So many images cloud the mind
Rainbows, flowers and leaves of a kind
Autumn shows off her colours of Fall
Red through to gold, but that’s not all.

The Orange gives white flowers on the tree
At the same time as buds and ripe fruit for free
Its wood is so hard and slow burning too
So best left alone with not much to do.

Finished Door Stop

As the bowl of the tree takes on many shapes
Like an elephants foot, a door stop it makes
Then so convoluted it looks like a snake
Even so hard this took no time to make.

Christmas time shows so many shades
Clementines, Mandarins, Orange pervades
All to be found on the fruiterers shelves
Essential ingredient in stockings themselves.

Oranges and Lemons say the Bells of St Clement’s
So the nursery rhyme goes with a dance that cements
The rhyme in the minds of those who take part
With Orange to refresh when danced in the park.

Something that I never saw as a young child
Was another citrus with me living in the wild
Now adding lime to orange and lemon flavours
Rainbow-full green to orange and yellow colours.

The flavours add a tasteful touch to our cuisine
With curries, chicken and fish dishes supreme
So good for our health especially controlling
With Vitamin and Mineral benefits extolling.

They need a special house or a climate of heat
To grow well producing such a flavoursome treat
In countries that offer us the sun, sea and sand
It’s the place some would name as happiness land.
(Or a heated Orangery?)
© David Tenneson –2017


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Devonian writer
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  1. I love the abundance of lemon and orange aroma here in southern Spain… lemons especially are part of my daily cuisine. I tried to grow them in my previous Mediterranean garden but they are sensitive creatures and the wind was too fierce for them to survive… love barbara x


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