From the East, where we first tried to find somewhere to live to the South West we are now in the South of the County of Devon close, but not overlooking the South coast. We do however get the seagulls foraging for food possibly invited, so they think, by the scent of fish and chips from the Chip Shop down the road in the village.

The direction to the South is the Way of the Healer, which if remote memory serves, is my way and has been my pathway throughout the mystical memories of past lives over many moons now largely lost in the mists of time, but recoverable if we only make and take the time.

When our helpers guided us to find this place the initial reason was to be the least cold space so as not to present too extreme a physical change from the Plains of Spain where we had plied our trade, so to speak, for 12 years and for health reasons we have been advised to try and maintain as even a temperature as possible in our daily latter lives.

Now that we are settled, we realise that the many hidden reasons for this venue are trickling into the waking consciousness, not to say coming to the fore, but just lurking under the surface ready to be realised and accepted as part of the plan, laid in the form of the many challenges which come to the consciousness in their due time.

We often feel that opportunities come all at once and tend to promote the feeling that we are being tested in some way, but as I say: challenges come in their due time and time being the unruly child of space gives not a hoot for our abilities, fears or apprehensions to cope with any or all of the challenges set before us individually or all at once! It’s just a test! Or, is it just a jest?

We have the opportunity to manage time and not to let time manage us as it so easily tends to seem to be intent on doing. We are the lucky ones with, some would say, time on our hands being retired and time to manage our affairs without the encumbrance of work which plagues the management of time in the lives of the working generations.

Luckily, or by some playful plan we are spared the extremes of temperature experienced by those in the North and in our neck of the woods, where temperate peace is prevalent to bless our days for which we are eternally grateful.

Not to say that we escaped completely since the December storm of Caroline blew the rain horizontally under the veranda, normally our dry passage before or after any outing, but gave everything a good dousing, which on reflection saved me having to hose down the paving slabs. So there was a positive result as always to any challenging event! If we look hard enough.

Being in the Northern hemisphere we always hurried south towards the equator for any holiday, but in the twelve year retreat only a third of the way there we found the extremes of temperature difficult to manage. We are therefore content in this, our new found haven of a tempered climate, easy on plants and easy on us too.

Not to say that we have become too parochial if only in the plant world, around us on three sides where plants from many countries of the globe do well, blessing us in due seasons with sight and scent, of form, colour and eternal fragrance throughout the year.

Such blessings were hard to come by or to recognise in the frenetic past of furious attempts to earn a living, but all that has taken its rightful place as a mere memory now, recovered as you see, as and when we might recall as if we needed reminding … well, yes, of course it is a useful tool for comparison when considering how lucky we are in the South.

Wherever you reside whether in the North, East, West or South (NEWS?), fake or otherwise. Comparison is one thing, but now since many experience the pressures of life as too much to bear on occasion, it is so useful to have your notebook handy to record the many things for which you can be grateful on a daily basis, including noting the essential images of your dreams which can be messages of blessing, hope or warning of dangers to avoid. Take note and note it down as soon a waking consciousness, pen a paper allows! Thus remembering past the constant clouding of the consciousness colluded by those pressures that living brings to bear!

Do not discount those dreams from the day or the night as countless, worthless or just the manifestations of a far too busy mind! There is substance from the waking and indeed the sub-conscious state of the most powerful machine that we all possess and carry in our brain … the consciousness.
Bringing Light to All, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. I am pleased you are now managing Time and Time is not managing you both David.. And happy our cooler if all be it damper climate is suiting both you and your plants. Keep warm, for I feel Winter has far from done with us yet.. 😀
    Wishing you both Great Valentines Day 🙂


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