What is it that lurks in the shadow you can’t quite see?
It is the twilight that hides a vision beneath the tree.
Darkness only serves to praise the Source’s light
The messenger sets your dimmest dream alight.

Messengers come in one sure Angelic light
Ascribed my man as those of a different flight
But, no hierarchy since all are of the same sight
No shadows, all of the same level, all are light.

Boughs of the Cedar conjure shadows in the mind
Dark thoughts at odds with perfume of a kind
Standing stately in the centre of the rolling park
No shadow can obscure the lullaby of the lark.

Only a Merlin could ring her to such a height
As a burst of feathers brings a silent plight.
Is this your fear, losing life in a burst of pain,
As you’re driven to a height you can’t sustain?

The vision is your chance to find the Source
No need to travel to the top of the mountain,
The spring of life is within, your urging force
This is the thought which you need to sustain.

The spring sparkles in the light of bright sun
Cascading over the rocks of stepping stones
Which you fear as boulders in the way of fun
Make every challenge and boulder your own.

Make every shadow your shade from the heat
There is no need to fight another, rob or cheat
The perfume of the Cedar is your free scent
Humble moth will stay away from lining leant.

All on Planet Earth are the gifts for us to use
Used wisely precludes the need of a muse
You are inspired with every soft breath taken
Tobacco, a gift in moderation, not to be mis-taken.

The weed must be a sacred gift, reserved for God
Great Spirit, Manitou and all relations in the mind
Being unafraid understanding there’s nothing odd
Only unknown, misunderstood or undermined.

Stinging nettle can clear the troubled blood
Awareness of infusions, simple teas are good
To bring good health keeping mind and body
In ideal health for anything, always, ever ready.

Insider is in the know, knowing all the Source gives
Understanding and knowing how the other half lives
Sharing, giving and healing all who share this space
Wherever the journey takes and Spirit leads with grace.

The Grace is in the air, subtle perfume of all the trees
We are blessed with every breath standing or on knees.
Living, praying, chanting being aware of All There Is
In every moment, the one who is aware: the Insider is.

This, the Quest on which you’re sent, your journey to Earth
Was only the prologue to the Course of Miracles from birth
The overriding purpose, regardless of the rest to witnessing
All and everything that passes all other’s understanding.

Becoming the true Insider is the task of all humankind
Finding the reason, understanding the Quest of being
Be aware that life begins, from all angles, in the mind
Pain is not where you think it is, but in simply thinking.

Above all else: being aware of the Source of All
In every breath whether asleep or having a ball,
Look upon this message from inside as your call
See the image in the glass as one you love above all.

Understanding what that image contains in truth
There is only one Trinity which is contained within it
So your image, which proves you need no further proof
Subtly, hidden within the Body are Soul and Spirit.
Absence of proof is no proof of absence.
© David Tenneson –2017

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Immediately on meeting folks we turn our minds to the way we react to them – do we love them or hate them and all in between!

This typically reactive nature which we have been brought up to employ has, frankly a disastrous effect on our whole being. Especially from the starting point of the Brain which is where it all begins for us humans.

It’s not so much what we say or what we do but what we think that matters!

We need to reflect on how we perceive others: Is it their physical appearance which guides us, what they say, how they say it or the way they react to us that prompts us into immediate judgement? For make no mistake it is judgement that infests all of our minds unless we are totally aware of our mindfulness – mindful of the way in which we think and perceive the world.

There is an immediate need for the whole of mankind to eradicate the emotion of fear from our immediate conscious thought process from the moment that we wake. It is fear that drives the likes of Kim Jon Un and the reaction to him of Donald Trump, they are both guilty of not having control over their emotions.

We are all blessed with the gift of Free-will and not a single other human being has the right to go against that gift, though there are some on this mournful planet who imagine that they are the vigilantes whose mission is to preserve peace in our time at any cost, regardless of the Free-will of others. Though in that process I believe that they damage themselves more than they hurt others.

There is a distinct lack of respect which starts at the top and percolates down through the levels of society to the common man and woman, where they all claim that emotion is to blame for their actions which have to begin with their emotive thoughts otherwise known as human nature.

Sadly, they are only too right and it is indeed emotion that really does rule us and most of us allow it uncontrolled access to colour our thoughts. There are emotions of all sorts, but it is the feelings which come to the surface of our waking consciousness as inner reactions, which are the signpost to our true beliefs.

Those inner thoughts should show us who and what we really are and in true mindfulness give us clues as to how we need to control those thoughts. Every thought which we have has a unique vibration associated with it which, strange as it may seem, impinges onto everyone else’s consciousness in our vicinity and beyond.

Those of us who walk into a silent room and immediately sense tension between those already present are picking up on those vibrations emitted by others who were in the room before them. That is on an immediate current basis, not to mention those who can also pick up on happenings in the past such as the death of someone that occurred in the room years before, but that’s another story. It is picking up on emotions nevertheless!
Who said that walls do not speak?

