As things get busy in all walks of life
With staff reductions and mounting strife
Hanging on to repeated Muzak played
Likely to bring in the mind angst arrayed.

Why can we never get through these days?
With time so short … it continually plays
On already taxed and monkey chatter mind
Trying to think thoughts of a different kind.

We’ve tried all possible avenues of connection
But they’re all confused like Clapham Junction
So the only course is to call a higher authority
So on our knees we pray for immediate clarity.

Did you ever feel that the up-line was closed
As pleas for clarification do not seem to be heard
Moderation and patience are the order of the day
As the up-line is busy both by night and by day.

Believe that every prayer is heard in it’s entirety
Every ask for help and every concern for others
All is heard in whatever tongue or foreign entity
Believe that we are all related sisters and brothers.

And all is answered in its own Universal way
It relies on your question in which lies the answer
The ask is provided accordingly, so ask away
Taking due care of what you ask from the master.

There is another cause for delay that ends with you
Your belief is fragile although the way is clear
You doubt that the remedy is possible and you fear
Nothing will solve it and problems are down to you.

It’s true, some things are meant to be for you to see
For Soul to witness as part of life’s rich panoply
Witness is one thing, but allowing you to be a part
Is another thing which needs to be kept apart.

Every path you take and every choice you make
Is good for you even if you make a reverse turn
It’s all good, like learning to dance a twist-n-shake
Busy calls there to cause a pause, to cool the burn.

Life is to be lived with your feet on the ground
Reaching out to the Divine which is all around
Within touching distance without a busy call
Dreams are where calls are returned to all.

Searching for the level of your consciousness
Which is known now as your inner happiness
Is the one call that’s yours and yours alone to make
Any time, anywhere, there to bring peace for your sake!
© David Tenneson –2017


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5 Responses to BUSY CALL

  1. The secret to our connection is indeed to ask… and in there lies the answer… and trusting the happy feeling within. Thankyou for your extraordinary writing David x love. Barbara x


  2. May we keep on living life to the full David with feet on the ground and a heart that is full of love..
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family ..
    Love and Hugs and all the best for the NEW YEAR my friend. Thank you for your kind support my friend.. Take care Love Sue xxx


    • David says:

      Hi Sue, I don’t know what is happening just now but there was a huge backlog of comments which I had not seen and thank you for the heads up on the spam – duly cancelled. More and more we are of like mind which is great and I wish you and yours a wonderful 2018 with Love as always, David xx

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