They say that travel broadens the mind
It also renews connections of a kind
If only from a distance brought close
As with my far removed family, the most.

It was on such a trip, this Autumnal month
That we journeyed north for a wedding once.
My niece decided to take the plunge, into an ocean,
An ocean of love and joy, convention shunned.

Such gay abandon in the young is good to see
We are so hemmed in by forced convention
Fearing to step outside our fee of subscription
Lest we incur yet more debt or enmity.

In my travels I meet the youth of today
Who can be careless, but more often free play,
Not having incurred our unwelcome baggage,
It revives our Spirit that gives us less luggage.

Anything to lighten the load, travelling lightly
Is the best maxim leaving ourselves free
To enjoy the journey itself, no matter the end
It’s your joy that matters, the mind to mend.

This is the broadening, this is the fixing
So much of this life is all about mixing
Look forward to it, reach it, enjoy and return
Going to and fro, from which comes the burn.

Warming and cooling, stirring and stilling
Walking and riding, flying and sailing
We’ve travelled the world since it began
Nomads, itinerants, but some stay and stand.

Still there are places where no foot has trod
Yet we speak of going to the planet of Zod!
Are we never satisfied or just can’t be bothered
Few are the true pioneers who still forge forward.

Travelling the lands in search of Shangri-la
The promised land, could it be Panama?
No map, no direction following the nose
Drawing attention by striking a pose!

Surely someone will help, seeing us helpless
Some kind passing traveller giving direction,
Showing us the right point of the compass
I wonder if it would come in meditation?

You meet such nice people when you travel
Instead of just looking at a picture and marvel.
Seeing for real and meeting many people
Brings excitement and joy, like climbing a steeple.

The view changes from wherever you are
With a clear mind connected to Source
You’re on the right wavelength of course
Happiness appears from both near and far.
© David Tenneson –2017


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