The heat wave caused an early turning of the normal green in July, to gold and amber jewels hanging from the branches of the cherry tree from its otherwise summery green boughs. Which is not ours, but stretches its arms over the garden fence from the cemetery next door; for a windy chat with our swaying black bamboo, now four metres tall, in only its second year.

One of our most pleasant plants that brings height and movement with the changing wind direction and naturally changes from emerald green stems to the darkness of polished jet or ebony not by heat, but in a natural way as each new stem matures.

To compliment those already turning leaves, the flying gems arrive to feed on sunflower seeds. Our friends the gold finches, but I have to ask who in their right mind named them gold; when their most prominent feature is their glorious ruby red coloured cap?

The bright yellow flash on the wings can be the only excuse and then not the colour of the most pure or impure gold, but more the colour of sulphur as was and we are reliably told changed to sulfur. Is the English language so easily manipulated? It smacks of an interference from across the pond, does it not? Just like the changing names of towns and cities and indeed countries world wide as they are changed by those in power and control.

Jewels and gold itself are the bounty sought after by many as proof of success with no regard to the true mark of success in the level of happiness achieved on a daily basis that does not rely on outer acquisitions; but on the level of the consciousness found through acts of kindness, acts of compassion and help of any kind given to those in need. This is the true treasure for mankind to own and constantly to replenish on a day to day mining of the mind.

Compared to other exotic species our native flora and fauna are considered dowdy if not dull by comparison but to look with care in the quiet and gentle approach the true jewels of our indigenous cousins on the tree of life are revealed in all their colours and beauties.

Some have tried to introduce both flora and fauna across continents with disastrous effects where natural species have been overrun by their foreign cousins. Some animals are now seen as vermin and plant types have spread giving no habitat for birds or animals and are now being seen as a short burst of colour in spring as not worth the overall downside.

There is no doubt in my mind that we should value what we have and see the gems and jewels of nature in all their beauty as our sparkling inheritance.
Hanukah and the Angel.


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