Plant in Me

Am I so very like a Plant?
Certainly not like my aunt
Who resembled an aspidistra,
Old and dusty and prone to dyspepsia!

I suppose I can be a bit prickly
But please tell me I’m not a cactus!
And not as spiky as our old Puss,
Who found few friends, sadly.

There were times in youth
When I needed room to root,
Space to spread and be myself.
Feared of getting left on a shelf?

Some are natural claustrophobics,
I never minded caves and secret places
But heights were my downfall,
Looking down, thought I might fall.

T’was being told I had to stay that got me
Made me move as fast as a bramble, to move away.
Where did that come from? Not from me.
Is the grass always greener further away?

Life is funny! No one teaches you to parent
No one teaches you how to grow old
And when I did, the unexpected happened!
Trouble is its different for everyone.

As I age I realise there is a shift in space.
No longer the youth wanting room to spread
Like the plant that favours being pot bound
I prefer all that I have in my own place.

Feet in soil and reaching for the sky: trees I love
I can assume their position anywhere I stand.
I know that heaven is close to where I am
But I favour the image of reaching above.
© David Tenneson –2017


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to Plant in Me

  1. Lovely to read, resonating with your words… a little giggle and I wonder which plant IAM… I do hope an orchid.. love to you a David x barbara x


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