We need to address the misconception of the passing.
St. John the Devine would have us believe, in the only way open to that visionary, in the Angels and trumpets blaring in numbers delighted in the human mind, using the only words he knew to try and describe what he was seeing in his visions coloured of necessity by his own imagination and subconscious dreams. In order to have a vision, the images so created must come from already perceived symbols, figures, forms or descriptions made by others and capable of understanding in the mind of the visionary.

The fact of the matter is that the passing is not of anything remotely similar to the body as we know it, only in our application of the epithets given to a journey still stuck in the anthropomorphic format used since these kinds of writings began. Why? Because that is the only way we know with our limited word power and lack of understanding of something capable of creating a star, the consciousness of the Creator, beyond and beyond our understanding.

When this body ceases to exist the one and only part of us which is eternal and has made the passing journey many, many times in the past and has yearned throughout all lives to be reunited with something which we can only guess at in its greatness, in short the First Cause of itself, which is why we refer to the First Cause or Creator as Father, Mother God.

The use of our human superlatives cannot even come close to defining something which is indefinable and unquantifiable. To try to describe the Logos, God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Great Spirit, Manitou or by any other name we choose to give to the Divine would be to denigrate the Divine if that were possible, but of course that too is impossible since the Logos is Light of the highest frequency and therefore beyond our human sight capability, description or understanding and can only be joyful that we recognise its being to the point of giving it a name which in itself is of little or no consequence or every consequence.

If only we could understand the level of the unconditional love which is waiting for us on passing and with us now, it would remove all fear of death, with its superstitions of hell, purgatory and being refused entry by St. Peter at the Pearly Gates!

Of course, the thing is that the Soul is the child of the Logos and is familiar with that frequency, that love and understanding that whatever its human host got up to in any life is experience and that is all. All that needs to be considered on passing is whether the life gave all that was expected or whether it would be necessary to embark on a further journey, into another life to complete the desired experience wished for by the Soul.

The overriding purpose for a Soul is that, like a Prodigal Son, it can return to the Logos more pure and complete in experience to warrant a permanent return to the Logos or to embark on another form of service to humanity or to another life on Earth again or far removed in say a different life form in another exciting corner of the Universe.

The Greatest Revelation will come to those who find a difficulty in accepting and understanding the nature of life, its purpose and the return to the Logos from which we all came in the first place.

When the passing occurs for whatever reason and from whatever life was led until that passing, the revelation is no revelation at all since the one that experiences the transfer is the Soul, and having been that route many times before is well aware of the love that envelops one before, during and after the process of passing which takes but a split second.

The Soul is also well aware of every minute detail of the life that has just come to an end, moreso in fact than the memory of the human mind whose body has just died and the mind downloaded via the Spirit into the Akashic Record.

Such is the nature of the greatest revelation which as it happens includes every past life in all its glorious or gory detail stored in the Akasha and available to us all, if we so wish to find, by focusing on a previous existence through deep meditation or concentrated thought on the Akasha.

In fact the Akasha is an available phenomenal store of knowledge housing answers to many of the problems and conundrums facing mankind’s thinkers, researchers, geniuses and, yes you and me too.

Much, if not all of what perplexes us is answered in this manner if we will only take the time to find the answers in this way. All it needs is for the element of belief, acceptance and a measure of time and concentration, the latter being the first requirement of meditation, to find answers to the many challenges that are posed for us to solve – with a little help if we know where to look!

But, that is not all in this Greatest Revelation for although the Soul looks forward to the reuniting with the Logos in fact, and I guess it must be obvious, the Logos never leaves us in this form and, and it’s a big and, if you accept and only if you accept it the Logos is in touch with us 24/7 with the Grace, which is the Stream of Well-being that is with us all constantly.

The trick, the revelation, is not to doubt or deny its presence.
Bringing Light to All, Hanukah & the Angel

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From East of Eden by Steinbeck, across the pond
To the West of England where the Eden Project lies
We need to look further and further East, to Eden?

Certainly to find Eden you have to look East from England.
There is a contest between the midst of Tigris and Euphrates
And the middle of Africa to find the place where we began.

Look how far we have come since Eden, that warm womb,
The many empires that have risen, fallen and risen again
We are in the midst of another shift of power from West to East, now vying for ruler of the world.

Depending on where you stand, as no doubt, relatively, Einstein would say,
Speed changes and power is moving by strict laws as commerce rules
To within the iron grip of a Communist state.

