Having been forced into hospital’s hands,
which piece to place, taken out of my hands.

Whatever we think we suffer in life,
There’s a remedy in our toolbox.
If their tongue is as sharp as a kitchen knife,
And might look to you, like a stubborn old ox
Change how you see them from sharp to soft,
They won’t change, but it’s easy for you.
Let your thoughts become prayers and soar aloft,
Then watch as the universe sends your clue.

Clues in their shapes, come like puzzle pieces,
Each one peculiar in its own way.
They come from people, places and niches
That you often think, just get in the way
But those clues are at times the very best
The ones that hurt at the time can be seen
Viewed as what was required to reach the crest
Of illumination to light the scene.

The scene of your life, viewed in the present
So easy, to look back in retrospect.
Try to see it now as something pleasant
Rather than to see it with disrespect.
There is much to review in gratitude
Make a list of all that brings happiness.
When tough times become difficult or crude
Remember things that bring joy and gladness.

It is the life, truth and the only way
To achieve the first rung of the ladder,
Leading to enlightenment’s brightest ray,
It is your own path that really matters.
You are the only player in the game
The game, the jigsaw of placing pieces
Whether it is fame for which you can aim
Or make changes to profit our species.

Which piece will you place next in the jigsaw?
Hanukah & the Angel

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Life for most people is a conundrum,
They get bogged down in rhyme or reason why?
I am content, for others to bang my drum,
I know how they feel, as I look in their eye.
So concerned are most in the daily grind,
Instead of looking to the end result,
But looking for pitfalls which they might find,
Imagining that it’s all their own fault.

Self blame and unworthiness weigh heavy,
Starts the vicious cycle, leading to fear.
Breaking the circle that cleaved one heady,
Is the only answer, to leave one clear.
Instead of blaming others for stealing,
Stealing a vital piece of their own peace.
Instead of solving the puzzle of living,
For sure, that single effort, will bring ease.

To accuse another is no salvation,
Share and respect are the only answers.
There is no patent on word or station,
No one could ask us, for more than to serve.
Our only quest is to give of our best,
With love the overriding principle.
So righteousness and justice to ingest,
That loving oneself, is the only canticle.

When so doing the inner level rises,
The conscious level, known, as happiness.
When happy with oneself, all else reprises,
Or pales, and somehow fades into worthlessness.
What was important becomes unimportant,
Life becomes much simpler, but not by force.
We find inspiration, even in cant,
Should we accuse, or love our Divine source?

Puzzles become much easier to solve.
Our own life-puzzle, leads ever onwards,
Our own inner peace, and our self-made salve,
Often become possible by use of words.
Beginning with loving self, then, others,
Loving the self, and becoming content.
No difference, though it seems life smothers,
Whether living in a mansion or tent.

There is many a reason in these rhymes,
To bring some real sense into our station.
No matter current whereabouts or climes,
There is an impetus to our action.
It is the soul that calls us all to arms,
We must supply the spiritual courage,
And allow us the chance to use our charms,
To bring peace, to calm mind and heart damage.
Hanukah & the Angel

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Pilgrim to Pilgrim

Within the stretch of any day
We are controlled by nature’s cast.
Watching the boughs and branches sway
As southwest wind soon finds its blast.
With petals from the final rose
Like spattered blood upon the field,
No good striking my normal pose
Against such force, I can but yield.

Take shelter in preparation
In cave or barn I am alone.
Quite alone in meditation,
I bless the strength of rock and stone.
My armour I put on at will
A change from following the plough
Not that I am about to kill
Protection is the purpose now.

This armour was not made from plough
It is my faith in all I do.
Once proud to stand upon the prow
I ride the wave, one of the few.
In conscience, this is all inside
So conscious of the Trinity.
Body, mind and soul resides,
Ever the quest: Divinity.

The wave of hate that smothers all
Will drown us all unless put out.
Mankind is deaf to hear the call
Unconscious of the new redoubt.
Community calls must be heard,
Last retreat is lying within.
Mankind is not one of the herd
Carries the power, not out but in.

The power is deep and rises slow
It must be called through ages old.
Wisdom may come as we all grow
Writings tell through many a fold.
Only if we read with vision,
Words from wise and ancient sages.
Those who believe they know, will shun
As was done through countless ages.

Some doubt what keeps us together,
Why don’t we fly like spreading shot?
Trying to avoid the weather
Wanting cool from a boiling pot?
Life is full of impossibles,
Should we kick, so, against the pricks?
We must go with the possibles,
Practice all wise, and well found tricks.

