They say that travel broadens the mind
It also renews connections of a kind
If only from a distance brought close
As with my far removed family, the most.

It was on such a trip, this Autumnal month
That we journeyed north for a wedding once.
My niece decided to take the plunge, into an ocean,
An ocean of love and joy, convention shunned.

Such gay abandon in the young is good to see
We are so hemmed in by forced convention
Fearing to step outside our fee of subscription
Lest we incur yet more debt or enmity.

In my travels I meet the youth of today
Who can be careless, but more often free play,
Not having incurred our unwelcome baggage,
It revives our Spirit that gives us less luggage.

Anything to lighten the load, travelling lightly
Is the best maxim leaving ourselves free
To enjoy the journey itself, no matter the end
It’s your joy that matters, the mind to mend.

This is the broadening, this is the fixing
So much of this life is all about mixing
Look forward to it, reach it, enjoy and return
Going to and fro, from which comes the burn.

Warming and cooling, stirring and stilling
Walking and riding, flying and sailing
We’ve travelled the world since it began
Nomads, itinerants, but some stay and stand.

Still there are places where no foot has trod
Yet we speak of going to the planet of Zod!
Are we never satisfied or just can’t be bothered
Few are the true pioneers who still forge forward.

Travelling the lands in search of Shangri-la
The promised land, could it be Panama?
No map, no direction following the nose
Drawing attention by striking a pose!

Surely someone will help, seeing us helpless
Some kind passing traveller giving direction,
Showing us the right point of the compass
I wonder if it would come in meditation?

You meet such nice people when you travel
Instead of just looking at a picture and marvel.
Seeing for real and meeting many people
Brings excitement and joy, like climbing a steeple.

The view changes from wherever you are
With a clear mind connected to Source
You’re on the right wavelength of course
Happiness appears from both near and far.
© David Tenneson –2017

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You know that in my youth we had not seen a person with a skin colour different to our own, down in deepest Devon, and if asked to describe a black person, well, they all looked the same to us! However, with familiarity we were able to see the minute differences that show through the personalities of those with African, Asian and Far Eastern ancestry, but for me that was not until my late teens not having moved far from my birthplace, except to Wales where the folks looked much the same as us, until I was nineteen.

Having travelled the world and spent many years in foreign climes when events and conditions made it possible if not imperative to return to at least my birth county, it was indeed a pleasure to hear again the familiar soft burr of the West Country accents again and to welcome all, now familiar, of every colour, faith and following into our home.

The well known phrase, ‘familiarity breeds contempt’, meaning that one ceases to appreciate the qualities of something you know well, is a saying which I find a little disconcerting since it is only when I know something or someone well, rather than as just a passing glance or acquaintance, that I can truly assess and appreciate their qualities and differences.

In my take on the preparation for meditation: it is desirable to be in a familiar place with, if possible, personal possessions to bring the mind to that level of consciousness, the reason why I am there, in peace and tranquillity prior to HPT/meditation. In which case I would say that: ‘Familiarity brings contentment’.

So, how familiar are you with You?

How could it be that we are reluctant to understand that medical conditions of the body are best dealt with in their early stages to have the best chance of remedy and at the same time we are so reluctant to mention an ache, pain, cough or feel for those lumps and bumps which are often the precursors of more dangerous not to say life threatening conditions if left unattended? That is not to say that we should worry about a little ach and assume it is something dire, but to seek advice.

When in Spain for 12 years I was lucky to have great treatment from the local skin specialist who diagnosed and removed many melanomas from my chest and back. But contrary to that imperative here, when I went for a 6 month check up I was told I should wait until the tumour was at least 2″ across before they would remove it, when in all possibility I would lose half my chest! It does not put faith in the NHS!

I thought I was on the right path and as to not wanting to feel for those lumps and bumps, are we that fearful of the possible diagnosis which we would rather not know? You see? The right path may not always pay off!

Knowing and becoming familiar with ourselves in our bodies and our minds is surely the way to go in the first steps of our approach to Ascension not to say a healthy mind and body to get the best out of life on our way to that desirable state of being?

We tend to concentrate on all that is outside of ourselves believing that what we can gain materially in every sense will bring to us that elusive state of happiness. We seem incapable of wanting to know about ourselves so intimately and familiarly to the point of being able to respond to every nuance of our beingness that is the only way to proceed on that pathway to happiness and to bring us on to the first rung of the ladder to Ascension.

In essence this way of being extended to not only our inner being, but out to everything we see, hear, touch and respond to in our daily existence, known as mindfulness is, I believe, the true and only way of being to which we should all aspire on our journey.

You can perhaps see a pattern developing here which comes under the general term of awareness, contrary to the way of being developed by most of wearing blinkers directing themselves onto a narrow pathway in a direction of ‘doing’ to put it mildly.

