How many can say that they are not concerned about the time of their arrival?
Any journey on Earth could be subject to delays along the way caused by anything from wet leaves on the line in Autumn to points failure at any time to snow drifts on the tracks to essential maintenance – never at an appropriate time, including road works and accidents especially if it impedes our journey! Eh?

But our journey from here to eternity runs on a different time table, although we are so clever these days that we can delay, at least our departure, with all sorts of machines to hook up to an ailing body even though it may be a hopeless enterprise. But hope springs eternal and we, the rest of us are unwilling or incapable of letting go until there is no other way out. When the plug is pulled and the machines switched off we have to face the inevitable and come to terms with grief.

With my own mum living with incurable cancer of the spine, she was sent home and we were blest with the help of a wonderful Macmillan Nurse to help me with the nursing through the night, until early one morning with a gentle hand on my shoulder and the whispered words, ‘she has gone’ I thought I could still see a feint pulse in her neck and I voiced my desperate hope that she was still alive with, ‘No, no there’s a pulse’. The hand was removed and the wait seemed endless as finally I had to admit that she had slipped away.

It is difficult to let go especially when those whose time has come hang on themselves and one can only comfort them in their choice. It is really the most difficult thing to deal with when your child becomes so sick that they pass over before you. The time is known by the Soul because the time is governed by the moment when our purpose has been fulfilled.

Of course, it is difficult to recognise that the purpose of a child is done, but that depends not just on the child whose life purpose we all see as a future life denied and cut short when they pass at an early age and cutting out all of our hopes for their future.

Our and their existence is for purposes other than them and us and the experience of the other Souls in other family members may depend on how they respond and react to the early passing of a young loved one. Life is a complex web inter woven with other close members of the family and community, just like the many threads of something as complex as the Bayeux Tapestry. The threads meet and then diverge, meet again and finally find their way to the tasselled end of the picture just as the individuals start and finish in any family, all for the sake of their Souls.

The tassels are the fringe of life as we all at some stage will depart and go through the split second transmission to the after life which we call resurrection and arrive at the supernatural junction called Eternal Happiness. My take on this was to plant a Daphne called Eternal Fragrance, blooming from April until October. Together with other named plants such as a scented climbing rose called Compassion etc.

This journey has nothing to do with faith, religion or none and nothing to do with the accolades, achievements or incarcerations we may have enjoyed on our earthly journey. It matters not that we believed in God, Allah or no god. All of us, no matter who we are, were gifted with Free-will, which meant we could chose whether to accept or believe, to follow the family practice or to strike out on our own and believe in Mother Nature rather than any god as she becomes our goddess !

Anyone who has experienced a near death experience will like as not tell of similar images that most others have experienced too. As it was put to us: what would be the point of giving people different images, thus causing uncertainty and fear?
No, That final short journey is the same and when it actually happens it is quick and ends with the most wonderful feeling of joy, happiness and unconditional love.

Life is precious and we do all we can to preserve it, and yet we so easily count it as nothing from marital disputes between once loved ones ending in tragic death, through ram raiders in stolen vehicles running down pedestrians who have no relationship with the perpetrator who just happened to be in a certain country at a certain time. Not forgetting countries who wage war with each other, with huge loss of life!

It has long been held a maxim of mine that if there is a problem with a child then look at the parents, harsh though it may seem, but when you consider that education begins at home we could go back through the generations often to find causes for the mental disturbances that affect children. It puts a heavy responsibility on parents to treat children with the greatest care, from the womb onwards, especially with what is said in front of their young ears and receiving consciousness.

In a society fixed in its insistence on guns for everyone it is difficult to know where to start to change such a mental attitude, but for sure the availability of firearms gives a licence for children to have them especially when they are taught how to use them from an early age.

If anything I fear that it makes that final journey much more likely and the arrival on the other side equally more possible especially for the very young who become easy targets for other disgruntled youngsters with a grudge to settle. It is no longer location, location, location, as it can happen anywhere in the world at any time, but there should be an insistence on education, education, education, beginning in the home!
With love from Hanukah & the Angel.

