Loving Owls, I have been blessed with gifts of the wood and china variety, from many, unsolicited, for help and healing given or just for love and so, the house has many, not on top of one another, but in each room where they have chosen to perch looking down on our efforts to love, learn and experience in the University of Life, some shared with others to pass on their undoubted gifts of fidelity and wisdom.

The wise old Owl seems have started its prominence in the days of Ancient Greece often depicted with the goddess Athena, or if you prefer with Minerva in Rome, maybe because, like the elephant it never forgets and is constant in its devotion to one partner throughout a life on Earth.

However in the North American Nations it is seen variously as a symbol of death or a harbinger of the dark powers or even by some as a symbol of protection within their guarded realms. Some are even afraid of its silent flight in the dead of night.

In view of its closeness to Athena we in the West have given its classification as, for instance, the Little Owl: Athene noctua and since Athena is seen as the goddess of wisdom the owl has taken on the personification of the symbol of wisdom as it traditionally represents or accompanies Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom, or as Wikipedia puts it: the owl is … ‘used as a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity and erudition throughout the Western World’.
c.f. Owl with Christopher Robin in Winnie-the-Pooh.

We had a family of Little Owls in our large garden in Spain that used to perch on the Cables that crossed the land to other domiciles to spy their prey from the twilight hours onwards into the night and after hunting would spend the early hours on the ledge over our front door leaving us various messages, from both ends, of their presence for us to find on the marble steps the following day.

Here in England, in order hopefully to inculcate the precious attribute of wisdom, on a different tack, since we cannot encourage owls into our minute garden plot we have planted sage in our beds of culinary herbs, which I prefer to the dried variety in our Cottage Cuisine, in order to remind us that the Sages of old, given the title gained through their wisdom are the anthropomorphic representation of higher knowledge and wisdom which we try to emulate through our own experience and enjoyment of such relishes as sage and onion stuffing with pork or duck or both with home made apple sauce with a rich diversity of herbs and spices!

Superstition is a great inspiration, don’t you find? Or even as Ovid used in his writings from the myths about the gods of Olympus and the stories from ancient Greece about their exploits and interactions with us mortals and the animals, there is much in phrase a fable to move the pen to write. Even Exiled to a foreign land Ovid was inspired to write home with his many stories, to which I can concur!

Inspiration in fact comes from many sources, or should I say everywhere, and as I believe that the ability to listen is the best way to begin the gift of healing, out of which often comes other people’s stories that can trigger ideas for the written page. Not verbatim but can direct the process of ones own essay on a particular subject. Reading books, newspapers and watching the TV news and documentaries all adding to the armoury of the writer.

In my case it is as if there is a Little Owl sat on my shoulder with its binocular vision scanning all that I propose and certainly there in the process of reviews and corrections of any essays or poems that come down from the consciousness onto the written page.

Funnily enough my favourite direction happens to be the East and in my Medicine Cards the Owl is associated with clairvoyance, astral projection and magic, both black and white, but traditionally the Owl sits in the East the place of illumination! Having drawn Owl Medicine several times it is no surprise that the Little Own came so close to me in Spain since it recognises an affinity with me which is why not only their messages left, but they would often come to perch on the cables in full daylight when I was working beneath them in the garden, sensing a kindred spirit no doubt.

So, my favourite is the Little Owl but I happen to love them all, especially the Barn Owl with its spooky white face, up to the magnificent Eagle Owl. If you love owls and have a favourite, remember that they are active at night and can reveal the truth to you about any life situation through dreams, so as advised in the past: have that pen and paper handy as you wake and write down what came to you in the night and before your brain starts to click into the daily chatter.
Above all Love and have Fun! 
Informing & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. I also have a love of Owls David, and how wonderful that in Spain you had Little Owls so near.. Love those Little Owls, I painted one to give to my friend some years ago https://wp.me/p16xW7-1mU on a milk churn. Her totem is an owl.
    Fabulous read David.
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week 😀


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