HPT Revelation

HPT – Third Stage – REVELATION
By concentration you have achieved your vision and you can hold your vision in your mind.
In contemplation the vision is held and you become one with the vision. In revelation you become at one with the aspect of what you have created you become aware of everything about the vision, things you were not aware of before are revealed to you now.

In effect you have achieved a new level of consciousness. The whole world is made up of levels of consciousness. An ice block melts to become water that vaporises to become water vapour or steam that condenses to become water again. All are at different levels. And the levels are determined by the rate of vibration of the molecules, that go to make up the substance.

Every thought that you think has its own vibration which has a distinct pattern, recognised by those who watch over us, and the thought itself is out there on the ether waves of the Universe. You don’t have to send a text, pick up the phone and call someone, its already out there. It has its own level easily identifiable by those who can see and perceive.

Each level of consciousness has its own world, and by meditating in one of those worlds you bring yourself into that world. This is why it is best for you to meditate on something that is alive. Of course if you were to meditate on the china figure for instance then you have a number of options available to you. According to your own mental state and affinity, you could begin to experience the world of the figurine itself – not very exciting. Or the world of the potter who made it, or the artist who painted it. Which is why it is best to concentrate on something that is alive, and to hold that image in your mind. Unless of course you are a budding potter.

So that is the third stage and, again, you don’t do anything, if you have reached this point then it’s like receiving a beautiful inner peace. You have the feeling that nothing matters and you could achieve anything. Difficult to put into words, and of course you could explain it in different terms, but it is something you become aware of, not with any of the five senses, not with your ears or eyes. You use them to set the scene in the preparation of your ceremony of meditation, but after that they are not needed. You become aware of an energy that is experienced totally within you.

When you reach this level your awareness changes and you are conscious only of what is going on within, you are in a light trance although still in control. But the difference is that in this state of revelation you are detached from your surroundings and nothing will disturb you unless there is a loud noise or you are physically touched.

I am convinced that it is in this state following a period of intense concentration that flashes of inspiration can come to us as we connect with universal consciousness and things are revealed to us. Take for instance the unexplained event when two scientists received the answer to the same problem at exactly the same moment in real time one in South America and the other in the UK. When their results were published they were each accused of plagiarism and it was some time before the scientific community could accept the possibility of them receiving the same answer at the same moment in real time.

It will take a while for the establishment to catch up with what we know. In my experience many things can be revealed in this state of awareness. For me it sounds like my own voice speaking to me. I get poems, teachings and solutions to problems.

It is strange because it does not necessarily happen at the time, but often afterwards when I come back to full waking consciousness, then it is like an instant replay. It may happen to you as things are revealed about the subject of your concentration which you were unaware of before.
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