The Town Crier would bring us the news and the Night Watchman would sit by his brazier of glowing coals all night to guard the entrance and keep the place secure. Then there was the guy who went around lighting the Gas Lit Street Lamps in the major cities and as he went calling the hour ” … and all’s well.”

As Crime increased a judge inaugurated the Bow Street Runners, the first of our street Bobbies to try and stop the robberies and damage to property with just a truncheon as their only defence, much as today, but they did not last long and were soon disbanded. When our policemen on the beat arrive their only alarm is a distinctive whistle and for the general public aware of a robbery would shout, “Stop thief!” in the hopes that another member of the public would have the courage to stop anyone seen running away from the scene.

A dwindling set of us will remember the sirens from the days when we were at war, but nowadays our world is peppered by alarms from police cars, ambulances, fire engines, highway patrols and the like which we tend to ignore being so used to them, apart from the dreaded two tone siren accompanied by flashing blue lights coming up behind you on the motorway! Is it me or do they just want to get through??

There are other alarms of a far more personal kind which sadly many are either unaware of or just choose to ignore. There are the ones that come to us in the dream time whether during the day or at night, the latter being those that are given the dubious importance of just a nonsense from the subconscious or maybe because not a lot give any thought to the subconscious believing that what was seen and felt was just a dream and therefore of itself nonsense, or because the waking consciousness is allowed to take control of the mind from the first waking breath and the warning is therefore lost.

Remember that dreams come in a variety of kinds and the ones that should be taken as alarms are the ones that give you a look, often in allegorical form of somewhere you plan to visit, but have never been before. So get used to your own signs and symbols so that you can instantly interpret them, and then there are those that come as obvious warnings of what not to do or to avoid! They are all too real so don’t reject them out of hand, write them down and treat them with respect!

I’m sure you know those who have a habit of talking over you, not really interested in what you have to say and therefore tend to blanket your words with their own thus drowning out anything you might have which could be helpful to them. It’s a pity and can be put down to a host of reasons but the most usual would be the fear of hearing something that they do not wish to hear being so used to others putting them down all the time, or maybe liking the sound of their own voice better than yours or anyone else’s! It is a warning in itself for you to act accordingly and one of the ways of taking the bark out of their blanket is to ask them why they do it!

Alarms come not always in strident ear splitting sounds but in softer tones and voices of concerned folks seeing a need and only wanting to help. The pressures that we face in this multiple connected world on so many levels can be life threatening to the point of self harming or suicide and applies to all ages, but mainly to the young and the one of the most difficult things to get across is for those who suffer to report it and to ask for help and to sound their own alarm bell!!

It is about time that mental health issues are given their just importance, from the stresses that the young are faced with in the race to achieve, to those who fight for their country and suffer the hidden traumas of post traumatic stress on top of physical damage and all in between.

It is a sad consequence of modern technology that on line and social media bullying is not made illegal. The young have enough pressures to contend with in their lives and part of the battles to achieve and to win against the others is to denigrate and bully as much of the competition into unworthiness as possible. Bullying is here to stay but we need to know how to deal with it and its presence must be reportable with assurance of understanding and kind reception at all levels.

It is also a sad fact that it is possible for anyone to post anything on line and at the same time to remain anonymous. Success of the companies that permit their sites to be used for social interaction having grown and still growing into the billions of users making it almost impossible to police!

My solution: I post but do not interact, except to those I know! Maybe vulnerable others should do the same and never post your picture or say where you are!

If alarm bells ring, one solution may be to close your account and open an anonymous box, never revealing your true self or identity. In other words, take a leaf out of the groomers and bullies books and beat them at their own game. Ask yourself: Do I really need to show myself to the world?

You know what they say … You can please some of them some of the time, but you will never please all of them all of the time and sure as eggs is eggs someone will not like what you are what you say or what you do!

Stick to the friends you know and trust. Who else needs to know who you are or what you get up to? It’s nobody’s business but yours and maybe it is time for you to become selfish and concentrate on yourself and what you want , for make no mistake you are the most important person in your world!

It is said that the first step towards healing is to cultivate the art of listening and our advice is to learn to listen for yourself before you can listen to others. Take note of those alarm bells that may come in different tones and in different ways and react in the way that suits you best! For you are the best, after all you are a child of God who Loves you as much as He Loved his beloved son Jesus. It matters not what others my say or judge about you for you are the most worthy among all peoples and are Loved beyond all Earthly love.
© David Tenneson –2018


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