At this time of the year in the midst of the hottest summer for years, there should be little fear of flood or use of flood gates.
An ideal time for preparation for a storm or two in autumn and wet winter in the offing, if all goes according to the gathering norm.
But that all seems to be far off as end of term looms, and the flood gates of the surge to the beach will open soon.
Good for local trade as bookings are high; why would anyone go to foreign climes when we are enjoying temperatures so high?
The extremes of drought and flood although a pain, are not something new to others who suffer years without rain.
In our local zone we experience readings two or three degrees higher than forecast, and then; we have created warmer climates of our own,
Under our verandas we are some few degrees higher still as plants could testify on or under the window sill.
Which in winter we are not so subject to Jack Frost’s winter chill, try as he might to bring his sparkle at will,
Except that is for last year’s snow that blew beneath and above the roof, giving us a deep blanket to dig and sweep away as proof,
That nature’s in control as if we needed any telling, that she is the mistress of outside and often inside our humble dwelling.
Which is proof that she can so easily unleash the flood gates of snow clouds, to upset the best laid plans of us weak mortals.
But it may not stop there, as the weight of snow can bring down trees, disrupt power supplies and cause general havoc,
When the thaw comes as it surely must and rivers go into spate the locks and flood gates come into their own.
No matter who we are in the path of her influence whether we wear rags and play the clown on the street or wear a regal crown,
We are all subject to her storms and floods in our castles or our cardboard boxes which we may call home.
How can we fail those who see no way forward through force of circumstance and have to suffer rain, snow and hail,
When we can bring up the drawbridge, shut the front door and be secure in our own castle and easily ignore,
The plight of others reduced by the random forces of our now old sophisticated society on its streets paved with gold?
We look forward to the time when all mankind and womankind can respect and open the flood gates of love and compassion,
Unconditionally to care for all, regardless of their race, colour, faith or circumstance, and open our own flood gate of the heart … love.
David & the Angel

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The heat wave caused an early turning of the normal green in July, to gold and amber jewels hanging from the branches of the cherry tree from its otherwise summery green boughs. Which is not ours, but stretches its arms over the garden fence from the cemetery next door; for a windy chat with our swaying black bamboo, now four metres tall, in only its second year.

One of our most pleasant plants that brings height and movement with the changing wind direction and naturally changes from emerald green stems to the darkness of polished jet or ebony not by heat, but in a natural way as each new stem matures.

To compliment those already turning leaves, the flying gems arrive to feed on sunflower seeds. Our friends the gold finches, but I have to ask who in their right mind named them gold; when their most prominent feature is their glorious ruby red coloured cap?

The bright yellow flash on the wings can be the only excuse and then not the colour of the most pure or impure gold, but more the colour of sulphur as was and we are reliably told changed to sulfur. Is the English language so easily manipulated? It smacks of an interference from across the pond, does it not? Just like the changing names of towns and cities and indeed countries world wide as they are changed by those in power and control.

Jewels and gold itself are the bounty sought after by many as proof of success with no regard to the true mark of success in the level of happiness achieved on a daily basis that does not rely on outer acquisitions; but on the level of the consciousness found through acts of kindness, acts of compassion and help of any kind given to those in need. This is the true treasure for mankind to own and constantly to replenish on a day to day mining of the mind.

Compared to other exotic species our native flora and fauna are considered dowdy if not dull by comparison but to look with care in the quiet and gentle approach the true jewels of our indigenous cousins on the tree of life are revealed in all their colours and beauties.

Some have tried to introduce both flora and fauna across continents with disastrous effects where natural species have been overrun by their foreign cousins. Some animals are now seen as vermin and plant types have spread giving no habitat for birds or animals and are now being seen as a short burst of colour in spring as not worth the overall downside.

There is no doubt in my mind that we should value what we have and see the gems and jewels of nature in all their beauty as our sparkling inheritance.
Hanukah and the Angel.

