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The beingness of me I call “Team David”:
The Team consists of the most important Trinity to any of humankind on Planet Earth which simply is: Soul, Spirit and Body, with guides and helpers in support.

Like any other fortunate mortal I have a support structure which has a stable base which is liable to change not with age, but with the elastic nature of time and the acquisition of the most important attribute of wisdom through guidance.

That structure begins with family which was there to support me in my early years and grew to include friends who joined the grouping that gradually diminished and others not coming into the circle for a time and then moving on into their own orbits.

Many believe that the learning process begins and ends with schooling – some progressing to higher education and others taking a different route in a more hands on approach.

I have met some who feel that having spent years within the system and achieved a qualification they do not need even to read a book considering that their learning is over and done, strangely, often with a degree or two in their pocket.

So although I went along both the college and also the apprenticeship paths at the same time I have learnt most at the University of Life which I am happy to say continues to this day on a level not envisaged in my early education at which I was a less than brilliant student as far as the Grammar Schooling System was concerned. Sadly they tried to make us all the same and that did not suit me at all being if nothing else a committed individualist.

As time pursued its relentless urging I came to realise that there is more to life than what we are taught and what the Earth has to offer through the five senses.

Unknown to most is the Spiritual Support Structure (SSS) which is there from and after the moment of birth through the passage of life to the portal of death and beyond.

The SSS is there for us whether we wish to acknowledge it or not. At this point it must be said that there is nothing in the Universe which can interfere with our Free-will except of course the seen as, unwelcome interference, of another human, which in the grand scheme of things could be just what we need to fulfil for us a part of our spiritual challenge list. However, inwardly we can have the unchanged and unchained melody of thoughts no matter what others may say or do!

Unlike any other support mechanism on Earth the SSS is constant and unvarying throughout our physical existence and beyond.

For the partially enlightened folks who would question the last statement and who have felt that their SSS has indeed varied over time, that is merely a reflection of their own need for a change in emphasis or energy to allow a furthering of their spiritual advancement or ability.

This normally takes the form of a change in the sensing of a Guide or Guardian, more correctly known as Counsellor which may indeed be just the one representing a group consciousness and movements within the group according to ones need constituting the change necessary. We still do not have the vocabulary to explain the complexity or should that be the simplicity of the spiritual substance of consciousness.

This sensing is most apparent when one is receiving an energy or message for several others and when moving from one to another as the energy changes.

As with so much on this plane of existence, dare I say all? Any advancement, change or flash of inspiration in any field we care to mention is merely a reflection of what is going on in the SSS working 24/7 with us in total partnership, but of course, waiting for the physical to lead, by a fraction, so as not to infringe the Free-will of any free thinking human being.

There is, as with most things, a short cut method to research and development in any pursuit, although when it comes to medications on Earth the lead time can be many years, and that is the path of spiritual advancement on Earth leading to the possibility of us humans finding the way, such as, to be able to split the atom, for example and much, much more.

We all know the story of Einstein who could not get a job teaching basic physics, but was adept at concentration so much so that he was able to take the short cut and come up with the Theory of Relativity.

The first stage of Meditation is Concentration which is why HPT Meditation is the most essential tool for life and also for Ascension. I can recommend it, so, thank you Team!
Informing & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. It is indeed this feeling of sensing more that encourages us to explore life through our own experience… reading, meditation, meeting new people etc and allowing ourselves to be courageous in following our heart & soul and steering away from the programmed mass. David I’ve put out an invitation to my Divine brothers and sisters to join my ‘magnificent guest blogger/author feature’ and write about their feelings on Consciousness VS Artificial Intelligence… please read more about it here as I’d love to feature you and read about your wise thoughts about this subject… love barbara x


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