In that way we tend to become isolated to the position of aloneness and from that position it was once said that, ‘talking to yourself is the first sign of madness’.

But think for a moment or two about becoming familiar with your total self and the consequent development of a unique relationship with yourself which no one else can intrude upon or fully understand. Only you can do that!

When you know yourself so well that you are aware of every aspect of your being, you can respond and communicate with every nerve, muscle, organ and its condition manifested through every ache, twinge, twitch or tingle then how better to understand and respond to those senses than to speak to the finest point within you and to speak to your smallest cell where that sensation occurs so that as we have proposed many times in the past:

“Speaking to yourself is the beginning of wisdom!”

Just consider the response of change which you can promote by this connection at the cellular level of your being. Every cell has a volition which gives it the direction it needs to carry out its task in a prescribed manner, say a cell in the Heart, the Liver or the Gut – the seat of immunity, knowing what it has to do in that position in the body.

Every cell volition responds to the master consciousness which is your own consciousness, mind or Spirit. Without an intimate correspondence with yourself there is a tendency to imagine that a twinge is evidence of a tumour! On that assumption the cell assumes that condition and far from fighting any rogue cell it allows the growth of similar cells.

The answer is to promote your own familiarity with your Self, down to the smallest cell and to be mindful of what you think 24/7. The Universe responds to your thought process to give you more of what you think just like the cell volition follows your every train of thought. Think Well-being!

There is only one Source Energy throughout the Universe and that is of Well-being to give you what you THINK you want. ‘To comply with your Free-will’!

Familiarity with all of this and All That Is 24/7, is the way to go.
With Love and Blessings from Hanukah & the Angel

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Rites of Passage
Lead us on to doorways
Through which we need to pass
As symbolic gateways
Passing out our current class.

Oceans carve from solid rock
The caves and caverns unlocked.
Places of shelter, places to live
Scrawled on walls, the missives.

Messages left by ancestors
Pictures painted with signs
And symbols left to intrigue us
All who passed this way leave lines.

Lines of direction, coming from, going to:

Going through portals
The rite of all us mortals
Marking changes, one state to another
Boyhood to manhood, becoming a mother.

Marking a stage, baptism, anointing
Recognition of a new appointing,
Reaching a higher rank, a new seat
From below to above the salt’s a feat.

Some stages only you will know
Maybe your mentor or guru’s aware,
But the world out there hears no crow
There is no revelry no outer fanfare.

The vision quest is yours alone
This journey is for you to find.
Suffering leads to revelation
Pain may be the spur to open your mind.

But no need to take the route of scourging
Personal pain is not necessary
Your gateway can be in meditating
Others will demand a ceremony.

Their demands should not matter!
It is your joy that is of consequence
Passing through a portal of matter
Is the only thing that makes any sense.

The only thing that matters to you, is you
In the highest possible conscience
From physical to spiritual science
You are the centre of all your daring do!
© David Tenneson –2017

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Dear Sue, I hope you don’t mind me responding to your post in this way rather than to clog up your Comment Box?

It’s just that I felt there was more to say on the subject of the light:
So many in the world would not understand the language that our wonderful circle of light workers are familiar with.

So to pick up on your post ‘Joining the Light’ … there is so much that can happen to enable us to work through the challenges which life brings to us in order to facilitate the experience which the Soul has put on the table of probabilities.

Of course, there is much brought through from the realms of light which we do not have the vocabulary adequately to understand, explain or comment upon, but through the teachings which we have been privileged to receive I can say that as the planet goes through ever changing seasons brought about by solar influences and the ages through which it must pass, the opportunities arise for experiences to be repeated from, shall we say, the dark ages into this current age.

It is often cited that those who are going through these periods of extreme catastrophe must be old Souls, who need this experience from way back into the current domain, but I believe that we are all old Souls. Just as a return to experience a similar life, but from a different relationship stand point, a repeat of the old brought into the new can be understood – maybe a little, from a Soul point of view.

Loss is the key:
I had a good childhood with just one parent but I guess with the apron strings being held so tightly there was bound to be friction and sure enough we had our differences drifted apart, but came back together with a little more understanding and a greater respect.

So, when that parent passed I was amazed that it hit me so hard and took me quite a while to get used to the hole in my life.

What it must take when not just a loved one is lost, but the rest of the family, the home and all possessions obliterated is beyond my understanding.

However, in my understanding:
We have to experience darkness in order to appreciate light and this goes for ever aspect of life on Earth.

I believe that as the climate cycles and seasons go through climatic change we are in for more of the same extremes of storms, rising temperatures and catastrophes for us to face, come to terms with, accept and overcome each in our own way.

I have a strong belief that as Sai Baba said, meditation is not just sitting still at a particular time each day, but to keep the Divine, which I call the Logos in our mind 24/7. This is the only way to get through, with peace of mind, what this amazing existence brings to us.

