It is a wonder that so many groups still tend to divide the Devine into areas of, shall we say, responsibility! Praying to different gods for different aspects of life where they see the need for change. When in truth the Divine is singular, One!

They pray for rain, emulated with song and dance to enhance their pleas and praise to particular gods. They even make sacrifices to the god that lives and thrives in the volcano asking for protection from the fire, for those living in its vicinity. I also wonder if they thank the god for the richness of the soil and the pumice with its multitude of abrasive uses provided by the lava flows? They ask that a childless couple will have children and that the woman will conceive a male child, and so it goes on, and on, and on …

The list goes on to the revelation that the Buddha never mentioned God in his teachings and yet, Buddhism is seen as a religion with the Buddha himself being elevated to godhood by many of his followers. Similarly Jesus or Jeshua as I prefer to call him, and I believe was certainly a man, but is seen by multitudes as God, despite having called himself the son of man. So are they following in the footsteps of the Romans whose human Emperors proclaimed themselves to be gods and were worshipped accordingly?

Daft as these anomalies appear to me, almost as daft as those who still believe that the Earth is flat! While others believe that our visits to the moon were in reality shots made on a film set in Hollywood.

As we have pursued our quest into technology we have changed our appreciation of those who seemed to the masses to wield the power normally ascribed to a god, our allegiance has changed from the healers of old, whose power was viewed by those in control to be an aspect of magic which was banned and all healers found guilty and hanged or burned or drowned on the ducking stool as witches.

We still wanted to be healed of our infirmities and put our faith in modern doctors who became our new gods. Until, that is, the scientists caught our imaginations, given free reign through education assumed the position of god.

However the Boffins became a bit too clever for our schooling and we had a hard job understanding what they were about. We had to find a god we could understand, a god that could wield more manageable and understandable power to the man in the street. We reverted to the clan instinct of old and found new heroes, not on the battle fields, but as close as we dared on the pitches and race tracks of all kinds and a new race of gods were found.

Despite our care in selection we were too close for some who found the game on the pitch so much like a battle, with opposing supporters dressed in team colours just like the armorial colours of the knights and kings of old, such that, regardless of the main event they decided to fight each other before even entering the modern lists of the pitch, entering the stands or indeed before any hint of a starting whistle. And yes, outside to the point of death!

Where have we come to? Despite our advances in technology we are still stuck in the past, when we don’t even need gods we can just fight each other obeying our instinct to dominate and take what we want from others including the life of another for no other reason, no creed except that of domination. If our team of gods does not win, we can on their behalf, continue to dominate their supporters so their team of gods loses support and therefore power!

Does this not ring a religious ring of an all too current theme that has echoed through the ages of Moors against Christians and Jews against the rest? Are we still stuck in that age old conflict?

Some are obsessed with Aliens imagining them to be all powerful and hence worthy of the title god, especially as we are schooled into believing that they will eventually invade us and take over Planet Earth! Some of us, through higher guidance, know that they were here before and we have ended up better off than had they not shown up when they did.
So who are the Aliens now?

Most of us have missed the message that the Universe is a benign benefactor and that the Grace of the Lord is available to us all as an energy of Well-being to be used by each of us as we need. Unfortunately the other gift we received at birth of Free-will, enables us to accept and utilise the Grace or to deny its existence and again, most of us do not believe that it exists!
Now that is indeed sad.

Any Alien passing by with superior technology would soon find out that despite our advances on many fronts we remain a warlike race and we would shoot them first and ask questions afterwards if they came too close, and some of us still expect them to make contact? Discreetly perhaps on a one to one basis!

Most still believe in a god that would exist in the same form as us, look like us and exhibit many of our traits that we ascribe to our image of God. We blame God when things go wrong and believe that we must make sacrifices in order to be worthy of His goodwill. Superstition or what? It’s a bit like imagining that God is the supreme Supermarket Owner!

In my understanding there is One, just one God, one Divinity and nothing else can be called Divine, but which is given many different names according to who you are, your creed and your faith. In its unity the One remains open to the many pathways which all meet at the point where each and every Soul began its first of many journeys into the Universe.

With our strength in our diversity it is not unnatural that we should be divided into the many groups who each have a different name and method of approach to the Divine. The trick for humanity to wake up to, is the need to treat each group of others with the greatest respect.

In my own mind, there is no image of God that I could use, for it would be like trying to give a form to electromagnetic force, and therein lies our difficulty since form itself is the stumbling block. For there is no form to God as there is no form to your Soul within you, which is a part of God and came from God.

We exist in the world of form which we term the three dimensional world and find it impossible to imagine any other beingness. However in my mind the One true God exists. And, for those who have difficulty in acceptance, remember:
Absence of proof is no proof of absence.
Hanukah and the Angel.


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3 Responses to gods

  1. Hi dear David,
    Forgive my long absence.. I have not been doing my rounds as much these days as enjoying the Summer Sun, while working hard in keeping the veggie plot together..

    And I agree with your view on the ‘War-like race of beings we are.. Often I think we were trapped here to re-incarnate over and over until we learned that the one most powerful thing is LOVE..

    Mankind has lost its ‘Kindness’ along the way.. Though it exists in many an individual, its sad the ‘powers that be’ who control still prefer to share all our faults to inject fear, rather than our great deeds to one another which I am sure there are many.. So the Media churns out its negative chimes..

    We have thousands of years of indoctrinated thinking to peel away, and I know from my own upbringing David, we were taught to bow our heads, and were taught of God who was our Father In Heaven, whose image was liken to our own..
    So you grew up with all of that imagery and so your outlook on him was perceived as man.. That he could get angry and judge.. And only the good would go to heaven..

    I know our own Spiritual journey has taken us through many learning halls of Spirit.. Whereby we have found out a different view on reality and all that exists..

    I loved you too have that Native American book of quotes.. Our years in the 90’s when we were waking up and our awareness and Spiritual and healing journey began.. 🙂 Shows us how throughout the Universe all things are thrown together, Who would have thought.. Yet we have so much in our past history within our spiritual awareness and development in common, we would meet via WP.. 😀

    I know you and I could talk for hours and never repeat a word.. 😀 and I so enjoyed your essay my friend..

    We are far from alone in this world, where Men think themselves as God’s and I am sure our Earth Mother soon will shake those self-made men by their foundations..

    For the Universal Laws far out-way that of many men may think up..

    LOVE and Blessings David
    Sue ❤


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