Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice.
Two of my favourites, which beg the question how many of us are conscious of the two sides of us that sit on opposite shoulders and cause us to swing between the best and the worst for us?

Too many of us are swayed by our peers to do the wrong stuff just to impress those who impress us to go against our own will. This, unfortunately begins quite often by parents wanting their children to do what they like to do and to follow what they want, when children are individuals and have their own paths to follow, and making up their own mind about likes and dislikes can start very early in their life!

We all love to be spoilt, but in a good way and perhaps not too often for our own good and there are so many diets out there with the prevalence of overweight and obese states witnessed more and more, that many of us have to find some means of regimenting our intake in order to avoid consequent fatal conditions that often follow being too kind to ourselves and having too many treats.

Having said that, yes we do like to be spoilt and to make a diet more palatable many authors will allow treats of the things we love to eat without spoiling the overall weight reducing schedule.

We know through family members with weight opportunities demanding correction, but through life and work schedules find it difficult to stick to programmes dictated by those who purport to helping to reduce weight, but of course, only if you can stick to their program!

On the other hand, having recognised the consequence of not sticking to a diet, one family member although away from home so much due to work has managed, through sheer willpower, to cut weight by one third and is transformed in general health and can now indulge in an occasional treat, but otherwise sticking to the regime and thus maintaining a stable and healthy body weight!

Admittedly this kind of dedication takes a deal of will power that many do not possess and cannot summon to help themselves in their wish to become healthy in both body and mind. This is where the kind of help possible through mental care is in danger of being lost due to the inevitable cost cutting that so many agencies are forced to make. Urgent action needed here!

Many are so lured by the many treats on offer, even to the point of indulging in secret do not realise until it is too late that the only ones they are kidding are themselves. Some have finally decided to stop and have managed to follow a plan to reduce weight which has left them with such a huge volume of unwanted flesh that it has become too much to be absorbed by the body on its own and the only course of action to remove many pounds of excess body is by surgery. But even that cannot remove all that would be necessary to restore the body to its original shape. Sadly too much too early and the remedy too late!

There are certain avenues that are open to us all, but sadly not on the general list of choices that most are aware of.

Following a spiritual as opposed to a religious pathway to train the mind and therefore the body to recognise itself and to set up a communication with both is the right way to proceed. It may sound strange to say, ‘set up a communication with the mind as well as the body’, but so many of us tend to let the mind run riot that communication through meditation and mindfulness to realise how the mind is working could be the best news and long term remedy that anyone could receive.

The monkey chatters that flood the corridors of consciousness are the cause of many problems that beset the mind and which can lead to many difficulties in the body and mind, as the mind goes its own ego led way.

Setting up a conversation with oneself can override the otherwise confusing noise of other voices in the head and there are many subjects that your own chats can demand attention.

It’s a bit like Tinnitus which many find difficult to live with, but when seen as the noise of the body going through its many functions and communicating on another level than our normally understandable speech, we can either allow that noise to come to the surface or to rise above that threshold and set up ones own discussion to drown out other chatter or noise.

Having done so we no longer need to take any notice of other voices, chatters or noises. So the procedure begins with the acknowledgement of my favourite adage that: ‘Talking to yourself is the beginning of wisdom’.
Never try to deny other voices for that will give them power to sustain, just let your own talk drown them out.

You can perhaps now realise that you can talk to your body and focus on any part that gives you concern in that moment. For instance, if you have trouble sleeping, and here I have to admit that I often loose count of the number of sheep! But to start with my toes and talking to them, thanking them for all the walks, dances and jumps we’ve made during the day and saying to them that it’s now time to relax and rest. Moving on to the insteps, then the ankles, calves, knees, etc., etc. you can see where this is going and it is rarely that I reach the top of my head, before I fall asleep!

If something really weighs on my mind then worrying about it is just me concentrating on something I do not want, so, I concentrate on something I really like and love such as the cherry tree in full blossom at the end of our garden, it does the trick.

It is such a treat to be able to overcome concerns, discomforts even pain and with a bit of practice anyone can do it!
The treat of connection with Hanukah and the Angel.


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  1. Now will power is something I admire, and well done to who ever did well with their diet plans.. And I agree.. Cherry Blossom.. Hummmm. beautiful especially if we get real cherries later on..
    Wishing you well dear David
    And I can not fault you on Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice. Both wonderful. 🙂 ❤


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