What is the muse but inspiration? So if it is inspiration, then from where and from whom does it come?
The three Muses in Greek Mythology were for literature, the arts and for science, kept alive in the common consciousness by oral tradition.
In popular mythology a muse can refer to anyone who inspires say a creator in the form of a sculptor, artist, musician or writer.
I feel that therein lies the true origin of the muse, as the muse is in the mind and anyone or anything can provide inspiration.
It helps to have an active imagination to be able to interpret what is seen or heard into some form of creativity.
I have no hesitation in proposing a forth muse in the persona of mother nature who never ceases to inspire me.
In following a guided meditation I am immediately given vibrant images to match the words of the guide.
Some folks profess to be visual and others more sound based in their imagery, I am blessed to have a good mix of the two,
Since I enjoy making simple sounds on the piano and enjoy classical music of the ancient kind.
There is an undisputed benefit from an occasional splash of water colour on the cartridge,
Which seems these days to be confined to a holiday activity with many hung and a drawer full of the unframed,
With a admission of the last holiday taken twenty five years ago, with colours cracked and tubes drying out,
Perhaps it is time to take that holiday, resurrect the long forgotten colours, clean the china palette,
Find that adventurous spirit, take to the road again and take that well earned rest, but in all seriousness, not in this heat.
Where is the muse of travel to overcome the parochial pastime of watching the roses grow in our own patch of Olympus.
The muses are all here, helping us to create pictures in words for others to interpret and enjoy.
To spend time interpreting, transforming and sending the healing energies given to all and sent to others in need.
Whether we wish to see our plot as Heaven or Olympus, we feel that we are gifted and much blessed to be here in glorious Devon.
The Grace of Well-being is not seen, felt or accepted by most and it is the sacred duty of those that do, to pass it on.
Sending it in a form that will be accepted giving relief to all who believe and ask for it, whether they accept the muse or not.
Hanukah and the Angel.


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5 Responses to MUSE

  1. loved your Muse dear David.. I hope you do treat yourself to some new paints and splash those colours upon some blank canvas… Arrgh to play the piano.. My Daughters partner plays magnificently. I dabbled upon my parents old upright which was out of tune most of the time.. My mother could play, She taught my Dad to play, I picked it up by ear..

    Isn’t it good when we have the privilege of the use of both senses.. To listen and to visualise.. I often feel blessed..
    Many thanks David for sharing this Muse.. I have been busy creating natures canvas, though inbetween I have painted a little.. LOL if not fences, and sheds, a bird feeder and a painting of birds..
    Such are the Joys of living in Creation! Go create.. what you waiting for lol.. Enjoy my good friend EnJOY… πŸ™‚


    • David says:

      Thank you dear Sue, presently stuck in the muse of creating the rewrite of my book, so painting will have to wait a while, and I have to confess that like you I play piano by ear for my own enjoyment, which is double the joy when others appreciate too! The garden is the other love which is also in certain sections enjoying a replacement of its own as tomatoes have sprouted out of nowhere in three pots with already 40 little gems showing how wonderful nature is with her gifts. I love it all as I know you do too. All Love, David

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      • Enjoy Natures Gifts David they will be the best tasting tomatoes ever.. πŸ˜€ I saved some seeds from some little yellow cherry tomatoes the other year, They are prolific this year…
        You should try squeezing some seeds onto a paper towel when ripe, allow them to dry on the paper naturally in a window sill.. then flake them off into an envelope ready to sow next year.. If the paper sticks to them it doesn’t matter. πŸ™‚ And you will have even more if you grow in pots even hanging baskets I have grown the cherry sort in before..
        Happy Writing my friend.. πŸ™‚ I bet there is lots to share..
        Blessings Sue


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