We’re in search for the most beautiful vehicle in the Universe.
Some may see this as somewhere else to live when all fails on our undoubtedly beautiful planet Earth. Would we ever be able to match the variety and beauty of this planet?

So as a diversion, lets drop the ‘T’ and just talk about Planes for a bit. Eh?

We were told many moons ago that there is a Plane of existence known by many as the High Spiritual Plane of Yanini where there is a different colour combination to our current enjoyment here on Earth.

In the distant past the Earth was known as the Blue Planet much as we now know with the view from space showing a predominance of blue with swirling white clouds in the atmosphere above, but for a different reason. At that time strange as it may seem, here on the surface, there was a similar predominance towards the blue end of the spectrum.

With an early atmosphere with clouds, but not holding raindrops of water, but other liquefied gases so that rainbows appeared more blue than our current red to blue changes as the white light is refracted through Natures prisms of water. It begs the question how was the light from our sun so different all those millions of years ago, or was it indeed before oxygen was introduced into the elemental mix, when H2O did not exist?

Yanini has virtually all plants and trees and rocks in the colour blue with birds and flowers in various shades of crimson. Can you imagine such a place?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and as one Spiritual Sage named Abraham writes: Manifestation is always in the eye of the beholder, which reminds me of Avatar where everyone was blue without a drop of woad in sight. Was that imaginative story a remembrance of the remote past in the far reaches of the Universe, just back as far as Boudica / Boadicea or perhaps even a change in dimension?

Now there’s a thought to get the synapses firing! For it is said: there is nothing new in the Universe since it has all been done before and therefore thought of before and we are just at the leading edge of evolution picking up snatches of images that are lodged in the corners of our consciousness from the past and remote past.

Of course this involves a leap in our own thought processes with an understanding that we have not only had more than one life here on Planet Earth, but also on other Planets and Planes of existence scattered throughout the Universe.

Perhaps the idea of finding another Home Planet is not so mad brained after all, it’s just that we have not yet understood that the journey could be as quick as an ocean trip here on Earth to anywhere we choose in Space which could become our Playground of Opportunity!

With our ability to visit a planet and sense its atmosphere and ground makeup, admittedly over years at present, but if we could hop from one to another a research team could become space tourists until we find what we are looking for to suit us for the next hundred thousand years or so.

Well, what a diversion which was not originally intended! The primary purpose of this post was to help you to understand something far more personal than the idea of planet hopping.

So, to pick up from ‘Manifestation is always in the eye of the beholder’, lets look nearer to our current home. It was said to me the other day that we in the UK are more prone than any other nation to say, ‘Oh I love that flower’, ‘Oh I love that colour’, Oh I love that … you get the picture.

Of course, there are the comments such as: ‘Oh isn’t he handsome’, and ‘Isn’t she beautiful’ and then the opposites of judgement to every possible aspect of face and figure that does not come up to the attitude of the critical observer, which in this age leads to hate mail through Social Media, especially in the youth and then spilling over into adulthood.

It seems that we just don’t match up to the stringent critiques of the few who see themselves as beautiful in all aspects of the word.

What do we really mean when we say, ‘I love this or that or the other’?
Could it be that we wish we had that or want to be like that or could it be that in our heart of hearts, deep within our consciousness we see the beauty in others and in other things and are joyful in the beauty of others, other things and in fact all things that we are gifted with in this life? I do hope so!

There is no doubt that it is our desires that fuelled and fuel the expansion of the human race and you thought that it was all down to McDonald’s!

Looking back to the engravings of Hogarth and the sketches of Da Vinci we see the almost caricature like faces of the many old and deformed in their day which seem to be fewer these days apart from specific medical conditions of deformity.

With the distinct lack of respect for one another, as I have posted in the past, we can see how judgement creeps in to those who in truth want something better for themselves and see the best way forward, apart from a face lift, is to denigrate others.

In truth beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, but if only we could see each other, despite our physical appearance, as the spiritual brothers and sisters which we truly are if only in terms of the vehicle for the Soul, permanently linked to the Logos, from which All There Is emanates.

We are the beautiful vehicles that lead humanity into the future wherever that takes us in the Universe carrying the Soul into who knows where it projects us into the far reaches of the Universe.
With Love, Blessings and Faith in Mankind from Hanukah & the Angel


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5 Responses to Vehicle

  1. “In truth beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, but if only we could see each other, despite our physical appearance, as the spiritual brothers and sisters which we truly are if only in terms of the vehicle for the Soul, permanently linked to the Logos, from which All There Is emanates.”

    Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder..
    I saw a beautiful rainbow prism of rainbow colours through a cloud the Sun was behind the other day David.. It wasn’t a rainbow.. I wish I had my camera with me.. But I devoured its beauty .. A Sign for me.. I think as later that day I also found a couple of feathers.. :-D..

    I wonder too at the perception of colour, We see things within our own spectrum of light.. And yet I know in other Planes.. this is different from ours.. Speaking with Spirit side for many years has revealed this knowledge to me, as I am sure it has you David..

    Sending thoughts your way my friend..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue 🙂 💙💛❤💚💜💖


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