The truth oft lies interred with their bones.
So much and so many of our secrets we keep to ourselves and take them with us to the grave, embarrassment reigns and suffering ensues not wishing our innermost qualms and dreadful dilemmas to be known.

On a human level, often those same secrets are left to following generations to fathom having neglected to put our affairs in order, believing that we will live for ever, as one obsequious courtier might have said, “Hail mighty king, live for ever!”. Do we imagine that we are that grand or of Royal Blood?

There is no doubt that the young are infamous for that eternal belief, where else do they get the urge to commit to those impossible feats of strength, bravery and indulgence and you could say stupidity, from an elder wisdom viewpoint?
Free-will rules, OK?

With a single parent and four powerful females to rule, being the eldest grandchild I was repeatedly told that I could not do what I saw as my future career, no matter what I chose, until from a secret store I gained enough courage to fly the coup and forge a life in industry two hundred miles away from the family influence.

I often wondered where that strength and courage came from to strike out on my own against all the misgivings of my own elders. Why did they try to prevent me from leaving? I had to prove them wrong and to do my own thing and as such became a Jack of all Trades and master of none! Nevertheless this experience became useful as a parent!

So where is that secret store? It is a conundrum that I have put my mind to over the years and only with high spiritual teaching 50 years after leaving the coup I finally found my answer. Desire found its way into my life which I have now been able to see from both sides of the conundrum, which some may see as one of the many challenges of life.

The desire of the family was surprisingly powered by love! In short they wanted me to stay with them and not to leave and find my own way in the world. Remembering that many of the men were lost or damaged in the War.

So what of my own desire? Well, my own desire was as a result of wanting something more than what they offered. You know, the Universe is powered by desire and when a desire is out there, propelled by the vibrations emitted from your own mind, the Universe responds and the more you want something and the stronger your vision to see what you want enhanced by a stronger and stronger desire the greater the energies that the Universe can send in your direction.

The strength of Free-will is phenomenal which no entity can deny and which the Universe can only respond to in kind, strength of will and desire. The only thing that can alter or oppose your desire is you and your own negative thought process, in the form of doubting that you will ever achieve what you want.

The problem for us all is that we may think we know what we want but 9 times out of 10 we try to fathom out how it will be achieved and that is where the doubt creeps in. So, never try to see how, that is not your function, concentrate on the final outcome and strengthen that image, that desire, every single day until it becomes a reality, however long it takes.

Conundrums are set to tantalise us and riddles and puzzles which make the mind work are the best treatment to overcome dementia, together with daily exercise for the body which also enhances the Well-being of the mind.

So, many conundrums beset us and for good reason: and the process of living life to the full, as much as we can, overcoming the many challenges which each life brings, is the means by which the desired experience of the Soul is made possible. That in itself is a conundrum for many, but for me it is natural.

The greatest conundrum must be the possibility for each of us to find answers to all of our conundrums. This is made possible by the daily ritual of connection with the store of high level consciousness which we call the Akashic Record that holds all of what has gone on before on this plane of existence, but also the answers to the many problems that concern mankind.

Flashes of inspiration which again by concentrating on a desired result to a problem with sufficient power of visualisation of the finished result can often, perhaps unwittingly provide the answer. Perhaps all research scientists could benefit from this simple process, starting with HPT Meditation!
With Love, Blessings and Faith in Mankind from Hanukah & the Angel

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I was born on the cusp
Between Aries and Taurus.
A pointed person, rounded
By the winds and tides of time.

More Earth than Fire,
Though easily turned to ire
When first faced with fools,
Not seen immediately as jewels.

Flames are often fanned,
Only quenched by compassion
As heart rules the head
And sees beyond face and fashion.

Searching for the gems, after
The sparkle through the shallows,
Lighting my life with laughter
As only the young at heart allows.

Currently coursing through
My sign, touching the earth …
For heaven, reaching.
Looking forward to summer’s mirth
The blessed time of blossoming.

Finding the Well-spring
Crystal clear water of life,
Surging from the earth. We sing,
Blessing of Well-being from above.

This, the tried and tested formula
The way for all seekers to follow.
A knowing of the Source of All,
Awareness of life in all forms, must know …

We are the life blood of the Universe,
We are on the cusp of creation
Bringing unity, as above – so below.
Uniting in the moment, we must know!
© David Tenneson – 2017

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Mind V Medi

So, we dare to search the unfathomable depths of mind!
In doing so we try to find similarities in our search, such as the comparison between what you see and what I see. We can never be sure that we see the same thing, forever at odds to describe and come to some agreement over the beautiful Turquoise: is it more green than blue or more blue than green? Or Duck Egg Blue! I’m sure it’s more green than blue. Who mixed this paint anyway?

