Now a grandfather myself, I well remember my grandfather who was so kind, saying: not so much of the old, if you don’t mind,
Elder, senior or perhaps wise would better fit the bill, with so much of a life lived, with never a thought of ill for another.
There is much experience and knowledge to share, including many tricks of the trade which you might call wisdom, if you care.
It is true that many of the tricks, involve ways of overcoming mistakes without anyone knowing, they were there in the mix.
Then there are the shortcuts, not I hasten to add, the bodges made by some, but genuine ways to outwit time, with no loss of condition.
Always a plus when someone else is paying the bill for that valuable commodity – your hours on the job to fill.
As items get old they gather notes of age called patina and with it value, albeit in the current vogue it accrues.
Though old is not necessarily costly and may be picked up for a song
if old takes your fancy all along.
Most of what I have was inherited, not bought in haste, always known
and come to love, so what I enjoy may not be to common taste.
Whatever you hold dear might not be liked by others, which is of no consequence to you, so have no fear, just your joy is of concern.
Old is of no concern, for in one thousand years it may be no more,
as the world itself will have changed to its core
So much can be changed and lost in earthquake or tsunami, as
many a thing of beauty bringing eternal joy is dust.
We are at the mercy of nature and it’s elements, making things
of beauty and value worthless.
So much of what we have is of itself of no value except perhaps
in the eye of the beholder.
In the wider aspect or perception of life, that is all that matters,
whether lived in pristine condition or in tatters.
It is your happiness that counts whatever you call wealth
true value is in joyful health.
True success, for young or old, is the level of consciousness achieved,
only measured in happiness.
Hanukah & the Angel


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