The armour, faith, is on for good
Protection strong for me and you
Dancing with me through wave and wood
We are the dance of life we two
The life we live is what we choose
It’s only ours, none may gainsay
Some having their say, may refuse
It’s their choice to choose their own way.

It keeps us against all such ends
A force which holds the universe,
Keeps us in our own positions
Proof against power of any curse.
Keeps each planet in its orbit
Force for good is all our passion,
Grace of God we cannot forfeit
It’s the force of our compassion.
Hanukah & the Angel

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HPT is also a great Teacher, since it teaches us the value of team-work.
In conventional terms this is a team of one, but in our meditational ways, it is a team of two.

The two comprise the two essential elements that make you who you are, and without which none of us would exist. The two are the mind, which is the leader of the team, and the body which follows the mind.

These two elements show the world what you are about, even before you utter a word. Via something as simple as your body language which shows how you are feeling and to a certain extent how life has treated you so far.

In this respect you can learn a lot about someone by simple observation, how they react one to one and also how they cope in a crowd.

Who we are depends on many outside influences, such as our family or lack of family, the environment in which we live, and our experiences to date which is really what life is all about, since it is the experience that the soul is hear to enjoy, through us as individuals and also as part of a group or team.

Our spirit is part of an inner team because it comprises consciousness, mind and spirit, as all together they are in fact synonymous. So that, when we think a thought, it has a vibration all of its own. All of the cells in the body have not so much a consciousness, but a simple volition which responds to the consciousness, mind and spirit. This is the much maligned train of events that happen with the body, often called mind over matter, and the matter is not something outside of us, but our own bodies.

As this teamwork is automatic we have to take great care with what we think. It is important to realise that your thoughts will not have an immediate effect on your body or your life path, but so long as you concentrate on what you want that makes you feel good, and don’t deviate from the thought, but try to enhance it, rather than doubt its outcome, or deny it, your happiness will eventually come to fruition.

There is however a buffer zone in between desire and realisation, so be prepared for a lapse in time which allows you to modify your desire, enhancing its qualities to bring it to your happiest outcome or manifestation. With careful management the team wins every time.
Hanukah & the Angel.

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It may be a cliché, but for me there is no doubt that music is the food of love.

I make no secret of the fact that I love music, although as said in the beginning that I am a visual person, and prefer to meditate in silence with one notable exception. If you find music helpful you will know there are many so called ‘Meditation’ tracks available, but you will need to listen to the whole track or complete CD before you buy. So many move from a peaceful introduction to a rhythm or unwanted crescendos, that for me are not conducive to my HPT practice. Of course the best meditation background music should go nowhere – allowing you to go where you will, within.

However, low volume gentle music, I find a very useful aid in the healing clinic, not for me, but for those who come in need. Also when there are a number of people present either for healing or meditation, music is often a useful atmospheric as with our many friends, that softens the natural noises of coughing and movement that people make, and it also brings folk together, by encouraging a level of relaxation that spreads like a warm blanket round the shoulders of everyone present.

On a personal basis the music of your choice is, I believe, a natural healer that imbues a feeling of relaxation and Well-being in the listener. Though I have to say that the preferred music of my children and their partners leaves much to be desired in the way of relaxation, but maybe that is just my age?

It is said that music played to a child in the womb is helpful to the unborn, but again if you want to avoid giving birth to a hyperactive monster try not to play Heavy Metal Music, too close to the mother. Mozart is said to be the best, but again it comes down to your personal choice. The facial expressions of unborn children in the womb, leave you in do doubt as to their musical preference at the age when they can recognise the vibrations. However playing Mozart which the mother maybe cannot stand sets up contra indications in the unborn, so choice must be made with care. Chopin or Satie as an alternative maybe?

And there’s no doubt that there is something magical about music that brings harmonies into the un-measurable mystery of consciousness, thats not all, but certain scientists are only now, in these amazing moments of NOW, beginning to recognise, if only at the quantum level. What they thought was vacant space is in fact filled with conscious potential. I believe their minds will be blown when they recognise not only the magical but also the mystical significance of music.
Orchestrate your HPT, and indeed your life, with the music of your
choice …
Hanukah & the Angel.

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Benefits of HPT No 6 Slow-Fast

How does the song go? “Slow down, you’re going too fast, got to make the morning last … “
As in my favourite season of Autumn leading into Winter when the Earth slows down and begins to allow itself to recuperate, we propose something not mentioned so far in HPT, but which comes under its broad banner that we find most beneficial in managing ourselves.

