Is this the last journey we will have to make?
Apart from occasional spur of the moment jaunts
Or longer term commitments to visit friends or family
For special events or perhaps to help to heal a heart ache?

Looking back on the flight from unbearable heat
To the cool of this, our peaceful haven in Devon
Away from the hurly burly and frantic pace
With the prospect of others of like mind to meet.

If there is one word to describe our ambience
It is one of peaceful contemplation and gentleness
Listening to and passing on the words of wisdom
Given and received freely with friendliness.

We are certain that this journey to and from Earth
Is the last of so many to this quarter of the Universe
Which we have made over so many incarnations
Will they mourn our passing with carnations?

Or as Mrs Cropley said with an added pineapple?
Journeys or travel in general broaden the mind
But that’s not all it does for it provides a kind
Of experience valued without measure as ample.

By the one whose presence inspires this journey
Without whom this jaunt could be flaunted
We would certainly be elsewhere and vaunted?
Or maybe hovering in the ether, a waiting attorney?

Soliciting a union to complete a request as a guest
You understand within a suitable human host
This is all that can be asked by the Soul at most
For such a union to provide and know what’s best.

To set out on the journey of choice, maybe the last
Needed to and on this planet to act as an iconoclast
Imploring all to recognise the unseen, uncast
Requiring a degree of faith so unbelievably vast.

To allow and be a part of such a journey into physique
The One that is at the same time aware of every norm
That is human, of every colour, sound and uniform
Or not. Different or the same, at the same time unique.

Are you aware, do you accept this journey as your all
At the same time carrying a Soul of no weight at all
But so weighty in its sacred self, child of the Divine
A part of the Divine which you will realise in time!
© David Tenneson –2018


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Devonian writer
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7 Responses to JOURNEY

  1. This was an astounding piece of poetry David. We do indeed have to remember this journey has and is one of choice. Not always apparent when in the midst of difficulties, but choice has always been ours to make.
    This journey you and I have spoken upon before David, both have been told it is the last one in this realm.
    So we need to be mindful of our footsteps and the prints we are leaving behind us. One can only hope when we arrive at our next destination, we will look back and say we tried our best.

    Wishing you well my dear friend. Hope you and yours are keeping warm in all this snow. Take care.
    and many blessings sent your way David x ❤


    • David says:

      Thank you so much Sue for your wonderful compliments, you are all the inspiration anyone could need. We are snug and hope that you are safe and warm too Love and Blessings to you and yours. Love, David x 🙂 ❤

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      • We are David, 9 inches of snow and still falling with wind picking up now to a gale, But snug as a bug. 🙂


        • David says:

          Excellent! Stay warm and have a warming winter Veggy stew with herb dumplings using your wonderful home grown vegetables! Love, David x

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          • I made butternut squash soup yesterday enough for two days David ,and put a little chilli flakes in it along with sweet red peppers celery and onions, Blitzed to perfection 🙂 And purple sprouting brocolli from the garden today picked before it snowed, with our home grown stored potatoes as veggies with our main meal. Very nice.. 🙂


          • David says:

            Oh! Really Sue how could you do this to me? If there was no snow I’d be round tomorrow to join you Yum, yum!! Enjoy 🙂

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          • Haha… 🙂 Thanks David.. stay warm and safe x


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