Much love a blessings to all who find themselves facing catastrophe.
Love, David

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At breakfast the other day it was remarked that the bakers were cheats since their bread was full of holes! Perhaps it was their intention to sell holes or at least to bring them to our attention as one of the most important aspects of life on Earth? Are all bakers therefore philosophers, scientists or just plain prophets? Or maybe their ploy was to raise our consciousness, in the raising process of the dough, which causes the holes, to bring our awareness to higher planes of thought onto a spiritual level.

We know that yeast is the raising agent that changes unleavened bread into the Loaves we know and love, but what is it that raises our consciousness to the level of firstly happiness and then on to the first rung of the ladder to enlightenment? Is it different for everyone?

Here in the Northern hemisphere we enjoy many differences including in the temperatures that the seasons bring to us and we take advantage of the similarly natural gifts that keep us warm in the winter months by enjoying the warmth of a woollen jumper, cardigan or fleece, although the latter these days would most likely be made of a manmade material. Why? Well, they are full of holes trapping air in small pockets which happen to be bad conductors of heat when unable to move in the manner of convection and therefore keep us warm.

As a youngster I remember my toes creating holes in sheets, from unkempt toe nails, which Mum would then rip down the centre and turn sides to middle to give them an added life and holes in my socks were darned by Granny, before the advent of reinforced heels and toes, you understand, or perhaps we could not afford anything so sophisticated!

We hear much about Black Holes that exist not by their appearance, but by the effects they have on the heavenly bodies around them, and as Stephen Hawking has postulated, the all consuming nature, first seen by scientists is balanced by what is now know as Hawking Radiation as what goes in can also be emitted from the hole. So, could a Black Hole also be the beginning of the process of Creation and what is emitted is the manifestation of the thoughts of the Divine Architect of the Universe.

So what is it that enables us to approach the Divine and to avoid or overcome all of the holes or Challenges set in our Soul chosen pathway to Ascension and enlightenment?

On a mundane note: Holes can be the scourge of farmers and gardeners, such as Mr Macgregor in the Tale of Peter the Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, in rural situations when rabbits come to enjoy the fruits of our labours and also dig holes for their burrows creating hazards for horses and humans alike.

On a trip to my beloved Orkney back in 1988 these words were prompted by the plague of Myxomatosis reaching the islands:

WASSITER WARREN (On the island of Sanday, Orkney)
Upon the hillside they played,
sentries here and there with ears erect,
listened, and they watched
for dangers they’d expect.
But death crept unknowing to their door,
where carefree friends had played before.
Cobwebs hang now across the gate
like curtains drawn, they state
that no one lives here anymore.

Flies buzz to and fro
and clear the tomb of physical remains,
but they too become transfixed in spider’s chains.
Bodies lie on paths and roads
mutilated by this foul disease.
No one would recognise a once familiar face,
disfigured and disguised in its last grimace.

But wait, a small white flash has caught the eye.
It seems that all have not succumbed to this foul plague,
and then another and another one runs by.
They run and leap and dance where their unlucky cousins played,
Renewal and rebirth, immuned by nature’s cleverness,
ensures that we’ll enjoy again their dance upon the Ness.
© David Tenneson – August 1988, Re-posted in 2017.

How often in altercation do we hear, ‘Your argument is full of holes’? And so holes also have their place in debate which in this age of immediate information exchange should be at an all time low, but as in all things there is the exact opposite and fake information is spread through the Internet and social media from unscrupulous vendors to those just wanting to be mischievous.

Holes naturally lead us to Holy and we have to hold up our guilty hands for our ancestors of the past in their treatment of indigenous populations, which sadly still continues in some quarters where Holy or Sacred Ground has been taken as common ground and free for all to misuse and abuse. Unfortunately Holes take on the appearance of a pox as the ground is dug for the greed of mineral exploitation.

It seems that holes are with us for the duration, like them or not, but luckily they do have their uses and when used in the right way can be the make or break of many a situation as any gardener will swear!
With Love, Blessings to all gardeners and Faith in Mankind from Hanukah & the Angel

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Plant in Me

Am I so very like a Plant?
Certainly not like my aunt
Who resembled an aspidistra,
Old and dusty and prone to dyspepsia!

I suppose I can be a bit prickly
But please tell me I’m not a cactus!
And not as spiky as our old Puss,
Who found few friends, sadly.

There were times in youth
When I needed room to root,
Space to spread and be myself.
Feared of getting left on a shelf?

Some are natural claustrophobics,
I never minded caves and secret places
But heights were my downfall,
Looking down, thought I might fall.

T’was being told I had to stay that got me
Made me move as fast as a bramble, to move away.
Where did that come from? Not from me.
Is the grass always greener further away?

