Long time since I’ve seen her at best
She came to bless us with her song
The Song Thrush in her speckled breast
Sang her melody pure and strong.

A treat given unconsciously
Two came to sing in harmony
Thrush and robin singing together
Of the same family, birds of a feather.

They sang their thanks for winter treats
Left in their feeders by the garden seats
How blest we are at this Christmastide
Singing their songs with natural pride.

Whether ’tis to proclaim their territory
Or to attract a mate it’s their own story
We copy them to proclaim ourselves
Singing the stories of fairies and elves.

The natural world gives us many an ayre
Whether deepest roar of a lion or bear
Or the high pitch of the lark or the sow
We try to copy but only they know how.

Songs change to a lullaby, singing baby to sleep
Parents praying for peace, night without a peep
The peak of the human voice must engage
The aria sung in opera, on gilding the stage.

Songs and chants are sung in profound praise
As our enlightened voices we ring and raise
In our faithful acceptance of the Lord on high
In truth it’s with us in all we do, and in all we ply.

We remember this time and sing of his birth
The real reason behind the merry and mirth
We live to follow his teachings on life
As gifts are given we sing thanks for his life.
© David Tenneson –2018


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Devonian writer
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