From East of Eden by Steinbeck, across the pond
To the West of England where the Eden Project lies
We need to look further and further East, to Eden?

Certainly to find Eden you have to look East from England.
There is a contest between the midst of Tigris and Euphrates
And the middle of Africa to find the place where we began.

Look how far we have come since Eden, that warm womb,
The many empires that have risen, fallen and risen again
We are in the midst of another shift of power from West to East, now vying for ruler of the world.

Depending on where you stand, as no doubt, relatively, Einstein would say,
Speed changes and power is moving by strict laws as commerce rules
To within the iron grip of a Communist state.

What a dichotomy and yet it is working to the point
Where from closed, secret and cruelly hidden to now open society
My one time beloved country of China thrives.

I worked with silk, making robes for the rich and powerful
Having made dresses for my mother here, was that a throw back?
A remembrance of times past, a resurrection of karmic talents.

The western world needs indeed to look to its laurels
To its leaders and their promises made on campaign trails
In baleful rhetoric to promote and enhance what? I ask.

It makes you wonder, does it not? And that a once great
And powerful land in the West seems to be in the grip of presidential decline, but nevertheless
To upset the balance of power across the world.

Is there a morality of any kind hidden in the machinations
Of the so called security services of any nation?
Outwardly one at least seems to have the formula right.

But then they have had it right for centuries they would say
Today they value, look after and cater for their seniors
On every level from diet to exercise and to ethics.

They have a lot to teach us in the West, not that we can share in their politics
We have to admit that our chaotic cuisine promotes only our grossness to our detriment.
And delivers the worst of conditions at which we are surprised! Surprise, surprise!

Will our ceding from union with our larger family
Make such a difference and bring prosperity of a different kind?
We all remember what it was like to leave our family and strike out on our own, don’t we?

Have we made a tragic mistake? Half would say yea! Half would say nay!
So, did we get the signals wrong and our wires crossed, such powerful rhetoric was difficult to ignore, unless already made up in our minds.
But to vote for such a radical change encouraged by a national identity, was that what it was all about?

Who will win? As in war I feel that no one will, perhaps we will all be worse off.
There’s no doubt, all the members of the 28 will lose something
Or is this an opportunity to leave home and forge a new path.

It has been and is a difficult divorce when all the members
Of our reduced but United family are at odds with one another
Instead of coming together to provide a common purpose in our self imposed forthcoming isolation.

But still in the longer term we will need to look to both the West and the East again
To forge new relationships for trade and bargains galore, hopefully!
There may be trouble ahead and sacrifices to make. Not all will be popular and many will be difficult to swallow, like any new medicine!

There will certainly need to be changes to the individual consciousness, for us all to make.
It was said of old that Britain would be Great again (in the spiritual sense!)
So, is this our chance? Lets grab it with both hands, willing to change and willing to see the good in all? I hope so, most sincerely!
© David Tenneson –2018


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