DIARY of the DUO9

DIARY of the DUO9
We are told that if we hear nothing,
Not to worry, as all is working.
It all comes down to our having trust,
Which in conveyancing is a must.

In another mood, no news is good news
Our new home looks like the end of a mews,
But in truth is an end of cul-de-sac
As we look ever forward, never back.

However optimistic we may be
We need to abide by the access key
A cute arrangement that gets changes done
Before the effects and furniture come.

This has spiritual as well as physical
Meanings to me just now the spiritual
Mechanism of the moving access
To bring to us the ultimate success.

Trust is at the heart of such endeavour
With the expected grace of the vendor
As said in the past we must plan each move
All in order and agencies approved.

Getting used to this long moving process
Hope not to repeat and give it a miss.
Hoping this must be the last move we make
Not for anyone else but for our sake.

The masters teach, look forward and desire
In so doing we stoke the eternal fire.
Such wisdom percolates ether and air
If we could only hear it, here and there.

There were compromises to make for us
Like anything, to avoid later fuss
We set out the list of all those minus
When taking minus from all of the plus.

The plus won out and happiness was king.
We knew that it would, as joy is our thing
Not there yet, but we know that this journey
Leads to the last stop on the line called glee.
Happiness to all, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. William Lambert says:

    Hello David – have sent you a detailed birthday card but it has bounced back! So I hope you are having a very special day and that your house sale and move will happen soon. Sending you Love, Light and Healing Hugs, Too Busy William


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