The dreaded Clone came back again
And again, and again.
How did that happen?
With every precaution taken
Every sensible measure made
Just as Mum had said I should.
Keeping warm
Layer upon layer
Relying on her remedy
Hot honey and lemon
What more could I do?
Things to do
People to see
Places to visit
Chores to complete.
I can’t stop living
I might die
But not from the dreaded clone
I hope! By and by. Who knows?
We’re promised more cold
More weather of the same
Is that cloned too?
Ten years without the white stuff
A decade without snow
A new experience lies ahead,
Past remembered in the head.
Our feathered friends feel the onset
Weighing down the branches
In their frantic flocks
Not knowing,
Not knowing which way to turn …
They are as apprehensive as us
We’ve put out more food
Thinking of their good.
Maybe they’ll be gone
Gone south to warmth
To warmer climes we left
Not so long ago,
Bonne chance mes amis!
Good luck to all, say I,
Wish this cloned cough and cold
Would go south too!
© David Tenneson –2018


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  1. It’s like watching Indiana Jones NONSTOP.


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