Many are afraid of failure, blaming themselves for not foreseeing the possibility of something, not going as they would wish or as others expect.
Failure is a constant reminder to reassess, to rethink a method or process to produce a different outcome which you or some others may possibly view as better.

The tendency is to categorise any act as right or wrong, but what if there were no right or wrong, but only difference? Then there is no failure, only a change in action, perception and appreciation.

Failure if it is seen as such, is also of course a teaching aid; because it can show us the way that is best avoided, and therefore we can be better informed as to the best or better route to follow to suit us.

From this it follows that no decision is wrong, because even if the route taken turns out to be not as foreseen the change necessary to remedy the situation is merely a further act of mental creation.

Better in all circumstances to make as many decisions in the mind and to look at the possible consequences, choose a different route if desired, and pursue the same quest of questioning the results, before actually making the decision in reality.

Trying to achieve something which others have failed to do, whether it is to climb an unclimbed mountain or to invent a completely new product, process, or God forbid, plastic! Unless of course it is truly recyclable, and avoiding the colour black at all cost, may be laudable, with due care and attention to the possibilities on the way.

Many of us try to become self sufficient and to look after our health without reliance on the long suffering Health Service, with right diet to suit our own selves along with exercise of mind and body, but try as we might, and it is no failure, that when all else fails we have to consult a pharmacist, a doctor, or even a specialist in or outside the medical profession. Beware of so called or self proclaimed experts; who lets face it, are really just old drips under pressure!

Extremes experienced in terms of temperature were soon realised as not being the best climate for elderly, frail and failing bodies. So the move was made to a cooler and a less extreme country; only to find that holes in the ozone and general climate changes within a short space of 24 months had caught up with us, and brought those same extremes to plague us.

Through no fault or failure of our own, now tiredness reigns and only gentle exercise moves into the sphere of possibility, making work also less likely as pain comes through the lack of movement through the lack of that all important physical exercise.

It is strange that in retirement we have less time than when we were at work, and we often wonder how we ever had time to work. Of course the only failure was that we had no time while working to do the things which we really wanted to do.

In there lies a common failing; that we have a habit of concentrating on the things we don’t want, which let’s face it, is what worry truly is. We all need to remove those thoughts from our minds, and only to think about the things which we really want. In that remedy lies happiness.
Hanukah & the Angel


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4 Responses to FAILURE

  1. I have failed at many things.. Exams.. Interviews.. lol..
    Yet were they failures? Or was it that I was meant to learn from my failures..
    I fail many times when I make errors in my knitting.. I unpick it all back stitch my stitch.. Is this not teaching me patience.. and perseverance.. Failure is a matter of perspective
    And if something is seeming to fail, is it not then time to look at why it is failing and start to think up new ways of how it will work..
    Seems to me as I view the world right now many of our systems are beginning to break down and fail.. Maybe it is now time to rethink them.. And let go of old models and out dated ways of being.. When we see something fail.. It allows room for growth..

    Great thoughts David.. wishing you well my friend ❤


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