Life is funny! No one teaches you to parent
No one teaches you how to grow old
And when I did, the unexpected happened!
Trouble is its different for everyone.

As I age I realise there is a shift in space.
No longer the youth wanting room to spread
Like the plant that favours being pot bound
I prefer all that I have in my own place.

Feet in soil and reaching for the sky: trees I love
I can assume their position anywhere I stand.
I know that heaven is close to where I am
But I favour the image of reaching above.
© David Tenneson –2017

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We’re in search for the most beautiful vehicle in the Universe.
Some may see this as somewhere else to live when all fails on our undoubtedly beautiful planet Earth. Would we ever be able to match the variety and beauty of this planet?

So as a diversion, lets drop the ‘T’ and just talk about Planes for a bit. Eh?

We were told many moons ago that there is a Plane of existence known by many as the High Spiritual Plane of Yanini where there is a different colour combination to our current enjoyment here on Earth.

In the distant past the Earth was known as the Blue Planet much as we now know with the view from space showing a predominance of blue with swirling white clouds in the atmosphere above, but for a different reason. At that time strange as it may seem, here on the surface, there was a similar predominance towards the blue end of the spectrum.

With an early atmosphere with clouds, but not holding raindrops of water, but other liquefied gases so that rainbows appeared more blue than our current red to blue changes as the white light is refracted through Natures prisms of water. It begs the question how was the light from our sun so different all those millions of years ago, or was it indeed before oxygen was introduced into the elemental mix, when H2O did not exist?

Yanini has virtually all plants and trees and rocks in the colour blue with birds and flowers in various shades of crimson. Can you imagine such a place?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and as one Spiritual Sage named Abraham writes: Manifestation is always in the eye of the beholder, which reminds me of Avatar where everyone was blue without a drop of woad in sight. Was that imaginative story a remembrance of the remote past in the far reaches of the Universe, just back as far as Boudica / Boadicea or perhaps even a change in dimension?

Now there’s a thought to get the synapses firing! For it is said: there is nothing new in the Universe since it has all been done before and therefore thought of before and we are just at the leading edge of evolution picking up snatches of images that are lodged in the corners of our consciousness from the past and remote past.

Of course this involves a leap in our own thought processes with an understanding that we have not only had more than one life here on Planet Earth, but also on other Planets and Planes of existence scattered throughout the Universe.

Perhaps the idea of finding another Home Planet is not so mad brained after all, it’s just that we have not yet understood that the journey could be as quick as an ocean trip here on Earth to anywhere we choose in Space which could become our Playground of Opportunity!

With our ability to visit a planet and sense its atmosphere and ground makeup, admittedly over years at present, but if we could hop from one to another a research team could become space tourists until we find what we are looking for to suit us for the next hundred thousand years or so.

Well, what a diversion which was not originally intended! The primary purpose of this post was to help you to understand something far more personal than the idea of planet hopping.

So, to pick up from ‘Manifestation is always in the eye of the beholder’, lets look nearer to our current home. It was said to me the other day that we in the UK are more prone than any other nation to say, ‘Oh I love that flower’, ‘Oh I love that colour’, Oh I love that … you get the picture.

Of course, there are the comments such as: ‘Oh isn’t he handsome’, and ‘Isn’t she beautiful’ and then the opposites of judgement to every possible aspect of face and figure that does not come up to the attitude of the critical observer, which in this age leads to hate mail through Social Media, especially in the youth and then spilling over into adulthood.

It seems that we just don’t match up to the stringent critiques of the few who see themselves as beautiful in all aspects of the word.

What do we really mean when we say, ‘I love this or that or the other’?
Could it be that we wish we had that or want to be like that or could it be that in our heart of hearts, deep within our consciousness we see the beauty in others and in other things and are joyful in the beauty of others, other things and in fact all things that we are gifted with in this life? I do hope so!

There is no doubt that it is our desires that fuelled and fuel the expansion of the human race and you thought that it was all down to McDonald’s!

Looking back to the engravings of Hogarth and the sketches of Da Vinci we see the almost caricature like faces of the many old and deformed in their day which seem to be fewer these days apart from specific medical conditions of deformity.

With the distinct lack of respect for one another, as I have posted in the past, we can see how judgement creeps in to those who in truth want something better for themselves and see the best way forward, apart from a face lift, is to denigrate others.

In truth beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, but if only we could see each other, despite our physical appearance, as the spiritual brothers and sisters which we truly are if only in terms of the vehicle for the Soul, permanently linked to the Logos, from which All There Is emanates.

We are the beautiful vehicles that lead humanity into the future wherever that takes us in the Universe carrying the Soul into who knows where it projects us into the far reaches of the Universe.
With Love, Blessings and Faith in Mankind from Hanukah & the Angel

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