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Call for Unity

Often imagination is stretched beyond what we consider possible. Often we hear, I have no imagination, although we all have it beyond denial.
What if? We could all have the same idea, the same thought and follow the same plan in unity. What then?
The lady who leads our land has to struggle with the daily deluge of denial from her closest colleagues and ministers.
With a country divided, a cabinet divided and a house divided all almost equally at odds with one another, it is difficult to find unity.
Unity is illusive even in the mind where the two sides have always to be considered before deciding, always afraid of making the wrong decision.
In countries where kings rule, unity is in the power of one, with trusted counsellors it takes a special mind to handle such singular unity.
Unity can be found in pockets of religion, some large and many small, where words become the power, like any army it is paramount to respect the chain of command.
Such a chain is impossible to repeat unless a formula can be found to span the dimensions from physical to spiritual and claim divine connection.
Such a power albeit in words of man cannot easily be denied unless every word in every book were burned, but then we have the advantage of memory… Don’t we?
As with all things with the gift of Free-will we can chose the path we take, each step we take, each choice we make on our own journey, we have the power to chose our own Divine connection.
We can chose direct unity with the Divine with no denial, only acceptance, no need for books, words or intermediaries.
To accept that we carry within us the essence, the reason for life in the Divine gift, of itself in the form of Soul, giving us undeniable Unity with the Divine.
The power of prayer cannot be denied and when two or three are gathered with the same prayer in mind that prayer is multiplied ten fold.
It would be difficult for us all to have the same thought, but to have the same prayer, the same thought of support for the leading lady, whose only thought is the best for all, not for self, but for all. Is that so impossible?
If the country, every council, the combined house, every member of every body of power could support the leader in her endeavour; her power to negotiate on our behalf would be enhanced in unity to get the best for all.
Hanukah & the Angel
We know that respect is missing on every level
But is support so difficult when the result is best for all?
Or is it too late for that?

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We descended down below arrivals to the underground,
the wall on the other side of the track was painted matt black.
Like staring into darkness, layered by strange horizontal divisions.
Waiting, sitting on red/black seats divided by black arms.
Was this a warning of dark horizons? Surely not!
No white or yellow line to indicate safe platform edge,
but instead an occasional black tile to warn
of difference, from other black speckled grey paving,
a safe distance from the unseen track,
unless standing on the edge of danger …
In this land of giants in general,
all male and female seemingly over 1.9 metre.
Or so it seemed and all so kind!
From that towering height perhaps they could see
what we lesser mortals miss in our mistaken haste.
When we had boarded the conveyance it continued,
the underground nature of our departure,
from the airport continuing for many minutes,
in a super smooth, super fast electric train,
which then burst into the brightness of a sunny day
to reveal the regimented fields of produce,
with no muddy gateways all bordered
with a network of canals and drainage channels
in order to utilise water to its best advantage
and all this regimentation below sea level,
in contrast to our own haphazard patchwork at home.
Which would you prefer, patchwork quilt or geometry?
No prizes for guessing where we had landed!
Continuing our journey to our ultimate destination,
we crossed the boundary into another country
as smoothly as the movement of our carriage.
We can cross so many borders with consummate ease,
we had the right cards for the cross border controls to please.
Met by our host for a week of meetings and greetings
Friends new and of old living on the other side …
This would be the last time we would meet in this life
all now being of an advanced age …
And soon to be in a completely separate Union,
when we will be the ones on the other side of the tracks!
The return journey brought us back to the same place,
And up to the departures, but the dark stumbling block
Became manifest in the warren to reach and pass
Through passport control which held us all back
And nearly missed the flight back home!
We half ran, half staggered, collapsing at the gate
through the warren, whereupon the darkness disappeared
as the plane itself was suffering a loss of power,
but other delays combined to make us late arriving,
however safe in the arms of other kind and generous souls,
We reached home again, happy again, happy to be home,
On our own side of the tracks!
Hanukah and the Angel.