As Humans we are fortunate that we have the two systems, one conscious and the other unconscious or sub-conscious, that give us the opportunity to engage in life then to recuperate in meditation and sleep. Our autonomic system allows us to breathe, for blood to circulate and for all of our internal systems to go on working whatever we may get up to, within reason.

We can live a life that stretches our systems to the point where they can function no longer with inevitable consequences, or we can aid our minds, spirits and hence our bodies to function at an Ideal Standard of Health, and one of those ways is to follow our daily purpose through HPT, bringing all our systems into harmony.

In addition however there is a weekly process that we find fits so well when we wind down for a day with a fast. By that we mean trying to give up all the tiresome tasks like work or strenuous play, television, radio or video to make it truly a day of rest for the whole self. Tiresome because of its often unwanted effect on the body, through stress.

Many concentrate on just a lack of food but a true fast should be a letting go and giving up of as much as possible. However if like us, you now need to take a medication then a very small amount of food may be desirable so as not to stress the inner self. Whatever is right for you is right for you. There are no rules only recommendations, hopefully to help.

We find an occasional fast of giving up one meal as and when we feel like it works for us to keep weight and general health where we want it.

A day of relaxation of body, mind and spirit is the aim when all systems can come to that point of harmony within. No stress should be incurred here. If you find you are unable completely to rest and need to raise your blood sugar level in order to be comfortable, then do so gently and easily with just enough to keep you stable.

We manage very well with fruit and nuts to break the fast and take the pills, a light lunch with fermented foods and as much water, coffee or green tea to drink during the day as is comfortable to flush the system, and a healthy dinner in the evening with a small glass of red wine, containing resveratrol for the heart.

We all know when we overdo any aspect of our living that is unhelpful for us in one way or another, and again as with any aspect of HPT, there should be no stress involved, but a conscious understanding and a willingness to change to a better way. This is where you known what suits you best and it is up to you to choose the best way, and remember that if you leave out or overindulge on any aspect the only one you are fooling is you!

We find that the digestive system benefits from a time of reduction, the essential inception of the immune system, and because the day is one of relaxation with at most a good spiritual book, a walk in the woods or exercise when at any or all times HPT can take its rightful place, it extends throughout the day with all its other benefits coming our way.
May it come your way too.
Hanukah & the Angel

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Benefits of HPT No 5 Healing

You will find the Benefits of HPT extend surprisingly perhaps, to healing.
So, let’s look at the Value of Healing.
How can HPT help you in your own Well-being and the Well-being of others?
As humans we are taught, in this day and age, from an early age, to notice symptoms and report them so as to consult a doctor as early as possible in order that treatment can be administered.

I’m not saying you should not do this but read on and understand how to approach your own and other’s symptoms.

It is a common misunderstanding about the workings of the body to concentrate solely on the simple aches and discomforts, which are symptoms, and there for the purpose of giving us the signal to change to a better way and a better view of ourselves.

Quantum physics is beginning to bridge the gap between the Newtonian view and the un-seen and un-measureable view of the Mystic and the Healer. As potential healers we should be well prepared for what I am about to say, but sadly most of us still notice our symptoms imagining the worst, and therefore setting up a vibrational resistance to the potential for natural healing to take place. It is in fact an opposite vibration to what we need.

But help is at hand: If you only spend 15 minutes a day in your HPT, in those few moments of complete relaxation when you are away from any consideration of your symptoms, you will see how to avoid concentrating on what you do not want. Under concentration, you begin to allow the natural vibrations of the Law of Attraction to do their work of Well-being.

In your HPT meditation, the cells of your body are given the opportunity to return to their natural state of Well-being, but this process does not stop there for the consciousness, or for the volition of your cells that communicate this welcome return to Well-being, throughout the whole of your body. You will notice your new feeling of better health.

Of course the catch here is that the cells’ volition depends on the state of your own consciousness to which they all respond.

Also, in order to heal others you must be in a state of Well-being yourself. You cannot give to others what you do not have yourself. You can perhaps see how that contra-vibration, would have the opposite to the desired effect, on a client expecting to be healed no matter how strong their faith.

For an overstretched Health Service it could be a saving grace, via the Divine Grace to change yourself through HPT meditation, to a better appreciation of your own health, and how its improvement can be achieved in a purely natural way.
Hanukah & the Angel

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