HPT Adoration

The Final Stage of HPT is ADORATION
When you become at one with all there is, at one with the Universe, with the Divine.
Literally you move into a state of atonement (at-one-ment) with the Divine consciousness. You become at one with the Divine Creator, who is the source of all there is.

So although you began your meditation by concentrating on say a live plant; you are now in communion with Divinity, the first cause of all there is. You have arrived at the moment of mergence, mergence with the Divine.

You become aware of the true meaning, through your HPT, Highly Precious Time, of the phrase “I and the Father are one” and you are at one in the state of Adoration of the Divine.

Mergence is the Holy Grail of meditation.

From concentration, through contemplation and revelation to adoration of
the Divine you are at one, in harmony, and you realise:
“that peace which only God can give”.
When you achieve this state of inner peace, it will change your life.

So much of what you thought was necessary becomes unnecessary, and you begin to focus on the important things in your life.

To achieve this you must commit to doing it. As explained before to achieve it requires practice, but then nothing worth achieving in this life is easy. It is recommended that once started you repeat the exercise every day for the rest of your life.
What would you learn if it were all easy?

In one of his many discourses, with a different take on true meditation,
Sri Sathya Sai Baba said:

Meditation does not mean sitting in a cross-legged posture with eyes closed in contemplation of God. This is a physical worldly activity. No doubt, this is also needed, but true meditation lies in unifying the mind with God. Just as milk and water cannot be separated, likewise, the mind, once merged with God, cannot be separated.

An iron ball cast into a fire will become one with it. Likewise, your love should become one with Divine Love. This truth is contained in the Vedic Dictum: The knower of Brahman becomes Brahman Himself. Some people contemplate on God for a limited period in the morning and evening. This cannot be called meditation.

Contemplate on God at all times, in all places and under all circumstances. Perform all tasks with your mind fixed on God. That is true meditation. Thinking of God for a limited period cannot be termed meditation. This is only part-time devotion. Part-time devotion confers only part-time grace. You should have full-time devotion in order to attain full-time grace.

I disagree with the notion of part time grace, because I believe that the grace is with us 24/7. However there is a big but. It is only of use so long as we accept it and do not doubt or deny it.

The initial HPT guided meditation, using your own voice, or listening to a guide is a good start and is the pathway beginning, that most start from, and one which we recommend where there is no competition, and no pressure.
As always, it is your choice.

We often need a little help in all that we attempt to do and we call upon many spiritual names to help us.

My own trick, which goes a little way to meet Sai Baba, is to remember to bring the thought of my connection to the Divine into my mind, before I start anything.
In my personal mantra of “95% thought and 5% doing” many pitfalls, obstacles, barriers and consequences can be ironed out in the mind before I even start, and I recommend this practice to all.

May your HPT bring you all of the benefits and blessings, to support your whole life.

The many Benefits of your HPT, for you to look forward to, will follow these posts.
Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Meditation is I agree David not just a sit down exercise… Its a constantly held peace in all we do..
    I meditate while gardening,painting or knitting..
    Just being within our own centre at peace..
    Wonderful read as always dear David


  2. Beautifully written David… I agree it’s a 24/7 commitment. Peace be you in these high frequency times… much love Barbara x


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