(We’ve looked at Voice or lack of it, now for something else!)
It only takes another’s words to inspire images into this fertile mind,
My own are said to do the same when leading meditations of a kind.

Those new to these exercises of the consciousness, unknown
Often need encouragement before embarking on their own.

These journeys can be so rewarding, bringing levels of peace
Not felt before, but so revolutionary can be euphoric at least.

Blind and deaf have the opportunity to create visions of their own,
Are much blest with enhanced senses we only wish to have known.

Much is denied when some are sent away and lost in oblivion
Supposedly to be protected in a place seen as a safe haven.

But in fact denied contact with the world, with others touch
Especially from those whom they had loved so very much.

Where’s the harm in that they say not wishing to risk
The emphasis being on lives, to be lived a pace so brisk.

No time for those so disadvantaged yet so loved
Where do we find the time, other things moved?

Can we not see with the sight we have nor hear
The silent cries of those we love so dear, yet fear.

Are we afraid to say the wrong thing or to touch
In case we are accused of going too far, too much?

Is it fear in all its many forms unheard, unseen, hidden
Or itself feared in case we do the wrong thing, unbidden.

When we see another in need should we not cross the road
Pluck courage from the depths and help? Do we need a goad?

It is contact we all need, the feeling that someone cares
To give support throwing to the wind caution and fears.

When the worst happens and bereavement takes hold
When they cannot think beyond the next breath, be bold.

Take them a hot meal cooked with love and your own hand
Show them you care, it’s what’s lacking in this blighted land.

The urban scene is rightly named a concrete jungle
Where life is fast and communities are bungled.

The villages with small societies, where all know the rest
Needs to be reflected in mirrors of compassion, the best.

The best of all: to see, to wave, to smile and cross the street
Be the Samaritan to sound the moment, shake a hand and greet!
© David Tenneson –2018


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Devonian writer
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3 Responses to SIGHT & SOUND

  1. Excellent David, loved these two lines
    “The urban scene is rightly named a concrete jungle
    Where life is fast and communities are bungled.”
    Wonderful and thank you for always being that Good Samaritan my friend 💚


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