This will no doubt resonate with many who are knowingly or unknowingly psychic and /or will take to heart the need to watch what they think. In particular we often worry about things which we fear might happen and there’s the nub.
Worry is thinking about things you don’t want!

Don’t do that! Think about what you DO want. Allow that thought and its vibration to bounce around you and around the Universe, again strange as it may seem, the more you reinforce the thoughts about what you DO want the greater the likelihood that it will happen. So long as you don’t indulge and start thinking about HOW that will happen or DOUBT that it could ever be!

You see how easy it is to allow your negative emotions of doubting to cancel out your positive thoughts about what you DO want? It takes a deal of control which lets face it we are not used to, but if we allow the positive interaction of mindfulness to give us the necessary control over our thoughts and emotions, we will find that what we do want has the greatest chance of manifestation – eventually.

So back to our first reactions: It is too easy to let our first reaction to others adversely colour our thoughts. The ideal and in fact the only sure way for mankind to progress on the Path to Ascension is for us all to respect and love others no matter their colour, shape, language or faith and to treat them with the respect we would accord to those we love in our own family.

In this respect those same vibrations created by our thoughts will find an immediate landing place in the consciousness of our children even before we verbalise anything or they are capable of speech. What we think, including all of our fears and phobias are transmitted to our children who will begin to have the same thoughts as their mums and dads and/or carers.

It is so important for parents to think only about the things they want and not to worry about the things they don’t want, thereby only passing on the positive thoughts of the right, loving and respectful beliefs they want to see in the young lives of their children.

We must realise that negative emotions and therefore thoughts about any aspect of our lives prevent the positive thoughts on any unrelated subject to be cancelled. It’s the same as: You can’t love and hate in the same breath! That is just not possible, the whole Universe just does not work like that!

In fact hating anything rather puts the mockers on all of your positive thoughts and vibrations about all that you really want.

How about that for starters of a positive way forward?
Warning & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel

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Asked if I would guide the morning meditation?

Gentle voice bringing calm
Journey to lead
Picture of beauty
Never ending soft and gentle music.

Opening the portal,
Entering the landscape
Seeing, witnessing
Becoming aware.

Fresh vision
Colour, scent, touch
Sensing, remembering, closing
Leaving behind.

Without looking without
Dreaming …
Looking within
Seeing without illusion.

Leaving dreaming to sleep
Inner consciousness reality
Without illusion

Remembering the journey
Every sight, every perfume
Every touch, every feeling
Leading into believing.

Believing in self
Loving Source
Loving self, loving all.
No Delusion!
© David Tenneson –2017

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It is significant that the much talked of illusion is set by the inadequacy of humankind to see beyond … Beyond the picture set by every community whether driven, drawn or delivered by those risen to power, whether religious of which there are legion or none of which there are an equal number, all differing by degrees, at risk of upsetting the establishment of the time and consequent damage to oneself, we once had to conform!

It is said that what we see is an illusion and therefore all that we see and call physical does not exist, except that is in our acceptance that what appears as physical to us is in reality an accepted appearance from its spiritual origin.
Indeed it is a difficult mental jump to make that all that we see and feel is the physical manifestation of its spiritual origin, regardless of the fact that the spaces between atoms render anything physical more space than substance!

By the same token, all that is, has ever been or will be is just that, occurring in the spirit first before manifestation . But before you jump to question, let me say that the answer is in the affirmative that every advancement in medicine, science or technology occurs in the spiritual first to compliment every effort in research and development in every field of human endeavour. It is an unsung partnership between spirit and form. Where did you imagine that flashes of inspiration came from?

Every advance in the evolution of the race is down to the efforts made in all of those fields and in this respect it is possible to understand the reason why reincarnation is so important and is in fact never ending!

It is certainly true that to see existence through the bifocal lens of spiritual and physical we can appreciate the joint nature of the spiritual and physical images complimenting one another. After all the other aspect of sleep than to rest the body and conscious mind is to allow the connection, through the Spirit, with the unconscious nature of ourselves, allowing the balance to be created between the conscious and subconscious aspects of mind.

The other avenue to view is the aspect of the Soul wanting the experience of changing conditions due to evolution, perhaps seeing and feeling the same relationship through the updated lens that evolution provides.

Can you imagine the opportunity that a single generational change brings with the rate of growth and miniaturisation of electronics, that the computer age has already provided and who knows how far that will evolve with the prospect of computers mimicking the synapse activity of the human brain using light as the medium instead of electricity along a conductor of copper, silver or gold! What a saving that presents, eh?

This whole discussion begs the question: What do we actually see when we look into the space that surrounds spaceship Earth. Is that an illusion too?

