Call for Unity

Often imagination is stretched beyond what we consider possible. Often we hear, I have no imagination, although we all have it beyond denial.
What if? We could all have the same idea, the same thought and follow the same plan in unity. What then?
The lady who leads our land has to struggle with the daily deluge of denial from her closest colleagues and ministers.
With a country divided, a cabinet divided and a house divided all almost equally at odds with one another, it is difficult to find unity.
Unity is illusive even in the mind where the two sides have always to be considered before deciding, always afraid of making the wrong decision.
In countries where kings rule, unity is in the power of one, with trusted counsellors it takes a special mind to handle such singular unity.
Unity can be found in pockets of religion, some large and many small, where words become the power, like any army it is paramount to respect the chain of command.
Such a chain is impossible to repeat unless a formula can be found to span the dimensions from physical to spiritual and claim divine connection.
Such a power albeit in words of man cannot easily be denied unless every word in every book were burned, but then we have the advantage of memory… Don’t we?
As with all things with the gift of Free-will we can chose the path we take, each step we take, each choice we make on our own journey, we have the power to chose our own Divine connection.
We can chose direct unity with the Divine with no denial, only acceptance, no need for books, words or intermediaries.
To accept that we carry within us the essence, the reason for life in the Divine gift, of itself in the form of Soul, giving us undeniable Unity with the Divine.
The power of prayer cannot be denied and when two or three are gathered with the same prayer in mind that prayer is multiplied ten fold.
It would be difficult for us all to have the same thought, but to have the same prayer, the same thought of support for the leading lady, whose only thought is the best for all, not for self, but for all. Is that so impossible?
If the country, every council, the combined house, every member of every body of power could support the leader in her endeavour; her power to negotiate on our behalf would be enhanced in unity to get the best for all.
Hanukah & the Angel
We know that respect is missing on every level
But is support so difficult when the result is best for all?
Or is it too late for that?


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