DIARY of the DUO12

DIARY of the DUO12
So, friend, was it granted or was it not?
Is the flow in the proverbial clot?
Is the stomach still in its painful knot?
And did it become a Gordian Knot?

Questions, questions for an Alexander
One we have tried hard never to ponder
Lest frustration creep into the spirit
We are at pains to remain calm through it.

To keep you in slung suspense no longer
The answer came on this old computer.
Changes proposed by our own movers
Could not be met by other chain members.

Just time to squeeze in this one new message
This moving’s like preparing for dressage.
So particular, with blind instructions,
We’ve gone back to original actions.

Bitten the bullet and taken the gamble
Knowing all’s well, but far from an amble.
It’s a marathon, we’ll never repeat,
We are far too old for this kind of feat.

Pondering, is it on, or is it off?
No wonder I started a nervous cough.
Living so long in the land of limbo,
Not knowing if or when we could go.

But not long now before we take our seats,
When all’s gone before, is seen as just treats.
Hindsight is good thinking what was the fuss
When this journey for others was a must.
Healing & Happiness to all, Hanukah & the Angel

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2 Responses to DIARY of the DUO12

  1. Another great poem David, Hope you did not melt in the heat.. And just calling in again, missed this poem before hand. And hoping all is well and permissions have been granted and things are moving with alterations..
    Sending thoughts.. Take care.. Sue 🙂


    • David says:

      The answer is yes, and we are now in the throws of refurbishing bathroom. Oh! what fun. Thank goodness for close daughter for a shower. We will survive. Hope you have survived and the garden too dear Sue. Love, David

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