A Day to Remember

The second of December, a day to remember, fast approaching, Christmas is coming,
When we’ll take the high road on a track well worn to the far flung family in joy and celebration,
But today is a day that will remain in the mind you could say just one of a kind,
The end of the chill for a spate just to tempt us out on this auspicious date and why I give it a rate,
A rating of just great, the beginning of separation after the ardour of preparation.

All is done with presents in the sack, puddings in the larder and precooked goodies in the freezer,
We are almost ready to hit the road to head to the meeting place with others heading down from their own space,
The scene is set if only in the mind before it all comes together for one another to find, meet and unwind,
Just a few short weeks before the migrations begin, the engines are revving already it seems,
The anticipation is palpable, you can smell it in the air, when we can show off our culinary flair.

It’s today we can claim that our prep’s all done, the pressure is off given way to anticipation.
Joshing complaints that our cards were first to arrive, and with Autumn’s leaves swept from the drive,
Who said that retirement wasn’t fun? We have time on our side saying that our bit is all done,
But wait, some last minute chores have slackened the pace as we struggle to accommodate this Century’s Grace,
With becoming wired up for vision and sound for the youngsters as they abound.

What’s the point and why the hurry? No hurry really as it’s mostly favour to curry,
With generations’ demands to fulfil our reputation for things that they know and love which we offer in oblation,
Perhaps it should be flavour to curry as they relish our love of the Indian spice served with our special lemon flavoured rice,
But that will come after the main meal is gone and we cook up a feast announced with the gong,
Oh, the anticipation of the celebration banquet, it seems it’s all about the food, but truth is: it’s to meet and greet all those whom we love. Can’t wait!
© David Tenneson –2017


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  1. David says:

    Simply go back to the website and press follow! That’s it Horace Many thanks if you manage to follow


  2. Now that sounds like a wonderful gathering of togetherness David.. I have been Christmas shopping this morning and not got half of what you have suggested here in your muse.. Lovely to read and ENJOY your family time.. 🙂 ❤ Hugs Sue


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