What a dichotomy and yet it is working to the point
Where from closed, secret and cruelly hidden to now open society
My one time beloved country of China thrives.

I worked with silk, making robes for the rich and powerful
Having made dresses for my mother here, was that a throw back?
A remembrance of times past, a resurrection of karmic talents.

The western world needs indeed to look to its laurels
To its leaders and their promises made on campaign trails
In baleful rhetoric to promote and enhance what? I ask.

It makes you wonder, does it not? And that a once great
And powerful land in the West seems to be in the grip of presidential decline, but nevertheless
To upset the balance of power across the world.

Is there a morality of any kind hidden in the machinations
Of the so called security services of any nation?
Outwardly one at least seems to have the formula right.

But then they have had it right for centuries they would say
Today they value, look after and cater for their seniors
On every level from diet to exercise and to ethics.

They have a lot to teach us in the West, not that we can share in their politics
We have to admit that our chaotic cuisine promotes only our grossness to our detriment.
And delivers the worst of conditions at which we are surprised! Surprise, surprise!

Will our ceding from union with our larger family
Make such a difference and bring prosperity of a different kind?
We all remember what it was like to leave our family and strike out on our own, don’t we?

Have we made a tragic mistake? Half would say yea! Half would say nay!
So, did we get the signals wrong and our wires crossed, such powerful rhetoric was difficult to ignore, unless already made up in our minds.
But to vote for such a radical change encouraged by a national identity, was that what it was all about?

Who will win? As in war I feel that no one will, perhaps we will all be worse off.
There’s no doubt, all the members of the 28 will lose something
Or is this an opportunity to leave home and forge a new path.

It has been and is a difficult divorce when all the members
Of our reduced but United family are at odds with one another
Instead of coming together to provide a common purpose in our self imposed forthcoming isolation.

But still in the longer term we will need to look to both the West and the East again
To forge new relationships for trade and bargains galore, hopefully!
There may be trouble ahead and sacrifices to make. Not all will be popular and many will be difficult to swallow, like any new medicine!

There will certainly need to be changes to the individual consciousness, for us all to make.
It was said of old that Britain would be Great again (in the spiritual sense!)
So, is this our chance? Lets grab it with both hands, willing to change and willing to see the good in all? I hope so, most sincerely!
© David Tenneson –2018

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Following on from the Owls, as a follower you may know that my favourite direction is the East which perhaps needs a little further illumination:
I relish the early morning sun no matter the time of year and I am blessed to have my bed under the East facing skylight, so that I receive the first rays of our brilliant star, the Sun.

This configuration was not by design, at least not by me, but happened in the relocation due to furniture changes and I am thankful for that. In what now seems like a previous incarnation within this life time, I was well versed again in the North American lore of the Lakota Nation, I still have my beautiful drum, which I recall from an actual previous life when I was being trained as a Shaman and suffered an early death due to a runaway wild stallion.

But I digress: The East to me is the direction of new beginnings and as such encompasses Spring when we witness the budding of the trees beginning and the bulbs forcing their way up into the light, which as we all know can be disrupted due to climate change with plants beginning their instinctive surge earlier than normal temperatures should allow.

Certainly with our move back home, I can’t believe it’s now almost two years ago, which I always knew would take at least two years to settle in and get the place shipshape. Luckily the bungalow was fairly clean and blandly decorated , but as you will know the decorating brushes will need to come out when we also feel the urge, a bit like the Forth Bridge, at intervals into the future on a never ending cycle not perhaps as regimented as the Earth itself, but as we get that urge again for a new beginning inspired by the sun rising in the East.

Some folks face the East for their daily prayers and in the olden days were told which way to face, consulting stars and then compasses in order to ensure that the prayer ended up in the right place, nowadays in this more accurate digital age we only have to consult the ubiquitous mobile to get the correct GPS point of the compass for prayers to be received in the right place, heard and therefore more likely to be acted upon and all desires fulfilled, wherever we are in the world.

I have never had to observe what I would see as that kind of constriction since I pray as and when the needs of others arise, reinforcing with repetition in remembrance. The strange thing is that although I know that the Grace of the Devine is with us 24/7, I still ask for help and blessing when I am about to help others and observe the special moments in the church calendar of my upbringing.

