How many can say that they are not concerned about the time of their arrival?
Any journey on Earth could be subject to delays along the way caused by anything from wet leaves on the line in Autumn to points failure at any time to snow drifts on the tracks to essential maintenance – never at an appropriate time, including road works and accidents especially if it impedes our journey! Eh?

But our journey from here to eternity runs on a different time table, although we are so clever these days that we can delay, at least our departure, with all sorts of machines to hook up to an ailing body even though it may be a hopeless enterprise. But hope springs eternal and we, the rest of us are unwilling or incapable of letting go until there is no other way out. When the plug is pulled and the machines switched off we have to face the inevitable and come to terms with grief.

With my own mum living with incurable cancer of the spine, she was sent home and we were blest with the help of a wonderful Macmillan Nurse to help me with the nursing through the night, until early one morning with a gentle hand on my shoulder and the whispered words, ‘she has gone’ I thought I could still see a feint pulse in her neck and I voiced my desperate hope that she was still alive with, ‘No, no there’s a pulse’. The hand was removed and the wait seemed endless as finally I had to admit that she had slipped away.

It is difficult to let go especially when those whose time has come hang on themselves and one can only comfort them in their choice. It is really the most difficult thing to deal with when your child becomes so sick that they pass over before you. The time is known by the Soul because the time is governed by the moment when our purpose has been fulfilled.

Of course, it is difficult to recognise that the purpose of a child is done, but that depends not just on the child whose life purpose we all see as a future life denied and cut short when they pass at an early age and cutting out all of our hopes for their future.

Our and their existence is for purposes other than them and us and the experience of the other Souls in other family members may depend on how they respond and react to the early passing of a young loved one. Life is a complex web inter woven with other close members of the family and community, just like the many threads of something as complex as the Bayeux Tapestry. The threads meet and then diverge, meet again and finally find their way to the tasselled end of the picture just as the individuals start and finish in any family, all for the sake of their Souls.

The tassels are the fringe of life as we all at some stage will depart and go through the split second transmission to the after life which we call resurrection and arrive at the supernatural junction called Eternal Happiness. My take on this was to plant a Daphne called Eternal Fragrance, blooming from April until October. Together with other named plants such as a scented climbing rose called Compassion etc.

This journey has nothing to do with faith, religion or none and nothing to do with the accolades, achievements or incarcerations we may have enjoyed on our earthly journey. It matters not that we believed in God, Allah or no god. All of us, no matter who we are, were gifted with Free-will, which meant we could chose whether to accept or believe, to follow the family practice or to strike out on our own and believe in Mother Nature rather than any god as she becomes our goddess !

Anyone who has experienced a near death experience will like as not tell of similar images that most others have experienced too. As it was put to us: what would be the point of giving people different images, thus causing uncertainty and fear?
No, That final short journey is the same and when it actually happens it is quick and ends with the most wonderful feeling of joy, happiness and unconditional love.

Life is precious and we do all we can to preserve it, and yet we so easily count it as nothing from marital disputes between once loved ones ending in tragic death, through ram raiders in stolen vehicles running down pedestrians who have no relationship with the perpetrator who just happened to be in a certain country at a certain time. Not forgetting countries who wage war with each other, with huge loss of life!

It has long been held a maxim of mine that if there is a problem with a child then look at the parents, harsh though it may seem, but when you consider that education begins at home we could go back through the generations often to find causes for the mental disturbances that affect children. It puts a heavy responsibility on parents to treat children with the greatest care, from the womb onwards, especially with what is said in front of their young ears and receiving consciousness.

In a society fixed in its insistence on guns for everyone it is difficult to know where to start to change such a mental attitude, but for sure the availability of firearms gives a licence for children to have them especially when they are taught how to use them from an early age.

If anything I fear that it makes that final journey much more likely and the arrival on the other side equally more possible especially for the very young who become easy targets for other disgruntled youngsters with a grudge to settle. It is no longer location, location, location, as it can happen anywhere in the world at any time, but there should be an insistence on education, education, education, beginning in the home!
With love from Hanukah & the Angel.


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  1. That must have been a difficult time nursing your Mother.. And yes I also agree many things affect growing children as learnt behaviours or indoctrinated through the ages.. Sometimes people are so blinded by what is right in front of them they do not see the problems.. And hold onto all the wrong ideals..
    An interesting read David that I now have time to come back to read.. An escalating problem now in gang warfare..
    We all need to understand our responsibilities in education and in teaching by example.. ❤


    • David says:

      It is a great pity Sue that in our sophistication we have forgotten the importance of respect throughout all levels of society, respect for those who may know more than us or less than us but perhaps because of something as obvious as greater age should be given the respect they deserve. Many thanks Sue. Love, David 🙂

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