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Revolutions , tilts and weather changes colder or hotter than this time last year with little water, our favourite flower wilts.
Are we too concerned with this and last and next, yesteryear and the next year? When like the animals, whom we were part of once, take it as it comes and go with the flow?
We cannot live in a mindful existence of ifs, ands, buts and maybes, since the past is gone, the future is yet to be
And this moment is a gift which we call the present, this is the only place to be and the only way to live, here and now!
The trouble with leaving instinct in the past is that with consciousness we think we know better, all of the time,
Instead of letting the joy of summer infuse our every thought with happiness, no matter where we find ourselves, whatever the weather.
Weather watchers have a never ending source of conversation that is for sure the perennial ice breaker.
Even when out of sight, how’s the weather where you are today, I hear you’re expecting rain. Oh well, good for the garden, eh?
As if they do not realise that without that life giving wet stuff we would cease to exist!
Or is it a natural human propensity to complain and what better to complain about than the weather which cannot answer back?
As we celebrated the Summer Solstice last month we have to look forward to decreasing days and longer, but cosy nights ahead,
The delights of Summer will still bring a smile for a few months yet and the joys of harvest await our patient anticipation.
There is an inner harvest waiting for gathering if only we were to accept its presence. All it needs is the patiently listen with care.
The soft little voice which inspires, answers all our questions, all of our desires just needs that same patience to accept and collect.
It’s as if summer is extended, never ended so that we can sense again those perfumes and see again those blessed blooms.
Having reached this level of acceptance, how could we fail to join the ever increasing crowd of followers to the Ascension?
And yet for all the summers yet to come let us not forget that our ultimate goal is the conscious level of happiness!
Hanukah & the Angel

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Age of Man

MAN of AGE & the AGE of MAN
Is it just as we reach a certain age when work has worked its way and lost its own momentum, when the moment returns to us?
The age is immaterial, in meditation, since some are blessed with those precious moments of introspection when young,
Allowing angels to guide us, to inspire us from an early age, when others need help in their connection and allowance out of their cage,
If they could only accept the way to that connection is open for us all essentially to accept participation,
But few do in waking consciousness, and all that appears in subconsciousness is denied,
Being seen merely as a dream and therefore unworthy of conscious acceptance, seen as a confusing stream, insincerely.
In this age we are encouraged not only to record every dream, but also in order to interpret what they all mean, which only we can do,
To find our own personal symbols and images which would mean nothing to other persons,
But would, when understood, bring critical meaning to our otherwise discarded night-hood visions.
These tools associated with the acceptance would therefore bring essential wisdom, for us to enhance,
Wisdom both ancient and modern as the pendulum sways, brought to us in this and a multitude of ways.
But behind all of these ways which are separated into the different pathways, chosen by us individually,
Lies a gathering of angelic souls dedicated to help and to guide each one of us, but only if we dare admit their roles.
So, are you prepared to admit a connection which may seem unworldly, like: where did that thought, that inspiration come from?
Some would say from the Universe itself, which could be another voice of the Divine,
No need to know that it was from a Divine or angelic source, but just to accept it as the valid yet still small voice inside, of course.
The age of man began when we were gifted with consciousness, when we became aware of God, of angels and of our self awareness,
The ultimate age of man is fast approaching, gathering momentum as the energies increase from the Universe,
These energies account for the increasing changes which most of us are becoming aware of,
Changes in our bodies, hope in our minds and emotions, which can become difficult for us to cope with.
These changes are new to us, to the whole race and to those who care for us, including the medics in their urge to trace the origin.
This sometime startling acknowledgement could be the start of the best thing that ever happened and just in time,
On the pathway called the Ascension of Man from ignorance through to the first level of enlightenment.
Many have tried to show the Ages of Man in verse and in prose, from the bard onwards, grounded and based in the physical,
But we are encouraged to join with others of the meditative mind, and to recognise the journey from the physical to the spiritual kind,
Not in passing through the portal of death, but in full waking consciousness, which may take only 10 minutes of your precious time each day,
Age only gives us a measure of concern and should be discarded as we learn the lessons of Ascension.
When we are then One in the Age of Man
of whatever age!
Hanukah & the Angel

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The Themes that echo through these pages and posts, to those important to me: my readers, followers and now friends gathered over the years, although many remain silent in their appreciation, must be the themes of peace and happiness.

To realise just how blest we are there is nothing like a list of things we are grateful for through every mood of experience whether seen in the moment as pleasant or arduous, the theme of gratitude.

