There comes a time in the annals of men and women when discretion proves the better part of valour. However, there are times when passion pervades the consciousness, discretion flies and the watchers ring their hands wondering what happened to their words of care, safety and security implanted in the minds of their loved ones.

As an illustration: in illusion when it proves only too easy to convince, especially the young, that they should follow the path to glory, martyrdom in
a faith and be convinced of a cause they have only just heard about or maybe they had become disenchanted with their own path to the Divine!

The illusion surely is that this opportunity will lead them to a direct connection to the Divine, God or Allah or by any other name fitting their concept of the ultimate power which they have been denied and since suicide is close in the consciousness they can see martyrdom as the responsibility of someone else but something they could tolerate?

Is this the way that they can express a pent up passion to do something worth while, be someone in this world with the added advantage of instant martyrdom or possible sainthood and the admiration of their peers?

In the wider consciousness, it is not seen like that. By going to war you open yourself to the ultimate sin of taking your own life. If you pull the pin it is down to you, but if someone fires the bullet with your name on it then they are equally to blame with you having placed yourselves in that position. Guilty of suicide! Assisted suicide takes on a different slant in this context.

In the theatre of war both you and the opposition have placed yourselves in that position maybe by conscription, by no desire or fault of your own or conversely by your own feelings of duty or passion for the cause. It matters not which avenue brought you to that place. You only have to look at the smiles on the faces of soldiers marching to war revelling in the camaraderie so confident of victory and imagine the conflict within themselves of butterflies of fear and apprehension in the gut against confidence of outcome in the consciousness.

Of course I speak of the war into which I was born, but seen again as the young are brainwashed into IS and against all international odds arrive in Syria to fight for the cause. What cause? It is certainly not the cause of Islam.

Sad is it not that we as a race throughout history have never learnt the lesson of history?

However, there is no accounting for the individual Free-will which allows the passion of the person to overrule what most would term common sense. So where do we go wrong in the education and provision for the young in the most passionate phase of their young lives. They need to prove, they need to be worthy, they need for someone if only their peers to be proud of them.

Do we go wrong in our role of parent or educator or is it in the wider fundamental concept that war solves everything, but in truth solves nothing and in which no one wins.

In all of our grand thoughts have we really lost sight of the passion of respect?

Anger, violence and aggression are the tools of the few, but in the depths of our consciousness, some call our heart which I refute, is the ongoing battle between right and wrong, good and bad, between the dark and the light sides of our human nature which exists within us all. If you don’t know of it look deeply into your own consciousness!

Our higher teaching tells us that there is no good or bad, only difference and since the Divine holds as all in unconditional love, regardless of who or what we call one another, the question must arise again: Where did we as ethnic groups, but mainly as individuals go awry?

If we look carefully we can find groups of people on this planet who have found a formula to account for everyone in their like minded grouping so that all are viewed with the passion of love, all are helped through tough times and violence is abhorred.

Of course we are too proud of our own achievements which we see as sacred and hold onto with passion, to take any notice of those who might have found a better way. In our quest which we are told is to find happiness in all that we say and do it must be with care and a passion for the good of all.

As against the gospel of the many who believe that violence solves everything!
Warning & Caring for all, Hanukah & the Angel


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One Response to PASSION

  1. An excellent write David.. TRUE..
    We are at war with ourselves most of the time.. Would we but step back and look.. And War being conflicting views, of those seeing themselves as in the Right, while others are wrong.. When in fact when given the bigger picture of Life.. It is all about our choices and our perceptions.
    I came across a great read the other month David you may be interested in.. Look up
    And download the Ascension Papers book 1.. Its a free download.. Its channelled.. It explains more of this conflict, and why we are as we are..
    While I knew much of what it speaks of, it explains more why that came into being and why the cycle is so hard to break as we incarnate here on Earth. You will not be disapointed and I am sure you and Eugene will enjoy the debate from its contents.. ( If you watch the vids on site, watch them in sequence for they follow on and make more sense that way.)
    Wishing you a great weekend to come..
    Sue 🙂


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