David was brought up in the Catering Industry and qualified as an Electrical Engineer in 1965. He returned to Cooking  and became a Catering Equipment Consultant /Trainer and finished his career in Catering Health and Safety.

His fascinating private life led him to Spiritualist Churches and Centres, qualifying as a Spiritual Healer. He served as Secretary / Vice President to Crawley Spiritualist Church, where he was Organist and taught Meditation which was followed by his appointment as Vice Chariman of the Body Mind Spirit International Healing Federation Based in Horsham, Sussex, UK.

David retired to Iberia in 2003 learning about Solitude until the present in the rugged countryside (the Campo) of Spain which gave him time and space to write.

First book of poems –
‘Poems, Prose and Prayers from the Pen of a Simple Scribe – Hanukah’
now out of print.

‘Journey Through Many Lifetimes’
– an autobiography as the title suggests through this and other lifetimes with chapters on the ‘Solar Spheres’ and ‘Moses’ is now available from www.Amazon.com

‘Glad Tidings – an anthology of poetry and verse’
Is out now and published by Tudor Press (London) Ltd

A Trilogy – entitled ‘Sons of Light’ comprising
‘Child of Light’ – ‘Master of Mystery’ – ‘Warrior of Light’ 
– awaiting publication.