The same disagreement over our recall of events and accidents that occur in a split second where we are almost in an Einsteinian moment viewing the event from a different moment in time moving at a different speed and relying on a different perspective, or is that perception? In the mind of each witness? To see and understand must rely on preconceived images or situations previously stored in the consciousness to provide a benchmark to relate to new experiences and to form an opinion, and in that we are all so different!
What chance then to find similarities?

What chance then to compare what we see in our mind’s eye in the precious moments of meditation where nothing is in the outside world and all is within. Having dared to teach Meditation in the past, in truth I have merely acted as a signpost leading, directing and encouraging others to find their own way through the minefield of the convoluted corridors of consciousness, ensuring that students understand that no way is it a competition!

When trying to compare Meditation to Mindfulness it is therefore very much a personal matter where anything I say or any other author may interpret should be taken with a pinch of the proverbial pink Himalayan salt. A bit like following a diet which may be good for the designer, but not so good for you, eh?

However, my own interpretation of my Meditation is an almost slow motion journey from comfortable relaxation through concentration, contemplation, revelation to adoration or at-one-ment with the Divine. If you follow that example, the last phase depending very much on your own idea of knowing the Divine. The process is much the same each time, but varies a little depending on the state of the mind, the body and a vague influence from what is happening in the world at the time.

I have read several personal interpretations of Mindfulness and my own measure is of momentary conscious awareness of all that is happening both within and without, which naturally changes from moment to moment and day to day.

Again this is my personal appraisal, but which leads me on to something that has been happening for thousands of years in the annals of mankind. The race of man is and has been in a process of becoming since the beginning of time with the pendulum swinging back and forth as man changes its appreciation of mind, though avoiding consciousness per se, from country to country guided often by its predominant take on the idea of God and current religious power and influence.

The process itself has been given various names, but to me it represents the idea of the need for mankind to rise above religion and with a personal knowing of the Divine to reach out, and up if you prefer, to that Divinity which is why I feel that the notion of Ascension fits very well.

So, to me Mindfulness means Awareness, becoming aware of the moment by moment happenings both in terms of the mind and its changes, the body’s feelings and changes, the immediate locality and the happenings in the wider world, as I say, second by second. Which in this age of connection should become easier and easier so long as we focus only on what is relevant to us and on what we want and not on what we do not want.

We are all so different that comparisons one to another become irrelevant and subconsciously lead to simple comparison or at worst competition, since for starters we all have different levels of focus. Some have the broader view of the world at large, remembering faces and names, but maybe and conversely not so sure in terms of geography and direction.

Others could be like me with an intense focus on the concentrated thought at that moment in time, need to be called back to the present moment and yet have a nose to find their way in the world, remembers names of interest, but others with a real effort. If you are one of the top 5% then perhaps it all comes easily to you, then give thanks for your blessings, gifts and talents as we bless you.

However, there is no doubt in my mind that the Race of Man in total needs a reboot and an update from the worn out programs implanted in the subconscious of self preservation and to take a lesson from the growing number of volunteers in all walks of life who regularly give donations, their time, their energy and their love to help others less fortunate than themselves.

Many strong men and women who show the true compassionate side of humanity in this way are brought to tears when they see how their selfless love and compassion have given a new lease of life to others, desperate for help, having suffered for years under impossible odds.

It is said by many a master that we need to become selfish in order to bring ourselves to the right level of well-being in Mind, Body and Spirit!

I can understand it, but to me this can only be true and valid in order to help others to the best of our ability and that ability can only be enhanced to its true potential knowing the Divine, which we lovingly refer to as the Logos.
May the Lord Logos Bless us all!
With Love, Blessings and Faith in Mankind from Hanukah & the Angel

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Can you see
That without a key
There is no entry
Past the sentry,
Into my heart?

What’s the key’s form,
What is it you must perform?
A magic spell,
A mysterious word to spell,
To know my heart well?

A combination,
What manipulation?
A turn of the dial,
Or a potion in a phial
May guide you to my heart’s isle?

To become more than a friend
All enmity must end
And not recur again.
A bond to send?
To find this heart, never pretend!

I don’t want much
Everything is good as such!
It’s a good beginning
To continue, understanding,
To feel my heart beating.

It is my centre
So hard to enter,
As it is my core
Where lies my lore.
My heart is who I am, it’s me for sure.