After all, it is mooted, and something which I fervently believe, that it is in fact possible to manipulate space, causing it to fold so that what we see as a journey taking light years could actually be carried out in a matter of weeks or even days! Perhaps it will only take a number of scientists to believe in the same possibility that it will become an actuality! In refusing to contemplate this and other such possibilities: is this where our lagging behind on the journey to Ascension leaves us?

Is our general reluctance to accept the spiritual origin of All There Is leaving us in the void of unknowing, making any progress such a hard won labour? Or is the fact that there are still those on this globe who believe that the Earth is not a sphere but flat, or that the Earth has only been in existence for 6000 years, holding us back?

We are glued to the past and science still has a long way to go to prove these sorts of theories true in practice to all citizens of Earth, which raises another question about the establishment which created the past and refuses to let go of it despite the present day pioneers in all fields providing logical answers to the conundrums left behind by those who now sit behind a desk and refuse to listen to an argument which would threaten their self obsessed hard won dogma!

Even history books are now being rewritten with the acknowledgement that history was written by the victorious and therefore not necessarily a true account of the happenings of the past! In the meantime history classes in schools continue to teach or should that be preach the age old dogma?

Maybe it will take another generational shift to suffer the cost of rewriting and reprinting those thousands of text books, unless of course we are sensibly updating to the new inclusive text book of the Tablet or Lap Top. Again, in the meantime, maybe in all fields we will have to continue to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous dogma, feeding us all with barbed and pernicious print, tending as we do to believe anything in the printed form or on utube?

All that are illusions, in my view, are the false explanations, false gods, and incomplete science which, according to our environment, we are force to accept in our time and in this respect there is no end and therefore nothing is ever finished. All, including history is suffering ‘a sea change into something rich and strange’!! Let us hope that we do not all end up ‘full fathom five’ as the oceans continue to rise due to global warming. False news?

It seems that Illusionists have manipulated science into an art and made fortunes out of fooling the human mind, but to my mind we did not need any help, as we are so often deluded. The Internet and in particular Social Media is a prime example of how easy it is to trick us into believing an Illusion!
Warning, warming & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel

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DEVON SPEAK (Just a few I recall from 1940s to 1950s)
How are you: “‘ow be knacklin vor”
They do say in mornin’
Pretty fine: “Perdy viddy” be the answer
So it is my handsome: “So tis me ‘ansome”.

There be one word
A common verb – jus’ one, I recall
You can use, I guess, anywheres.
Hitting a nail in:
Hit it in – “Frape ‘n een!”
Putting a jacket on:
Put in on – “Frape n on!”
T’was so when I wus a buoy.
Livin’ in the pub
Windsor Hotel
In Bradiford.

So guys in their cups
Could not mistake
I painted on the Gents wall
Here it is: “Yer tiz”

Besides speakin’ broad Devon
With no teeth the old Drover
Kept us amused in the bar,
With his many tales, but,
We had a hard job catching them
Sadly I do not recall his own words
So hard to understand!

At Time of Lynnmouth Flood
Drover was allowed to go in and visit his sister
In his many tales he spoke of the devastation
The state of the roads: ‘There wus pot ‘oles this ‘igh’
Said he, holding his hand a yard from the floor.

Found another on BBC Spotlight
“Dimpsey” and I guess
You can guess where that takes us?
That’s it, into the twilight zone.
The zone of remembrance.

Maybe you know some more?
© David Tenneson –2017

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As we move through the years, we always said we would try to grow old disgracefully!

Turning the old adage of ‘gracefully’ on its head and at the same time sparking a response from those who would take it literally with a snort of disapproval! Though not many I have to say in this day and age, most approve wholeheartedly. Yeah!!

What we really intend as we have passed the Biblical height of three score years and ten is to do our own thing!

Since we believe in the Divine Lord Logos and the request that we do all in our power to find happiness in all that we believe, say and do …  in downsizing from our mansion in Spain we have tried to make things easier and comfortable for these old bones.

Those in our generation will no doubt concur that at a certain point in our time, yes, our time since time is immaterial and different for us all, when no matter how good the medics are and how clever the pills and potions they prescribe, there is only a certain amount they can approach and for the rest, well, it is very much down to us! Wouldn’t you agree?

How many times when you try to explain a symptom to the Doc, he might say, O it’s your age! Enough said, nothing to do, but to get on with it! In the extreme of course we hear of those with such advanced conditions that there is literally nothing the medics can do, so they are sent home to pass away at their own pace. Better, they feel, to be at home with sufficient support than to be in a hospital or hospice.

There are those out there who will say well if you had a fitness regime early on and stuck to it you might be better off now, or told the Doc of your worries earlier … Possibly true, but so hard to generalise. Isn’t it?

