When it happens uninvited it can be a source of an unfortunate feeling of a lack of ability, especially when you are questioned about an event of which you have no recollection whatsoever! I know from personal experience, and moreso in my senior years, when asked about an event or questioned why I did not do something that my only reply could be that I forgot! Which so often seems to be no answer to the questioner, who will often say yes, but why did you forget? How crazy or unsympathetic is that?

So, what if there is an event or a period of your life that you would rather forget? Something that brought with it a pain which was almost too much to bear. There seems to be no way to rid the memory banks of that experience.
Or am I missing something? It is a fact and not something which you can easily explain to someone in the midst of grief for the loss of a loved one. It is something which at some stage in our lives we all have to learn to live with that kind of loss and hole in our lives can in most cases never be adequately filled!

This often occurs to many of us when there is a death in the family of a loved one of whatever age, but in some cases of a child, which invokes the wail that it is not supposed to be so that the child should pass before the parent.

Of course we have to admit from the higher knowledge that it does not depend on age or relationship, but on a purpose served and hard though it may be to accept that a life can be fulfilled at any age, early or late, it is so.

We are brought up to believe that the Soul enters the body of an embryo at the moment of conception, but what would be the purpose of that transmission if there was no chance of the child growing to term never mind being still born or dying immediately as it could not sustain life? It makes more sense that the Soul would enter the body at the moment when the body of the child is capable of sustaining life, even if it needs a little help to begin with in the intensive care unit, since the Soul would be aware of that possibility.

So when a child is born it is unaware of the previous life experiences that the Soul has stored within itself. So why is that? Bearing in mind that every life is proposed and to a certain extent arranged by the Soul for its own benefit of the experience that it would bring, which could be anything from a genius to a dullard, a manic depressive to a mass murderer, a judge or an executioner … to bring those experiences to a newborn child would give no leeway, for it to forge a new life path in a new Body and environment guided by a new Consciousness, Mind and Spirit. In fact it could have the opposite effect and cause all manner of misguided turns for a new young life. I’m sure you get the point? So amnesia from all previous life experiences is paramount.

This is by design, but apart from accidental impulse which could cause a lapse of the Consciousness into coma, there are times when the best way forward to allow the body to recover from a trauma is to medically induce the state of Coma.

In this state there is no way that the patient could remember the happenings during that forced mental state of inactivity in order to give the body a chance to overcome through its own immune system and any drugs administered by the medical team to aid healing and recovery.
Or is that statement true?

It is known that even during surgery patients can have had an out of body experience (OBE) when they can recall all that happened in the operating theatre when as far as the theatre staff were concerned the patient was out cold in a comatose state under anaesthetic. However, the subconscious is still operating, the Soul is aware as the Silent Witness and the Spirit although unable to activate the body is also aware of the mental state of the comatose person. Accessing that bank of memory is another thing and unless we had an ongoing OBE I know no way of retrieving that period of happenings.

In a naturally induced coma due to injury or trauma as a primeval means to protect the body and to promote healing through the immune system, the autonomic nervous system which carries on working to allow the heart to pump blood and the activation of the lungs to keep us breathing keeps us alive even though the brain is inactive.

The danger in the past was that coma could be confused with death and it would no doubt be the local Shaman who was the only one to drive out the evil spirit! I must admit to having dreams in my youth of being buried alive!!

When we lose someone we love we are blessed in one respect that as we age we may have amnesia for something that happened yesterday or last week, but we tend to remember the past more easily and can hold on to the memories of the good times we shared with our loved ones and the blessings that their life brought to the world.

In time these fond memories are the only personal panaceas capable of filling the hole left by the departure of our loved one who, lets face it, has only moved on ahead of us and waits for us to catch up in our own time when we have fulfilled our own purpose and in the meantime continue to live a life for both of us!
© David Tenneson –2018

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