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Many are encouraged to take an extended tour, to check the route and see the scene minute by minute and hour by hour.
A good idea not having been that way before, with a view to go to the place that appeals at leisure.
Or just to add to the journeys already run, adding another to the list, just another one.
Like the European Tour once enjoyed by the rich and famous to broaden the mind, and bring back experience for a mind enriched.
Whether of custom, art, architecture or to experience archaeology in foreign lands, adding mystery to the burgeoning bank of philosophy.
But to bring home ancient artefacts, now being asked to be returned by the mother nations who feel their treasures have been snatched.
Such is the way of this world of ours, where we take advantage of each others lack, and, cause yet a further lack until education asks for it back.
Is that the secret tour we need to take? To educate ourselves and question how to prevent another’s ache?
A lot to ask when the missing ingredient is that oft forgotten element known by all, but in short supply and kept for one’s own possessions, and beyond recall.
What chance for anyone when that all important element cannot even be used for our self’s enlightenment.
Which is given freely to us each and every day, without thought of reward, return or recompense of any kind, but for us to hoard, if so inclined.
The concept of no condition enters just a few of those I know, even in small measure of any kind.
To be able to look in the mirror on waking from a sleep of nightmares, without putting in place a single hair and say ‘I love you’.
Is there something wrong in the state of our state of mind which should be as familiar to us as a hand in a fitting glove, or could it be in the heart, lacking in its once extolled virtue of love.
Without the beating of a heart the body cannot exist, but the heart cannot express itself without the brain’s enlistment.
In truth it’s the consciousness of the mind that uses the hardware of the brain, to communicate, thus needing each other in kind.
It must come down to the mind and how we use it to give that precious ingredient which is worth nothing until given away.
So, the love we give away should not look for anything in return, so that it should become love, unconditional.
The most difficult concept for mankind to contemplate! After all it must have a value and if we give we need to get back, just like the places we robbed! Right?
We need to retour our mind from above. Everyone needs to reprogram their mind. And, there is only one thing that will save this world and that is Love!
The most important being the starting grid of the morning mirror, reflecting who you really are, and that which you must learn to love without fear or, favour?
There is a premium way, that should be employed each and every day, for as we know the mind can so easily go astray.
Conscience should be re-valued not for outside gain, but for the mind’s salute to its own action in its journey to perfection.
Can you undertake and amass such an daily internal chastening of the corridors of consciousness?
If you are not conscious of the mind’s propensity to go its own way regardless of the aim of conscience, then think again.
Think deeply as you journey through those avenues, on your own internal tour, to bring all under control.
Once done with the mind making and keeping the ploy, under the Divine quest of becoming in joy and happiness.
The internal benefit will be felt throughout the body, that reflects the conscious tour of cleansing, totally.
Health takes on a new feeling, a new aspect of Well-being, as the Grace enters to magnify your mindful tour and the raising of vibration throughout your being, and you become: Love!
© David Tenneson –2018

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When it happens uninvited it can be a source of an unfortunate feeling of a lack of ability, especially when you are questioned about an event of which you have no recollection whatsoever! I know from personal experience, and moreso in my senior years, when asked about an event or questioned why I did not do something that my only reply could be that I forgot! Which so often seems to be no answer to the questioner, who will often say yes, but why did you forget? How crazy or unsympathetic is that?

So, what if there is an event or a period of your life that you would rather forget? Something that brought with it a pain which was almost too much to bear. There seems to be no way to rid the memory banks of that experience.
Or am I missing something? It is a fact and not something which you can easily explain to someone in the midst of grief for the loss of a loved one. It is something which at some stage in our lives we all have to learn to live with that kind of loss and hole in our lives can in most cases never be adequately filled!

This often occurs to many of us when there is a death in the family of a loved one of whatever age, but in some cases of a child, which invokes the wail that it is not supposed to be so that the child should pass before the parent.

Of course we have to admit from the higher knowledge that it does not depend on age or relationship, but on a purpose served and hard though it may be to accept that a life can be fulfilled at any age, early or late, it is so.

We are brought up to believe that the Soul enters the body of an embryo at the moment of conception, but what would be the purpose of that transmission if there was no chance of the child growing to term never mind being still born or dying immediately as it could not sustain life? It makes more sense that the Soul would enter the body at the moment when the body of the child is capable of sustaining life, even if it needs a little help to begin with in the intensive care unit, since the Soul would be aware of that possibility.

