Usually referred to one who dreams for the impossible.
If we did not want for something different, something better than our present condition, we would soon find ourselves in a physical not to say conscious and hence mental and psychological and therefore spiritually stagnant state in all those respects.

Similarly, the old saying of, “talking to oneself is the beginning of madness” and I say, “talking to oneself is the beginning of wisdom.” For it is only through a close and constant connection with our bodies and health that we can advance ourselves to a better and healthier place.

So, wishful thinking is in fact “the life blood of the growth of the Universe.”
Without all the amazing technological advances of recent years we could still be in the dark ages of science, medicine and archaeology plus so many more fields of endeavour that mankind has surged ahead in only because we were living on the cusp of evolution.

Our current wishful thoughts were that our proposed moving house would be as simple as in the past and certainly simpler than from Spain to England three years ago, but no it seems that the law, which most would agree is an ass, has got the bit between the teeth and will not let go, determined to sign, seal and deliver at huge cost. So be it and we must stomach it like all the rest in this similar armada of movers and shakers across the country.

There is no doubt a maybe conscious but I believe mainly unconscious sharing of the same energies which we are passing through and acknowledging in others as we take this wished for simple, but turning out to have its opportunities for us to show our strengths and cope with the challenges thrown up for us to manage.

Wishful thinking begins with the mind naturally, but perhaps not as consciously as we would benefit from except for those of us who have begun to realise the positive all-round treasures of mindfulness, which all begins with talking to yourself.

When you think about it, it’s not that new or strange for I can remember my granny saying to me, “you need to give yourself a good talking to my boy”.
The practice of mindfulness seeing exactly how you think and how that transpires into your body and daily life, has immeasurable benefits to you as a happy and healthily functioning human being on all levels. Try it, you could be amazed. Think wishfully all you wish.
Wishing all a fruitful journey, Hanukah & the Angel


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