For me: I tried dancing of all sorts from an early age when an aunt asked me as a teenager to be a demonstration partner at an Old Time Dancing Club, then following that introduction pre-Strictly, as a student I went for modern ballroom in Brighton, but when work, family and age took over it tended to slip away, so I tried jogging once and when I reached the third lamppost from the house I nearly had a heart attack so took that as a no, no and staggered back for a lie down in a dark room! As the daughters grew one became a ballerina and then went into teaching so amongst her many talents she taught me Line Dancing which I thoroughly enjoyed … for a while.

It was then that a more spiritual aspect to life took over and the more comfortable method of Yoga and Meditation proved to suit me to a ‘T’. Unfortunately when arthritis decided to invade, the Yoga had to go but Meditation and its twin of Mindfulness led me into the necessary mindset just suiting me to the Quest of following the path to Ascension.

In our new living space we have tried to make things as I say: easy, comfortable and maintenance free as far as possible. The trouble is that life is not static, it is an evolving state, different for everyone and for us: although we have done all the infrastructure to make life comfortable, as challenges, largely unforeseen,  work their way into our lives and our bodies we have to accommodate yet more changes! You know how it goes?

Isn’t it just a trifle frustrating that having done all you thought necessary the aging process throws a spanner into the works promoting the need for yet more adjustments? I guess that’s what challenges are all about!

Now I know what you are going to say: It’s a bit like the war which in the old days no one spoke about, so what am I complaining about? The thing is that few of us talk about these things and I do believe that we should and you know what they say? A problem shared is a problem halved!

But it was here that avoidance for me took over from planned comfort!

I remember that back in 1982 it was also at that point that Mum’s pain became unbearable and she was fitted with a motorised pump to deliver the cocktail of drugs to ease her pain and try to avoid the stress and constant unbearable reminder of her cancer, but it was this mixture that finally destroyed her vital organs and she passed away in my arms. Having made her as comfortable as possible with the help of the MacMillan Nurses. God bless them, they are wonderful!

A lady of many talents, she was my inspiration and taught me so much without which I am certain I would not have achieved all that I have managed in my life so far. R.I.P. Joanie. X

So back to the present and a for instance: Having changed our mattresses we did not foresee that despite memory foam and all of that technology, it did not accommodate the pain that comes from putting one hand on the other, resting your head on a pillow or lying on one side, having to change sides as the hip gives out and one knee cannot stand the weight of the other! We are told to walk briskly for at least 10 minutes a day but even that can become a trial when the feet just don’t want to walk! I do it nevertheless. As you do!

But we are the lucky ones! You only have to watch the box to see what others have to put up with. Not only the obvious injured service personnel having lost limbs and suffered the unseen mental agonies of the injuries and the following trauma of recovery from something which was totally unavoidable, or was it? To others in our communities of all ages whose needs cannot be met by the NHS and its offshoots in their current form and as I say left to their own devices.

What the box has also shown us is that the places where we live house the most compassionate communities on the planet through programs like DIY SOS, A. Titchmarsh and his Love Your House and Garden, and the like.

It is important to realise that if you can make yourself comfortable and relatively pain free and you can bring your level of consciousness to the point of happiness, despite what you put up with, then you are on the right path to follow your quest and that Ascension will be within your reach.

There is nothing like HPT Meditation to Ground and Centre you, bringing inner peace and opening the channels leading to that level of consciousness, which as you see I call Happiness, throughout your day.
Feeling & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel

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LOOKING BACK (at my reflection)
What is it that makes a life?
Could I look back with satisfaction?
Age makes no difference to action
It’s all in the matter of faction!
Looking back …

There is a purpose to any life
Finding yours is not essential
Though some would argue crucial
To bring reason to your existence?
Looking back …

The reason is the same for all
Some would say to have a ball
Which is true if you construe
That any ball leads to happiness,
Looking back …

Occasions shown in my glass
When actions found toughness
I didn’t know I had, man and boy,
Leading me on the path to joy,
Looking back …

For which I feel good and strong
Happy I did that, happy I was among
Others in the same boat as me, along the way,
There were of course moments along that way …
Moments of mystery, moments of sadness.
Looking back …

That do not so much weigh upon me
Heavily, but, wondered at the time
Why, did that have to happen, why me
But now I see the why, beneath the rime,
Looking back …

Without those contrary conditions
I would never have come to know
The moments of pleasure I see now
As grand moments of elation,
Looking back …

Those whom we saw as anti us
Making life difficult, were a must
In fact, now appearing as vital
To push us at the right angle,
Looking back …

When all that’s a must to find,
Is a purpose of a certain kind.
It is of course to search for joy of mind,
Happiness! That’s all we need to find,
Looking forward …

Achievement is good of course
But not that important in itself
It is the feeling that it brings
The joy in the inner bells it rings.
Being now …
© David Tenneson –2017

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