Dear Sue, I hope you don’t mind me responding to your post in this way rather than to clog up your Comment Box?

It’s just that I felt there was more to say on the subject of the light:
So many in the world would not understand the language that our wonderful circle of light workers are familiar with.

So to pick up on your post ‘Joining the Light’ … there is so much that can happen to enable us to work through the challenges which life brings to us in order to facilitate the experience which the Soul has put on the table of probabilities.

Of course, there is much brought through from the realms of light which we do not have the vocabulary adequately to understand, explain or comment upon, but through the teachings which we have been privileged to receive I can say that as the planet goes through ever changing seasons brought about by solar influences and the ages through which it must pass, the opportunities arise for experiences to be repeated from, shall we say, the dark ages into this current age.

It is often cited that those who are going through these periods of extreme catastrophe must be old Souls, who need this experience from way back into the current domain, but I believe that we are all old Souls. Just as a return to experience a similar life, but from a different relationship stand point, a repeat of the old brought into the new can be understood – maybe a little, from a Soul point of view.

Loss is the key:
I had a good childhood with just one parent but I guess with the apron strings being held so tightly there was bound to be friction and sure enough we had our differences drifted apart, but came back together with a little more understanding and a greater respect.

So, when that parent passed I was amazed that it hit me so hard and took me quite a while to get used to the hole in my life.

What it must take when not just a loved one is lost, but the rest of the family, the home and all possessions obliterated is beyond my understanding.

However, in my understanding:
We have to experience darkness in order to appreciate light and this goes for ever aspect of life on Earth.

I believe that as the climate cycles and seasons go through climatic change we are in for more of the same extremes of storms, rising temperatures and catastrophes for us to face, come to terms with, accept and overcome each in our own way.

I have a strong belief that as Sai Baba said, meditation is not just sitting still at a particular time each day, but to keep the Divine, which I call the Logos in our mind 24/7. This is the only way to get through, with peace of mind, what this amazing existence brings to us.

Much love a blessings to all who find themselves facing catastrophe.
Love, David


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  1. A beautiful reply to sue David, I resonate with your words and having spent the last couple of weeks fixated on the hurricanes destroying the island of St Maarten where all my children and grandchild live… Their whole liveliness has been taken away, opportunities to work and earn money… that hasn’t been solved as yet by the existence of the corrupt government… still no free food or water is coming through… instead the shops owned by family of the government and public service have been filled to sell to the people… who probably don’t have much cash and only one bank is open. AND this is only one place that has been disturbed, the life’s of everyone turned upside down… how are they going to continue, who is going to help? So much destruction. My daughter has looked fear in eye and understands the need for life to be rebuilt on a new foundation of love, joy and harmony… but when the people around her remain afraid, run away or join in the actions of survival, it tests her spirit to be the calmness and listen well to the part of herself that will lead the way forward in a most magical way. Humankind stand on the cutting edge of the evolution of consciousness and each person has a choice how they jump. It’s a matter of trusting that everything is ok… even when it appears it’s not. Thanks David, love Barbara x


    • David says:

      My heart goes out to your family Barbara, but it would seem that your daughter is on the right track and I pray that she will bring calm to others in the difficult task of rebuilding their lives. Love, david

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  2. Thank you David for your most detailed reply. And yes, I too believe we have incarnated many times.. And to move through the stages we need to in order that we move on.. The Dark phases we pass through in life, are indeed passages which enable us to access more Light.

    Without the Darkness we would see no Light.. For we would not know the difference.. This world of Polarities of opposites is set for us to experience and make a choice..

    In the end there are two energies. Positive and Negative.. And again it is how we perceive both of these and how we use them that defines us..

    My heart goes out to those who from our view point are suffering.. Like the refugees and those caught in War zones..
    Then there are those whom we see as innocents, caught up in natural disasters such as Storms and Earthquakes, like this recent tragedy in Mexico..

    Each heart-breaking for those of us who witness those who are caught up within them..

    I believe more of the same will occur now more frequently than ever before, for our Earth Mother and WE are ONE…

    We are all of us going through a transition, which is again the natural cycle of our planetary evolution.. But as Humans we build up our own importance and we think in Linear Time.. Not our Spirit Time of knowing we go on.. In a different form..

    I have done a lot of thinking these past weeks.. And much of my own sadness has surfaced to be released as a loss triggered that which needed to come to the surface..
    I am processing my thoughts, and seeing that as these sad occurrences happen for whatever reasons, They come to strengthen us in mind body and spirit..
    When you look differently at suffering, we accept it as a means for us to access more light.. For everything has an equal and opposite reaction.. Given the laws of the Universe… And as the Pendulum swings one way, it will surely swing back the other..

    Many thanks dearest David.. I so thank you for your insights, love and continued support of Dreamwalker’s
    Much Love
    Sue 🙂


  3. Thank you David.. I just came by late this evening.. So I will respond tomorrow when my head is more alert my dear friend.. and I thank you for taking the trouble to reply in depth with so much meaning..
    Sue 🙂


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