HPT Contemplation

Concentration was the process, of you creating and holding an image in your mind. In this phase, you are actually sustaining that image that you have created in your mind. In contemplation the image holds itself. You are then free, free to enjoy the vision you have created. Turning the image through three hundred and sixty degrees in your mind to see every facet of say that beautiful rose which is now maintained in your mind.
That is contemplation.

If you lose the image it will mean returning to the process of Concentration to hold your image without deviation or loss and then continue again in Contemplation.

For all that work in preparation, practice and concentration once you are in contemplation there is nothing for you to do, but just to be there and to contemplate the vision you have created. For it puts you in direct communication with what you have created, all things are one, and you begin to tune in to the vision that you have formed in your mind.

In holding the image you may begin to see and to understand things about the object which you concentrated on and more will be revealed in the next stage of HPT.

It is as well then to vary the object and learn to tune in to each aspect of creation through your concentration and contemplation of every item.
There is nothing more to contemplation than that.

It may seem simple but it is of great importance because it allows you to understand the level that you have achieved in your own personal process.
Hanukah & the Angel


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