Looking forward to the immediate future when we are literally set adrift in the midst of the seas, North and Atlantic, this notion goes against my abhorrence of speculation, preferring not to dwell on the various opinions of a subject over which I have no influence or power to change, leaving that task to our elected representatives and preferring to wait until the dust has settled to a conclusion which I must then respect.

However we can but wonder how the momentous changes in the offing will affect us. Eh?

We are in general a fairly tolerant nation of all religions, wouldn’t you say? Apart that is from those outreaches of our unity that still allow intolerance to fester in their hearts, spreading to a disrespect of each other of the same nationality.

It is often said when two cannot agree to put them both in a big sack, give it a good shake and see which one comes out first! What that proves I’m not sure, but I remember my Granny saying such.

I have a dream that this United Kingdom of Great Britain (GB) will become a static Tabernacle, not movable like the one the Jews used on their journey through the desert, unmoved but so big that it covers every portion of the GB. Not square therefore but of a flexible shape to take in every island and extremity of GB.

Not only flexible in shape but also flexible in its tolerance of every religion or no religion giving respect to everyone by everyone.

Recent archaeological excavations in Orkney have proved that the Temples in that area preceded even Stone Henge as places of worship giving a format followed by others on the mainland of GB.

There is a heritage which has remained hidden and referred to as occult erroneously imagined to be of a Pagan, Wicca or Druid based religion and therefore thought of as something to be abhorred by the Christians of all cults and denominations over the intervening centuries.

If we travel back in time to the period when all known land masses existing today were joined together as a single land mass known as Pangaea the legend of Atlantis has a more tangible relevance, since evidence of its reality has been found in Europe in south western Spain, off the shores of Ireland at Hy Brasil to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in the USA. What seems to be missing from any discussion about their individual validity is the possibility that they could all be relevant.

From which you will gather that I do believe in Atlantis which was actually just one of the cities making up that confusing conurbation. Simply because I was there at the time which in modern parlance would mean a life some 75,000 years ago, where I was involved in healing as I was in many lifetimes including the present day.

The Tabernacle of the time was round, copied in an attempt to replicate its spiritual power and healing potential in similar circular buildings, fabricated in such places to have been spared the complete devastation of the upheaval that caused the continents to start their drift apart and for flooding to take place of the original cities. Evidence of such remains can be found at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey being over 700 metres above sea level with up to sixteen circular temples making up the complex, Rapa Nui on Easter Island, and the temple of the ‘H’ blocks etc., defying all attempts to find how they were constructed to such fine degrees and perfect alignment, impossible with current tools.

There are some monuments left for us to ponder and some seem to have missed the mark and appear to me to be failed attempts to copy Tabernacles and statues of old, such as the figures of Easter Island and our own Stone Henge both of which are as crude as the come. Some though have left the bare bones so to speak showing say, a circular skeleton, but there is something fundamental missing like a roof of protection. How about glass, made from sand which from say 50,000 years ago and extremes of temperature, had ample time to degenerate all on its own and revert to the sand from which it was made, leaving just the round stone base to intrigue us?

In many a temple or Tabernacle there is what is generally termed the Holy of Holies where only the Elders or High Priests were allowed access. The question in many a mind of why, what have they got to hide? Arises naturally, without understanding the nature of that powerful place where only those with the required learning , understanding and protection should be permitted entry.

Imagine giving uncontrolled access into the control room of a nuclear power plant for untrained and unqualified children to press any pretty button they pleased and you can get a glimpse of the trust put into the hands of well meaning but ignorant people and you can imagine how the devastation that caused the initial destruction of Atlantis, the following flood and consequent splitting of Pangaea to happen, which still goes on today through the movement of the tectonic plates and the underground nuclear tests by some misguided megalomaniacs!

The Tabernacle and its inner sanctum is a special place for very good reasons, first among which is for the protection of all who would follow the keepers of the sacred secrets of any spiritual teaching.

We all have our own Tabernacle, within which resides the Eternal Soul.
Do you not think that this sacred place, this host body needs our love, special care and attention to preserve the sacred nature within?
Bringing Light to All, Hanukah & the Angel


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3 Responses to The TABERNACLE

  1. I didn’t know about the recent excavations in Orkney David.. But then I think Mankind as a whole is a lot more ancient than History gives us credit in knowing!
    May we all hold our own inner space as that sacred place.. 🙂
    Have a beautiful week David


  2. Yes let’s imagine together GB becoming a static tabernacle for hearts and souls to reconnect back to the truth. For each person to realize their good, loving and intelligent qualities… that each is a wise sovereign shepherd and not a herd of sheep that can come together in unity… no matter the shape of the land and character of neighbors.

    It seems to me the old power game that is fixed tightly in place is going to have to come crashing down before people understand they’re are no solutions to be found this way anymore. In the meanwhile we can but trust to create our own paradise within and magically find ourselves living our next adventure on the physical plane… the sacred land of Arcadia. Thankyou for your thoughtful post David… much love Barbara x


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