Nothing grand, but so precious
The only treasure to bind us,
All of you in the expression,
‘I love you’, is the ransom
That brings the frisson
To unlock my heart!
© David Tenneson – 2017

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HPT Revisited

We begin at the end.
The end of absorbing concerns, traumas and crises of the day leading to that all important appointment with your inner self, letting your current challenges remain in a state of rest while attention is turned to however long you care to take, which we call your Highly Precious Time or HPT.

The time may vary from a first uncertain foray to a more prolonged connection as your meditation becomes more like breathing, which is of course the return point when thoughts become too invasive and do not immediately float away as the wind of time would take them.

This is not meant to be an A to Z in meditation, but more of a reminder of the importance of that Precious Time.

Having made that important appointment with your self to spend in HPT, which to begin with I found better to be at the same time every day, but now in retirement happens as the mood takes me, time being my own to spend in peaceful contemplation whenever and wherever I am at the time.

I hear a voice saying, how can that be when there is so much noise in the outer world? So, HPT can be anywhere and at any time, on a crowded bus, train or plane as we slip below the threshold of noise.

Sathya Sai Baba said:
Some people contemplate on God for a limited period in the morning and evening. This cannot be called meditation. Contemplate on God at all times, at all places and under all circumstances. Perform all tasks with your mind fixed on God. That is true meditation.
If this suits you then by all means let it become your HPT at all times throughout your day.

Remembering that the benefits of HPT occur not necessarily in those moments, but later when you venture into the world and in this respect Baba could be on to something depending on your own take on divinity.

Whether we like it or not, we are all connected to the Divine in a way that cannot be broken, unlike any earthly relationship as many of our faithful readers will understand from previous posts, so Baba’s view is not so out of the ordinary.

However, with an ability to focus intently on the job in hand I have found it difficult to bring the Divine into my thoughts throughout the process, apart from at the beginning and with thanks at the end, maybe that will change in time!

Having said that, in the beginning of HPT I used to concentrate on something like my favourite rose, bringing all the aspects of colour, form and scent into my consciousness, but in recent meditation I found a simple symbol that leads me immediately into HPT. So enough of that, I will leave you to your own HPT suffice to give a heads up to newcomers of the benefits that it brings:

1st, Focus. To enjoy the same gift of the ability to focus bringing greater efficiency into all the aspects of your life, including relationship, work and community.
2nd, Visualisation. Despite the trials of work and long hours of drudgery which we tend to overcome in front of the telly or down at the pub, 10 to 15 minutes of visualising on the happiest moment of your life that you can recall will enable you to see work in a new light and give you the ability to become far more productive in any work, home or play process.
3rd, Slowing Down. We spend our days in a busy life rushing here and there and if we are not careful the body through the spirit has the ability to say enough is enough and force us to take a break. Or, we can through the peace which floods our system in HPT decide to follow a natural urge to slow down, take time for ourselves and fast for a day giving the body time to recuperate all of its systems without any sudden failure to surprise us.
4th, Healing. This is really an extension of Slowing Down, having given the body a chance to recuperate and adding the important step of a fast enables the immune system, which begins in the gut, with no digestion or absorption to consider, to follow its true instinct and volition to heal the body and mind naturally enabling the immune system to perform its true function, at all times.
5th, Music. On a personal basis the music of your choice is, I believe, a natural healer that imbues a feeling of relaxation and Well-being in the listener. Though I have to say that the preferred music of my children and their partners leaves much to be desired in the way of relaxation, but maybe that is just my age?
It is said that music played to a child in the womb is helpful to the unborn, but again if you want to avoid giving birth to a hyperactive monster try not to play Heavy Metal Music too close to a pregnant mum. Mozart or Chopin are said to be the best, but again it comes down to your personal choice. The facial expressions of unborn children in the womb, seen on a scan, leave you in do doubt as to their musical preference!
And there’s no doubt that there is something magical about music that brings harmonies into the un-measurable mystery of consciousness that not all, but certain scientists are only now, in these amazing moments of NOW, beginning to recognise, if only at the quantum level: What they thought was vacant space is in fact filled with conscious potential. I believe their minds will be blown when they recognise not only the magical, but also the mystical significance of music. In fact I am one who prefers silence in HPT but if you prefer then a musical piece that does not demand concentration but goes nowhere is best.
6th, Solution. With a clear head, a rested body with restored focus potential and secure relationships both at home and abroad the many challenges which may have daunted us in the past suddenly appear with their solutions as you view them anew.
That is a result worth spending a few minutes to achieve wouldn’t you say?
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel

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Rivers of time flow
First fast, then so slow.
Seeing their pains
Are the painful games.
It’s all a matter of time!

Snatching your time
Like a mountain to climb.
They know they’re ill,
Know dying, they will.
It’s all a matter of time!

