The raven calls and claims attention, as tired and easy guard beyond the gate is called to atten … shun, ready for exchange.
In a sleepy dawn it is the first command of the day, as the sun rises and casts his first weak ray.
Most are still abed, and as alarm bells ring, ask for five minutes more, before they have to rise to daily chores.
His raucous call is enough to wake the dead, as seagull’s repeated shriek also re-sounds inside the head.
As first light allows his reflection in the moat, we see the many colours showing in his glossy coat.
He is black and remains so as the world comes out of the midnight dark showing true colours of the uniformed guard.
His call again, for those climbing out of sleep, seems to reflect from the stones of this well protected keep.
Whoever heard of a dry moat? What is meant? Unless to show to the world, confidence in our secure appointment.
Who would be bold enough and fell to chance a meeting with one or more of the ghosts in cells and even royal apartments?
No need to address them in any room or dungeon, since they walk the corridors and battlements of this fated fortress.
Many a murder from chance or deliberate act, left to rot through long and painful death, with no water or sustenance.
In this imposed dearth, yearning for just one drop of the moat that laps their cold, damp and rat infested, last address on earth.
Accounts for the many left to wander for eternity, the once corridors of royal prestige and power.
Still the queues in their length, come in their thousands day by day, to say they have been and seen this symbol of strength.
Within its depths, worthy or worship are all the sovereigns crowns, swords of state, orb and sceptre, emblems of kingship.
All with reach, but unable to touch, guarded night and day in a secure cabinet and chamber with human guards in a clutch.
The raven speaks and for those able to interpret his croak, needs must be wary and take good care, keeping him in his own cloak of security.
Who knows it all? The myth may in fact be true that when the day comes and ravens desert the tower, England will fall.
It is true the moat is now dry, and one has to ask why? is this the first step to fulfil the prophesy.
Out of step! We are leaving one family of friends, and so, alone and in our solitude will that be the second step?
Happiness comes from within, regardless of what happens to the raven, wet or dry moat. Will we be happy in our island fortress?
Hanukah & the Angel


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