality of odd ball and slightly off the wall artistic temperament!

We are surrounded as we know now by all of our local planets in the Solar System, which are added to as more of the family are found with extended elliptical orbits of some Globes that might only come close say every 3000 years or more, and who knows there could be more to find and to intrigue us as time flies and they fly through space.

I have always loved the desk Globes from the first to the most recent which chart the understanding of continents and changes in claimants to empires which we can see as the colours change from Globe to Globe in subsequent issues.

There are Globes of semi-precious stones from pure, clear quartz to black and white snowflake obsidian and all the rest in between of which I admit to having a small collection, used as a trigger like the Tarot cards by some mediums to bring their gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience to the fore.

Slightly more accurate and believable than the likes of Gypsy Rose Lee at the end of the pier, “Cross my palm with silver my dear” in days of old! Of course there are some still plying such trade today! Just for a bit of seaside fun you understand, though often seen as serious by Rose herself and her more ardent patrons! Though fortune telling is not the remit of a serious medium!

Then we go one step further to the Globes carved into the shape of Crystal Skulls of which there are many, all having their own names, one of which carved from Malachite called Kaa to which in correspondence with his keeper it was proved that I had a distinct affinity. Not surprising since I know of at least one past life where I was a programmer of genuine clear quartz Crystal Skulls for the benefit of individual families, their health and extended life expectancy.

I say genuine because there are modern day reproductions providing a lucrative trade for Eastern crystal carvers making replicas in different sizes and stones, some lifelike and life size, but the majority not so lifelike and more like beads than full size skulls. In the genuine article no tool or creation marks can be seen under a microscope! How did that happen?

The Globe on which we live, this Earth, this Eden which we think we know so well, but still holds many mysteries both above and below the surface of the seas and there is no doubt that it is a wondrous place and full of miraculous marvels to surprise and intrigue us. How could any Soul miss the opportunity to journey here and experience as much as possible in every one of a thousand or more lifetimes?

Such as: A different type of Globe has been found across the world carved from granite or other hard rocks in various sizes often found in groups together in haphazard arrangement. Many have been lost for hundreds if not thousands of years, overgrown in the jungles of the world until present day explorers and archaeologists have unearthed them.

To date they are a mystery and that haphazard arrangement could have been caused by earth movements from the days of Pangaea or from the ignorant interference of local tribes. There have been guesses made as to their origin and purpose, but I have yet to find anything that rings true with me.

However, my own view is that they were originally intended as a teaching aid, and as the sizes mirror the relative sizes of the solar system planets to our sun, they were to prove their existence at a time when there were no telescopes and their original positioning would have shown their relationships one to another in their orbits round the largest Globe, the Sun!

What concerns the archaeologists is their obvious great age and therefore the apparent impossibility of being made by man. So who made them?

We have spoken about the sudden leap in the consciousness of mankind and our ability to make possible tools etc., but I believe more importantly in the change of diet to achieve a bigger brain size admitting consciousness itself, overtaking instinct and the consequent spiritual advancement which could only have been achieved through a change in our DNA. How did that happen?

It would seem as if there was a sudden conscious acceptance of a Divinity.
So, time to put thinking caps on: What do you think about the Globes?
Answers to any or all questions on email please!
Have fun, with Love and Blessings Hanukah & the Angel

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