And as I write these words there is the strange cooing of a dove in the topmost branches of a tree at the bottom of our garden that sounds so like the soft growl not to say snore of a sleeping puppy.

Two lady blackbirds alight on the fence, the one seeing that the other had prior claim, or perhaps more senior sway, gave way to return later in the day, while the prima donna had her fill from the hanging fat balls.

We were subsequently visited by blue tits and gold finches who love the sunflower seeds in a separate hanger. Although our plot is small the labour of love involved gives me great joy seeing the floral abundance and the appreciation of our feathered friends and also the fauna of the family of field mice that lives in the dry stone wall, where the themes suffer a twist into respect and tranquillity.

All of this only goes to show some of the entries in the list of treasures that bring me happiness, which proves the age old adage that you only get out what you are prepared to put in, to anything! Which when you think about it can apply to almost anything!

To a relationship, to work, to your home, the environment, the family, in fact to any group endeavour that relies so much on the willingness and giving nature of its participants. Even if others in the group enterprise do not give what you do , just be grateful that you are given the opportunity to give.

The biggest problem that we see for communities across the country and maybe across the world is the expectation of those who come to the belief that the world owes them a living, that the government , the local authority and even the rest of the family should provide, instead of finding out how they can help themselves and indeed how they can best help others in their community.

There are, however, guiding lights shining through the haze of the twilight zones that many see as their only outlook, who with little to call there own go out of their way to help others, and we see a movement afoot to encourage others to join the ever increasing volunteer force who help to keep things running smoothly, to maintain our heritage, to give support to those with physical and mental issues that nine times out of ten only need someone’s time to listen, share and to feel that someone cares. The established care organisations being stretched beyond reasonable limits are powerless to provide the much needed help that an ever increasing, aging and suffering public demand.

The demands put upon the dwindling resource of care and charitable groups to cope with the ever changing needs of this apparently ailing public only serve to highlight the fact that their funding in the long run comes from the very people who need them most through taxes and charitable donations.

With an ever increasing workforce of young able bodied men and women not earning or not willing to take on the work which we have relied upon to do by our cousins in the eastern European workforce, like the harvesting of fruit and vegetables, there is less revenue in the form of taxes to fund the needy care organisations and eventually us.

Can you see where the theme of this post is heading?
You may also be aware of the escalation in the changes we are all subject to!

Those changes come in two major areas: The most obvious are the changes already referred to and the less obvious, unless you are of that mindset, are the natural spiritual changes that are affecting us all on many levels in our makeup, in the areas of the mental, emotional and yes physical levels, all giving rise to a confused public wanting relief and answers which the medics are powerless to provide and often see and try to treat the symptoms which have little to do with the cause. All of this just adds further stress to the overburdened health service.

Our communities are in for quite a shock of change and those most affected will be those limited by the boundaries of the urban centres where one can feel alone amongst so many, whereas those within a much more inclusive community in the rural areas will respond more readily to the changes as they happen, giving support to their neighbours as a matter of course, community spirit is now almost in their DNA!

There are huge changes coming, imposed by the Internet and others by Brexit whether we leave with or without an acceptable deal for the UK or at the last minute remain as some would have it. So have the themes changed since the beginning of this article or are they the same?

Well, certainly it would seem that change itself has become predominant so how to cope with the changes when they arrive? In this respect the coping takes us back to the start where the aim no matter the environment or involvement demands that we all must look for those two, to the many elusive aspects of our existence to carry us through to peace and happiness.

It would be impossible to give the answer in just one paragraph or indeed post, but since the recurrent tags throughout this blog, since the beginning have been peace and happiness, we can recommend in a contemplative attitude of mind finding the many treasures of ancient and modern wisdom contained herein, that followers and those to come should carry on reading and especially to employ the recommendation to make the most important date with yourself every day and to become one with yourself, with the One and the Universe as you meditate the cares of the self away!

Certainly the younger you can encourage others to start the better and since five years old is when the learning begins to escalate it is as well to begin before that milestone is reached, depending on the aptitude and willingness of the individual. In most cases it only takes a little encouragement, especially if the adult practices at the same time!
Hanukah and the Angel.

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