You would have thought that with the wide open spaces of the Spanish Campo, outback or countryside to the uninitiated, the light would have been clearer than in this more populated place in the UK, but I have to say, that especially the light following the dawn that shines through my window seems whiter, clearer and purer to me. Is that because I have returned to the land of my birth and hence find that light so familiar? Apparently artists flock to this part of the world for its special light so perhaps not so ethereal as I imagine. Eh?

Certainly a new start back home, but as luck will often have it we were expecting the downsizing change to be relatively easy since I at least was returning to the land of my birth not in the East but to the West Country of England.

As it happened we have made some good friends with neighbours, but were expecting a community of a different kind which we are still hoping to find and join in the near future. No repeat of our previous North American involvement, you understand, but nevertheless of a spiritual rather than a religious nature.

Speaking of which: A Sweat Lodge for men usually points to the East and for women to the West but there is no hard and fast rule on this nor on the height and size, all depending on the number of people involved and local tradition. The Lodge that I enjoyed on the banks of a river in Fife, Scotland one cold October day was for both men and women and all got something from it, under the guidance of a North American Shaman.

There are many traditions in the world from the remote past, still practiced today and I’m sure that those in the Druidic following, in this country and in Europe may find similarities with other Shamanic traditions from across the world, including those in the Americas and of course in the rural reaches of the Russian countryside, and the further East you go is like travelling back in time into the wilds of Siberia, where ancient folk remedies and Shamanic practices still abide being so far removed from civilisation.

East is the direction towards which the Earth rotates about its axis and Christian churches are by design in the shape of a cross for obvious reasons and oriented toward the East being the direction toward which Christians pray since before Christianity was considered the direction from which man originated.

Not that that is uppermost in the consciousness of most Christians at home, but perhaps unconsciously in a church.

So, are you conscious of the way you face when praying, do you pray at the side of your bed no matter which way it faces or like me praying as and when the event demands with reverence, but without reference to direction secure in the belief that the Logos is Omnipresent, in continuous contact with the Soul within and the Grace is with us 24/7?

Some believe that the Universe responds to every prayer, desire or vibrational need through what is called the Law of Attraction providing like for like. Whether you believe that or that your prayer is heard by the Logos is immaterial because it is the belief that is of paramount importance.

Belief has to come from a thought which emits a unique vibration, but as with most things there is a downside and it is the thought of what you want that counts and only that. Any thought about doubt or impossibility will negate your desire and that is the down side.
Informing & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel

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(We’ve looked at Voice or lack of it, now for something else!)
It only takes another’s words to inspire images into this fertile mind,
My own are said to do the same when leading meditations of a kind.

Those new to these exercises of the consciousness, unknown
Often need encouragement before embarking on their own.

These journeys can be so rewarding, bringing levels of peace
Not felt before, but so revolutionary can be euphoric at least.

Blind and deaf have the opportunity to create visions of their own,
Are much blest with enhanced senses we only wish to have known.

Much is denied when some are sent away and lost in oblivion
Supposedly to be protected in a place seen as a safe haven.

But in fact denied contact with the world, with others touch
Especially from those whom they had loved so very much.

Where’s the harm in that they say not wishing to risk
The emphasis being on lives, to be lived a pace so brisk.

No time for those so disadvantaged yet so loved
Where do we find the time, other things moved?

Can we not see with the sight we have nor hear
The silent cries of those we love so dear, yet fear.

Are we afraid to say the wrong thing or to touch
In case we are accused of going too far, too much?

Is it fear in all its many forms unheard, unseen, hidden
Or itself feared in case we do the wrong thing, unbidden.

When we see another in need should we not cross the road
Pluck courage from the depths and help? Do we need a goad?

It is contact we all need, the feeling that someone cares
To give support throwing to the wind caution and fears.

When the worst happens and bereavement takes hold
When they cannot think beyond the next breath, be bold.

Take them a hot meal cooked with love and your own hand
Show them you care, it’s what’s lacking in this blighted land.

The urban scene is rightly named a concrete jungle
Where life is fast and communities are bungled.

The villages with small societies, where all know the rest
Needs to be reflected in mirrors of compassion, the best.

The best of all: to see, to wave, to smile and cross the street
Be the Samaritan to sound the moment, shake a hand and greet!
© David Tenneson –2018

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Loving Owls, I have been blessed with gifts of the wood and china variety, from many, unsolicited, for help and healing given or just for love and so, the house has many, not on top of one another, but in each room where they have chosen to perch looking down on our efforts to love, learn and experience in the University of Life, some shared with others to pass on their undoubted gifts of fidelity and wisdom.

