Now that the season’s celebrations are settled back into their normal routine:
We can look back and say: The old year is dead. Did it die hard and were you reluctant to let it go or pleased to start afresh? In short was the old one a hard year for you and so, are you glad to see the back of it with all the indecision of Brexit which seems still and will for a while be reflected in our own lives?

I believe that all the passionate Brexiteers were not aware of how leaving the EU would affect ourselves at the deepest personal level and as can already be seen with major institutions beginning to make plans to leave the UK for a more acceptable address in the EU, the City of London could be billions worse off.

Where we are in the grand scheme of life must make a difference to us all since we are unique and in a different tread on the staircase of life no matter our age in years. When at school I was classed as a late developer and I feel that in general I do take time to absorb a concept, but after due consideration once cemented in the corridors of consciousness it is difficult to effect a change to this mind except with good argument and much consideration.

Some have said that my Taurean Star sign gives me that degree of stubbornness, of holding on, which I have a difficulty in coming to terms with, since I am reluctant to accept its validity preferring to rely on the University of Life and the environment into which I was born to shape my own consciousness from its parental beginnings in the womb. Having said that, with a further confession, I am as accident prone as the proverbial bull in the china shop! Can the two really go together?

However, I will admit to being a habit person, I enjoy organisation with everything in its place so that even in the event of a complete power failure, eclipse, volcanic eruption or distant nuclear explosion I can still feel my way around and find all that I need in the dark, as if I had been blind since birth.

There is an element of the Japanese, not to say Samurai thinking in this, which I call a necessary way of organising life for a peaceful existence. Other members of the family too insist on cupboards so organised that the labels are all turned to the front, including those in the next generation … wise thinking!

For the time being we must take account of love and fear and how they relate to our ultimate letting go from this present life. Our minds are a weird mixture of those two opposites and this is where the aspect of meditation comes into play as we try to bring our whole selves into balance.

When we consider those two opposites including the elements of positive and negative, yin and yang, left and right, sun and moon, etc., each representing the swing of the pendulum from side to side and, when we turn to physics we can see that when a pendulum comes to rest in the centre, in total balance and with no pull from either side, the energy rises up the pendulum to the pivot point.

This rising energy is the equivalent of the raising of the Kundalini achieved naturally by bringing all into balance without the use of extraordinary breathing techniques to raise the energy artificially with the chance of damage to the consciousness and sickness of the mind which could lead to a hard death!

Better by far to do things naturally and in my book being conscious of the Lord Logos throughout life and in particular through those precious moments of letting go for a blessed passing into the loving embrace of the Logos itself.

So, will your passing from this life be a hard task grabbing hold of life to the very last, although feeling alone, are you still unsure of what is to follow the letting go or are you content in the knowledge of not a death as such, but of a passing into a brand new dawn, a new life, a new experience beyond the realms and capacity of a human mind to contemplate or understand? I often wonder if the long lives of my grandparents and aged aunts, well into their nineties, was as a result of hanging on to life, perhaps being afraid of the life hereafter?
Or is it a function of all our inherited DNA?

There is no doubt in my mind that there has to be an element of looking forward, of being at the leading edge of life, if not exactly a leader, which, no matter its human reason summons the force itself through from the Source Of All There Is. So, there may be a chance for me to achieve the same longevity as my forebears! Who knows? We shall see.

I would never describe myself as a diehard (Irreconcilable conservative) as although a habit person I tend also to go with the flow especially with the seasonal changes that martial my way of organising my gardening passion according to the weather and the changing temperatures year on year. A pity we cannot all agree on the need to try and reduce our CO2 output to slow down Global Warming which without our help may indeed force a hard death of Star Ship Earth.

You may be die hard parents of the old school who believe that your role is to guide your young ones according to your own belief structures inherited from your own parents. So it may come as a surprise to you to learn that nothing could be further from the truth and in fact the youngsters come forth with the new knowledge and gift to teach all of us parents as they surf the wave of consciousness set in motion by previous generations. Take time to listen to what they have to say without preconception, you may be pleasantly surprised!
Informing & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel


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