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RIDDLE Where is the broken piece that makes it whole again, Was it cast aside and lost in the mists of time, Was it forgotten in the intervening moments? How could such an important piece be lost? Broken or not … Continue reading

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JUST A MOMENT There’s no time like the present, so they say Why is that? You may wonder in dismay Here’s the thing my dearly beloved friends However life treats you, it twists and bends. There’s a moment, to start … Continue reading

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HAPPINESS with HANUKAH (Following the post from http://www.adoptingjames.wordpress.com Entitled: here’s the great thing about abortion.) I thought this would be a bit too long for a comment in view of the many other comments of all persuasions, and since there … Continue reading

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The moment has emerged in the mind of God. Chaos and turbulence in the mind of man, from greed, corruption, bribery and wickedness. Manifesting in war, echoed in pestilence. We have outlived our time. We did not build a tower … Continue reading

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