Well, at the start of what I call the Silly Season …
I remember a time when all we had was a large Bush Radio in the corner of the dining room of the Guest House run by my Mum.

Not always on, but at times of interest to the guests, some of whom were permanent and would ask for the news while they ate. This was in the 1950s when we still had rationing, but luckily that was soon to end at about the time of the coronation of Elizabeth II.

Not that rationing meant much odds to us kids, the kind senior citizens gave their sweet coupons to the owner of the newsagent come sweet shop on my cycle ride to school so we could all enjoy their generosity for a few pennies each day, not that it did our teeth much good!

Having a gift of half a crown as a teenager my Mum blew it all on liquorice and bought so much she laid it out on the back of a park bench and sold it on to other children, a budding business woman even at that young age!

So, after school with no telly to watch and the grown ups huddled round some boring program on the radio, after homework and chores were done the evening was our own and the local kids would get together to play the usual games of Hide and Seek, Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise or Kick! Weird or what?

Didn’t much care for the latter, but I usually won the Hide and Seek by hiding in my favourite place of the Graveyard where no one dared to follow after dark!

Boys only split into two teams and played High Cockalorum, which I bet you’ve never heard of and just to enlighten you: It consists of one team with a lad standing facing a wall and the rest in a row out from the first with head between his legs bent forward and holding on to the belt of the guy in front and the other team ran and jumped as far up the caterpillar like bridge as possible and when all were on board lurched up and down to try and break the back of the bridge! Then all changed to see who was the strongest.

As we got older the door to the Youth Club was open to us, but you had to go to church to join! I read the lesson for the Club one year at the service of nine lessons and carols and after the service was asked by the Vicar if I had considered training for the Ministry! And I liked the Graveyard? Something going on there, or what?

But then I suppose I did end up as the Secretary of a church and Vice President, so maybe it was all in a good cause for such an effect. Eh?

The childhood games were 60 odd years ago and last month we had the doubtful pleasure of finding out yet again what it would be like to lose our TV but in this day and age it had to be taken away from us by the emergency team to the TV Hospital which was sad as it was only 14 months old a mere youngster in the grand scheme of things or was it because they don’t make things like they used to? It was a faulty Mother Board. Doesn’t that sound sad?

As I said to my daughters: without our daily fix of the programmes we like to watch we had to find other avenues to use the brain and fill the time and of course we became Scrabble Junkies, serenaded by Classic fm, as you do, and that has now become a standard after dinner pastime.

It also prompted the downloading of BBC One on the PC which I am not sure was such a good idea, but who knows it could prove useful in the future together with the BBC Weather which I consult on a daily basis on the Mobile being something of a fair weather fellow: I have to admit, planning the daily walk in the dry! Investing in a full length waterproof now.

Much of the year I spend in the Garden which is one of my passions, but at this time of falling splendour and the season of storms when all is dying down for a winter sleep there is less to do to keep me busy, but as the various plots and pots are still in the planning stage it does leave room for more decisions and careful consideration to get the most out of our micro areas of Base, Kings and Monastery Gardens as we call them, which surround the house. Small they may be, but important in the scheme of Rainbow Colours to us as they circle round the bricks and mortar.

Something I had little time or urge for in the past was reading and never been a fan of fiction, except for the essentials being so busy with other things like watching the history and science documentaries and quiz shows to keep the brain active, but now the field is open for catch-up on all the info of interest that floods the letter box.

I hear you say, this is an ideal time for meditation and mindfulness and yes indeed, but they are accommodated in the normal journey through any day.

With nothing else to do: on my favourite Orkney island of Sanday, certainly in the summer we used to lie on our backs and watch the clouds go by and here I do take time to smell the roses on my daily avenue of acquaintance with the neighbours front gardens.

We are blessed to have time to fill while others have no time in more than busy lives and I guess the lesson from all of this is to marshal time and not let time marshal you nor to let the box decide our life however fascinating the quiz or brain food!

Sad? No not really just a bit of whimsy, busy as ever during the day, I wonder how I ever had time to work, just so not used to relaxing! Ha, ha. 
Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Wonderful reading through those nostalgia years David.. and I think I could live well without our TV.. though I would miss Strictly Dancing! Lol.. a favourite of mine.. 🙂


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