(What a way to start the New Year – with down to Earth Common Sense!)
So, Soul or Sole?
Well, both actually, but in reverse, so, Sole and Soul!
Well, whether you believe it, accept it or deny it, the Soul happens to be one of the two things which regardless of Free-will is a reality within you, which you cannot change.

Unlike the Grace of the Lord Logos, which streams down to you and over which you do have control, providing the multi-faceted energy for you to accept to your advantage or you can use your Free-will to deny its existence in which case it will have no effect in your life!

So, why Sole before Soul which many may see as nothing short of sacrilege, seeing the Soul as the most important element in your being and therefore should take pride of place in any consideration?

Well, we are naturally curious and having heard of Chakras, Auras, Astral Travelling, Trance, Regression, Soul, Spirit, Kundalini etc., etc., are in danger of rushing headlong into them all and becoming spiritual tourists buying every book on the multitude of aspects of beingness and joining every Retreat and Ashram in the ardent desire for instant Enlightenment and Ascension!

Any Architect female or male worth their salt when designing a building would ensure that their design would have sure and sturdy foundations before thinking even of the base platform never mind the walls windows and roof however classical, modern or Sydney Opera House a design it turns out to be.

Similarly, you must agree that the foundation of your existence here on this planet is a body in the best and ideal standard of health that is right for you from the Soles of your feet to the topmost hair on your head?

So your physical body needs to be in the best shape for you which, strange as it might seem to some, will also be good for your brain, the hardware of your power of thought which houses the software of consciousness and coincidentally your Spirit, synonymous with mind and consciousness. Not to be confused with Soul!

Can you see that, as our new gods of scientists will tell you, within our physicality we are more and more electrical and magnetic beings just like any other life-form on planet Earth, added to which our other aspect of dimensionality, above all others, gives us the best possible chance of success, it is so important to get the physical body and its health from toe to top in an ideal state of health for the rest to follow.

We have to face the reality that with a stable and healthy body there is every possibility that health of the mind and Spirit will have one less thing to be concerned over.

Still on the level of the physical, the Spirit is concerned with every aspect of our body including the mundane but essentials of digestion and assimilation influencing the basic function of our immune system and since the Spirit cannot speak and communicate with us in our normally accepted manner it does so through the body itself through the nervous system and if unhappy with the way things are going it will let you know in no uncertain manner.

So, don’t discount the ache that comes from nowhere, but try to find out why you have that pain in your big toe or headache. And are the two connected? Are those fashionable shoes a step too far for your fragile feet, giving you a headache or is your crown, which you take upon yourself, just too heavy to bear?

You see how a happy and healthy body is an on going work in progress which takes more than just a visit to the gym or a run round the block and maybe it’s now time to take a step back into the past to find out why your mind is so caught up with things of the past and a bit unhappy at the way things have gone since.

Is it time to look at the baggage you carry and to decide whether it belongs to someone else? If so, you can let it go and only carry your own beliefs, ideas, likes dislikes and desires and no need to feel guilty for dropping what belongs to others.
One step nearer to happiness!

Nearly there, just one more aspect that follows from the last: We can now start to move into the realm of a close but different dimension, which we mentioned above, the Base Chakra. This is the foundation of the Chakra system and just like a building it is important to get this one right since the rest rely on its clarity and stability.

The advice here is to get this base level sorted before you can move on and be prepared to take your time as this could take a while depending only on you.

Housed at this level are the many feelings and beliefs which you have accumulated since being in the womb of your mother. All of the vibrational aspects of others’ beliefs have been passed to you as we mentioned, but also there are the feelings of how you view yourself.

When you look at yourself with all your scars, warts and wrinkles, since you have seen that image grow it is easy to think of yourself in a variety of ways, but it is essential to think of someone that you love in every way, but there is one huge stumbling block which needs to be overcome to allow this foundation stone to settle into its proper place.

There are no chips to be removed from the old block merely a realisation that it is almost floating on a cloud of unworthiness and self recrimination. When you search your mind and feelings you may just find feelings of unease about something you did in the past which you see as blameworthy. Or that uneasiness may not have an immediate identifiable cause.

It is essential to forgive yourself for everything you ever felt secretly guilty about and for everything else for which you cannot find the cause. Forgiveness is the great reliever which is so powerful that it might take several goes for it to sink in to the right level especially if it involves something which is from the remote past.

Getting the base level cleared enables the cloud to condense and wash away the uncertainty providing a stable Base and standing firm on pain free Soles you become free to move on. Ready to begin the process of understanding the nature of the Soul, the unseen, silent witness
Informing & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel


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    Thank you for your offering of knowledge and wisdom, friend David … Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year … Love always, cat..


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