What you believe is your confinement of consciousness.
We are all kept within the cage constructed by our birth and environment, being the two strongest influences in our growing years which are so embedded that those consequent beliefs are the most difficult to change. There is no choice about it!

Not impossible to change, but a deal of brain washing or threat from changing peer pressure, are what it would take for most to suffer such a monumental change. Without the kind of promises made by powerful powers giving you the opportunity to experience, fighting for a sacred cause with death not being an end, but offering the ultimate accolade in the eyes of a divine being, washing away of sins, or once becoming a member of a brotherhood or street gang with the threat of death if one ever thought of leaving, there is no option but to conform to a new and all consuming belief.

As a race we need most carefully to consider the responsibility of being a parent, carer or teacher, adequately and safely to educate the young, extolling the virtues of respect, compassion and love as the trinity of the starting steps to a belief in the true brotherhood of mankind on the ladder of Ascension.

Of course there is another avenue to use in the needful, if necessary, changing of the belief patterns which we all enjoy: As we have mooted more than many times we are so often given from before birth and throughout our growing years the thoughts, ideas, phobias and beliefs of our nearest and hopefully dearest through to the inside of the womb and thereon.

The vibrations of consciousness are hidden, but powerful with the ability to colour a life from the womb, birth and onwards!

So, there comes a time, a moment of inner examination when we have to follow the fine line of our feelings, leading to our beliefs which we are then, upon careful scrutiny, able to see if they are what we really want to believe or if they belong to others who have implanted those ideas in our minds from the very beginning?

This you may view as an almost heretical exercise going against all that those whom we have come to love despite their own obvious failings have often unwittingly given to us and unwritten but demanded to be taken as gospel!

Nevertheless, we have to understand that we are unique individuals and we must not be swayed by feelings of loyalty or perhaps misplaced adoration in others, but begin to see where our true, unique path in this life lies.

Influences are legion and bounce off our consciousness in a multitude of ways, both in our waking consciousness and also from our subconscious when asleep. Most of us see these important visions, well remembered and written down on waking as dreams. (Keep a pad and pen handy at all times, to record both night time dreams and also day dreams) I can attest to déjà vu and also warning dreams telling me of something I am about to experience and to take extra care.

I have books on the interpretation of dreams, but in my experience dreams are so individual with personal symbols unique to the dreamer that only he or she can adequately interpret the true meaning.

Blessed with a strong imagination, I had a vision interpreted by a North American Shaman, but even he had to ask me what the various images represented to me before he could give any meaning to my vision.

Conversely in proposing to find my totem animal an English Shaman found my companion with due ceremony without any reference to my own ideas, symbols or beliefs.

However, sometimes we need a little help to sort out our true beliefs and quite honestly the revelations can be disturbing at first until we realise that the new thoughts, feelings and beliefs are truly what are ours and no one else’s.

The question is: Are you up for it?
Are you up to the challenge to question what have been your guiding beliefs all these years?

We are given many challenges during a lifetime most of which are the consequence of the need for a certain experience, in a certain family in a certain environment and don’t tell me you don’t believe that all those have an influence on you as a person, your thoughts and beliefs? Well they certainly do!

It may not be you as a person who wanted those influences in your life, but it sure is the most important aspect of the probabilities outlined and expected by the Soul, the Silent Witness on its further journey this time round.

You may be fortunate to have recall of a previous existence or been blessed to undergo a Far Memory technique to give you a clue or undergone Hypnosis in the form of Regression. But if you are still interested and wanting help, be very careful in your choice of practitioner whichever method you choose if that is what you consider you need, I would dearly love to recommend a dear friend who was excellent at Far Memory but she passed away in her 90s.

However in is this time round, it should concern you to find the source of what you really believe, so do make sure that that source is from within you and not from elsewhere!
Warning & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel


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