At breakfast the other day it was remarked that the bakers were cheats since their bread was full of holes! Perhaps it was their intention to sell holes or at least to bring them to our attention as one of the most important aspects of life on Earth? Are all bakers therefore philosophers, scientists or just plain prophets? Or maybe their ploy was to raise our consciousness, in the raising process of the dough, which causes the holes, to bring our awareness to higher planes of thought onto a spiritual level.

We know that yeast is the raising agent that changes unleavened bread into the Loaves we know and love, but what is it that raises our consciousness to the level of firstly happiness and then on to the first rung of the ladder to enlightenment? Is it different for everyone?

Here in the Northern hemisphere we enjoy many differences including in the temperatures that the seasons bring to us and we take advantage of the similarly natural gifts that keep us warm in the winter months by enjoying the warmth of a woollen jumper, cardigan or fleece, although the latter these days would most likely be made of a manmade material. Why? Well, they are full of holes trapping air in small pockets which happen to be bad conductors of heat when unable to move in the manner of convection and therefore keep us warm.

As a youngster I remember my toes creating holes in sheets, from unkempt toe nails, which Mum would then rip down the centre and turn sides to middle to give them an added life and holes in my socks were darned by Granny, before the advent of reinforced heels and toes, you understand, or perhaps we could not afford anything so sophisticated!

We hear much about Black Holes that exist not by their appearance, but by the effects they have on the heavenly bodies around them, and as Stephen Hawking has postulated, the all consuming nature, first seen by scientists is balanced by what is now know as Hawking Radiation as what goes in can also be emitted from the hole. So, could a Black Hole also be the beginning of the process of Creation and what is emitted is the manifestation of the thoughts of the Divine Architect of the Universe.

So what is it that enables us to approach the Divine and to avoid or overcome all of the holes or Challenges set in our Soul chosen pathway to Ascension and enlightenment?

On a mundane note: Holes can be the scourge of farmers and gardeners, such as Mr Macgregor in the Tale of Peter the Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, in rural situations when rabbits come to enjoy the fruits of our labours and also dig holes for their burrows creating hazards for horses and humans alike.

On a trip to my beloved Orkney back in 1988 these words were prompted by the plague of Myxomatosis reaching the islands:

WASSITER WARREN (On the island of Sanday, Orkney)
Upon the hillside they played,
sentries here and there with ears erect,
listened, and they watched
for dangers they’d expect.
But death crept unknowing to their door,
where carefree friends had played before.
Cobwebs hang now across the gate
like curtains drawn, they state
that no one lives here anymore.

Flies buzz to and fro
and clear the tomb of physical remains,
but they too become transfixed in spider’s chains.
Bodies lie on paths and roads
mutilated by this foul disease.
No one would recognise a once familiar face,
disfigured and disguised in its last grimace.

But wait, a small white flash has caught the eye.
It seems that all have not succumbed to this foul plague,
and then another and another one runs by.
They run and leap and dance where their unlucky cousins played,
Renewal and rebirth, immuned by nature’s cleverness,
ensures that we’ll enjoy again their dance upon the Ness.
© David Tenneson – August 1988, Re-posted in 2017.

How often in altercation do we hear, ‘Your argument is full of holes’? And so holes also have their place in debate which in this age of immediate information exchange should be at an all time low, but as in all things there is the exact opposite and fake information is spread through the Internet and social media from unscrupulous vendors to those just wanting to be mischievous.

Holes naturally lead us to Holy and we have to hold up our guilty hands for our ancestors of the past in their treatment of indigenous populations, which sadly still continues in some quarters where Holy or Sacred Ground has been taken as common ground and free for all to misuse and abuse. Unfortunately Holes take on the appearance of a pox as the ground is dug for the greed of mineral exploitation.

It seems that holes are with us for the duration, like them or not, but luckily they do have their uses and when used in the right way can be the make or break of many a situation as any gardener will swear!
With Love, Blessings to all gardeners and Faith in Mankind from Hanukah & the Angel


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3 Responses to HOLES

  1. Isn’t there a saying somewhere about an empty vessel.. 🙂
    Loved your analogy here David, you managed to mention so many things pertaining to holes and gave us very good food for thought.
    Thank you for also taking me down memory lane of ripped sheets and holes in socks.. Those were the days socks were darned.. 😀 and yes, sheets mended as you said..
    An enjoyable read David, as was your poem..
    Wishing you well
    Sue 🙂


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