Following on from the Owls, as a follower you may know that my favourite direction is the East which perhaps needs a little further illumination:
I relish the early morning sun no matter the time of year and I am blessed to have my bed under the East facing skylight, so that I receive the first rays of our brilliant star, the Sun.

This configuration was not by design, at least not by me, but happened in the relocation due to furniture changes and I am thankful for that. In what now seems like a previous incarnation within this life time, I was well versed again in the North American lore of the Lakota Nation, I still have my beautiful drum, which I recall from an actual previous life when I was being trained as a Shaman and suffered an early death due to a runaway wild stallion.

But I digress: The East to me is the direction of new beginnings and as such encompasses Spring when we witness the budding of the trees beginning and the bulbs forcing their way up into the light, which as we all know can be disrupted due to climate change with plants beginning their instinctive surge earlier than normal temperatures should allow.

Certainly with our move back home, I can’t believe it’s now almost two years ago, which I always knew would take at least two years to settle in and get the place shipshape. Luckily the bungalow was fairly clean and blandly decorated , but as you will know the decorating brushes will need to come out when we also feel the urge, a bit like the Forth Bridge, at intervals into the future on a never ending cycle not perhaps as regimented as the Earth itself, but as we get that urge again for a new beginning inspired by the sun rising in the East.

Some folks face the East for their daily prayers and in the olden days were told which way to face, consulting stars and then compasses in order to ensure that the prayer ended up in the right place, nowadays in this more accurate digital age we only have to consult the ubiquitous mobile to get the correct GPS point of the compass for prayers to be received in the right place, heard and therefore more likely to be acted upon and all desires fulfilled, wherever we are in the world.

I have never had to observe what I would see as that kind of constriction since I pray as and when the needs of others arise, reinforcing with repetition in remembrance. The strange thing is that although I know that the Grace of the Devine is with us 24/7, I still ask for help and blessing when I am about to help others and observe the special moments in the church calendar of my upbringing.

You would have thought that with the wide open spaces of the Spanish Campo, outback or countryside to the uninitiated, the light would have been clearer than in this more populated place in the UK, but I have to say, that especially the light following the dawn that shines through my window seems whiter, clearer and purer to me. Is that because I have returned to the land of my birth and hence find that light so familiar? Apparently artists flock to this part of the world for its special light so perhaps not so ethereal as I imagine. Eh?

Certainly a new start back home, but as luck will often have it we were expecting the downsizing change to be relatively easy since I at least was returning to the land of my birth not in the East but to the West Country of England.

As it happened we have made some good friends with neighbours, but were expecting a community of a different kind which we are still hoping to find and join in the near future. No repeat of our previous North American involvement, you understand, but nevertheless of a spiritual rather than a religious nature.

Speaking of which: A Sweat Lodge for men usually points to the East and for women to the West but there is no hard and fast rule on this nor on the height and size, all depending on the number of people involved and local tradition. The Lodge that I enjoyed on the banks of a river in Fife, Scotland one cold October day was for both men and women and all got something from it, under the guidance of a North American Shaman.

There are many traditions in the world from the remote past, still practiced today and I’m sure that those in the Druidic following, in this country and in Europe may find similarities with other Shamanic traditions from across the world, including those in the Americas and of course in the rural reaches of the Russian countryside, and the further East you go is like travelling back in time into the wilds of Siberia, where ancient folk remedies and Shamanic practices still abide being so far removed from civilisation.

East is the direction towards which the Earth rotates about its axis and Christian churches are by design in the shape of a cross for obvious reasons and oriented toward the East being the direction toward which Christians pray since before Christianity was considered the direction from which man originated.

Not that that is uppermost in the consciousness of most Christians at home, but perhaps unconsciously in a church.

So, are you conscious of the way you face when praying, do you pray at the side of your bed no matter which way it faces or like me praying as and when the event demands with reverence, but without reference to direction secure in the belief that the Logos is Omnipresent, in continuous contact with the Soul within and the Grace is with us 24/7?

Some believe that the Universe responds to every prayer, desire or vibrational need through what is called the Law of Attraction providing like for like. Whether you believe that or that your prayer is heard by the Logos is immaterial because it is the belief that is of paramount importance.

Belief has to come from a thought which emits a unique vibration, but as with most things there is a downside and it is the thought of what you want that counts and only that. Any thought about doubt or impossibility will negate your desire and that is the down side.
Informing & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel


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