DIARY of the DUO10

DIARY of the DUO10
The trick following the last DUO9
That’s to say, not to doubt nor undermine
Or resist and put boulders in the way
Of our desire whether in work or play.

It’s not to resist nor doubt anything
But to accept, witness and go with everything,
Appreciate with awareness, see the zing,
Take time and if possible, just have a fling.

We know that this is the way of true life
Leave atmosphere you could cut with a knife.
If problems appear and seem to be rife
We know they are a chance to fulfil life.

In our book, problems just do not exist
It is only opportunities that persist
Chance to prove who and what we are
Shining like the proverbial bright stars.

Our much belov’d piano weighs a ton
We know, changing the carpet must be done.
Like trying to play three-dimensional chess,
Trying to decide what flooring is best.

No way to the kitchen except through the house
Garage is the only way, not being a mouse.
So that must change, from up and over door
To a normal portal no less no more.

And all this before furniture arrives
All this being arranged from ninety miles
Good job we have agents working for us
Family and friends an enormous plus.

It was said that we are no islands, us,
But there are those who strive to make us thus.
We’re not scared to ask for help from others
It’s the only way before it smothers.

As it has proved, this day has seen us act
When we were able to sign a contract.
One more to go and others still to sign
Which will see us in our new pad and fine.
Happiness to all, Hanukah & the Angel


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3 Responses to DIARY of the DUO10

  1. David it sounds like you have a challenge on your hands, but not to be beaten I know you will both overcome.. before Furniture arrives.. And it will become HOME SWEET HOME… Because you will both make it so..
    Much love to you both.. Take care. and special thoughts your way David. ❤


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