The wise old Owl seems have started its prominence in the days of Ancient Greece often depicted with the goddess Athena, or if you prefer with Minerva in Rome, maybe because, like the elephant it never forgets and is constant in its devotion to one partner throughout a life on Earth.

However in the North American Nations it is seen variously as a symbol of death or a harbinger of the dark powers or even by some as a symbol of protection within their guarded realms. Some are even afraid of its silent flight in the dead of night.

In view of its closeness to Athena we in the West have given its classification as, for instance, the Little Owl: Athene noctua and since Athena is seen as the goddess of wisdom the owl has taken on the personification of the symbol of wisdom as it traditionally represents or accompanies Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom, or as Wikipedia puts it: the owl is … ‘used as a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity and erudition throughout the Western World’.
c.f. Owl with Christopher Robin in Winnie-the-Pooh.

We had a family of Little Owls in our large garden in Spain that used to perch on the Cables that crossed the land to other domiciles to spy their prey from the twilight hours onwards into the night and after hunting would spend the early hours on the ledge over our front door leaving us various messages, from both ends, of their presence for us to find on the marble steps the following day.

Here in England, in order hopefully to inculcate the precious attribute of wisdom, on a different tack, since we cannot encourage owls into our minute garden plot we have planted sage in our beds of culinary herbs, which I prefer to the dried variety in our Cottage Cuisine, in order to remind us that the Sages of old, given the title gained through their wisdom are the anthropomorphic representation of higher knowledge and wisdom which we try to emulate through our own experience and enjoyment of such relishes as sage and onion stuffing with pork or duck or both with home made apple sauce with a rich diversity of herbs and spices!

Superstition is a great inspiration, don’t you find? Or even as Ovid used in his writings from the myths about the gods of Olympus and the stories from ancient Greece about their exploits and interactions with us mortals and the animals, there is much in phrase a fable to move the pen to write. Even Exiled to a foreign land Ovid was inspired to write home with his many stories, to which I can concur!

Inspiration in fact comes from many sources, or should I say everywhere, and as I believe that the ability to listen is the best way to begin the gift of healing, out of which often comes other people’s stories that can trigger ideas for the written page. Not verbatim but can direct the process of ones own essay on a particular subject. Reading books, newspapers and watching the TV news and documentaries all adding to the armoury of the writer.

In my case it is as if there is a Little Owl sat on my shoulder with its binocular vision scanning all that I propose and certainly there in the process of reviews and corrections of any essays or poems that come down from the consciousness onto the written page.

Funnily enough my favourite direction happens to be the East and in my Medicine Cards the Owl is associated with clairvoyance, astral projection and magic, both black and white, but traditionally the Owl sits in the East the place of illumination! Having drawn Owl Medicine several times it is no surprise that the Little Own came so close to me in Spain since it recognises an affinity with me which is why not only their messages left, but they would often come to perch on the cables in full daylight when I was working beneath them in the garden, sensing a kindred spirit no doubt.

So, my favourite is the Little Owl but I happen to love them all, especially the Barn Owl with its spooky white face, up to the magnificent Eagle Owl. If you love owls and have a favourite, remember that they are active at night and can reveal the truth to you about any life situation through dreams, so as advised in the past: have that pen and paper handy as you wake and write down what came to you in the night and before your brain starts to click into the daily chatter.
Above all Love and have Fun! 
Informing & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel

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Long time since I’ve seen her at best
She came to bless us with her song
The Song Thrush in her speckled breast
Sang her melody pure and strong.

A treat given unconsciously
Two came to sing in harmony
Thrush and robin singing together
Of the same family, birds of a feather.

They sang their thanks for winter treats
Left in their feeders by the garden seats
How blest we are at this Christmastide
Singing their songs with natural pride.

Whether ’tis to proclaim their territory
Or to attract a mate it’s their own story
We copy them to proclaim ourselves
Singing the stories of fairies and elves.

The natural world gives us many an ayre
Whether deepest roar of a lion or bear
Or the high pitch of the lark or the sow
We try to copy but only they know how.

Songs change to a lullaby, singing baby to sleep
Parents praying for peace, night without a peep
The peak of the human voice must engage
The aria sung in opera, on gilding the stage.

