Here’s a thought, that leads to an idea which when repeated leads on to a belief, with no fear.
We tend not to make a decision in case, that it could or might be wrong, just in case.
Worry is thinking about what we do not want, or the consequence of a possible wrong decision.
Let’s be clear, many cannot make a decision, and live their lives in a state of indecision which is in truth, a life of fear
The mind is phenomenal; since we can, without moving a finger, go through the consequence of every possible decision, no need to linger
But do we need hurry to do that, for has that gone one step beyond, verging on the consequence of worry?
Those who become used to others making decisions and are content to follow orders, find it impossible to decide when released from impositions.
Just as we can let go of carrying the mental baggage of others we can also let go of the fear of inviting such bothers.
When a decision is made in the mind, through thought with logic and heart combined, however simple the process, we cannot be wrong.
Any decision can be enhanced, changed or reversed and that is the beauty of deciding. We are the masters in every respect, despite what others think.
From the prospect or perception of the soul that chose this life, this family, faith, and environment this time round, we can do no wrong.
For whatever we choose is experience, that was foreseen as a sacred probability, and even if reversed is an enhancement of that ruse.
Every thought that you think is known on many levels, and for the soul there is no right or wrong, in all it revels.
In soul consciousness, all decisions are permissible since they contribute to its experience that’s unmissable.
The Universe, with no decision, in any dimension, begins to slow down, a life stops and goes into suspension.
The soul sees further into the probability of life, further than any psychic could ever foresee.
There must be no fear in decisions, the more the merrier for they are the stuff that powers life, and the universe itself.
If you thought you made a wrong one, think again for there is no such thing in the grand plan of the One.
Who is there to presume to judge you with pen or voice, on the mundane level of earth, when so much more hangs on your every choice.
You are not just the light of the world, but the light, through your thoughts with every other conscious being, of the Universe itself.
Hanukah & the Angel


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3 Responses to THOUGHT

  1. Very true, no right or wrong.. just choices.. and consequences of those choices.. Which is why we should decide carefully what we think and send out as ‘thought’

    Wishing you and yours dear David a lovely day.. happy to be in my reader again this wet rainy day that I am so pleased the gardens are getting this down pour..

    Have a beautiful weekend where you are..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue 🙂


    • David says:

      Thanks Sue, and yes it is a pity that most do not realise that they don’t have to act or to say, just to think, and it is out there. We need to be so careful, to mind our thoughts and vibrations, to love all, respect all and ensure that we are aware of the consequences. Have a great rest of weekend Sue … rain holding off for now and hope it will bless us soon! Love, David 🙂

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