So when a child is born it is unaware of the previous life experiences that the Soul has stored within itself. So why is that? Bearing in mind that every life is proposed and to a certain extent arranged by the Soul for its own benefit of the experience that it would bring, which could be anything from a genius to a dullard, a manic depressive to a mass murderer, a judge or an executioner … to bring those experiences to a newborn child would give no leeway, for it to forge a new life path in a new Body and environment guided by a new Consciousness, Mind and Spirit. In fact it could have the opposite effect and cause all manner of misguided turns for a new young life. I’m sure you get the point? So amnesia from all previous life experiences is paramount.

This is by design, but apart from accidental impulse which could cause a lapse of the Consciousness into coma, there are times when the best way forward to allow the body to recover from a trauma is to medically induce the state of Coma.

In this state there is no way that the patient could remember the happenings during that forced mental state of inactivity in order to give the body a chance to overcome through its own immune system and any drugs administered by the medical team to aid healing and recovery.
Or is that statement true?

It is known that even during surgery patients can have had an out of body experience (OBE) when they can recall all that happened in the operating theatre when as far as the theatre staff were concerned the patient was out cold in a comatose state under anaesthetic. However, the subconscious is still operating, the Soul is aware as the Silent Witness and the Spirit although unable to activate the body is also aware of the mental state of the comatose person. Accessing that bank of memory is another thing and unless we had an ongoing OBE I know no way of retrieving that period of happenings.

In a naturally induced coma due to injury or trauma as a primeval means to protect the body and to promote healing through the immune system, the autonomic nervous system which carries on working to allow the heart to pump blood and the activation of the lungs to keep us breathing keeps us alive even though the brain is inactive.

The danger in the past was that coma could be confused with death and it would no doubt be the local Shaman who was the only one to drive out the evil spirit! I must admit to having dreams in my youth of being buried alive!!

When we lose someone we love we are blessed in one respect that as we age we may have amnesia for something that happened yesterday or last week, but we tend to remember the past more easily and can hold on to the memories of the good times we shared with our loved ones and the blessings that their life brought to the world.

In time these fond memories are the only personal panaceas capable of filling the hole left by the departure of our loved one who, lets face it, has only moved on ahead of us and waits for us to catch up in our own time when we have fulfilled our own purpose and in the meantime continue to live a life for both of us!
© David Tenneson –2018

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The Divine is present in the present moment
Not in the past nor in the future imminent.
In this respect the Divine is permanent
As permanent as the firmament
If that can ever be classed as permanent
Who knows, with the way we make it transient?

So many of us find the present unpleasant
Tending to live in the past to make it pleasant.
That’s no way to be! We need to make the present
As pleasant as can be, calling it happiness,
Achieving that level of consciousness
Which needs to be found in sentience.

Rising through the levels, the aspects of conscience
With no logic applied nor resorting to earthly science.
Moving through the levels from base to crown
To replace at every step with a smile for a frown.
Changing the outside begins inside the mind
Creating a new you, at each level you find.

With the past gone and future still forthcoming
This moment of today is the only moment of creating
We can only guess at what could be approaching
Certainty lies only in this moment unless we’re cheating?
But no! Yesterday is history, tomorrow is still a mystery,
Today is a gift that’s why we call it the present! Luckily!

Most of us like presents, though some don’t like surprises
And will press, shake and smell their seasonal packages.
A life lived should be one long list of astonishments
Acknowledging that there may be disappointments.
In this moment we are all capable of overcoming,
Knowing that we are in the process of becoming.

All are worthy and able to cope with anything obverse,
You are at the centre of your own little Universe.
No challenge is beyond you, however difficult it seems
Even though any indictment may run into reams
You are the master of all you survey, for your world
Is exactly as you see it, as the present is unfurled.
© David Tenneson –2018

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Coming back to consciousness after my operation this was how it seemed:
Not really resurrection more like recovery as I was in the recovery ward, but resurrection was how it felt!
You see, on gaining waking consciousness in the recovery ward it could have been resurrection, since it was how I imagined coming into another world since these days you are asked to walk to the Operating Theatre, if you can manage it, where you are put to sleep, so to speak, and when you wake up you are in a totally different space, which could be a different world! I suppose they have to cut down on porters somehow, eh?

So I don’t think that resurrection is too big a jump in the consciousness!
But that’s just me and my imagination going wild as it is wont to do at the slightest opportunity. I love it, as to me it is a bit of a laugh and makes me happy, and after all that’s what we are here for isn’t it? So the masters tell us anyway!