Songs and chants are sung in profound praise
As our enlightened voices we ring and raise
In our faithful acceptance of the Lord on high
In truth it’s with us in all we do, and in all we ply.

We remember this time and sing of his birth
The real reason behind the merry and mirth
We live to follow his teachings on life
As gifts are given we sing thanks for his life.
© David Tenneson –2018

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Now that the season’s celebrations are settled back into their normal routine:
We can look back and say: The old year is dead. Did it die hard and were you reluctant to let it go or pleased to start afresh? In short was the old one a hard year for you and so, are you glad to see the back of it with all the indecision of Brexit which seems still and will for a while be reflected in our own lives?

I believe that all the passionate Brexiteers were not aware of how leaving the EU would affect ourselves at the deepest personal level and as can already be seen with major institutions beginning to make plans to leave the UK for a more acceptable address in the EU, the City of London could be billions worse off.

Where we are in the grand scheme of life must make a difference to us all since we are unique and in a different tread on the staircase of life no matter our age in years. When at school I was classed as a late developer and I feel that in general I do take time to absorb a concept, but after due consideration once cemented in the corridors of consciousness it is difficult to effect a change to this mind except with good argument and much consideration.

Some have said that my Taurean Star sign gives me that degree of stubbornness, of holding on, which I have a difficulty in coming to terms with, since I am reluctant to accept its validity preferring to rely on the University of Life and the environment into which I was born to shape my own consciousness from its parental beginnings in the womb. Having said that, with a further confession, I am as accident prone as the proverbial bull in the china shop! Can the two really go together?

However, I will admit to being a habit person, I enjoy organisation with everything in its place so that even in the event of a complete power failure, eclipse, volcanic eruption or distant nuclear explosion I can still feel my way around and find all that I need in the dark, as if I had been blind since birth.

There is an element of the Japanese, not to say Samurai thinking in this, which I call a necessary way of organising life for a peaceful existence. Other members of the family too insist on cupboards so organised that the labels are all turned to the front, including those in the next generation … wise thinking!

For the time being we must take account of love and fear and how they relate to our ultimate letting go from this present life. Our minds are a weird mixture of those two opposites and this is where the aspect of meditation comes into play as we try to bring our whole selves into balance.

When we consider those two opposites including the elements of positive and negative, yin and yang, left and right, sun and moon, etc., each representing the swing of the pendulum from side to side and, when we turn to physics we can see that when a pendulum comes to rest in the centre, in total balance and with no pull from either side, the energy rises up the pendulum to the pivot point.

This rising energy is the equivalent of the raising of the Kundalini achieved naturally by bringing all into balance without the use of extraordinary breathing techniques to raise the energy artificially with the chance of damage to the consciousness and sickness of the mind which could lead to a hard death!

Better by far to do things naturally and in my book being conscious of the Lord Logos throughout life and in particular through those precious moments of letting go for a blessed passing into the loving embrace of the Logos itself.

So, will your passing from this life be a hard task grabbing hold of life to the very last, although feeling alone, are you still unsure of what is to follow the letting go or are you content in the knowledge of not a death as such, but of a passing into a brand new dawn, a new life, a new experience beyond the realms and capacity of a human mind to contemplate or understand? I often wonder if the long lives of my grandparents and aged aunts, well into their nineties, was as a result of hanging on to life, perhaps being afraid of the life hereafter?
Or is it a function of all our inherited DNA?

There is no doubt in my mind that there has to be an element of looking forward, of being at the leading edge of life, if not exactly a leader, which, no matter its human reason summons the force itself through from the Source Of All There Is. So, there may be a chance for me to achieve the same longevity as my forebears! Who knows? We shall see.

I would never describe myself as a diehard (Irreconcilable conservative) as although a habit person I tend also to go with the flow especially with the seasonal changes that martial my way of organising my gardening passion according to the weather and the changing temperatures year on year. A pity we cannot all agree on the need to try and reduce our CO2 output to slow down Global Warming which without our help may indeed force a hard death of Star Ship Earth.

You may be die hard parents of the old school who believe that your role is to guide your young ones according to your own belief structures inherited from your own parents. So it may come as a surprise to you to learn that nothing could be further from the truth and in fact the youngsters come forth with the new knowledge and gift to teach all of us parents as they surf the wave of consciousness set in motion by previous generations. Take time to listen to what they have to say without preconception, you may be pleasantly surprised!
Informing & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel

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