We need to address the misconception of the passing.
St. John the Devine would have us believe, in the only way open to that visionary, in the Angels and trumpets blaring in numbers delighted in the human mind, using the only words he knew to try and describe what he was seeing in his visions coloured of necessity by his own imagination and subconscious dreams. In order to have a vision, the images so created must come from already perceived symbols, figures, forms or descriptions made by others and capable of understanding in the mind of the visionary.

The fact of the matter is that the passing is not of anything remotely similar to the body as we know it, only in our application of the epithets given to a journey still stuck in the anthropomorphic format used since these kinds of writings began. Why? Because that is the only way we know with our limited word power and lack of understanding of something capable of creating a star, the consciousness of the Creator, beyond and beyond our understanding.

When this body ceases to exist the one and only part of us which is eternal and has made the passing journey many, many times in the past and has yearned throughout all lives to be reunited with something which we can only guess at in its greatness, in short the First Cause of itself, which is why we refer to the First Cause or Creator as Father, Mother God.

The use of our human superlatives cannot even come close to defining something which is indefinable and unquantifiable. To try to describe the Logos, God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Great Spirit, Manitou or by any other name we choose to give to the Divine would be to denigrate the Divine if that were possible, but of course that too is impossible since the Logos is Light of the highest frequency and therefore beyond our human sight capability, description or understanding and can only be joyful that we recognise its being to the point of giving it a name which in itself is of little or no consequence or every consequence.

If only we could understand the level of the unconditional love which is waiting for us on passing and with us now, it would remove all fear of death, with its superstitions of hell, purgatory and being refused entry by St. Peter at the Pearly Gates!

Of course, the thing is that the Soul is the child of the Logos and is familiar with that frequency, that love and understanding that whatever its human host got up to in any life is experience and that is all. All that needs to be considered on passing is whether the life gave all that was expected or whether it would be necessary to embark on a further journey, into another life to complete the desired experience wished for by the Soul.

The overriding purpose for a Soul is that, like a Prodigal Son, it can return to the Logos more pure and complete in experience to warrant a permanent return to the Logos or to embark on another form of service to humanity or to another life on Earth again or far removed in say a different life form in another exciting corner of the Universe.

The Greatest Revelation will come to those who find a difficulty in accepting and understanding the nature of life, its purpose and the return to the Logos from which we all came in the first place.

When the passing occurs for whatever reason and from whatever life was led until that passing, the revelation is no revelation at all since the one that experiences the transfer is the Soul, and having been that route many times before is well aware of the love that envelops one before, during and after the process of passing which takes but a split second.

The Soul is also well aware of every minute detail of the life that has just come to an end, moreso in fact than the memory of the human mind whose body has just died and the mind downloaded via the Spirit into the Akashic Record.

Such is the nature of the greatest revelation which as it happens includes every past life in all its glorious or gory detail stored in the Akasha and available to us all, if we so wish to find, by focusing on a previous existence through deep meditation or concentrated thought on the Akasha.

In fact the Akasha is an available phenomenal store of knowledge housing answers to many of the problems and conundrums facing mankind’s thinkers, researchers, geniuses and, yes you and me too.

Much, if not all of what perplexes us is answered in this manner if we will only take the time to find the answers in this way. All it needs is for the element of belief, acceptance and a measure of time and concentration, the latter being the first requirement of meditation, to find answers to the many challenges that are posed for us to solve – with a little help if we know where to look!

But, that is not all in this Greatest Revelation for although the Soul looks forward to the reuniting with the Logos in fact, and I guess it must be obvious, the Logos never leaves us in this form and, and it’s a big and, if you accept and only if you accept it the Logos is in touch with us 24/7 with the Grace, which is the Stream of Well-being that is with us all constantly.

The trick, the revelation, is not to doubt or deny its presence.
Bringing Light to All, Hanukah & the Angel


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