Being happy and comfortable is another way to look at it, since any discomfort which you may feel is the emotional indicator of the desires and creations which you have made in your mind, but that discomfort will negate all those vibrations that the Universe would otherwise reflect and bring to you in your creation or concentration on anything! Therefore try not to be uncomfortable over anything, OK?

On a more generally imagined note most of us would say that they know nothing of the journey from death into life, if they believe that there is anything after death at all, despite all of the many publicised explanations on line these days from multiple mediums and their channelled stories and readings to celebs.

Many still believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus, but I prefer to believe in the mystery surrounding his passing, as the bodily bit still confounds me. I do believe however in the fact that we will all arise to the same place. You may wonder why I use the word ‘fact’ to describe resurrection and this is the most simple thing to describe: If we are all children of the Divine, as I believe we are, then why would He treat us differently since He loves us all equally? Bearing in mind that the other place, that inspires such fear if one has done the slightest thing approaching a sin, does not exist!

Please forgive me for using the male gender for the Divine that has no gender! OK, it’s an easy way out for me and regardless of what others on Earth make think He dose not mind and sees our recognition as a simple reflection of the Love that He sends us constantly through His Grace of Well-being 24/7.

Similarly why would the Divine expect us to say ‘if the Lord wills it’ having already given us Free-will? He would not give and then take away in almost the same breath, would he? Of course not, it’s like asking permission for everything that we get up to, when we have the gift which the Soul relies upon to bring the element of surprise into the life that it has chosen to witness, in complete silence and to see where it takes the experience guided only by the Spirit, synonymous with Mind and Consciousness.

It is a fact, again, that upon the passing of the body the only part of this entity which we call ‘Me’ to experience resurrection is the Soul. The body is either interred or cremated and the Spirit downloads every single thought, idea, experience, achievement, relationship of the personality etc., into the Akashic Record. The Soul can either return in another incarnation or stay in the realm of Souls and be able to serve the race of man by supporting and guiding those on Earth due to its profound knowledge gained through many incarnations of its own in the past.

So, this last resurrection of the Soul could be one to add to the many in the past, if it decides to return in another body to complete some unfinished experience, or indeed could be its last, at least on this planet!

The Akashic Record holds within its many chambers of consciousness the records of all lives lived however long or short and in the download process the Spirit disappears. Of course the Soul holds within itself the complete experience of every life that it has lived, but does not impart any of that past experience to a new life experience guided by a new Spirit.

There would be no point in doing so because it could jeopardise any new life experience, bringing an aspect from a previous life that may be too frightening or powerful which could sway the new consciousness one way or another from its natural path of development for any young child that should only follow the growth dependant solely on the family and environment specifically chosen to give the right experience desired by the Soul, from which it will resurrect at whatever age as soon as the new body has served its purpose.
With love from Hanukah & the Angel.

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Why do we find beauty in wilderness, in remoteness?
The constant cry of those wanting to escape the urban sprawl,
‘We wanted peace and quiet away from the constant curse of concrete’
Pollution producing and tenebrio of traffic twenty four hours a day.
We wanted to join a community instead of being isolated within
The womb of the urban millions that surrounded us in silence.
We wanted to become self sufficient, to grow our own organic veg,
Have a few chickens, an apple tree or two, one to eat, one to stew
You get the picture. And I have to ask the question, why?

Is it just a natural function of age a wanting to retire,
Retire from the hurly burly of work and generating family?
Now looking forward to being a little remote from stress
A wanting to welcome the next generation at this address,
To share our place of peace with the young
Who in the main seem more peaceful than before
Spending time on a different level in their remoteness
Secluded in their own way with clever codes
Games leading on to money making financial nodes.

We have gone the other way almost jumping a generation,
Over a generation in reverse to times gone by and I ask,
When they are ready to retire, will they go this way
And join us in our rural retreat or will they be already here?
Since their work does not depend on offices in towns and cities anymore
As many a High Street is losing shops galore, will society change
And bank notes disappear and with them will go small change too?
Society is in for something unplanned, unforeseen, but maybe damned
Moving into the music of the ether via the Qwerty instrument!

