The Divine is present in the present moment
Not in the past nor in the future imminent.
In this respect the Divine is permanent
As permanent as the firmament
If that can ever be classed as permanent
Who knows, with the way we make it transient?

So many of us find the present unpleasant
Tending to live in the past to make it pleasant.
That’s no way to be! We need to make the present
As pleasant as can be, calling it happiness,
Achieving that level of consciousness
Which needs to be found in sentience.

Rising through the levels, the aspects of conscience
With no logic applied nor resorting to earthly science.
Moving through the levels from base to crown
To replace at every step with a smile for a frown.
Changing the outside begins inside the mind
Creating a new you, at each level you find.

With the past gone and future still forthcoming
This moment of today is the only moment of creating
We can only guess at what could be approaching
Certainty lies only in this moment unless we’re cheating?
But no! Yesterday is history, tomorrow is still a mystery,
Today is a gift that’s why we call it the present! Luckily!

Most of us like presents, though some don’t like surprises
And will press, shake and smell their seasonal packages.
A life lived should be one long list of astonishments
Acknowledging that there may be disappointments.
In this moment we are all capable of overcoming,
Knowing that we are in the process of becoming.

All are worthy and able to cope with anything obverse,
You are at the centre of your own little Universe.
No challenge is beyond you, however difficult it seems
Even though any indictment may run into reams
You are the master of all you survey, for your world
Is exactly as you see it, as the present is unfurled.
© David Tenneson –2018


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7 Responses to PRESENT

  1. “With the past gone and future still forthcoming
    This moment of today is the only moment of creating”

    So True David, may we keep on Creating the future with our NOW Moments.. 😀 Have a Peaceful weekend my friend ❤


  2. Truly beautiful words of inspiration David, Thankyou x love barbara x


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