DIARY of the DUO11

DIARY of the DUO11
Stasis is a state the Universe detests.
Nothing evolves that sits, persists and rests
It’s not just walking in the woods that counts
But every thought, every desire that mounts.

We are the vehicles of change, and action
Not just human but through every dimension.
The change we are within is traumatic
From here to there and cellar to attic.

Changes before and after we arrive
All add to the strain of our current drive
To be with a loved one who lives with pain
The kind of companion that energy drains.

As healers we can do much from afar
But hold in our arms brings portals ajar,
For energies and the magic of touch
To our loved one in pain can mean so much.

We are wealthy beyond King Croesus’ dreams
Not that we can afford much, so it seems
Rich in our growing family of souls
Rich in the joy which our love enfolds.

The move we make will bring us all closer
As with most moves, it brings people nearer.
Those who perhaps we would never have met
Became friends if only on Internet.

The time has come to arrange some meetings,
Old folks to see with many fond greetings
While, new in the orbit of friendship calls
To cement at the feasts in dining halls.

Questions to which there are hidden answers
Asked by our lawyers in legal measures
Pouring over documents tires the eyes
Never was the case in previous buys.

We have to do, what we have to, must do,
To secure the sale and the purchase too.
But paperwork is cut with most on line,
Bonus for the mind made peaceful and fine.

We do what we can, in all these factions
Conveyance is the shield for our actions.
We bless those who work for our benefit
However painful the results may hit.

Change is often difficult, but we know
The end result is the bright goal to show
We see it in the plan and the forging
In the vision and the manifesting.

All is well as the puzzle pieces form
Our chosen little house becomes the norm.
Anticipation to make changes done,
At the new place before the deeds happen.

Gaining access before all is complete
Is a task that we both must try to meet.
Getting stuff done, OK by the vendor
Another matter for their own lawyer.

Often involves a dip in the wallet,
If it gets a job done, must we worth it.
There may be more hiccups on the way there,
If we could not hack it we’d not be here.
Happiness to all, Hanukah & the Angel


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