Will that make face to face conversation obsolete?
It was said that the advent of television made talking defunct,
But that proved not to be the case, at least not complete.
Will society want to move on mass to share our treasure
To bring their noise and pollution to spoil our pleasure
Or will the concrete city, as we know it, become obsolete
Will the remoteness of the wilderness come into its own
Since all it needs is water and solar power to succeed?
We have the technology to purify air and water!

Is there anything to stop our colonisation of wilderness
Or would that provoke more reaction than a race to the stars,
Cost must come into this equation wouldn’t you say?
I know which one I would choose with care and consideration!
I think of it as a new lease of life for our tired and depleted planet
This choice may not be as remote as it first seems
We would be subject to the same spiritual streams
The Grace of the Lord is there for us whatever we choose
It this respect with the Lord constantly in mind we cannot lose!

We are meant to be happy wherever we are
But we have to ask if the wilderness is where we are meant to be
Or to experience the difference between city and country,
Or is it a return to our roots where we should really be?
Similarly we seem to be drawn to water and the sea
Since we are meant to be comfortable and happy,
How many can say that they have found the formulae
That suits them to fulfil this Divine quest of the best.
Something to aim for, enjoying the journey to the remotest?
© David Tenneson –2018

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T’was in the snow bound month of March that I looked forward to going under the knife in April! A strange feeling you might think in view of the one or two possible outcomes, but it was the probable and positive outcome that gave the greatest cause for hope, with a great surgeon having proved himself on my partner that prompted that, to me, not unnatural positivity with me being, as I may have said before, a sublime optimist!

To rid me of the constant discomfort and incessant pain, not being able to stand anything tight about my person that was the cause for my optimism. Of course it was only right that my surgeon was at pains to point out that there was a risk with any operation that complications could occur with unforeseen results happening.
I appreciated this at the time knowing it before he spoke on the subject, but put it out of my mind, as you do. I just wanted the job done! Plus the fact that I knew that I would be in the best place for the medical team to overcome any possible complication.

The surgeon’s original estimate for the operation was 6 months from December last year, but I was pleased that with a call for the assessment in 4 months with the main event in 4 weeks from then, you can imagine I was well pleased. Those 4 weeks though reminded me of the lead up to a wedding when many will suffer from last minute nerves and I was a little shocked that my anticipation would turn into apprehension.

With the memory of being made redundant twice in succession leading to reactive depression lasting for four years and the following panic attacks I was used to assessing my own mental state and the nervousness seemingly moreso in my seventies than forties and fifties with a greater sensitivity to all and sundry along with the rest. In fact I had become a sensitive for my sins!

This state of consciousness together with the sensitivity of others, brought with the mediumship of healing, was the kind of effect that many in the field of healing and mediumship in all its forms have to bear with their gifts.

Therefore you could say that it should have been no surprise that I could feel apprehensive, but we are all human and however we inure ourselves to the consequences of actions or believe that we are guarded against those negative effects and whatever remedies we may apply, it can still be a surprise especially if our usual course of action to clear the passages of the seemingly claustrophobic consciousness, well, sometimes it’s not that easy.

In my case as the time approached I was housebound, not by any other cause than the weather which hit us not once but twice as the Beast from the East with its bitter wind caused drifts of snow that effectively meant a lowering of the portcullis and raising of the drawbridge, in short we were stuck!

So my normal recourse these days, to go for a brisk walk to get some fresh air followed by a period of meditation gazing at the green of our garden, was not available as everything was white and dangerous to walk on! Not that I could not meditate … however!

Was it any wonder that the apprehension took hold since what seemed like the absence of my usual remedy pattern felt more like an amputation! On the other hand it could have caused a cancellation of the operation! Heaven forbid!

So, with all that I know and all that I teach and share with others, naturally I gave myself a good talking-to, reducing the feelings of panic through a discourse with my whole body to invoke a sense of inner peace, knowing that all was well and the result of any procedure would be the best for all concerned.

Fears were effectively put away and with a daily reminder of the fact that I was in the safest of hands my mind was at rest and I could return to my anticipation of the best of all pain free results!
With love from Hanukah & the Angel.

PS. With the twin anticipation of a period of reduced activity on the blog I have tried to Schedule posts for the anticipated time of inaction, but if blanks do appear rest assured I will return even if I do not manage to cover all the bases.
Love, David.

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