Not wanting to leave,
Don’t want you to grieve.
Wishing the pain to stop,
One without the other’s the top.
It’s all a matter of time!

They know and you know
There’s one way to go.
That irksome thief
When moments are brief.
It’s all a matter of time!

When they start that journey
The one to us a mystery,
Of many a mansion
Which no one can shun.
Where time matters not!

In truth they’re only next door,
Not lost either to rich or poor.
They are still here with you
Within the very heart of you.
Where time does not exist!

Time is just a river that flows
Runs fast and then slows,
Just like you and me on a role,
Its just the journey of the Soul.
Where time matters not!
© David Tenneson – 2017

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What is wealth to you?
Is it money in the bank, the time share you enjoy or the number of homes you own? In making a mental or physical note of the gifts, talents and blessings which you have or the family and friends you love, you may fill a page or perhaps like me you could write a book?

Many of us have a hard life or a phase in life which then, in the seclusion of our own space if we have such a luxury, often begs the question, ‘why me?’

It is said that the system in its uncertain and often crumbling infrastructure is there to support us in our hours of need, but it seems that that same system has not been able to keep up with the demands which modern society throws at us in this day and age. We often read of a death or deaths inspiring societies, schools and hospitals to increase training of staff to prevent such a death happening in the future.

One has to ask why did it take a death? Are we so complacent and content to muddle along not caring about the possible consequences of action or inaction in the future?

Or is it that in this new technological time we see things quicker, if not immediately, and imagine that the problems which families face are different from the generations in the past. Where we were left to fend for ourselves before we were able to determine exactly what the symptoms told us was the cause.

Here’s the rub: so often symptoms that stare us in the face are not really what is going on inside us and despite our deluge of diagnostic apparatus we are often unable to find the true cause and still we read of new techniques and machines to help in the tracing of the real origin of the reactions, behavioural patterns and often cited outrageous actions of students in schools.

Why does it take so long to get a young pupil transferred to the right school for them? Some parents have struggled for years to have the system hear their legitimate cry for help! In the meantime their child suffers and suffers getting worse all the time and the exhausted parent is driven to distraction and despair.

Have we forgotten how to read the cries for help?

Have we misunderstood the needs of an evolving human race?
Oh yes! Did we forget that we are still evolving?
Just compare one generation to the one before and you will see, in just average height alone we are becoming the giants of myth, fairy tale and fable.
Did you think that McDonald’s and the like are the only ones to blame? They could be the cause but they are certainly not the remedy.

When we scan the different communities that make up modern humanity there are some who value wealth in a completely different way to the Geckos of the West where ‘greed is good’.

In fact they are the ones whose wealth is in values that are ages old and in the most part have shunned the toys and trappings of what some have called our shameful society. Looking at our brothers in the Americas who were the originals or emigrated there to escape tyranny and searched for freedom, they still value community where if one suffers a misfortune the rest come together to fill the gap and rebuild the unfortunates life again.

We see this attitude to community in the North American Nations, in the Tribes of the Amazon and in the secluded sect of the Mennonite Amish. There is much to be learned from these peoples who react immediately to help others less fortunate than themselves.

Contrary to this laudable way of being, as above, we can struggle through years of anguish and trauma before anyone takes any notice of our plight. So what happened to the natural love and compassion that we were born with. Yes! I do believe that, contrary to religious thought, there is no such thing as original sin, only original goodness! We may see things quicker but why does it take us so long to do the right thing?

When we see not just friends and family helping out, but complete strangers helping those in need, like: you would not hesitate to help a child fallen over in the street, would you? I can speak from personal experience when in May I tripped and fell in the street. Immediately three builders mending the road, a van driver and many nearby shoppers ran to my assistance.

An ambulance was called which did not arrive, ‘system failure’, and after the initial shock I was able to stand following the help of a First Aider and a lady with Rescue Remedy. I can honestly say that my faith in humanity and my relatively new, only been here for 18 months, local community was restored that day!

After a check up with the Doctor the following day, there were luckily no breaks and in taking it easy for the next couple of days I was able to catch up on my favourite TV programme: DIY – SOS. On the ‘Really’ channel.

This is a truly remarkable series hosted by Nick Knowles where families suffering many different traumas, medical and mental issues, poor and inadequate housing are helped by the programme and a host of local companies and volunteers who give products, building materials and furnishings plus their free labour over nine days or more with the guidance of a designer to help out families in desperate need, giving them a comfortable, usable home and garden in which to live and grow together.

The longer I live the more I believe that our strength is in our difference and our true wealth is in community.
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel

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