Divine Mission – Possible

(In response to Sue Dreamwalker & the challenge of Linda over at Litebeing Chronicles)
The question was posed:
Am I a Lightworker, Indigo, Starseed, Forerunner or any other title you care to conjure? I really don’t know.
I guess that each one of these deserves a definition to understand the nature of such a title, or the consequence of such an acceptance, if only for us to know where we are, and perhaps who we are in the grand scheme, and according to others are supposed to stand, or perhaps where others would like to put us? Though hopefully not on a pedestal!

We do delight in putting ourselves and others in boxes as others tend to regiment us, and we also love hierarchy as if we were in some divine army.
I say divine, since all our conjecture only goes to contribute to our left sided attempts through our human consciousness, commensurate with mind and spirit, which came into being as the gift of the soul to this life; whose desire it was through soul consciousness to experience this journey, to which our current consciousness had no say in the matter, so far as our present personality is concerned, but only the going with the flow thereafter.

That being so, it is only natural that we should wonder who and what we really are.
However, I believe that the only divine element in our makeup is the soul, the eternal link to the divine source of all there is, which I, following our angelic connection love to call the Lord Logos. Not that it was my choice, but to follow others who I believe are in the know.

It has been said by many a seer that throughout my many lives, there has been an inner urge to make the best of each and every incarnation, and this I commend to all, despite any title assumed or given. As my mum always said, ‘You can only do your best’.

Of this life, I can look back over the last three score and ten plus years, to say that the teaching gene has been strong, linked with consultation, as knowledge and wisdom were amassed. The teaching was not limited by faculty, but by need, the needs of others. Spreading from engineering through kitchens, to spiritual philosophy, to meditation, health and safety and most recently to mentoring to those disadvantaged, in need of help and support, but not necessarily sequentially, and often over the same time period. It is said that the best way to learn is to teach. A slight diversion from the theme one could say, but then, it is said that our strength is in our diversity, is it not?

Indeed the teaching gene must be strong because it has been passed on to my children, although I would not call myself a teacher, and even in one of my many day jobs, as a salesman I looked upon that role, as one of problem solving and finding solutions for the benefit of others. This went well with the other life as a spiritual healer, and the teaching which I received from St. John Ambulance.
We cannot avoid our titles, can we?

It is said in a certain cannon of Buddhist philosophy that the glue that holds us humans in relationship and the force that keeps the Universe in its constant revolution and orbit, is not gravity, but compassion – given by the Dalai Lama. Which I believe is the spark that exists within each of us, if only we would recognise it, see it for what it is, and with courage, bring it out into the open of our lives, in our undoubted quest to act on behalf of others, and for the benefit of the planet as a whole. Which triggers my love of the garden, whose visitors never cease to delight me. Perhaps this is the only external impetus for me that brings a higher level of consciousness, entitled: happiness, which I believe is within and in general does not rely on external matters, or accumulations of any kind.

So in our manifestation of compassion, are we therefore all Samaritans at heart? Perhaps we should assume that title, or would true Caretaker be more appropriate. It would make life a lot easier if we were given our life purpose from the beginning, then perhaps our title would just drop into place. But that would not be the will of the soul, whose only interest is to see the life chosen, develop under the care of spirit, from the moment of sustainability in the womb, which is the divine mystery, the journey unfolding through the interwoven consciousness, mind and spirit.

The Internet has added a new and fantastic dimension to all of us capable of negotiating its many mazes, but in terms of reaching larger audiences, it has proved a gift since we can all write to reach the many realms of interest to those of like mind for us to pass on our experience and messages of help and inspiration.

Some of us, no doubt have titles for ourselves, but I prefer to go incognito. Witnessing and experiencing all that this life has to offer for the benefit of the soul, the silent witness within, making the best of everything.

I have to ask the question: Do you agree with the crew who helped the penguins out of the crevasse, against the maxim of David Attenborough, that ‘thou shalt not interfere with nature’? Am I therefore wrong to help my feathered friends throughout the winter with multiple feeders? I believe that compassion being the common denominator of us all overrides even Mr A. But even this slight diversion from the theme allows me to conclude that I claim nothing and leave others to call me what they will.
Love & Blessings to all.
Hanukah & the Angel.

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6 Responses to Divine Mission – Possible

  1. I love your post David and resonate totally with unfolding the love within… maybe helped by teaching, but allowing it to be quite natural for you and not having a need to be titled, put in a box for others to understand who you are. AND then we realise we are love… here to experience love in action. Happy holidays to you David and may you step into a magical 2019… much love Barbara x


    • David says:

      Many thanks Barbara, It is a strange quirk of the human mind that many of us schooled by parent and teacher maxims that we should all strive for those seemingly essential pieces of paper and work to add letters after our names. On the contrary, I must be an exception in however many levels and letters I was awarded I never added them to my name preferring to remain in the background, not in a box but silently suffering the titles that employers conferred on me for the sake of customers and enjoying the freedom of relative anonymity! May you enjoy the celebration and merriment of this season, and find health and happiness in 2019. Love, David

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  2. Wonderful you took up Linda’s Challenge David.. And apologise its taken this long to get to your post.. But I have not been doing my regular travelling in the Blogsphere of late.. And last week had a total absence from the internet altogether..

    I agree the internet a great tool for spreading our thoughts and sharing our experiences with others.. And it is always a small world when we see the similar backgrounds we have held.

    Love the term The Silent Witness.. It is indeed what we all are.. And this road we have travelled following our spiritual calling is one I have always delighted in sharing with you. And your profound insights and love of poetry.

    I watched the said program of penguins David and was crying out to the TV for those explorers and film makers to do something.. So pleased they saw fit to intervene and help create ‘Steps’ to help them escape the place they had found themselves trapped..
    I wouldn’t hesitate and would think I had been placed in that spot for the exact purpose of rescue..
    And my feeders are full to overflowing all year round..

    Wishing you a Peaceful Sunday David.. Sending love and Well wishes your way..
    Take care my friend
    Sue ❤ ❤


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    • David says:

      Thank you Linda. Love, David


      • litebeing says:

        Hi David, Thank you for participating. I linked your post to my schedule so people can find you. The theme for this challenge was exploring one’s mission and/or if they even believe one is necessary? The question I posed about lightworkers was just one of the prompts I chose to get people thinking. I appreciate your thoughts and am glad you decided to take this on.

        love, LInda


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